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Recent content by Aglow

  1. Aglow

    Super Smash Bros BRAWL Tournament at RU GAME Tampa Bay and Gainesville Florida

    I and my beard will be in attendance.
  2. Aglow

    Play N Trade Tampa Mothers Day Singles! 5/8 (Full Results/Bracket up!)

    Whats this about trump and meta?
  3. Aglow


    Christ guys, I can watch and appreciate a good match of smash and be thoughtful and learn from it. One could compare M2k vs Brood or Ally vs Trela to smash "lit" of sorts. But sometimes you don't want to read lit. You want to read some smutty trash romance from the walmart dollar shelf that...
  4. Aglow


    You may all already know about this, but if not: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpxQSdpLxns
  5. Aglow

    Official BBR Matchup Chart v1.0: R.O.B.

    Sorry, posted in wrong place
  6. Aglow

    Tampa Smash Thread *BEEFY VS THE SUNDAE*

    I jest Ed. I miss you guys. Hope everyone is well.
  7. Aglow

    Tampa Smash Thread *BEEFY VS THE SUNDAE*

    But the laugh.
  8. Aglow

    Tampa Smash Thread *BEEFY VS THE SUNDAE*

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQYe7LVLtPY Ed in 20 years.
  9. Aglow

    ROB Tournament Discussion

    Woa, 8bit. What a great match to watch. Were you drawing a crowd? It was very clutch. I wanted to say that I really enjoy how your style is heavily punctuated by neutral air. I know every ROBs is to some degree, but I noticed it in yours (particularly match one) especially. The one issue is...
  10. Aglow

    Thank you sincerely for sharing with me. I'll give it a read.

    Thank you sincerely for sharing with me. I'll give it a read.
  11. Aglow

    League of Legends

    Perspectives. How they vary. XD I feel as if shaco is an inherently selfish character, and as elo creeps up, so does the importance of team fights. Jarvan has 3 cc options, a team aura buff, and massive and variable disruption with his ult. A severely farmed shaco, like a severely farmed...
  12. Aglow

    League of Legends

    Jarvan is the new galio, and a solid jungle. I'd take a competent jarvan on my team over a shaco any day of the week. Tag is "Rilke" if anyone wants to hit me up
  13. Aglow

    ROB Q&A!! Read this before asking questions...ALL OF IT!

    Thanks. I'll give it a go.
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