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    Midwest [Jul 4, 2015] FC Smash 15XR: Return (Notre Dame, IN)

    Oh yes. There will be dodgeball.
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    First Official Shaq-Fu Tier List Released

    When does the Project:Shaq mod for Sm4sh get released?
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    Midwest [Apr 4, 2015] SWEET XX: A Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament feat. Westballz! (East Lansing, MI)

    Coming with some Fort Wayne guys. Hopefully with 2 setups, one being a Wii with P:M.
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    Plenty of Corn Results thread!

    Popping in to say thanks to all who came. We're already in discussion about what we'd like to do for Plenty of Corn 2. Feel welcome to PM any feedback that you think could help to either Gracen or myself, or discuss right here. Shoutout to BigC for showing up. Peace
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    Plenty of Corn!!!!!!! February 2nd, Decatur, IN

    Two things: 1) SOMEBODY BRING BigC. 2)Voorhese, I'm gonna go up and look for my Battle Network 3 cart. If I can find it, we're MMing.
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    Plenty of Corn!!!!!!! February 2nd, Decatur, IN Not far enough that you shouldn't come. NO JOHNS.
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    Plenty of Corn!!!!!!! February 2nd, Decatur, IN

    somebody better step up to take me on in UMVC3. My Tron, Frank, Phoenix Wright team has no business winning.
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    Plenty of Corn!!!!!!! February 2nd, Decatur, IN

    This thread makes me ROCK HARD. If I'm not needed for constant TOing, sign me up for all 4 smash events. There WILL be crews RIGHT?
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    The History of Competitive Smash (Warning: Long Read)

    Fun read. I've been hoping that another FC will happen for a while now. I live about an hour from the Kish's, but missed the last one :(
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    What's this year's April Fool's Joke on SWF?

    I'm so confused. word test time! Friday, mario, april fools! the school bus yellow is pretty awesome. I love swf. fox, falco, sheik, marth, peach, captain falcon. Melee, Brawl. Jigglypuff, Samus, Ganondorf, Doc, Tier list, joke, Mewtwo, Link, Pichu. Pikachu. fun. Bowser! dk. Wavedash. fair...
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    SCSYN3! (MELEE) - Chicago -[AUGUST 21st] $200 pot bonus!

    Agreed Zjiin. I think it should be a rule that all midwest tournaments are held in a true to life replica of your house and garage.
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    SCSYN3! (MELEE) - Chicago -[AUGUST 21st] $200 pot bonus!

    My pants...they moved when I saw this thread. Is BigC gonna be at this?
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    Brawl player trying to switch to Melee, Falcon makes me giggle.

    Don't listen to this person. You don't want to play with other characters. Falcon is the man. His testicles are bigger than your mother's breasts, and the sooner you realize that, the better. Ok, on to answering your post: Definitely get down l-cancelling first. Being able to move around well...
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    SMYM 11 3-13 ~ Need setups, power strips, & extension cords!

    I'll be bringing a setup. The Ft. Wayne guys might be bringing one too. edit: I got a power strip too.
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    Huge Johnz 4: The Return To Bus City Hammond IN December 12th Featuring Eddie Howells

    Big C, it pains me to say I won't be able to make it to this. Somebody be sure to fill my spot by getting knocked out in the pools for both Teams and Singles. Tink, for leaving Ft. Wayne, I hope it's you who fills my aforementioned spot.