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C.S. Dinah
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  • Hey, are you in Partners in tights team tournament?
    If not, would you like to be my replacement partner :)
    If you think it's right, go for it! :) (sorry I took long to repsond, my mother called me out to help her!)
    Congratulations!:) I see as you tried to do the PWG on me multiple times...(unfortunately, the second man of the inuit children just seem to complicate things) I think it's cool that you're trying more and more characters, you should keep up the good work!:) GGs
    I don`t know how man..
    One day, you were about the same skill as me,
    then booooom, how did you do it?
    That sucks that your GC controller broke... and I guess I would have to agree that a wireless controller would be better than the wiimote (I also hate the wiimote with a passion...) Now you just have to go about mastering PWG!!
    More power to you with that! :)
    :laugh:No worries, happens to me too. I never really got into wireless controllers.. just kind of meh in my opinion.. And I couldn't do the wave dash grab thing to save my LIFE!!!! But that's cool that you can chain grab with it!:) I never knew that! (probably due to my incapability to perform the wave dash...)
    Oh, so that's why you had those non-moving periods :) I'm sure with practice you can add shiek to your list of "character I own with" :) But even if you decide not to, Peach and Falco are still really good options for you :)
    Hey, Cspyk good games! You got a lot better since last I brawled you!:)
    Sorry about the whole poke balls on New Pork City (and the non moving IC's)- My mother called me while I was turning off the items, and yeah...
    So, how's peach treating ya!
    cspyke sorry i went on so late, i had to go somewhere! I'm so sorry i kept you wiating!!! Oh my gosh i feel bad! i got on right after you signed off, man, oh and whatd you think of our team star fox?
    Hey! Good Games for the three games you played!!! LOL! I've still got a lot of work to do, but thanks for the well needed practice! See ya!!
    amen to that, I've been working a little more offensively and defensesively to see what's best for me in the IC's, how's that peach coming!
    I can't Chain grab to save my life, All I can do is unleash fierce brutality...how goes it today?
    No one expects the crown to disjoint her hitbox as much as it does....which is why it's a good surprise move (sometimes...) :)and yes getting grabbed by the Ice Climbers is like high damage city waiting to happen, although for some reason I wasn't able to time the dthrow and blizzard at all...:bee::confused:
    that is true, If I can suggest one thing, The short hop to fair with Peach is kinda slow, so I wouldn't suggest its use as much on the stage (unless you know for sure you got a hit because that's punishable! (Especially by the almighty kill grab!!!)
    Even though, I've been trying to work on my high damaging and kill grabs near the edge! Apparantly I'll have to try a little harder
    Heh, sweet red Peach? That must be the devil's disguise when he plans to seduce smaller children (The IC's) Fortunately the IC's wore matching clothes today (execpt the gloves...)
    But Actually that Peach is really good! I've rethought my opinion of her now!
    dang c spyke! hahah mario's so awesome! oh but sorry i havent been on lately, so many projects and testing that is due. Thanks for being my partner though! i appreciate it!
    Sorry I had to leave early, when we were having a good game :(
    But I am sorry for the idiotness, I just can`t stand the lag :(
    Yay, I finally beat your Mario lol.
    Ugh, that was painfull. Hehe, you really
    need to use some other people. No offence though,
    you have the best Mario I have seen.
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