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    Tom Nook. Admin of Smashboards. :3
    Hi. Could you change my username for me? I've been waiting for Virg for the last two days.
    Do we know when Premium is gonna be back? I'm interested. :c
    Ignore this. I didn't find the discussion thread until later.

    Please put the old skin as selectable. This one is awful. Everything is large and obtrusive, and the colors are terrible. It was a neat idea, but give us the option to revert. I like my pages clean and without a lot of extra garbage, and this new skin did nothing but add extra garbage.
    yo JV, can I participate in that Stride Competition even thought I can't win prize but send it to an U.S Citizen or not? I just want to be sure before it's too late lol thanks
    Alright, this has been stated before, but so I am 100% clear these guys will be payed every cent from their DC placement, every cent, nothing will be taken and withheld.
    Paid. Unless you are giving them their money by lowering it to them on a string or something =P

    Sorry, my brain was twitching for the last 5 minutes about this.
    I have a question relating to advertising on the boards. I was redirected to you after Mic couldn't answer my question.

    You can contact me in a multitude of ways. Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance.
    Hey JV, do you think you could do me a huge favour? I'd like to have my name changed. Is this ok?
    What happened to all the anniversary stuff? i was looking forward to reading it over again....
    So JV, who are you really? You were here on smashboards in its infancy? I'm sort of confused and at the same time curious.
    Hey, JV.

    Don't know if you'll get this in time, and I know it's totally short notice, but I'm running for NHS office at my school and need somebody to write a letter of recommendation for me about community service. I figured spending a few hours daily moderating a website for the past year counts as community service haha.

    I doubt you'll get this in time (if you don't, it's cool, I'll make something up), but I need it by tomorrow <_< Yeah, lazy, right? Spent the whole time trying to figure out who could write the letter for me and I just now figured out who could. Please, don't do it if it's a hassle, but if you can, I'd really appreciate it!

    If you can do it, please e-mail it to me at rion_thompson@yahoo.com

    Please provide some input in the BBR as to why you guys made the MLG rule-set the way it is. Orlando is approaching quickly.
    Could I delete my post count?

    I'd particularly like it to go into the negative zone, but just a 0 would be fine.

    Are you the same JV who went to that small Anime Convention at Uconn and played in the brawl tournament? O:
    Hey JV, could you remove the Moderator title from beneath my name? Kind of redundant that both SMod and Mod appear. I suppose this applies to Chibo, Vyse, Bionic, Omni, and §teel too.
    Just a quick question, why is Smashboards telling me every thread from the last 2 weeks has a new post in it? It wouldn't be a bother except my subscriptions page is so long it's starting to lag my computer >_>
    Hey, I was wondering when The ruleset and information about the event will be posted? I would like to know that Kind of TV's we are using, and also the hotels that are discounted.
    Hello MLG_JV.

    I'm trying to set up an experiment regarding the MLG ruleset for brawl in this year's curcuit, and I was hoping you could answer a few questions...
    -Do you have a specific stance regarding Metaknight?
    -If you do, could you point me to an official who doesn't and would have influence on the rulesets?

    My idea is this: bring in an/a few MLG official(s) who is/are as unbiased as possible about MK (perhaps due to not really knowing brawl that well if truly necessary), and present him with the compiled pro-ban and anti-ban arguments and have him/them (can be more than one person) decide on whether or not MK should be banned in MLG tournaments or not. This would provide a semi-final solution to the MK issue, at the very least until the MLG pro circuit is finished for this year.

    Would you be willing to participate/help?
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