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  • hmm...DOUBLE PT?

    yeah i'm down for sure, although i still can't guarantee i'm going
    Hey, I just asked someone before I saw your post. Are you just asking or are you lookin for someone to team with? If so I can get back to you after he responds.
    Sounds great. this isn't my tournament alone but if it interferes with OoS from attending then I am against the date change. LFL is cohosting with me, I'm sure he supplied this to you.
    Jo Asa, apparently, you're going down to the tourney on Saturday?
    If possible in anyway, mind if I catch a ride?
    haha eff man...i got no money - especially not if i go to tourneyplay. at the moment though, it looks like tourneyplay isn't gonna happen, so i'll see about making the bc one ;D
    I think i'm staying with toobusy? i'm not quite sure. I think you would have much more influence over vinny than I would haha.
    Sup, so yeah I go to cal poly. When winter break is over let's play brawl. Looking forward to it.
    Well, thats ok. Besides, Hot dates > Smash XD

    Not so sure about Overture... my finals finish on the 17th, but I might be going somewhere with family during the break... :(
    Whereabouts do you live? I can come down, depending on distance, seeing as I am currently minus a vehicle...
    And anytime is good.
    Of course I have a Wii!

    Are you available this Saturday? I have finals all week, so I won't be available on weekdays...

    Also, are we getting together at your place or my place?
    Sup doubles guy!

    Is there available time before the tourney that we can get together and compare skills or just play each other? I would love to get a feel of what I'm working with for this tournament! :)
    I donno...I thought Ben wanted to team with me for the next event. If that falls through though, and you still don`t have a partner, I`ll do it.

    Hey dude! I can for sure give you some tips - man have you improved since last time though - you were like a whole new player!

    I'll watch some of the vids on youtube and try and have a discussion with you on msn - you are on my msn, but im not sure if you are added correctly - add n3xus1080@hotmail.com if you want.

    Also, I had a great time gaming - can't wait until next time :)
    Yeah I'll probably go to the bigger events as it costs a pretty penny to get to edmonton :( I'm pretty sure I'll be up in BC for at least half of my summer (4 months)
    as far as i know our brawl tournament scene only started developing last summer...that's when i started getting involved anyhow. at the moment it looks like we'll be having brawl and melee monthlies, along with at least one bigger annual one, usually with out of province people coming and stuff. that happened in july this year
    you missed a big one yesterday =( there's a monthly happening on the 26th, but they're usually pretty small. you gonna be in town soon?
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