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  • I'm at work!

    Won't be back for 4 1/2 hours earliest. But I can get JTB's acc!
    Yeah (imo anyway) he had like 4 terrible games in a row a while back and was saltier than semen - back to being good now imo.

    Hell, even I've probably had a bad game or two...
    I hide my true feelings behind my 3rd person poetry.

    Adum was a lily in a house of thorns, yet he could never express the depth of emotion he felt, 'nor the girth

    Tee hee, girth.
    Ah, it's fine. Honestly, there's not much I can do at this point for the BBR, so really it was inevitable. Though, I am glad I'll be missed!

    Thank you for leaving me a message :)
    Aha. I'm MikeyLenetia on there. Thinking of adding a space in there, since I didn't know you could have one when I signed up. But until then, that's me. ^_^

    Might not be able to immediately start playing with you, though, since my computer has been acting up recently. Hopefully in the near future when I get whatever's wrong with this thing sorted out? Until then, feel free to add me!
    Hydra name sounds good.

    Yeah Ill try my best to get to the city specifically for New Years or something but no guarantees. Like I said, if you guys can make it to APEX this winter I should def. be there.

    And yeah I'll shoot you a text.
    Hmmmm, been awhile since I've played on MS but I'm kind of interested to poke my nose back over there and see whats up. Can't hurt I guess, I'm not in any games atm, so sure why not. =) Hook me up with hydra login info whenever.

    As for coming back to NY, well, I'm technically in NYS atm but I'm home in Buffalo which I'm sure is of little interest to ya lol. I may have the good fortune of coming to the city over my winter break but that's about as maybe as maybes can get. Worst case, I think the closest I'll definitely be to NYC is Rutgers for Apex 2012. You gonna be there?
    God Bless you!!! adumbrodeus, because I have found the fullness of truth which the Catholic Church had all along.

    With the help of the grace of Our Lord of course :)
    Good, i hope you do, i wanna make it interesting as well. *Gives you microwavable popcorn bag*
    every faction...lose? o.o Well, i guess it is a loss if the hentai mafia isn't perverted enough :/

    But thanks for the heads up, now i know to make sure i smell and taste good when he posts endgame, i wanna be part of a niiiiice stew >W>
    aw c'mon. We wrecked the game regardless, and if not for caveats like that the setup would've been super uber antiscum. iirc mentos said it was a deliberate check, though I could be wrong there.

    But yeah I mean Mafia Effect would own no matter who's running. I'd **** my pants for a KiKi or Tom setup of ME. Even after All Stars :mad:
    of course i would. Sounds like an AMAZING mafia game :3 like, who wouldn't? :p
    I hope after mass effect 3 comes out, mentos is so damn hyped about it that he makes a "Mafia Effect" game, and then Hard Lemonade can kick some ***
    Well it's not so much the GBLT thread insofar as it doesn't have any lesbians or transexuals in it... not really Bi either.... just gay.

    Gay and drama.
    Yeah. I try to focus my questions on mostly thoughts on other players. I try not to ask too much.

    And I push for lynches and other stuff that isn't asking questions : D
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