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  • Gears of war. Halo 2 *3 too maybe* rock band and guitar hero but don't bother with world tour. and bioshock and mass effect.
    gears of war 2, halo 3, rock band, guitar hero world tour, DDR and other ****
    should be...most tactics only work on unsuspecting people *read noobs* and people who are lazy XD.
    ehh,I might be going but i kinda doubt it =\ lol.
    yes that would be me... lol i main ganon but for some reason i didnt feel like playing him at all that day... have you heard im hosting a tournament in elmwood in march for melee and brawl
    nade rolling his neutral b and he'll eat the nade leaving me free to pwn
    what he says is right...but not completely possible. so its irrational and yeah hes insanely good
    warios got so many exploitable weaknesses...not that many people actually know them. I mean even with all those secrets he's still high tier so he can't be all bad. Just remember that i actually DO know the weaknesses :p
    well i really gotta get off this **** computer...if you got a cell phone text me if you can at 696-5934 or AIM me at robeinsux13 ill have it mobile so it goes right to my phone
    hey do you have AIM or a cell phone? im tired of having to keep refreshing this **** page to talk XD
    well i wouldn't pick wario...grab release to nair owns him with snake >.>
    of course i could always sandbag with D3 if i wanna infinite you when your DK :p
    nahh i was thinking maybe the falcon starting to lose my brawl skill. it saddens me, i knew it would happen once i enveloped myself in melee. >.< well hopefully i can make a suprise recovery and pwn face. Ehh if i don't find someone ill just Go MK and Snake and not care about *LOLtiers*
    idk yet...i was kind of hoping to find some secret secondary i could use to shock people with XD
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