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  • Play ICs vs. me sometime. I want to learn to camp better with Sonic, and having a Blizzard in my face all the time is the best way to do it. And I want to desynch your kindergarten klimbers better.
    XD, thanks! Those were fun. I've been working on my Ganon A LOT. I use him probably more than I use my ICs online. I want him for some low tier single/dubz at tournaments.
    Current Mains/Seconds:
    Game & Watch

    Probably final lol
    Lol. No probz. I decided I'm gonna pick up Kirby and Lucario, and I'm gonna expand on my Olimar.
    O.o That's strange. I'll try to see it, but whenever I look for stuff in the sky I never find it D:
    [Note to self]
    School started yesterday morning; I'll be unactive for a while, if I don't have time. I'm just getting organized on what's happening. D: Also I do NOT like High School, well, at least on the Summer. The High School in this area is so big, that it has so many buildings, and you can easily sweat yourself, which is why a lot of people here use their papers as fans. :/
    Chibi, I'm gonna be in GA next weekend :3. I'm gonna be trying my best to go to WABA. You should really come. It'd be super awesome.
    I dunno, no more than 5 minutes probably. And it's more or less a 50-50 matchup very slightly in R.O.B.'s favor. I got juggled like a maniac like another Marth, he wouldn't let me land.

    I hate super campy R.O.B.s.
    Hey I beat Zero-Wolf's Marth WHAT NOW

    with R.O.B. btw

    Also I got owned by SuSa.
    Aww, that sucks. How long will it be until you have internets?

    And I posted what you requested of me. :D I hope your internet feels better soon. :3
    I gave myself an avatar ARE YOU HAPPY

    And about how good is my Game & Watch in comparison to other's you've faced.
    O.o Lol I have about a month left. But I guess I'm ready for school. Goodbye freetime. D:
    well its a tournament lol
    you pay money to enter
    you place top 3 you get money. It's not really gambling, nothings illegal about it. Im only 15 im probably one of the younger smashers. The majority of the brawl scene is young while the melee players are usually older 18,19,20. We're all really cool though maybe if you could convince your mom to take you by waba (local game/tournament place) she could check it out. Theres no harm in that ;B
    its the kind of experience id need offline.
    Training mode ftl <_<
    your parents won't let you play offline? tell them you could win money D:
    well may i ask you a favor.
    Could you try and come to offline tourneys?
    I've heard you're really good and we're trying to improve GA as a state as a whole ;B + i need help using ice climbers ;_;
    your lying. You don't suck at anything.

    I'm alittle above average in Melee, I suck. Lol
    Your Zelda is really good. And...how do you hover with Naryu's love anyway? I tried it and...yeah.

    2 more days till HERB! I played Melee all day yesterday to get my melee skill back.
    Yeah, I just 0-deathed everyone (except Luigi and Lucas) Yesterday in training mode, but doing it in matches is harder.
    Really?? I've done in tournament matches...people don't mash or DI out. Where'd they prove that only it can be done on Marth?
    Did you know there's an u-throw hobble? Because you were talking about hobbling in your video and you said how Bowser can only be hobbled with d-throw, but it can be hobbled by u-throw too.
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