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Blue Rogue
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  • I know this is out of nowhere, but I've been watching your vids and I have to ask, where did you come from? Were you also one of those amazing wifi players who finally decided to go to an offline tournament?
    ya, i noticed the venue fee got changed, i'll see what i can do. We're probly goin just seein if byaa and them want to go
    Ugh I'm so pissed now....I lost the Bid....total amount went to $73.50
    I wonder if I should get 2 for 100+ bid.........
    Why would you make me call you if you don't even know it let alone ITT doesn't even have a phone and also you don't even pick up your phone...well neither do i bust still!
    This is my panic sprite, queue Phoenix Wright cornered music.

    Peach is swift nutcracker, didn't I already discuss my troubles with her?

    Also I was up late at night for no good reason and saw your yellow icon. Lurkin swf at 5AM isn't good for your health sister.

    Actually I was rewatching the Sonic OVA in HD that morning, everything in that movie is huggable, including the soundtrack.
    You could do one of two things:

    1) You could download WiiSCU and update that way


    2) You can avoid updating completely by just installing the SSB64 .wad (which can be found via Google). With the WAD Manager obv
    ****. Kent Stark is way too small to have anything cool like you described. The only place I know of is Richville Park. It has two rooms with two capacities, one that holds 75 and one that holds 150.

    Only thing is that it requires a down payment to rent, and the rates are something stupid high. Like... $125 or $150 I believe. I could call to find out, but for now that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

    The place is legit, I've had events there before. It's just the cost issue.

    And as far as tournaments... I'll see. Just give me a message here if something's coming up. I'll see when I'm available.
    Epcot (Disney World) Japan section had a sonic shirt and it was in Japanese words. And some Mario and zelda. It also had lots of pokemon plush. Also pm me your number so I can call if you want these stuff.
    i am extremely, extremely sad that i could not go. I completely rely on smash for money
    I'm not too sad, my other picture was just too happy. Melancholy is good sometimes, when you wanna be SRS.
    Yes, that does make you cool. Not the partnering thing I meant that you're downloading SWR.

    You can get the original SWR from here: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=84564

    Download and install it somewhere you know the directory path to.

    Then download and install the 12.3 expansion:


    Install that somewhere and then follow these directions:

    "NOTE: In order for this to work, you must have SWR installed and your SWRS configex123.ini must have the following lines in it:

    Replacing the path with the path to your SWR directory. If you dunno how to do that AIM me or something. Also, you must download the update installer here: http://www.tasofro.net/touhou123/download.html

    And install it to your 12.3 directory. Its in japanese but just keep hitting next and give it your 12.3 directory when it asks and you should be good. If you have trouble or want to play AIM me lol.
    I don't know wtf you said. And use your parents car and come pick me up.
    We'll be there around 12:30. Hopefully you weren't planning on bringing a setup since we're already bringing 2. xD
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