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  • Yeah, a full shield has 70 health, and attacks typically do their damage to it's health the same way they would damage an opponent. Their are exceptions, of course, which would be the attacks that do addition shield damage (Such as G&W's side B #3, Marth's shield breaker).


    This is the same link AA posted in the BBrawl thread, but by your reaction I assume you missed it. Just replace "scrape off point" with Shield damage, and attack power just means the percent an attack deals. G&W's #3 hammer has a shield damage property of 25, and deals 6% fresh. This means it will eat 31 points off of a shield's health. Oil Panic has a Shield damage of 0 (like most attacks), but can do 62% regularly. It completely devastates shields.

    Anyway, I'll get to working on the frame data thread. Thanks for your input.
    What do you mean by an explanation for shield damage values? I thought the explanation in the key was acceptable at explaining it. The Nair advantages are just the advantages gained by hitting and then landing immediately after. I requested that in particular to know the frame data on stuff such as Nair->Dsmash. Also, I'll get HG to check FF Uair.

    Do you think base knockback, knockback growth, and angle should be included?
    Gentleman A2ZOMG, with a cursory glance, is the G&W Frame Data thread lacking something? You would be doing a great service to your community if you could spare a few minutes on double checking!
    Feedbck on what's what would be awesome. Do you have skype? We have this chat going on where most of the stuff happens, and where the most updated stuff is found, usually... that or the B- forums.
    Hey A2ZOMG, what's your opinion on Brawl-? I know you're really big on nitpicking and testing for BBrawl and know your ****, you think you could help us out? One thing we're really missing is good testing.
    FSPM is a way to determine high level Mario players from average Mario players.

    Boss, for instance, has a very high rate of FSPM.
    My Mario is also extremely competent. He's been winning me money in low tier money matches, though there hasn't been a low tier tournament for me to enter in a while. I would be pleased to critique your play. Just alert me when you get some fresh footage.
    He is! & that's why I ask as many top players for advice as I can. I'm done for a long time though. I've collected all my advice & put it into 1 guide which I can read just for me ^_^. Its 13 pages though >_< in 9pt. font.
    Usually only when I know there's someone I want to talk to that might be online. So yeah, if you want to talk sometime, I'd love it. I need ways to improve anyway.
    Yo, you know my thread on nk64?

    can you post a list of mario's matchups, to your opinion?

    format is included in the OP

    thanks in advance <3

    think maybe tossing him a bone somwhere to ease his 1-dimentional recovery could do the trick?
    true, but wouldnt the ledge tech be harder now with more KB? (smaller window as you launch faster)
    i dont get the bad recovery deal...

    it has quite good distance, and is hard to gimp if with grab priority
    I dunno, what do you see falcon really faltering at?

    You say he needs a buff, but to what, in your opinon?
    ok, 2 things:

    1) LOL at that thing : mad : posted

    2) would you be up for some BBrawl? I know it's wifi, but its all i really have to test anything with anybody...
    Sure. I'll try and pull a few of my matches off the next Wii I play on. I may go to a friend's house and play a few friendlies at his place. If I do, I can get all of those uploaded.
    Thanks dude, and yeah I'm way better now XD

    I want to get a few vids up, but it's hard without a Wii. You have to be pretty spectacular to get some footage of a random epic Mario on the internet from somebody else's Wii.
    We played a few matches at my last Smashfest about a week or two ago. Most of them were doubles matches where he used Pit/Wario/Peach. His Pit and Peach were pretty good, but I embarrassed the hell out of his Wario.

    Afterwards we played a match, and I 2stocked him. We started to play another match, but they needed the TV, so they called "1st stock wins". I ended up SDing trying to gimp him.

    The one full singles match we played, I wrecked him. He's not THAT good, but he can play.
    Not much. I used to frequent this site a lot more, but the administration is just too ******** sometimes. Not to mention their "pro boards" and whatnot are filled with elitist fools who know and share very little about the characters they play. If you want to support my distaste with these ****ers, check out my profile and see what I've posted recently. If you agree, I'd appreciate some sensible support.
    Sure thing dude. Not tonight though, was just name searching myself and then headed to sleep XD
    Haha, well I've got the college dorm wifi problem too. And it's for lolz. Our matches won't decide anything (it's wi-fi for god's sake, who judges anything by that?)

    Anyway, you up for it?
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