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  • Oooh okay.

    Sometimes I go there too, to post what time and day it is; though I see you online on xat many times when I go the Friends tab, next to the Visitors one.
    Nope I don't have AIM... well, at least, I used to.

    It slowed down my computer and some games I downloaded wouldn't work. O_o
    hey man really good ice climber i saw ur combo video ( feezing 2) and it was really good may i add. Nut man we must play some time because people say i am a really good ice climbers and i think u may b very underrated :laugh:
    The piano work, school work (I guess), and his parents are the reasons why he quit the internet and Brawl, so yeah it's canceled. ;-;

    And yeah sure you can record them. :D
    Hey...komm doch zur "german smasher" social group (bei mir in Profil findest du es bei den social groups).

    9th/226 in singles, 13/12something in doubles.

    anther and i sucked it up in doubles :/ it was all my fault basically.

    psyched about my singles placement though :D
    Because he can roll or attack faster before you release the iceblocks; he has less get-up attack/roll frames.

    And it did happen to me. I've faced a Bowser player and it didn't affect him, so I just buffered f-throw him. ;D
    yes they did...thanks a lot! I also find youtube tutorials helpful too...

    unfortunately, my brother took the wii to the university for months, so I can't even do any filming for a while :urg:
    would you happen to know of any good tutorials or sites that would help me learn sony vegas though? I don't know how you got so good at it...but let me know...thanks! :D
    Uhm, tilt the control stick lightly? Maybe that'll help. Plus when you master b-throw to b-throw, you have to do it fast because you're used to doing it fast, and if it's slow... then you'll mess it up. :[

    That happens to me... :/
    Hi...I got the trial version of sony vegas...Looks interesting, and has a lot more effects than my other editor. o_o but I was wondering how you do the camera tilt thing, and made the lighting in your video kinda darker? let me know...thanks :p
    link? you use sony vegas to edit you videos right? cause I was wondering if I should get it, but I don't really want to spend a ton of money before trying it out. so I was wondering if it would be hard for you to send me the program through a file hosting site (like sendspace.com) so that I could try it out before buying it???

    Let me know...If you would be able to do that, that would be great! :) thanks a lot
    alright. i've gotten some good feedback on the bowser cg setup so far, so i'll probably keep that how it is. and i did try syncing the music early on to the charizard fight, but i think i just lost focus with the rest of it along the way. thanks for the input.
    boring in what way? i can't really help that watching cgs is boring in of itself... thats why i cut it up with the wolf fight scene so it would be a little more interesting. also, is there a specific place where the music doesn't seem right, or just the end part?
    i just posted a rough draft of my combo vid on youtube. if you could recommend changes/edits i should do to it that would be great. (also, the vid isn't done yet, so the vid just ends. i still have more stuff to add/credits to do as well)
    Alright. Bthrow to bthrow is pretty simple once you know how to CG well, and get the hang of it. It's a fat CG you can do so your opponent won't get out even faster of the grab.
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