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  • There was a couple of clues:

    1. You said you sent Souther a message on AIB.
    2. Someone linked to Souther's AIB account in the japanese topic.
    3. Bam.
    yeah I dunno, I knew about it curving behind snake so I tried to di like that, and it really just didnt work no matter what, those nihons must have like unbelieveably ****ed DI to live at like 130%
    yo can you do me a little favor dude, we've got a new guy in the scene who plays mk and he was asking me for the best way to di, and so I sat down with him and we tested some stuff, now I'm bad at DI-ing horizontally but really good at surviving vertical kills, so I was quite suprised when I couldnt even survive snakes Utilt (I was using MK) on FD at like 90/100% obviously there is something wrong with this picture, can you talk to those guys and find out how they DI utilt so well (unless you already know of course) and I've been told you need to DI behind snake, but I found that I seemed to not go as far if I DI'ed away from him rather then behind him, so I must be ****ing something up bigtime.
    I'm so lazy about videos. It's a huge chore hahaha.

    I'll get it done though, I am due to upload a huge amount of videos (i.e. boost)
    alright cheers dude, but yeah if you meet him again can you ask him like what are some key things he thinks fox players need to do and stuff, I watched some vids of him though, holy ****.
    It's most likely going to be end of next year :p

    When do you get back from Japan?
    sounds like fun, I meant tips on how to play as fox though, not how to vs him with snake.

    and yeah, backwards nade is good when you get it to work, but its hard.
    I think they rediscussed the DDD vs ICs matchup and decided that DDD doesn't get ***** too badly by them

    Coming to EI3? (Eastern Invasion 3)
    oi you played the best fox? super jealous!
    I'm still trying to figure out the best way to play fox, so if you have any tips or observations about what he was doing that was working so well, I'd love to hear them. cant wait to see some matches!

    good **** with that thread though, lol at the elitest americans.
    Indeed :p

    Is it even possible to DI out of it? I don't think I've ever managed to against the MKs here
    OMG that's my Japanese name!

    That aside, all I know is that he's the best falco player (and I think he was considered the best player) in Japan
    Yeah when I used to live there I learnt the most

    Having a Japanese mum helps though lol
    Did you just learn it from living there in general?

    My kanji writing skills are pretty laughable, though I can read a fair amount
    Since when did you speak Japanese? :)

    We gotta converse sometime lol, I probably suck now
    Hey man, I just saw your thread about how the Japanese play. Do you know if you can find out if some of their best players can attend Pound 4?
    Hey do you have msn or something? Because I have Yone on msn and I can add you in our convo once.. maybe..
    so I heard your having a bit of trouble with hax mk's huh?
    they probably play a fair bit different from Americans but if I may be so bold I'll offer 2 little tips.

    first remeber that if properly spaced, uptilt beats EVERY air approach meta has (I probably dont need to tell you this though right?)

    and second, a really useful piece of advice havok gave me is not to play the match up trying to beat metaknight like you normally would (that is, hurting him whilst trying not to get hurt yourself) instead just simply spend the whole match trying to trade damage since meta dies about 60-80% earlier then snake does.

    well hope that helps.

    I was wondering why you didnt have it, then i remembered I took it off my profile.
    Hmm...thats somewhat disconcerting. What's your msn again? I might have added it wrong.

    Or a Japanese Internet Conspiracy?!
    Heya, how's Japan going? Found some smashers yet? I wanna see soem wicked Japanese tech skills at stigma! >=D

    Also: get on msn!! How do you beat snake with kirby?!

    Why was i not notified that you have msn? How long have you had it for? There have been tons of times where ive wanted to talk to you about stuff, then i go 'ah he doesnt have msn, **** it'. Lmao
    sounds pretty **** (well except for the school part that makes japan have a huge suicide rate or something like that), I wish I was there, maybe I should save up some moneys and come visit you before you leave.

    anyways hope your having fun, maybe try talking to cao about captain jack, he's a japanese smasher who came to an aus tourney one time.
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