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  • I've heard from more people that they thought it was handled better than I give myself credit for, so I guess you can consider my reaction there a little "heat of the moment". All in all it wasn't so bad, I guess.
    Ah, that. Yeah, it's a pretty bad reaction. :/ Apple has a tendency to refuse to acknowledge something until it has a solution, but when it comes to addressing customer service calls that's baaaaad. >_<

    "Mac Defender" is an overblown joke. Yes, it's malware, but you have to manually download it, install it, and type in your admin password during the installation process. The fact that this is the worst malware on the Mac ever- and that there has yet to be one virus (definition of virus includes self-propogarion; this is just a Trojan)- speaks volumes.
    Well let's hope we can remedy the situation with a nice dose of scum play.

    Two tablets of quickhammer, a glass of WIFOM and course of OMGUS should sort you right out.
    Errrr I have an essay I have to write today so today is a no go.

    If its free tomorrow I'll try to do it. Might need help though, last one I tried was a freakin disaster lmao.
    Hello, I've created the smash lab skype group. If you'd like to join in then if you'd please give my your skype name (or you can send me a contact request if you wish, my skype name is "guest438").

    If not, then sorry for bothering you. >.<

    (Hi Adum lol, TDB died xD)
    =/ Its gotta suck. Good mods should let you hydra :p I'd offer to hydra with you but I'll be busy because EE's is supposed to be starting up soon and I'm about to start hosting a private myself, sorry bro.
    Do you have time to play any mafia games at all nowadays? I've got something coming up you might be interested in, but I know you've been busy recently.
    Err, swiss. I only went along with that claim because I was dead bored of the game and wanted to spice things up. If I had been playing to win, I would have immediately called BS on that Mason junk and had you lynched. Lying as town is bad in general, especially when you get caught.

    Edit: Woops wrong wall lulz. Wutever.
    No word of a lie - the Kuz CC worried me. BUT I figured he'd go along with it as I 'lie as town'.

    This however....well

    You see where this leads. Lol.

    Getting caught in a short term lie IS an issue - but I find the more astute players allow you to fish for reactions. Sometimes.
    Bah - you, OS. Both purple.

    I asked Chibo if I still won if OS died THEN I died for clarification. He said no. So I took that to be indie who can win with town (It pretty much was).

    When you lie as town, it depends on how you lie. I use short term lies to my advantage. Long term lies are ********. I agree that 99% of the lies used here and elsewhere are either pointless or bad gambits. In a game vs an informed minority, it is rare that you can find a situation where an ACTUAL lie is beneficial. However a quick "I have a guilty on you" or "the guy you replaced claimed to be scum willing to win with us" or whatever on newer players can be useful. It draws reactions out of the 'safer' vet players too.

    tl;dr Most lying is bad. I lie well. AIM maf lie was necessary imo. Your name is purple.
    My winCon required J (you) to be dead AND myself to be alive in endgame. I was effectively indie.

    I am known in AIM maf and regular mafia as always being scum, as town this is not so much of an issue, but I needed extra credibility to allow survival.

    Had I been straight-town there would have been no need for the lie. Lying as town IS often bad. I openly mock any player that thinks lying as town is always bad.
    yo Kuzmaru (Me and Kuz hydra), and July are /in for your Dr Who game. (they themselves posted that in the sign up thread)
    We would cause so many headaches for people.

    Hopefully we could just piss the mafia off until they die of brain aneurysms and thus all get modkilled on D1.
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