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  • genki desuka (probably said that wrong huh?)

    hows things in japan? lots of crazy **** going on?
    haha that sounds great! ^_^ Good to hear you're having a good time, =P

    Australia's just the same old, D; not much tourneys happening. Good Luck Finding smashers in japan ;3 lol

    Not sure of individual early matches, but I followed the bracket kinda okay.

    Literally how DE brackets need to be formed is so that there are BYES that form a base 2 bracket, i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128

    As seen there are '16' players in the bracket image, 9 humans and 7 byes.

    It gets really messy when you have 33 people in a tournament (or like 129...) but it minimises long term errors.
    You did the bracket in a way that wasn't "efficient"; meaning that technically a Bye got top 8, not a player.

    There's no real way to resolve that... It's the bye got 4th, or the bye got 5th. Tibs placement being decided by either or.

    So person came 1st, 2nd and 3rd

    two people came 5th (thats not how a DE bracket ends up working out - that there isnt a 4th placement)
    then two people get 7th.

    In other words you've given me 7 names for a top 8. You also had two people who came 9th...
    you want to win prize moneys? come to act tourneys first prize is usually over 100$ edpending on attendence, oh wait a plane trip down costs more then that, how lol. at least you get free transport and housing from me :)
    When I said luck, I meant in reference to the whole fsmash killing me from behind you thing.

    I wasn't discrediting you at all.

    + I believe you were also in the 00s when I died in the second match.
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