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Recent content by ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

  1. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    Official Mario Enigma Machine [1.1.1] Patch Notes

    So many customs changes this time around. Looks like Sakurai changed his mind on leaving those alone.
  2. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    MannCo: Cookie Country v3

    The link for the Wii version of Planet Wisp is just linking to this image:
  3. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    Beefy Smash Doods: How to Mash Quickly!

    The only nerf shields received is that they no longer take reduced damage, which is why it's easier to shield poke with multi-hit moves and why large hits against them are so effective. Overall, though, they were buffed, as shown by Eureka. It is worth noting that there are more moves than ever...
  4. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    Genesis 3 - Date and Venue Announced

    Get hyped, boys & girls!
  5. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    SD Remix News And Updates

    Actually, it's more akin to Balanced Brawl comparatively. Brawl+ changed certain mechanics to be more similar to their Melee counterparts (lengthy dash-dancing, no auto ledge sweet-spots, less hitlag, faster gameplay in general) while still retaining the positive elements of Brawl that separated...
  6. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    #PostYourRosterHD Launches!

    Mains, secondaries, and pockets.
  7. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    Tourney Locator Tech of The Week: Hit Pause OS

    Real talk... I can't believe I actually made a post that long. I might as well have wrote an article, holy...
  8. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    Tourney Locator Tech of The Week: Hit Pause OS

    People like you are why the Melee community has the negative reputation it does (and the Smash community in general). You're of the mind that speed & amount of tech are the sole determinations of a game's competitive depth, and that's absolutely ludicrous. A game can have all the tech in the...
  9. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    Tourney Locator Tech of The Week: Hit Pause OS

    Buffering exists in numerous other fighting games and in multiple hack-n-slashers, as well. It surprises me how it's often mocked, especially when it already existed in select situations in Melee (such as techs & rolls).
  10. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    Tourney Locator Tech of The Week: Hit Pause OS

    Remember, children, Smash 4 is a braindead fighting game with no advanced tech. By the way... I don't think I've ever seen anyone refer to hitlag as "hit pause" until I saw this video in my YT subscription feed. I was quite confused at first.
  11. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    Smash 4 Controller Lag Comparison

    When it comes to all other games that don't take advantage of the GamePad and/or Wii MotionPlus' technology, the Pro Controller is far-and-away my preferred controller. I even use it for PC gaming over a 360 controller (tricking the system is awesome!). When it comes to Smash, however, I will...
  12. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    The Big House 5 Melee capped

    First things first, PC is far-and-away my #1 platform, as it has way too many advantages over consoles to even count, so don't go spewing out that "fanboy" BS at me. Second, Nintendo has actually stepped away from focusing on casual gamers as of late, with Miyamoto even saying the way they...
  13. ◥θ┴θ◤ | JJ

    The Big House 5 Melee capped

    Ignoring that I don't think it is (unlike Brawl), ..."new crap consoles" is just a cringeworthy statement.
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