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Recent content by Ciro Blanco

  1. Ciro Blanco

    Better Stage betwen FD and Battlefield for Min Min?

    What do you think is the best stage for Min Min when playing online? And explain why pls!
  2. Ciro Blanco

    For a future Smash, who are your top 10 cuts to the roster?

    1-:ultbayonetta: 2-:ultcorrin: 3-:ultdoc: (Mario skin with neutral b and side smash visual effect) 4-:ultincineroar: 5-:ultpichu: 6-:ulttoonlink: 7-:ultsnake: 8-:ultduckhunt: 9-:ultpiranha: (I think is funny but just one smash is enough) 10-:ultjigglypuff:
  3. Ciro Blanco

    Are you happy with Squad Strike? (Spoilers via IMAGES only)

    I don´t´understand why Nintendo doesn´t show the mode in a trailer or direct... Maybe in a new trailer before the release. Tag Team Squad Strike was very requested by the fans.
  4. Ciro Blanco

    Are you happy with Squad Strike? (Spoilers via IMAGES only)

    I see a footage of Tag Team Squad Strike! Is like All star versus in Project M, or the last match in smash tour :D
  5. Ciro Blanco

    What would your Squad Strike teams be in all the Smash Games?

    64::pikachu64::mario64::kirby64::link64::falcon64: Melee::marthmelee::sheikmelee::mariomelee::linkmelee::mewtwomelee: Brawl::dk2::falco::marth::snake::rob: Wii U ::4mewtwo::4mario::4link::4marth::4pikachu: Ultimate::ultmewtwo::ultpikachu::ultmario::ultyounglink::ultinkling:
  6. Ciro Blanco

    You can choose one game franchise to get a platform fighter series, which would it be?

    Pokemon! I need this spin-off game! I love platform fighters and pokémon xD
  7. Ciro Blanco

    is there still a chance for demo?

    I hope, maybe on december 1. Or one week after the Pokemon let´s go games...
  8. Ciro Blanco

    Missing Modes

    I think they are gonna announce more modes the next year at the E3! I hope Break the target, stage builder and home run contets will be back...
  9. Ciro Blanco

    Fighter Pass Guessing Game

    I post my comment just for fun... Mmmm for the stages, I hope they are neutral or at least beautiful, so battlefield and omega form will be used much more.
  10. Ciro Blanco

    Fighter Pass Guessing Game

    Paper Mario Min Min ( Arms) Rayman Sora (Kingdom Hearts) and Genji (Overwatch) Lol no just kidding
  11. Ciro Blanco

    Theory: DLC was planned from the start

    DLC was planned from the start It is quite obvious... they are almost 25 dollars secured by a large part of those who buy the game. Like another fighting games like Street Fighter V, BB CB, Tekken 7, DBFZ, Soul Calibur VI, etc...
  12. Ciro Blanco

    Choose one character in smash that fits each description the most: Cool/Troll/Obnoxious/Cute/Boring/Clumsy/Sexy

    Cool :ultmewtwo: Troll :ultduckhunt: Obnoxious :ultbayonetta: Cute :ultkirby: Boring :ultcorrin: Clumsy :ultwario: Sexy :ultzss:
  13. Ciro Blanco

    Dixie Kong's Barrel Of Support Spirits. New Moveset Idea On Pg 330, Post #13,166!

    Add me!! We need Dixie Kong in Smash Ultimate, please Sakurai-san!!!
  14. Ciro Blanco

    Stage Combos ! (Stage Morphing)

    Pokemon Stadium & Pokemon Stadium 2
  15. Ciro Blanco

    Your Squad Strike Team.

    Team M! :ultmario::ultmarth::ultmewtwo:
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