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Feb 13, 2010
Ok, so quite a few things have happened in the past few weeks (besides confirmation that papagenos supports Mike):

- Bad news first. StarTropics 2 is still nowhere to be found on the Switch. Very disapointing lineup for August, to be honest.
- I made a challenger pack concept for Mike:

- I found this tweet from a Japanese user. Pretty cool!
- Also in the Discord we found an article from a Japanese magazine!
It talks about StarTropics! We didn't see that one coming!

Here's an English translation, thanks to Higsby on Discord:
"(NES) StarTropics - Nintendo
An action RPG with a top-down view similar to that of "Dragon Quest" where you defeat enemies while solving a variety of puzzles. It has a system of changing screens that resembles the one found in "The Legend of Zelda". This isn't surprising as it's a game made by Nintendo. The inside of the caves can be quite puzzling, so the player won't get bored.
The game is set in the southern islands and the main character is a 15 year old boy named Mike. He travels there at the invitation of his uncle who is a highly regarded scientist. However, his uncle is nowhere to be found... Using weapons like a yo-yo and bat, he sets off with the goal of safely rescuing his uncle.
An American version of The Legend of Zelda?
Whoa, this is the field map.
The shaman who guides the protagonist to the caves.
Without realizing it you yell "oh my gosh".
The caves are tit full of danger. (Isn't that strange.) "

We still don't where this article comes from. Maybe we can ask Mato about it... speaking of which, this is from the comment section of the page:

It seems he's been interested in making a Japanese translation of StarTropics for a while, but hasn't had the time for it. Now how amazing would it be to see Japanese players finally play ST in their native language?
- Found a moveset on GameFAQs: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/234547-super-smash-bros-ultimate/77408929
- The SmashTropics twitter now has 50 followers!!!
- Lastly, there's this video I found. I don't think it has been posted here yet.

I know this is a lenghty post, but so much has happened in such a short time, I needed to share all of it. If you have any new info on Mike or anything ST related, please post it here and on the Discord if you haven't joined yet. Make sure to follow the SmashTropics twitter as well if you haven't. What do you guys think? Please post your thoughts below. The more active this thread gets, the better.

PS: If you dont see any images then smashboards broke the images again, i think you can view them if you click the reply button.
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