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  • Well that sucks. I'm going to college this year and I don't go until Sept. 29. Bwahahah!

    Maybe we can play some time on the weekend. It would be best for both of us.
    I'm too busy today, and I'm actually pretty busy this week since school comes on September 2nd. =(
    One way to guarantee 3 minute matches is by setting it to two stock. We can try that next time.

    Nah, the lag wasn't bad at all. It's just that it was enough to throw of my timing to tech the D-throw. I also tried to do as Cosmo says. "U-throw"
    That's ok. Maybe we can do some more matches that have 3 minute time limits so we can record. You want to play tomorrow at 2PM? Good thing we're both on the west coast. You can set up 3 minute matches for recording.

    I didn't about you, but I had little lag when playing. It's still tough as hell to tech G&W's Dthrow though. And yea I Bair a lot =]
    I couldn't record anything, sorry. None of the matches we had were under 3 minutes. =(

    As you can see, I use a lot of garbage characters. ^^

    I couldn't really tech G&W's D-throw on lagfi. << And I apparently don't B-air enough. =/
    Dude those were some great G&W mirror matches! You definately caught me off guard with Ganondorf, but know I have a general idea on how to beat him: play as gay as possible.

    You're great with Mario too. My actual secondaries are Metaknight (lol), DDD, and Wolf in order. I recently picked up Wolf like a couple of days ago because I love a lot of stuff he has (obviously not as much as G&W obviously) so that's why I busted out Wolf for a couple of matches.

    Hopefully you can put some of our matches on youtube.
    I main G&W and Mario and second Ganondorf, Ike, Falcon, and maybe Link.

    I'll specially mention though, Ganondorf is really fun, and IMO plays a lot like G&W. Both have great range, hit really hard, and have awesome techchasing.
    After watching you vids, do you second Ganondorf or what? You're pretty **** good with him. :-)
    Yeah, I'm not quite used to WiFi lag quite yet, so I rolled a lot out of instinct(aside from the numerous SDs I had also).
    Thanks for the advice though, I'm sure we'll play again sometime.
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