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  • yo fate remember me the TLink? hows it goin u gonna make it to gkirbys tourney even though yours were better
    i am a heron. i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
    not that my tier list had anything to do with tourney placement or skill for that matter.
    Fate! After Rogue pointed it out I realized you edited my tier list in the Pit Talk group!

    *report corrupt mod*

    I had some lulz at the thread as well, was wondering when it'd be closed.
    LMAO. thats just mean.

    Leaving a joke thread open an extra day for the lulz.
    You told me to tell you my email address a few tourneys back for some reason

    It is Aiedaiill@yahoo.com
    That's why you're so familiar :O

    *memories start rushing back to me*

    I remember you because..... I don't really :x

    You're avatar and name are familiar... lol but thats it xD
    After playing ToS1, with all its side-quests and bonus things, and "turn around for x thing right before you beat the game" and hidden secrets, and even the cut-scenes you had to find.. it was SO much better overall then DotNW...

    Also, thats what most RPG's do best. :p Get you attached to certain chars. and story.

    I mean, I was crying for both ToS and DotNW :( ... CRYING... at age 16... and I'm a guy <_<..thats pretty deep.... lol

    (Marta also reminds me a TON of my GF....so glad I met my GF first =p that'd be a weird reason to like her. "I like you because you remind me of a video game character I have a crush on" .... lol
    Tales* Tales* Tales* Tales* Tales* Tales* Tales*

    :p lol....

    My current... well... can't really call her GF, it gets far more complicated (and personal) then that knows that I like Marta. It made her laugh, then she continued to flirt with me the way Marta flirts.

    God was I embarrassed...... lol
    Hehe.. I'm not amazing, just multi-talented. For the longest time I mained Random, and I occasionally pick Random to avoid being counterpicked. - I'm that cocky.

    Although one TO was a ***** and said I couldn't pick Random because "it gives me an unfair advantage".... and I was like "and if I get 1/39 chance and get Falcon?" ... he said I couldn't choose Random, if I did I was DQ'd... so I sat there going "wtf.... fine" and chose IC's. I ended up 2-0'ing that round.... Random would have been more fun. :(

    Same old as you as well. School - work - school - work - SWF - work - SWF - school. =p the occasional tourneys (going to try and go AT LEAST bi-weekly to them)

    I don't have my wii for another 2-3 weeks though :/ so I'm rusty..... can't believe I got 63/90~ at yesterdays tourney... 2-1'd both winners AND losers >.<......

    Also, I think you have just that great of a memory =p or I'm freaking EVERYWHERE....lol
    I don't really use Snake in tournaments :x but I consider him my main, and I moderate the Link boards.

    Something about all that is just...weird....

    Hehe, I'm suprised you remember me. :) haha... I remember Pit being so cool and fun to use... he still is from time-to-time, but his magicness of "OMFG Pit is going to be so awesome to play as!" when I first got Brawl has gone away....


    How are you :o and how do you remember me? XD
    Sounds like they're blocking you for spam. Or at least perceived spam.

    Getting around the problem can involve really easy things like signing up for a couple of email accounts and spreading the traffic across them. Or it could involve more advanced things like setting up your own mail server.
    Look up his other stuff, too. Funny ****, all of it.
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