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We should update the Compendium of Knowledge thread


Smash Lord
Feb 5, 2009
soudns like a good idea.

yeah i like tap reset over jab resent. and i lold at forced wakeup.
you probably "lold" at "wakeup" which is a very commonly used term in FGs, shows what you know.


Smash Legend
Aug 31, 2005
Jarrettsville, MD
you might want to read it again then... you can't use the C-stick to SDI, you can only use it to ASDI.
I never said you could use the C-stick to SDI, I just meant it took me forever to figure out what the C-stick did as opposed to the regular control stick. If ASDI'ing and SDI'ing have different effects, it didn't make it very clear in the thread. It seems natural to assume Automatic Smash DI is just an easier way of using Smash DI.

As far as organizing a thread, I suggest anyone who knows what they are talking about just go to Smash Wiki and get at least the basics down. It seems much more flexible than having one person control a sort of master thread that should be updated constantly rather than all put together at once. It's too hard to organize the amount of information currently missing in one "sitting," so to speak.


Smash Lord
Jun 18, 2007
The thread actually made it incredibly clear what the difference between SDI and ASDI was. That thread is one of the most informative posts ever written on these boards.


Smash Apprentice
Jul 22, 2009
Greenville, SC (school) Charlotte, NC(break)
We should also clearly and concisely define the term "metagame" because I feel that some people still use the word incorrectly. =/

Entry #2. It's not a complete definition, but it's pretty good. Metagame also includes tactics that affect results but occur outside of gameplay such as scouting opponents, bracket manipulation, counterpicks, choosing a doubles partner and so on.
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