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  • But you did that weird one, where one of the climbers jumped but both of you ice blocked, and you desynced. I dunno what it was, or how the heck you did it. o.o

    But yeah, I know what pivot desync is. I just need to practice it moar. =/
    And i was so amazed when I saw that pivot ice block desync...what did you do there? How?
    Heh, it's fine. I sorta thought you weren't coming back so I went and took a shower. Are you still up for it?
    I wanted Cappy myself, but that's Anther's Hammy. And I've always been a ham-ham at heart. <3 Hamtaro.
    He no longer mains Game & Watch as evidenced by his usage at Genesis.
    (he still visits the boards but who cares)

    Oh how do you desynch?
    Hylian left us for your stupid main. ;_;
    I blame youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Hey, want to play sometime? I really want some advice like you gave Kackame, lol. I need general advice.
    O.o Wow. Your always so useful. You give great advice, possibly too good >_>
    Anyways, alrighty, so those are going to be the 3 characters I use in HERB. Also, I might not even be able to play brawl there. Due to some "parent complications." I'm really trying my best too. I only really wanted to go for brawl anyway, so it would really suck if I didn't get to play it.
    Lol, sorry I forgot to leave you a message after we finished playing.

    Who do you think are my top 2 characters after IC's. Out of Falco, PT, Yoshi, Peach, Pit, Marth, ZSS, Olimar, and anyone else I played but forgot...
    I'm not too sure about that - Sonic's priority leaves a lot to be desired. Sonic can get in no problem, it's just separating them in the midst of their aerials that can be a problem. I could try coming in with a fair, but I don't know if the IC's nair would stop it - I don't know much about the "trading hits" part of aerials to know for sure. But last I checked, the matchup was a 50:50 split, maybe 55:45 IC's favor. But not a harsh counter/shutout.

    Brawl them on the ladders? So AiB goes by a ranking system or something? Sounds too much like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat's system XD.

    I want to take on some high level Sonics, Olimars, and Wolfs, just to see how they play, since I'll get crushed by them anyway. And maybe look at how the Warios fight as well - I was just messing with him tonight, and I really like his air speed and air game XD.
    Someday I'll match your Ice Climbers. I'm actually starting to play a more offensive Sonic now XD
    Hey Chibi, I need some major practice before HERB. All my characters are slipping except my IC's and Yoshi. I was planning on using Falco, Peach, PT, Lucas, ZSS, and Pit too but they seem to be getting worse. I have like 8 days left before I leave for HERB. Think we can get some practice in?
    So when you toss, you have to press a direction right? Well that that gives the command for nana to move as well.
    and how do you toss without the people moving? when you back toss, you need nana facing the other way. so how is it possible to toss without moving the characters?
    what do you mean by buffering the fthrow?

    and regarding metagame ice climbers...it's hard T_T it makes me cry trying to combo with the two
    so are you sometimes in the ic chatroom? i´m never there but i´ll get there when i know that you´re online =) cause i wanna play against you
    I can't remember how I used him against you, except just plain awesomely.
    I Brawled you today.
    And won... eh, once with my Game & Watch.
    And you like my Boozer.
    Heyyy do you think you could send me that stuff again without the fonts and stuff? The spacing of it is...making the guide look really strage....
    Yeah, just the basic ones like FThrow DThrow and BThrow for the sections for the basic one, hehe. And hobbling and stuff for the other.
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