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  • fixed your profile

    it was a glitch related to this

    should be able to see the BBR now
    I hope it makes it easier in telling you Internet Channel supports USB keyboards. lol
    Get to EL or AA, whichever is cheaper/easier for you on Friday. At latest 5 and 6 PM, respectively.

    Do you have a phone now?
    Congratulations on winning 1st place!

    As promised, you will receive a reward of 1500 Wii points!

    You may also request for an art commission by Global-Wolf at any time!

    I regret to inform you, though, that there's a problem with Premium membership at the moment, and we are no longer able to offer it as an option. We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes ^^;.

    You will receive your prize of 1500 Wii points sometime this week.

    Thank you so much for participating in the HOR sponsored tournament, and congratulations on winning 1st place ^__^.
    Last Warning:

    This will be the last extension for the last round. If the Final round is not played out by tomorrow at 8:00 P.M. PST - That's April 26th at 8:00 P.M. PST - then Ally will receive the win. Dabuz will receive second place. No questions asked. Either you two finish the match by then, or Ally will get first place. Although, if Ally is clearly trying to win by avoiding Dabuz or by Dabuz's DQ, then Ally will lose the first set. This will allow for a final, short extension.

    Also, please try to keep your conversations on SWF. Neither Deviltrigger or myself have an AiB account, so we won't be able to verify any conversations on AiB.

    Thank you, and PLEASE, get your matches done already.
    congrats Ally, due to you winning so many tournaments, you have won 20% ( or close to because of Pound) of all tournament money given out in the past 3 months.
    Meta Knight Meta Knight
    Destinies just intertwinin'
    He ride the Halberd 'n just do not stop
    Until he'll rot, one must ask
    "How many le-le-le-e-ledge grabs until the timer tops"
    People fret how I win with such ease
    I say "Come, know my power, that's (des-tin-eee)
    You got spikes, "I don't need those, I am perfect this way"
    I ain't just better man, you know I press B and wait

    And here I wait Ally.

    Come to PUB~licity!!!!!
    so I haven't been paying attention to the tournament scene for a few months but your name appears to be AllyKnight now and you're raging..
    We have a match for the HOR Invitational tourney. I'll try to be here all day today so that we can do the match today as I won't be here tomorrow.
    Dude, a couple more months of you using MK, and you're gonna be untouchable.

    Nice job at vc9!
    I look forward to seeing you mk grow! haha
    Know this is way old, haha. But yea no dice on the GB ladder. You have to be a US citizen and they will only send the money to you, and only you, if you are. Sorry man
    We have to remember to play at Pound, Ally.

    Ganon gives Falcon little trouble. Falcon gives Ganon little trouble. Should be awesome. ;D
    so uh you play online more. i was wondering if you would like to have some friendlies since i won't be able to play you in the tourney unless i somehow get to GFs so will you?
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