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  • hey chibi how are you doin?
    if you want to record me some stuff from you there´s np. just ask me.
    and...i guess the cv from you and smaci is definitly cancelt isn´t it?
    I. Intro
    A. Why play Ice Climbers?
    B. Costumes

    II. Move List
    A. Normal Attacks
    B. Special Attacks

    III. Chain-throws
    A. Forward Throw
    B. Down Throw
    C. Back Throw
    D. Hobbling and other fancy throws

    V. Approaching...or not
    A. Main Approaches
    1. Ice Block Chases
    2. Short Hopped Blizzard
    3. Squall Hammer

    B. Forcing them to approach. What you SHOULD be doing

    IV. Desynching
    A. What is desynching?
    B. Common Ways of Desynching
    C. Useful Options when Desynched



    I'll be adding some stuff. I need your help with the chaingrab stuff. :]
    Hey, I'm working on a New Ice Climbers Guide, and was wondering if you'd like to help. :x There's not much left, just the chaingrab stuff, and I thought you'd like to do that. Hurry though, I'm almost done. xD
    I could still brawl if I got the wii...but I wouldn't be able to make videos without the computer....:urg:

    and now my brother wants to sell the wii for and xbox360...so I think I'm done brawl forever. :(
    crap...I think I'm gonna have to call off the combo video D: I probably won't get the wii till the end of march...but, even if I get it back, my mom just took my computer away (reason: to focus on high school and piano). That computer has all my video software to capture videos, and edit them, etc...so if I get the wii back, I still won't be able to make videos :urg: darn..............
    ****. i think that´ll be the most amazing brawl ic vid ever seen ^^

    why are you not at the CoT4?
    at least there´re lain hylian and anther... hopefully they will show the power of the ic´s ^^
    high school really really sucks...everything is so hard---especially math...I wish I was in grade 1 still XD
    u should look in the ic wifi br. i made a post the about something strage with the hobbling on heavyweights
    thx chibi ^^ i think we need to play a few fights soon. i really want to practice against you. <3

    btw. do you have a messenger or something like that?
    ok....I was pretty intense in that video hey? I thought I played pretty well though...that performance got me 1500 bucks =O
    ya...piano is definitely the hardest instrument. violin is a bit weird when you first start learning it...but it's no way near as hard as learning piano. and I'm sending you my video anyways lol...look in your PM's for it...;D
    I was 5...Piano is one of the hardest instruments to play, and took a lot of hard work and time...if you want, I'll send you a video of myself playing?
    when did what start? the work? I just told you in the post below =/ and also, I'm in my last year of high school...so it's one of my busiest years...:urg:
    hmmm...All this "work" started just now because it's now the time of the year that piano competitions are all coming up...so I'm extremely busy. but, I'll try to play brawl also...I just can't play as much. and I'll also work on the combo video---I think...
    ya...i have some replays---but not as many as you. Ya, I guess you're right...the clips are short, and probably wont last till 10 mins. but I just don't want you to be like 80% of the video...I want it to be more like:
    Me: 40%
    You: 60%

    something like that...
    wait...are you sending the replays to my wii already? cause i don't have it lol...so I probably won't get them if you sent them...

    man...almost every clip in this combo vid is gonna yours. I won't get my wii back until the end of March :(....by that time, you'll probably have so many clips that the combo video will be finished...:urg: so I most likely won't use ALL the clips you send (I'll pick the best of the best clips)---cause I want to be in the combo vid too! lulz :p
    well...the intro took long because 1. I was learning how to use the new video program 2. I had to animate things from scratch. so the rest of the clips won't take very long (depending on how many effects and animations I need to make for them)...

    wow...you got a lot of replays o_o...thanks for writing all of them down (that reduces quite a bit of my work in the future) :p. and what??!! you sent the replays to my wii already? I didn't receive them then cause I don't have my wii, and it's not connected to wifi...so maybe don't send any until I get my wii back..
    ya...except we don't use snake...so an intro like that would be kinda weird and hard =/

    for the end, I'll put a little screen in the bottom left corner that has the glitch video thingy...and while that video is going, I'll have the credits.

    btw, that intro took me like 15 hours in total lol...lots of work...:urg:
    let's make our IC combo vid the most amazing one out there! :p btw...I replied to your comment on youtube...
    and also, I'll see if I can add more effects and stuff to the 13 seconds of the video I did so far...
    *looks at chibi's edited comment*

    "0 deathing Kirby twice"??? cool 0_o...I gotta see it. Did you make the 0 deaths really flashy?---by that I mean: did you like switch into different grabs and stuff?
    hmm...I don't think I can make more going on in the video...because if I did, it might take away from the main focals and get too cramped. I can't even do more of the video because my wii got taken away....:( this sucks. lol I want my wii back...

    wow...you're gonna have to send a lot of replays when I get my wii back lol
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