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Recent content by BunnyBoy1337

  1. BunnyBoy1337

    The Power of the Pen! Vote for Maxwell on smashbros.com!

    Nearly every Scribblenauts game has been on Nintendo systems. The only exception is Remix, which is basically just Super Scribblenauts on an iPad... Also, most of those Wii Fit units were never touched again after people saw their Wii Fit Age.
  2. BunnyBoy1337

    First Footage of Roy and Ryu Found In Leak!

  3. BunnyBoy1337

    An Unlikely Duo Gets A Reveal Trailer!

    Agreed. Hey, it worked on EA. Begging is the only reason The Sims 4 is getting pools. On a more related topic, I'd like to see Maxwell from Scribblenauts and a Raving Rabbid as DLC. I'm watching you, Sakurai. :4luigi::4luigi::4luigi::4luigi::4luigi::4luigi::4luigi:
  4. BunnyBoy1337

    Tower of Smash Discussion

    Any leak saying the Wii U version has any characters the 3DS version doesn't is fake. Sakurai has said many, many times both versions have the same rosters. However, Tower of Smash could easily still be a real thing, just no additional fighters.
  5. BunnyBoy1337

    Smash WiiU & 3DS Miiverse Daily Pic - October 7th

    Hopefully Smash amiibo will compatible with the 3DS version, when the peripheral comes out next year. I say this because I don't have a Wii U. I also hope peripheral will be cheap.
  6. BunnyBoy1337

    Official Smash Bros. Website Releases Pictures of Secret Fighters

    Yeeeah... @The Derrit The stage shown in that Wario picture is actually Mushroom Kingdom U, a stage we've already been shown based on New Super Mario Bros. U... not 3D World. Sorry.
  7. BunnyBoy1337

    Super Smash Bros Headcanons

    Okay, here I go. Smash Bros. is a sport, and all the Fighters, Assists, Pokemon, and non-SSE-specific Bosses fight for the amusement of trillions of fans throughout the gaming worlds, as well as our own world. The Master Hand and Crazy Hand are brothers, and they are the two biggest links to the...
  8. BunnyBoy1337

    Did this version of Green Greens return?

    Actually, both versions of the song are in the game.
  9. BunnyBoy1337

    Nintendo of America Releases Three TV Ads for Smash 3DS

    Am I the only one who thinks these are just as good as, if not better than, the one Japan got? Anyway, that :4dk: guy is just plain insane. (That rhymed.) Only in the realm of Rule 63, lol.
  10. BunnyBoy1337

    I make comics. Check them out at: http://bitstrips.com/user/KNCQ/

    I make comics. Check them out at: http://bitstrips.com/user/KNCQ/
  11. BunnyBoy1337

    Nintendo of America To Stream Smash 3DS, Other Games Tomorrow

    I don't know if anyone else heard, but they said you'd have to beat Classic and All-Star twice with each character to get all their trophies. Interesting, isn't it?
  12. BunnyBoy1337

    How Smash Bros. Amiibos work

    I think they meant that Amiibos for other games will interact with their own games differently than a Smash Amiibo would with Smash...
  13. BunnyBoy1337

    Smash Bros. 3DS Sells Over 1 Million in Japan

    Did anyone expect anything less? It has freakin' Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man, AND Mega Man in THE SAME GAME!!!
  14. BunnyBoy1337

    Bowser Jr. "I was wrong." Thread

    I always thought Bowser Jr. had a chance. I just thought he would use the paintbrush. I didn't think of the Klown Kar, and now that he's confirmed, I'm all like, "Duh, why would he use the freakin' paintbrush, past-self? So he can be a double clone?!" I'm glad I was wrong about the moveset, for...
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