Top 10 Most Wanted Newcomers for Smash Switch!

Nov 8, 2007
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My most wanted for Ultimate list since I don’t think I posted it back then:

1) Mike Jones:201n::201o:
2) DQ Hero :ulthero:
3) Simon Belmont :ultsimon:
4) Red / P.T. :ultpokemontrainer:
5) Doomguy:201n::201o:
6) Takamaru :092::112:
7) Isaac :092::112:
8) Shantae :092:
9) Shovel Knight :092::112:
10) Ryu Hayabusa :201n::201o:

Edit: looking back st the whole series and having a top 10 for all these years, I really can’t complain at how much of what I’ve wanted I’ve gotten.

1) Mike Jones
2) Sonic
3) Hero
4) Little Mac
5) Megaman
6) Simón Belmont
7) Pokémon Trainer
8) Doomguy
9) Isaac
10) Takamaru
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Apr 1, 2018
1. Waluigi
2. Steve
3. Heavy
4. HK-47
5. Master Chief
6. Scorpion
7. Lara Croft
8. Crash Bandicoot
9. Gardevoir
10. Doom Slayer

Without Assist Trophies and Poké Ball summons, Dragonborn and Chell would make the list.
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Oct 29, 2014
Good lord, it's been a while since I posted in this thread. Including Assist Trophies/Spirits...

1. Dixie Kong
2. Bandana Dee
3. Crash Bandicoot
4. Ganon
5. Bomberman
6. Dante
7. Leon Kennedy
8. Kamek
9. Isaac
10. Lip

I think? I'm really not sure anymore, in a post-Banjo world, it all sorta feels like fair game.


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Dec 7, 2018
My most wanted never even reached the top 10, I don't think. I'll give my top picks within 10, though:

1) Banjo-Kazooie (in!)
2) Geno (spirit, maybe costume again, RIP)
3) Shadow the Hedgehog (assist, RIP)
4) King K. Rool (in!)
5) Ridley (in!)

Only one that's left that I'm really desperate for is Geno. Geno needs a chance to shine again for the first time in over 20 years. Alas, the odds are hugely against him, especially if (more like when, honestly) the costume returns. Hoping he gets a revival elsewhere in such a case. If that happens, I'll be A-OK with him not making the roster this time. Shadow's always relevant elsewhere, so I'm okay with him not making it this time as-is. At least I can look forward to Shadow in other games, whereas Geno is left to rot in Square Enix's basement.

All-in-all, I did a lot better with newcomers this time than any other Smash game apart from Brawl. I'm very grateful for what I got, even if I'll always be sad about the last one that never made it. Maybe one day, I'll be able to look back on this and smile because the years of heartbreak over Geno were worth the wait to see him come back. I know I sure do over Banjo-Kazooie and K. Rool in particular. Those two decades of wanting them? Worth it for the beautiful end result.
Jul 7, 2014
1: Lyndis (She'll get her chance someday...)
2: Impa (Specifically her Warriors moveset and design)
3: Wargreymon (Or Agumon, but I would prefer the former)
4: Buzzwole/Phermosa (Ultra Beasts are cool)
5: Cynthia w/ Garchomp, Roserade, and Spiritomb
6: Shadow the Hedgehog
7: H'aanit (She's my personal favorite of the 8 protags)
8: Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy could use some help when it comes to spirits and music)
9: Tiki
10: Hector (He'd be nice if I never got Lyndis)

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Meh, i'll budge.


Bomberman (from Bomberman)
Third Parties are quite the tricky subject in Smash, and whatever of these guests you support depends on what criteria you think fit best.

I feel that they should be recognizable longrunners that have a long history with Nintendo and must have some notoriety in the gaming world (this is what i believe, not the criteria Sakurai exactly uses) and Bomberman is for me the most ideal third party in Smash, he fits right alongside Pac-Man, Mega Man, Sonic and Mario, his moveset would obviously be Bomb-based, and he has recently become relevant again thanks to Super Bomberman R.

Seriously, if it wasn't because of the whole Konami dilemma, he would be the most likely Third Party for this game.


Bandanna Dee (from Kirby)

The Kirby series has quite the colorful cast of characters that would be pretty interesing in Smash, and Star Allies's Dream Friends updates further enforced this idea. However none of them are prominent or recurring enough to really be given a big priority, except for one.

Bandanna Dee is at this point, the fourth member of Kirby's gang and it seems to be staying this way, from beign one of the main 4 playable characters, to appereaing in all sorts of merchandise, and for appereaing in every Kibry game ever since Super Star Ultra (altough he also appeared in the original SNES release). His moveset really writes itself, since the Kirby series (specifically the abilitiy system introduced in Super Star that was upgraded from Kirby's Adventure) was the inspiration for the combat system in Super Smash Bros. You would need to have poor imagination in order to not see the potential moveset this guy could have.

You may say that he is too simplistic and......yea, that's exactly why i want him. After having so many "unique" characters that tried way to hard to be interesing (from Palutena that ended up beign a sluggish dissapointment and Rosalina who for some reason was turned into a Stand user, and i hate it when they give characters made up **** that doesn't fit with their portrayal in their series) he's so basic and that makes him more appealing to me. You would have to go out of your way to make me not enjoy playing as him.


Ridley (from Metroid)

While there are a lot of Nintendo characters i like to see in Smash, there are only a few that i truly think are big all-stars, and Ridley is one of them. Metroid is a longrunning and iconic franchise that are honetsly decently represented, and it's honestly missing Samus's main archrival, Ridley. He's the only recurring character in the Metroid franchise outside of Samus herself that truly feels like an important member of the minimal cast.

I don't want him just to fill some representation quota ("MUH REPS", "MUH VILLAINS" etc), but because the character has merit. Don't get me wrong, playing as the villain is a cool idea, and i wouldn't be against a new character with a unique moveset, but that character must actually be important and special instead of beign there just to represent something that really isn't necessary.

Oh, and before you say "Big" or "untrue to the character", watch this.


Ganon (from The Legend of Zelda)

We haven't gotten a Zelda Newcomer since Brawl, and if you believe that Toon Link is an evolution of Young Link, then that means we haven't gotten a Zelda newcomer with a moveset made from the ground up since Melee, which was released 17 years ago. Honestly the reason is that like Kirby, the Zelda series has a lot of interesing characters, but none of them have been recurring or really that important outside of maybe Impa and Tingle. However, i have no attachment or interest in Impa as a character (this is a most wanted countdown after all) and im not fond of Tingle in the slightlest (even though he has his own spin-off series somehow) But i have a lot of respect for the King of Darkness, Ganondorf. The fact that he was added as a clone of Captain Falcon for me was an insult, and he should have waited until Brawl to add him in if Sakurai really dind't have time to give the Geurdo King a proper moveset.

Unfortunately however, since Sakurai doesn't seem to be keen in giving Ganondorf an overhaul to be more faithful to his home series, then i would gladly take this idea. He would use the abilities Ganon actually DOES use in his home series, like summoning bats as projectiles, teleportation, summon lighting strikes, and use his spear against his opponents.

You may say that i only want this character because of my dissaproval of Ganondorf's portayal in Smash due to him going around punching and kicking people instead of using his magic or weapons (wheter be a sword or trident) and beign a clone of a character from a comletely unrelated series whose main character's moveset was enteriely made up.

Yeah, so what? I want to play as a character that not only i have an attachment to or is important, but also one that is faithful to his source meterial, and Ganondorf fails to do the third thing miserably. Ganondorf in Melee was a mistake.

and yeah, if Ganondorf got an overhaul, he will be lower on this list, but i still like the idea of playing as a feral beast that uses a trident and magic and is the main villain of the Classic Zelda games pre-OOT (and since his body does not resemble any of the playable characters in Smash, this means Sakurai can not pull the same thing he did back in Melee, so no Pig Ganon Clone)


Dixie Kong (from Donkey Kong Country)

There's always this recurrent "we need more gurlz" shtick that Smash fans tend to do and..........i'll be honest, i never understood why. I always believed a character should get in Smash because of their merit in their series and qualities they could bring to the battlefield, not beause to fill some gender quota (the same problem i have with stuff like character "reps" or villains). There's also the fact that i never found appeal on most of these female characters for Smash or saw them as not that interesing, either because they had uninteresing playstyles (Samus) lack of attachment or outright dislike of the character (Bayonetta) or both (Lucina).

But Dixie, now THIS is a female character in Smash i can get behind. I don't care too much about how many characters a series has as long as the charactes that are there are the important ones. If DKC dind't have more characters that were important outside of Donkey and Diddy, you wouldn't see me requesting characters like Dixie, who is basically almost as important as Donkey and Diddy. She debuted in DKC 2 as Diddy's parthner that could glide with her Hair by using it as an helicopter. She went on to star in her own game Donkey Kong Country 3, and managed to appear in a decent amout of DK-related games after the Rare buyout, and then she returned to the DKC games with Tropical Freeze after he absence in Returns, so she's back in business now.

She has everything a Nintendo character needs to be considered for Smash: Heavily requested, moveset potential, and is an important and recurring character in the franchise. Out of all the characters that did not make into Smash 4, she is the most insulting and blatant omission in the roster.

Hopefully this will change in the new game. If we really "need" more females for some reason, then give me the one that i truly care about.


Balloon Fighter (from Balloon Fight)

Sakurai loves to bring back old Nintendo character to Smash, and Balloon Fight is the definition of Classic. Even though the series has been dormant for years, it has been referenced multiple times in games like Warioware and Nintendo Land, and it's clear it has place in the heart of Nintendo and many players from the NES days, so why not bring the 8-bit Ballon hero to the world of Smash as a playable fighter? There are not a lot of Nintendo characters that are well known or fondly remembred as him (which is saying something for a character from a 30 year old game).

I know Sakurai said the whole "would be useless witouth his Balloon" shtick, which i find hypocritical when he goes and adds Olimar in Brawl, who is defenseless witouth his Pikmin (punching bulborbs will not get your far) so that argument does not hold water for me. He could be the antithesis of Little Mac, great in the air and terribad on the ground, taking a page from Alice from Ballon Kid (the Game Boy sequel to Balloon Fight) and he could have the ablitiy to detach himself from his Balloons and pump some new ones whenever he needed them by using his Down Special, and depending on how many Balloons he has, his air speed, floatiness and number of jumps would be affected, and he would use Kicks in contrast to Mac's punches.

If it wasn't by Villager's stupid recovery move, i would see him as the most likely "retro" character in Smash, since Balloon Fight is one of the most remembered NES games alongside Duck Hunt.


Isaac (from Golden Sun)

I love the Golden Sun series, ever since i played the original game, i knew it was something special, and out of all the franchises that have never gotten a playable character in Smash, this one is the one that hurts me the most. Isaac is for the most glaring omission in Brawl's roster, and i feel he had the best chances back then, but as time went on, the Golden Sun series became forgotten by Nintendo because Camelot would rather do Mario Sports spin-off after spin-off, and the wait became unbereable. It really is a shame, because this is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises, and i would give a lot in order for it to return to its former glory by making a new game for the Switch, because the chances of Isaac would skyrocket too.

Isaac could use the Venus Psyenergy, which is basically Ground Magic, which includes Earthquakes, Plant Grow, thorns and rock attacks, which would make him stand out from the cast since we don't have characters that have or use said abilities (most magic users stick to the traditional fire and electricity) and that is a niche archetype Isaac could fill.

Please come back Isaac, and please come back Golden Sun.


King K. Rool (from Donkey Kong Country)

Oh, K.Rool, what hasn't been said about you already? The DKC series hasn't been given too much fokus in the Smash series (all stages in the franchise are the basik "Jungle" stages, no Assist Trophies, barely any musik variety despite the series beign beloved for its sountrack) and the easiest way to fix this by turning K.Rool, the heavily prominent and main antagonist of the DK franchise, into a playable kharakter in Smash.

Like Dixie, he has everything you need to look for a Nintendo newkomer: Popularity? Check (K.Rool was one of the most talked kharakters back during the Smash 4 Ballot days), moveset potential? Check (a blunderbuss that allows him to shoot Kannonballs and gas that paralizes opponents, an helikopter pack for recovery, boxing gloves for Klose Kombat, and he is ridikously fast despite his weight, which makes him stand out from the other heavyweights) Relevance?..................actually that's pretty much the reason he was likely not inkluded (still doesn't explain Dixie exklusion though) since for some reason, he does not appear in Retro's DKC games (and that did not happen without backlash from the fans).

Neverthless he got a Mii DLC Kostume in Smash 4, which while at first seemed like an insult to some, it really was a blessing in disguse, because it showkases that they know about his popularity, and it's pretty likely K.Rool had a pretty good placement in the Ballot, since he is not only demanded to be in Smash (from Japan to America to everywhere else in the world) but people really want him back in the DKC series as the main bad guy with his Kremling Krew, because quite frankly, the Tikis are boring as hell and the Snowmads, while better than the Tikis, feel like Kremling expies with a Viking motif.

If Sakurai really wanted to please the fans instead of relying on this flavor of the month mentality, we will see the Krock back in aktion. If not, then i just want him back in the DKC series.


Waluigi (from Mario)

It's hard to describe why i want Waluigi. To many, Waluigi is a meme in the same way Knuckles has become one, to others he's nothing but an obnoxious filler character, and to others he's just kinda there.

I see him as the shadow of the Luigi, in other words, the Shadow of the Shadow, and his personality makes him one of my favorite Mario characters, with his crazy schemes and silly behaviour, such as him dancing everytime he celebrates, to telling an entire audience of a Football Stadium to suck his Biggoron Sword.

I'll be honest, i want Waluigi in Smash because i love playing as him everytime he's playable, he's just such a zany character, it's no wonder he's a living meme, because he simply is the definition of hilarious. There's also his underdog factor, which has been embraced by Nintendo themselves. You see, Waluigi's mean spirited behaviour comes from him beign such a sore loser and for better or worse, always getting the short end of the stick, which is actually pretty relatable to some, and it only makes you want a character to succeed much more, and you end up getting attached to him. That's why i want Waluigi, he's simply one of my favorite Nintendo characters from one of my favorite Nintendo franchises due to his wacky personality that makes him stand out from other Nintendo characters, and the only thing he's missing it's an appereance in the mainline Mario games or even better, his own video game series.

As for moveset ideas, he's a known dancer that could use his dance moves as attacks (we have Yogas poses as attacks, why not go the dancer route?) he could use his Tennis Racquet to reflect projectiles (not as a specific move like Fox's reflector or Mario's cape, but rather have his normal/smash attacks have him use a racquet with a reflect sweet spot) and he has the recurrent ability of swimming through the air and has very strong legs (he defeted Bowser in Mario Party 3 with a kick and his AT in SSB can stomp enemies with ease) so he has enough moveset ideas to give him a moveset.



Simon Belmont (from Castlevania)

I'll be honest, most of these choices could swap places and there wouldn't be too much of a difference, but when i was making this top 10, Simon Belmont was already number 1, and i wouldn't have it any other way.

I love the Castlevania series, from it's humble begginings on the NES to the more animesque Metroidvanias on the DS, it's a franchise rich of lore, gameplay and music, with a very interesing cast of characters from the bishonen dark prince Alucard to the underapreciated agile pirate Grant Danasty to the adorable Maria Renard, but none of them are as important as Simon Belmont, the most renowed of Vampire Hunters, the most well known member of the Belmont Clan and one of Konami's most prominent mascots, appearing as the main Castlevania representative. Castlevania is a series that is prominent in gaming, is heavily remembered by fans of retro-gaming and most gamers that lived in the late 80's to late 90's.

His moveset is so damn easy to figure out, and the fact that he comes from a series of side-scrollers makes him much easier to implement in Smash's Platfrom Fighter gameplay. He could be a slow and heavy but powerful character that instead of relying on close ranged melee attacks, he instead will use the long-ranged weapon, the "Vampire Killer" which can be used diagonally (diagonal aerials and Smash-attacks everyone?) and can be engulfed in flames and even shoot fireballs. There's also his repertoire that includes daggers, cross-shaped Boomerangs, Holy Water that burn the enemies in place and sometimes travel a certain distance, axes he can throw in an arc, a time watch that allows him to slow or even outright stop time, etc.

The reason as to why i want is also the reason why i want Waluigi: Attachment to the character (and also the franchise).

Originally i just saw him as better "Konami Rep" than Snake, but as i grew older, i realized that was a stupid reason to desire a character (especially a guest character) and i also realized Snake was not that unfitting.

I grew a bigger connection to the Castlevania from my late Childhood-puberty years, and i loved almost every game that i played in the series, but none as much as Super Castlevania 4. I loved that game so much, i bought the SNES Classic specifically for that, alongside Kirby Super Star, A Link to the Past, Super Punch Out, DKC and Super Mario RPG.

Third Parties are at the end of the day, Guest characters. For me, adding any Third Party willy-nilly will damage the appeal and make it not as enjoyable. For me, a Guest has to be important, renowed and special, an icon of an era or the face of a longrunner series. I know that Simon is not on the same level as Sonic or Pac-Man, but for me, and many others, but Castlevania is important, The series has sold 20 Million Copies, and while that is not so big compared to the sales of other franchises (like Dragon Quest or Kingdom Hearts or even Imagine for some ****ing reason) it's nothing to scoff at either. Not only that, for me, Simon Belmont is practically a Nintendo Character that unfortunately does not belong to Nintendo,, his game was released in the same year as important Nintendo franchises like Zelda and Metroid, and the series has been heavily assosiated with the Nintendo Consoles of old. He may not be as iconic as say Cloud, but he is to Castlevania to what Cloud is to Final Fantasy, the most renowed protagonist of the series that is capable of representing the franchise on his own completely.

I know my arguments may seem fallocious (and they probable are) and that Simon Belmont is not that requested, and i know that. I know the reality of the situation, im not expecting him to be in the game, and i feel that we will be lucky if we even get Snake back.

Simon Belmont in Smash is not a prediction, is not a guess, hell it's barely a request because i know it would be asking for the moon. Simon Belmont in Smash is a dream, a dream that will always be in head and in my heart.

.........i just hope the Netflix series doesn't **** up his portrayal (looking at you Judgement)

Honorable Mentions go to:
-Gooey (from Kirby): I made a thread for this little guy, and to be frank, i actually prefer him over Bandanna Dee in his home series. I dind't enjoyed Kirby's Dream Land 3 that much (the copy abilities, bosses/sub bosses and overall design of the game are why) but one thing i liked was Gooey, the derpy blob that went from a healing item to Player 2's character. I always liked the design and saw him as the perfect companion to Kirby, like Luigi to Mario or Tails to Sonic. If he was a mainstay in the series, he would have been on this countdown.

-Takamaru (from The Mysterous Murasame Castle): A Samurai-like character would be really cool in Smash. Im not that bothered by the character using a sword, since in know it's only a tool, and the real star of the show is the fighting style and abilities the character uses with those tools that make them special. Let's hope that his AT was enough world-wide exposure to make Sakurai reconsider his stance on the character.

-Mike Jones (from Startropics): Look, i love old school Nintendo characters, even though im a 2000's kid. I love the idea of bringing back old-school character back from the graveyard like with Ice Climbers or Pit, and Mike Jones is one of those characters i want to see back in action.

Consider them top 11, 12, 13 respectively.
(The deleted member im quoting used to be me btw)

So.......things have changed.

You may notice is that Banjo didn't even make it to Honorable mentions, and that's because i was still processing the sheer idea of him beign in Smash.

Bomberman, unfortunately, got the Assist Trophy Curse. In the eyes of many it's 2nd place, but for some it means first loser, it's a shame really. Had Sakurai not included him i could have seen him as a DLC character. Hey if Capcom can get a base newcomer and DLC newcomer in 4 so could Konami in Ultimate. But SBR came too late for it to factor into the roster plan.

Badanna Dee is a spirit, and since i do believe in the "Spirits Decomfirm" idea, he's out. Definetly on the higher spots nowadays in my list.

and now we go to the first character that is ACTUALLY PLAYABLE in Smash, ****ing Ridley. Guess beign persistents truly has benefits. That teaches me a lesson or two about life.

Pig Ganon is technically Ganondorf's Final Smash, and i think he's a spirit in his ALTTP form. Even so, he's still my most wanted Zelda Newcomer. A Giant Trident Wielding Pig that's NOT a Captain Falcon Semi-Clone (even if the fancy new Sword is sweet as ****) is a delight for Gamecube controller to play as. But alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Dixie is a Spirit, so again, she's out. It sucks, but i can understand why. It was too crowded and the newcomer spots were limited to the big boys, the token guest (we'll get to him later) the new faces (Inci, Isi, Inky) and the token surprise character that im never fond of (PP) but as controversial as this sounds, im GLAD she's not an echo. When i want a character, that's not just because i think they deserve it, but because i WANT to play as her, and i DON'T want to play as Diddy in Dixie's skin.

Balloon Fighter is a spirit, and Villager still has that stupid Up Special that gets in the way. Im really sad that we didn't get a "Retro" newcomer, as im always fond of the idea of bringing old NES/SNES characters into the spotlight again, even if im not a fan of the characters themselves (Icies, Duck Hunt, Pit) and this one holds a special place in my heart. Kinda wish the "Surprise" character went into a retro newcomer (hey it worked for Duck Hunt) instead of a generic enemy, but enough of me dissing Audrey.

Isaac, oh Isaac, you are pretty much dead. Up there in heaven of Nintendo characters where no developer can save you. The Assist Trophy last second reveal was definetly one of the reasons why the November 1 Direct bored me to death (thank God E3 2019 gave me a bone here) i wish he was confimred sooner instead of giving me hope. I guess someone had to take the spot of the dream pipe character (we'll get to the original never ever of my list, keep waiting). Rest in Peace my sweet prince.

King K.Rool made it, yay! Honestly looking back he was the most plausible character on the list. Don't have much to say here, it's ****ing K.Rool, go play as him now.

Waluigi is still not in, and starting to think he will never be in. If im honest im kind off getting tired of the butt monkey status he has, it's reaching the point that IF Waluigi becomes playable in Smash, his trailer will have him getting his butt kicked by the main cast instead of the other way around, and that's not funny, that's annoying. I know he now has a "toxic" reputation to him, but so did Ridley (people that forget history are doomed to repeat it) so i don't care either way. But i think Waluigi not beign playable is part of some sick joke.

and as expected Simon didn't make it i.......

.......wait.......he's in the ****ing game. OH MY GOD. Yep, the character that i thought that was the impossible dream turns out to be 1 of the 3 that actually made it into the roster, what a twist.

Don't have a lot to say outside of THANK GOD Simon is the old-school testosterone-filled blonde barbaric Belmont of old instead of the wierd gothic glam rock mess that appeared in Chronicles. The way it should be if im perfectly honest and i think i would have rather not have him at all if he had gotten that look.

But i know, this is a Top 10 thread, so let me update it to current status.

3-Balloon Fighter.
4-Dixie Kong.
5-Pig Ganon.
6-Bandanna Dee.
8-Crash Bandicoot.

9-Ryu Hayabusa.
10..............I can't come up with a specific character for this one.

For one there's Geno, but i don't have the same huge attachment to him like others do, even if i like the concept. Paper Mario was a character i wanted since the Smash 4 pre-release days, but he has become less and less desirable to me thanks to Sticker Star and Color Splash. If an old school PM came to fruition, he would be top 5 for sure. Takamaru also is a honorable mention, because a samurai-like character is long overdue (ironic for a franchise FILLED with Sword Fighters) and Mike Jones for the other Old School revival. I do admit the Grinch Hoax made me kinda want Mach Rider and Chorus Kids again.

Let me see..........huh................i got nothing, so i guess that's that. Now if you excuse me i gotta go and play some CTR while i wait for Banjo to drop (and i have to buy a ****ing Senran Kagura game because of a bet i made)


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Jan 4, 2010
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1. Black Knight
2. Skull Kid
3. Porky
4. Crash Bandicoot
5. Agumon
6. Dark Matter
7. Shovel Knight
8. Edelgard
9. Bandana Dee
10. Ryu Hayabusa

A few deconfirmed characters on here, and I don't expect even the ones who are still fair game to make it, so this is more like a general most wanted list that could carry into the next game. I consider myself quite fortunate to have gotten the characters I did get from my previous list (back on the first page), and I'm under no illusion as to how unlikely some of these characters are even for future games, so I'm fine with not getting anything more.

EDIT: Made an edit to this since I didn't really agree with it anymore, despite posting it just two months ago, and the thread isn't really moving at a pace where it was worth making a new post. I basically just added Edelgard and Ryu Hayabusa in place of The Knight and Spyro, and also changed around a few positions.
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Sep 18, 2018
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1. Shantae
2. Phoenix Wright
3. Reimu
4. Rex along with Pyra and Mythra
5. Elma
6. Saber from the Fate series.
8. Kazuma Kiryu
9. Solaire (or some sort of Dark Souls fighter)
10. 2B
Feb 22, 2014
Confirmed Newcommers I wanted in Ultimate: :ultbanjokazooie::ulthero::ultincineroar::ultinkling::ultridley::ultkrool::ultisabelle::ultken:

Characters I wanted to be playable but got the Assist Trophy treatment: Ashley, Isaac, Lyn, Waluigi, Bomberman, Knuckles, Krystal, Shovel Knight, Shadow.

I think I'm satisfied already despite not everyone I wanted in that got in isn't a playable character but for just the fun of it here's 10 more excluding everyone above.
1. Shantae
2. Sora
3. Master Chief
4. Rex & Pyra
5. Ganon
6. Dixie Kong
7. Cranky Kong
8. Bandana Dee
9. Viridi
10. Geno (I don't personally want him in but after finally getting :ultbanjokazooie: in I want the Geno fans that have been asking for him about just as long to feel the same joy)
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Jul 16, 2014
1 - Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country)
2 - Kazuya Mishima (Tekken)
3 - Adol Christin (Ys)
4 - Captain Commando
5 - Geno (Super Mario RPG)
6 - Celica (Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes)
7 - Hawlucha (Pokemon)
8 - Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)
9 - X (Megaman X)
10 - Hugo with Fubar (Suikodden III) - I don't see much moveset potential on any Suikoden protagonists that I know, so I choose the one that could be a -sort of- dual fighter as long as it comes with a Flik mii costume


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Dec 10, 2013
10. Rex and Pyra

Moveset wise they interest me. XC2 is a great game, please check it out.

9. Decidueye/Mimikyu

My two favorite Gen 7 mons. I can not choose between them. I think both are very likely, but I would be happy with either one. I used both in game and they are great fun to use.

8. Pauline

I liked Odyssey and I feel she is the ideal choice. She is a cool character, and having her use Cappy would be a blast. Also a trailer with Jump Up Super Star would be legendary

7. Sora

I love Kingdom Hearts. I feel that Sora would be a blast to play as. Also getting a stage with songs like Rage Awakened, Darkness of the Unknown, Lord of the Castle, Fate of the Unknown, Destati, and Another Side Another story would be badass.

6. Travis Touchdown

No More Heroes is a nostalgic game for me. I love the humor and the game is just stupid fun. I feel Travis would be a great choice for smash. I am so hype for Travis Strikes Again.

5. Rayman

Playing through Rayman Legends rekindled my love for the limbless wonder. I just love the charm that he has. I would love to just smack people around with limbless hands it would be a blast to play as him.

4. King K Rool

I think everyone knows why K Rool should be in smash. I am just gonna say Kutthroats for life
3. Crash Bandicoot

The N Sane Trilogy was great. Having Crash back into modern relevancy. Having the old Sony mascot go toe to toe with Mario and Sonic would just be so badass.

2. Ridley

I honestly have a lot of faith in Rids. He is simply put IMO the most glaring omission in Smash's roster. He fits so many criteria we need. A villain. A big character. A metroid rep. The thought of playing as a big dragon and wasting fools makes my heat skip.

1. Spyro the Dragon

Okay. Spyro may not be the most likely. He kind of needs Crash to come first. But man, the Reignited Trilogy has made the possibility of Spyro in Smash a possibility. And damn, if I can play as the first character in my first video game, I would die a happy man.

My my has time changed. I am gonna do this again, since so much time has gone by.
10. Isaac: Dead as disco in terms of Chance, but damn do I want him. I really did enjoy the old Golden Sun Games, they had this real cozy feel. I would love to see the franchise come back.
9. Rex and Pyra: Dead happening for this fighters pass (if we get more characters though I see them as one of the few first parties that are likely). But the moveset potential of the two working together excites me. Also, XC2 is a great game and one of the best games for the Switch still.
8. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney rocks. I honestly would love this. He was my main in UMVC3 and I would love to see Sakurai make him work.
7. Lloyd Irving: Tales of Symphonia is great. I am glad that I experienced it again lately. Cool combo based gameplay appeals to me.
6. Travis Touchdown: I like No more heroes. Travis would be fun to play as. I would love to see what ridiculous lines they would do.
5. Sora: It ain't happening chief. But damn would I love it. Despite my love/hate relationship with Kingdom Hearts, I believe Sora would be a goddamn blast to play.
4. Rayman: It ain't gonna happen, but I still really want this.
3. Resident Evil Character: With this being as likely as I think it is for FP1, I thought about this more and I realized I really really want a Resident Evil Character. It is a huge legendary franchise, it would bring horror to the table, and I just like the characters. I am hoping it is Jill/Leon/Chris/Claire all as each others alts.
2. Crash Bandicoot: Damn, I actually think this might happen now. Crash benefits from the timing window of the selection and finalization of the Fighters Pass, he is a huge icon, Western characters are kosher, he now seems really likely. Great for my second and first most wanted.
1. Spyro the Dragon: The only thing that changed is Reignited is good and he is coming to CTR NF. Here's hoping for FP 2.

Real quick gonna do a top five most wanted echos as well
1. Dixie: The most deserving echo by far, shocked we did not get her.
2. Shadow: I just like playing Sonic and Shadow is fun. A teleport recovery would be fine.
3. Ninten: Reunite the mother protagonists please.
4. Black Knight: I am a big fan of the Tellius games, and him being an Ike echo would be sick. I wish it happened. Glad he is remembered though.
5. Medusa: I may hate playing against Palutena this game, but I love the idea of Medusa being used to bring back some of Palu's old custom moves


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Aug 3, 2014
New Jersey
Switch FC
I haven't done this in a while so I guess I'll update my list. This is assuming we won't be getting any AT characters:

10. Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong) - I have fond memories of the GBA version of DKC3 and Dixie has always been my favorite Kong.
9. Andy (Advance Wars) - One of Nintendo's biggest series that doesn't have a playable character in Smash yet. I really hope that Intelligent Systems finds time in their Fire Emblem schedule to give us a new Advance Wars game.
8. Tetra (Zelda) - My favorite incarnation of the character Zelda, especially since Wind Waker is one of my favorite games in the series. Also we still do not have a true pirate character in Smash yet.
7. Rex/Pyra (Xenoblade 2) - It's funny how during my playthrough of XB2, I went from hating Rex at first to wanting him playable. Granted while I still have some faults with his character, him and Pyra (as well as maybe Mythra) could result in one of the most unique movesets in the game depending on how the affinity system is utilized.
6. Shantae (Shantae) - Her games are incredibly fun and also have an amazing soundtrack. After Quote she is my first pick for an indie character.
5. Crash (Crash Bandicoot) - I got into the Crash series just a few months back and I'm already addicted to it. Considering how iconic Crash is I think he is very deserving of a spot in Smash.
4. Quote (Cave Story) - My profile pic says it all. Quote is the ideal indie rep imo considering how Cave Story was one of the first big indie games and has a strong history with Nintendo.
3. Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters) - One of my favorite fighting game characters mainly due to how fun his rekka moves are to pull off. The ideal SNK rep after Terry imo.
2. Celica (FE Gaiden/SoV) - My favorite Fire Emblem Lord. Despite its issues I loved SoV and think Celica would be amazing to have. Also there'd finally be an excuse to add Twilight of the Gods into Smash.
1. Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters) - My all-time favorite character from a fighting game. Without a doubt the best way to represent SNK as a company as well as their many amazing fighters.

Honorable mentions:
  • Edelgard (FE Three Houses) - She has just about everything going for her (cool design + axe moveset), though I still want to see how she is in the game before I move her up some spots.
  • Any other SNK rep - Nakoruru, Mai, Iori, Metal Slug characters, etc. Any of these plus more would be great to have in Smash.
  • The Assist Trophies - Ashley, Bomberman, Waluigi, and Lyn. Those 4 in particular are among my overall most wanted.

Also as a bonus here are my never gonna happen but I would totally love picks:
  • Alex (Street Fighter)
  • Reina (Fire Emblem)
  • Morag/Brighid (Xenoblade 2)
  • Patricia Wagon (Mighty Switch Force)


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Jun 22, 2019
My top 10 would be:
10.crash bandicoot
5.masked man
4.3rd Gen pokemon
2.Lloyd irving/Yuri lowell

And Dante is by far my most wanted so if I can get him but not the others I'm fine. Plus I didn't include assist trophy since they are out


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Feb 13, 2016
Wait we Doing Top Ten Most Wanted Okay

1. Shadow The Hedgehog
2. Non Video Game Origin Character (Goku, Spongebob, Spider-Man)
3. Any Character
4.Any Character
5.Any Character
6.Any Character
7.Any Character
8.Any Character
9.Any Character
10.Any Character

Shadow is Really the Only Character I Really, Really Want. I Also want him to be Unique Character, because Echo Shadow is Sin But i also want to see a Non Video game origin character make it in. Especially if it's Goku, Spongebob, or Spiderman. I mean i more of a Venom Guy, but Spiderman would be more realistic

Other Characters would be Cool, But i Just really Want Shadow in this game


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Jul 4, 2014
My Top 10 Newcomers that I would like to see in the game (This has changed since E3 and the Smash Bros. direct coming out as King K Rool and Knuckles were in my Top 3):

10. Shadow (Echo of Sonic)
9. An Earthbound/Mother Villain (Giygas, Pokey/Porky, or Masked Man)
8. Dixie Kong (Echo of Diddy Kong)
7. Ninten (Echo of Ness)
6. Bandana Dee
5. Demise (Echo of Ganondorf) or Impa (Echo of Sheik)
4. Skull Kid
3. Isaac
2. Black Shadow (Echo of Captain Falcon)
1. Banjo & Kazooie
Here is my updated top 10 newcomers for future dlc, I have removed characters that were either confirmed as playable fighters or assist trophies, plus I have changed Dixie Kong to a unique fighter as I don't think she would be an echo fighter.

Overall I think there will another dlc fighter pack with it being Nintendo exclusive characters and possibly an echo fighter pack later on. I did have multiple choices with some characters specifically with the Earthbound villain, which I have shortened to just Porky as I think he would be more likely than Giygas and Masked Man.

I have added Crash, Jin and Conker as 3rd-Party choices, while Conker is highly unlikely he might make an appearance as a spirit plus I was super happy about Banjo & Kazooie being announced I went and bought the fighters pass right after, Jin is possible seeing as Heihachi was planned for the previous game and because of the events in Tekken 7 which probably if a Tekken fighter is in development it would either be Jin or Kazuya, and Crash is the more likely out of the three as he is an iconic character and I think he would fit in perfectly in the game and will most likely be revealed as the last character in the fighter pass.

Also I'm still hoping that there is a new F-Zero character as I think it deserves at least one more fighter, plus F-Zero has had more games than Earthbound and has had more exposure outside of Japan.

10. Crash Bandicoot
9. Dixie Kong
8. Funky Kong (Echo of Donkey Kong)
7. Ninten (Echo of Ness)
6. Impa (Echo of Shiek)
5. Porky Minch
4. Jin Kazama
3. Demise (Echo of Ganondorf)
2. Black Shadow/Phoenix (Echo of Captain Falcon)
1. Conker the Squirrel


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Aug 3, 2014
New Jersey
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Updating my list since Terry got revealed.

Kyo Kusanagi would definitely be my #1 now, but since he got Chrom'd in the Terry trailer I'm not expecting him (or any other SNK character) to show up for Ultimate. Also with new DLC coming up I'm including assist trophies since I think they may have a shot.

10. Lyn (Fire Emblem)
9. Andy (Advance Wars)
8. Bomberman (Bomberman)
7. Shantae (Shantae)
6. Crash (Crash Bandicoot)
5. Rex/Pyra (Xenoblade 2)
4. Waluigi (Mario)
3. Ashley (WarioWare)
2. Quote (Cave Story)
1. Edelgard (Fire Emblem)

Honorable mentions:
  • Kyo - Like I said he'd probably be #1 though I don't see it happening at all with Terry revealed.
  • Celica - While I've lost interest in her mainly because of Edelgard, I'd still like to see her in some form.
  • Dixie Kong, Tetra, and BotW Zelda - Other characters I'd like to see that didn't quite make the list.
  • Alex (Street Fighter) and Patricia Wagon - Some of my pipe dream picks.


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Mar 25, 2012
Wales, United Kingdom
Time to update my list:

1. Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)
2. Rex & Pyra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
3. Edelgard (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)
4. Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown)
5. Akira Howard (Astral Chain)
6. Pokemon Sword & Shield Rep
7. Excitebiker
8. D. Va (Overwatch)
9. Koei Tecmo Rep
10. Ayumi Tachibana (Famicom Tantei Detective)


Jun 28, 2013
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Slight update, seeing as we know the base roster and Isaac's an assist trophy. I'm working under the assumption that Spirits, on their own, don't confirm that characters can't be DLC, since otherwise, almost every single Nintendo character but the extremely obscure ones would be ruled out.

Honourable mention goes to Dante from the Devil May Cry series (yes, seriously) - he'd be a ton of fun to play as, but four Capcom characters seems a little excessive.

10. Captain Toad (Mario) - assuming that, much like Toon Link on Spirit Tracks, being a non-interactive element on a stage doesn't rule him out
9. Impa (The Legend of Zelda)
8. Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)
7. Elma (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
6. Bandanna Waddle Dee (Kirby)
5. Doomguy (DOOM)
4. Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)
3. Alexandra Roivas (Eternal Darkness) - I'm a little surprised that she got in as a spirit, given that the game wasn't made in Japan
2. Wonder Red (the Wonderful 101)
1. Rayman (Rayman)

Just for fun, I'll compare that to my original top ten:

10. Doomguy (DOOM)
9. Sukapon (Joy Mech Fight)
8. Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)
7. Alexandra Roivas (Eternal Darkness)
6. Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)
5. Isaac (Golden Sun)
4. Wonder Red (the Wonderful 101)
3. Rayman (Rayman)
2. Ridley (Metroid)
1. King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country)

My bottom four moved up a LOT of places thanks to a mix of confirmations and assist trophies. Shame about Shovel Knight, though I'm extremely excited that Ridley and K. Rool became playable!
I feel like my list could use a serious overhaul, given that it's been close to a year and certain characters seem more feasible. (after all, we got Banjo-Kazooie in Smash Bros., and there's no longer only five spots plus a bonus Piranha Plant) I'm assuming that having a spirit doesn't rule a character out, but having an assist trophy does, and having a DLC Mii costume if they're not already in the game doesn't help.

10. Impa (The Legend of Zelda) - admittedly, this is more because I feel like Zelda is long overdue for a newcomer (if you view Toon Link as a reworked Young Link given their similarities, Zelda hasn't gotten a new character since 2001) and my main two choices (Midna and Skull Kid) are stuck as assist trophies. However, if they can base Impa on Hyrule Warriors (or use her Skyward Sword design and include some HW references), I think she'd work well and be a unique newcomer for Zelda (which it desperately needs, seeing as the only unique characters are Link, Zelda, and Sheik at the moment)

9. Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes) - give Suda what he wants!

8. Wonder Red (the Wonderful 101) - I love almost everything that Platinum Games has put out (even their licensed games, or at least Transformers Devastation and the Legend of Korra), and while I've had trouble getting into the Wonderful 101, it's just so charming that I want to go back to it some day. I'd love to see what they could do with Wonder Red in Smash, or what kind of a stage they could create for him.

7. Bandanna Waddle Dee (Kirby) - he's adorable, and given the similarities between Smash Bros. and Kirby games, it wouldn't take a lot of effort to make him work. Plus, much like Impa, I feel like the Kirby series is long overdue for a newcomer at this point.

6. Heihachi Mishima (Tekken) - he's the face of the franchise (or at least the only face of the franchise with a perfect attendance record), and out of the Tekken cast, he's probably my favourite to play as. (it's hard to be sure because there are so many gosh darn characters in that series) Plus, with Street Fighter and King of Fighters in the game, Tekken seems like a perfectly natural next step. (there's also Mortal Kombat, which would be cool, but I'm not sure whether Scorpion or Sub-Zero would be the better fit)

5. Elma (Xenoblade Chronicles X) - assuming that Rex isn't an option due to the Mii costume, I'd like to see Elma get into Smash. I don't want Xenoblade Chronicles X to be forgotten just because it was on the Wii U.

4. Rayman (Rayman) - I'm baffled that he hasn't been included already. They've got permission to use him for two games now, and yet he just gets a collectible or three.

3. Dante (from the Devil May Cry series) - I know that last time, I said that four Capcom characters might be overkill, but screw it - it's my most wanted list, not what's likely, and after playing through Devil May Cry 1-5, Dante would be a ton of fun to play as, regardless of whether they base him off of DMC3, 4, 5, or (if they want a more basic moveset) 1. They wouldn't have to make up moves for him to be included - the problem would be figuring out which moves to leave out!

2. Geno (Super Mario RPG) - I wasn't sure how likely Geno was before, with a Dragon Quest character seeming to be a huge roadblock. Now that we've got post-Fighter's Pass DLC characters, my first thought was that Geno seems pretty likely - his Mii costume was conspicuously absent, there's no longer a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest protagonist in his way, and I feel like the post-fighter's pass characters are going to be ones with a ton of fan demand, probably to the extent that even the developers didn't expect. Plus Geno and Bowser were my favourite party members in Mario RPG, so I'm a little biased.

1. Doomguy/The Doom Slayer (DOOM) - Bethesda/Id have been showing Nintendo a lot of love (including every single Doom game that I know of), we know that they've been in touch with Nintendo about Smash, and Doom has a lot of history behind it. (seeing as it popularized first person shooters) If Doomguy isn't number five on the Fighter's Pass, I'm hoping that he'll be one of the bonus DLC characters
Oct 27, 2013
At this point I don't have any realistic desires, just a bunch of never-ever dream picks.
#10. Dry Bowser
#9. Tom Nook
#8. Ms. Pac-Man
#7. Red (Angry Birds)
– curious to see how the mechanics would translate into a full Smash moveset
#6. Ratchet & Clank – the series was part of my childhood and, as much as I never thought I'd openly admit this, they're basically :ultbanjokazooie: but better
#5. Filia (Skullgirls) – I love how much work went into the animations in this game. I'm into animation in general. Filia is an all-around interesting character to me, I would love to see how she'd work in Smash
#4. Russian Dancer (Tetris) – I like to refer to this character as, "Grandmaster," as a reference to the Tetris game with the same subtitle. Puzzle games were a huge interest for me growing up, and Tetris is one of the only puzzle games I've consistently enjoyed. It's a shame to see it only get 2 songs despite being a hugely recognizable name in gaming, and though I've accepted the most we're going to get is it's appearance in the to-be-revealed-eventually Puyo Puyo Tetris stage – trust me, I'm from the future – I still want to let it be known that this is a character idea I could get behind
#3. Red Dragon Caller Sonia (Puzzle & Dragons) – one of the few puzzle games I enjoyed for years, and a particularly interesting character to me in general. I like the idea of incorporating the combo mechanics from the game, as well as bringing spirit battles of many monsters you could get in game. A Smash Bros. collab is then announced for PAD after her reveal, fulfilling all my wildest dreams
#2: Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh) – bringing the “King of Games,” into the biggest gaming crossover would be the most genius move by the Smash team yet. I picture him in the background while his deck master Dark Magician fights on the stage. For his special attacks, he draws cards and puts them into play. I especially love the idea that, for one special move, he lays down a trap card that, and when it's activated, he just yells out, “You've activated my trap card!” Stupidly crazy impossible idea and I'd love it to death
#1: Ren & Oragon (Monster Strike) – MS was a novel mobile game concept that I feel got stuck in an extremely unlucky circumstance. I'm devestated that I can no longer play it since the worldwide version is basically gone forever. But I still pray that by some miracle, we can get this pair as a rep and a re-release to give the series a second chance now with revitalized interest thanks to Smash. Plus, I really love the game's mechanics so much and I feel they'd be a perfect fit for a Smash moveset. I mean, Ren would be the first fighter that uses a friggin' cell phone as his main weapon. I envision him in the background, while Oragon fights on the stage. You'd be able to launch Oragaon in a direction based on how you tilt the control stick, and even summon additional monsters that you'd be able to activate Bump Combos with by launching into them intentionally, or even being knocked into them by your opponents. It's never ever E V E R happening, but I needed to get it off my chest
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Jan 24, 2015
Well... I think not much has changed about my opinions. Specially with the only character from my list being affected for Smash ATpocalypse (?) is Shadow the Edgehog.

So... let's update the list a bit then.

10. Something from Fate/Series. I became a fan of the Fate/Series in the last months; I would love to see this franchise having something... I wonder what exactly what they would do; but hey; I'm open to everything hahaha.

9.- Kyo Kusanagi. I'm a old fashioned fan of the KOF; and I actually would love to see one of their characters in Smash Bros; with my personal choice being the poster boy (Kyo)

8.- KOS-MOS. She is a similar case to Elma's; but I like her design, style an abilities more; she is quite beautiful xD

7.- Decidueye. Cool and dorky Pokémon with a cool moveset and style; my Pokémon wants vary a lot because I know the trends of Smash Bros with Pokémon; so I don't know if I'll continue to want him after Gen 8; but he gave me a good impression.

6.- Crash Bandicoot. This is the first character in this Top that is here for nostalgia; I don't know how unique he would be actually; but damn; it would make my internal child happy to see him in Smash xD.

5.- Reimu Hakurei. It would have sound weird many months ago; but I would unironically want to see Reimu Hakurei in Smash; I like the Touhou franchise and what they represent in the industry as this massive phenomenom that is pretty much a indie franchise in stereroids. Also Reimu herself is quite cute and would have some of the most insane stuff to ever appear in Smash hahaha.

4.- Marx/Magolor. I love Kirby; and I love Magic Based Characters; and they fit both ideas, Kirby Star Allies already shows us some ideas of how would work a playable Marx xD (a bit overpower; but it has ideas to work around).

3.- Adeleine. Adeleine is probably my favorite Kirby character, and I really like her design, style and abilities; she is so cute!

2.- Bandana Waddle Dee. His position with Adeleine it can be interchangable; for the effects of this Top it doesn't matter a lot as far I remember; anyway; Bandana Dee was the underdog of the Kirby Series and now is considered and staple; quite impressive for a character that was probably created just to cover some gaps in Super Star Ultra and RtDL; he now has an identity; and special style and cute quirk; I really like him; also; Spear users are fun :p

1. Micaiah. She had been my most wanted character since the moment I actually start campaigning for Smash Bros Characters; I had always found her very unique as both a character and an unit between the Fire Emblem Cast; I thought it would be someone fun to have in a game like Smash, after all I love mages in videogames; but when I decided to know her more fondly I start to love her personality and her graceful presence, for her and my desire for her become even more personal; I would assure sure that she had change my life...

(At least give me a Mii Custome please).

It has passed a while since the last time, many things had passed, and I'm feeling conflicted about a character I kind of want in Smash but I'm sure what their presence implies.

For the most part the Top it's the same though; but there is one fundamental change.

10.- Someone from Fate (Series)
9.- Kyo Kusanagi (but may also mention that if disconfirmed characters doesn't count, I'd to give it to 2B)
7.- Crash Bandicoot
6.- Reimu Hakurei
5.- Edelgard von Hresvleg
4.- Marx/Magolor
3.- Adeleine
2.- Bandana Waddle Dee

1.- Micaiah

I think I'll expand about my reasoning later (but most of them are very similar to the ones in the quote).
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Oct 29, 2014
Good lord, it's been a while since I posted in this thread. Including Assist Trophies/Spirits...

1. Dixie Kong
2. Bandana Dee
3. Crash Bandicoot
4. Ganon
5. Bomberman
6. Dante
7. Leon Kennedy
8. Kamek
9. Isaac
10. Lip

I think? I'm really not sure anymore, in a post-Banjo world, it all sorta feels like fair game.
Hm... more and more Bomberman has really become someone I want (basically the last character I've wanted since pre-Brawl) and with more DLC on the way, it feels like anything is fair game. I'll also do an "honorable mentions" spot for characters I don't actively want but would probably be happy to see.

Also a Never Ever for unique secondary third party characters for fun. And lastly... with Sans Undertale in (kind of), I am more open to an indie fighter.

Top Ten
1. Dixie Kong
2. Bomberman
3. Crash Bandicoot
4. Dante
5. Leon Kennedy
6. Quote
7. Bandana Dee
8. Ganon
9. Velvet Crowe
10. Kamek

Honorable Mentions
Phoenix Wright

Never Ever
Dr. Eggman
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Jan 8, 2014
changes every day but here’s today’s:

10) Q Bert (I’m weird)
9) Geno (Mario RPG)
8) Lark/Nester (Pilotwings/Nester’s Funky Bowling/ Nintendo Power)
7) Kunio (River City Series)
6) Another henchman, ideally Moblin, Waddle Dee, or Hammer Bros.
5) Crono (Chrono Trigger)
4) Bonk (Bonk series)
3) Vaati (Zelda series)
2) Fawful (Mario and Luigi series)
1) Mike Jones (Star Tropics)


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Aug 10, 2018
In no particular order w/in each tier

Tier 1(Happy if any of these got in)
Sora w/support

Amaterasu from Okami

Tier 2 (It would be cool, but can live without them)
Fencing style, coin gun, puzzle attacks, contraptions.

Phoenix Wright
Cool music, hilarious moveset

Tier 3 (Don't think is gonna happen but would've been cool)
Villain of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Would've preferred this to Incineroar.

Her pokemon

Her ultrabeast transformation

So many transformations, so many moves, mechanics, attacks.

I doubt her chances since Sakurai implied that he wanted to keep adding new game worlds and shantae series is represented by spirits.


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Apr 1, 2018
1. Waluigi
2. Steve
3. Heavy
4. HK-47
5. Master Chief
6. Scorpion
7. Lara Croft
8. Crash Bandicoot
9. Gardevoir
10. Doom Slayer

Without Assist Trophies and Poké Ball summons, Dragonborn and Chell would make the list.

Quite a bit has happened since July, I guess. Time to remake this list!

1. Steve
2. Waluigi
3. Heavy
4. Master Chief
5. Tracer
6. Scorpion
7. Lara Croft
8. Monster Hunter
9. Doom Slayer
10. Crash Bandicoot


The Poyo Boyo
Mar 23, 2019
The 11th Dimension
Both Poochy and Bandana Dee are my wanted fighters for the upcoming DLC.
Excited to see what Ultimate has in store for us in the future!
Also hyped about HAL Laboratory doing a new Kirby game soon.
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Jan 13, 2015
Switch FC
It seems this thread died down quite a bit, but considering every fighter in the base game has been officially revealed with only a handful of DLC fighters on the way, it seems there's less of a need for people to request their wanted fighters as we're all just anticipating the eventual release of Ultimate!

That said I figure I'll update my Top 10 as things have changed a bit, though not by much.

10-Banjo & Kazooie (long time coming)
9-Shantae (would be awesome)
8-Excitebiker (I could see it work and he'd be pretty damn fun tbh)
7-Skull Kid (moar zelda)
6-Impa (moar zelda)
5-Lara Croft (Iconic, and I'd trust Sakurai to make a decent moveset)
4-Tifa Lockhart (along with Cloud one of my favourite characters from VII)
3-Crash Bandicoot (was one of the first characters I wanted in Smash)
2-Elma (an awesome character from an underrated game that could potentially have a really fun moveset)
1-Midna (moar zelda, also it's freaking MIDNA!)
Been awhile...Don't think I've been back since DLC started so it's interesting seeing people who originally asked for characters like Joker, DQ Hero, and Terry Bogard (congrats btw)

And of course Banjo has finally made his return home after so many years!:ultbanjokazooie: My N64 Wal-Mart nostalgia is finally satiated and it still feels unreal to see him in the game next to his fellow Ninty icons!
Figured I'd redo my list, Banjo's been booted off since he's now in the game (and feels pretty solid so far I have to say), actually glad that I got three of my personally requested fighters (:ultdarksamus::ultridley: are the other two btw), as much as I'm hoping to get more I can't say I'm disappointed with the way things have turned out!

10-Space Pirate - :ultpiranha: is in so I want to have a Space Pirate too! When I think about the generic enemies of Nintendo's ever growing archive the Space Pirates of the Metroid series seem to stand out to me the most. They have a wide variety of abilities that could make them like a cross between snake, rob, wolf, and even zero suit! Figured I'd put at least one generic enemy in my list.

9-Weavile - My favourite pokemon is actually Sneasel, but let's face it if we'd get anyone from this evolutionary family in the game it would be Weavile. I wouldn't be mad cuz I still like Weavile! We don't have too many ice based fighters, especially fast and nimble ones!

8-Doomguy - FPS legend! Bethesda is being very supportive of the Switch despite pretty much boycotting Nintendo for years before then. I think he could have some interesting attacks and despite being brutally murderous in his games I feel he can be toned down enough like what they did with Bayonetta who's arguably just as brutal.

7-Excitebiker - My retro pick. Would be very unique as a fighter being on a motorcycle.

6-Shantae - Haven't even heard of her before Smash 4's DLC and after looking into her character and playing a couple of her games which were super fun btw, she's easily my top Indie pick for Smash!

5-Tifa Lockhart - Been a huge fan of FFVII back in the day, was very happy Cloud got in, but I'm also a greedy ******* so I want Tifa as well! Lemmie Beat Rush them fools to oblivion!

4-Lara Croft - IMO the most iconic gaming character that isn't in Smash so far. Getting her in the mix next to Samus would just be an epic way to round out Smash's roster nicely

3-Crash Bandicoot - My Play Station nostalgia pick! Was one of my first ever pipedreams alongside a certain buster sword wielding SOLDIER (firstclass) back in the day so having both of them be in the game would just complete me so much, OMG I need it!

2-Elma - XCX is criminally underrated, Elma is one of the best characters in the game and I'd love to see her join the battle. She's got potential with a possible weapon switching mechanic that could make her the first stance change fighter on the roster (discounting transformation fighters since she wouldn't transform into another character)

1-Midna - Still my number 1, Midna's an epic character and has a ton of potential to be an awesome and unique fighter that would stand out from the cast! Would fullfill my character drought as a Zelda fan and give one of my favourite games Twilight Princess some more love! But that cursed assist trophy! I wonder if things will be different for the assist trophies with this second wave of fighters coming! I hope so!


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Been a long time since I've made a top ten for Smash, now that I think about it. Last time was June 2018, but my opinions have changed, and one particular Phantom Thief already made it in. Let's see...

10. Zoroark - A Pokémon rep would sound boring to many, I know. Honestly? Same here. Though, Zoroark is that one that I'd like to see. I love Gen 5, Dark types are my favourite, and I think an illusion gimmick could be so much fun. Zoroark could transform and copy a characters normals, but keep its specials, just like the ability in the main Pokémon games. Zoroark is my third favourite Pokémon of all time, and the most realistic one to enter Smash Bros.

9. Byleth - This could be perceived as boring too, I know. Fire Emblem; we have tons of it. Though, Three Houses is such a great game and should definitely be repped. Hell, we need at least one Switch rep that isn't a Link reskin. Byleth has a lot to work with, too. He can reverse time, but only a few times during a battle. He also has a whip sword, which is badass if you ask me. He can also send a battalion to stampede his foes. Definitely a unique Fire Emblem character if they went ahead with it. Plus, Three Houses music is incredible.

8. Crash Bandicoot - I don't know if this is just because of where I live, but here in Europe? Crash is a huge deal. His revival brought me joy, as he used to he that character that was very niche in my childhood, due to him in his dying days when I was young. Now that he's back, I feel a lot more in touch with the series. He'd fit right in among Mario, Sonic, MegaMan and the rest. A titan of gaming that defined the industry. Simply put: Crash is a must.

7. Dr Eggman - Many believe the first third party series to get a second rep should be Sonic the Hedgehog. I agree. Many speculate Tails, Knuckles or Shadow. I feel it would be the doctor. He's the oldest Sonic character alongside the blue blur himself, and is one of the most famous videogame characters of all time. He's definitely the face of the "evil scientist" trope. His mech-based gameplay could make him a unique slot in Smash compared to other Sonic candidates. Or maybe this is because I want to see Eggman duke it out with the other big bads...

6. Lloyd Irving - Tales of Symphonia is my favourite GameCube game. The gameplay is incredibly fluid, and the world feels immersive with its blend of comedy and serious moments. The Tales series is now the biggest JRPG not repped in Smash Bros, and Namco is in need of a rep to catch up with the others. Personally I would prefer Yuri, but Lloyd brings a lot more to the table with his use of two swords. He's been requested for a long time and is heavily associated with Nintendo consoles. With Tales of Arise coming very soon, perhaps Sakurai and Namco will see Lloyd as a top choice to gain attention for that game...

5. Sephiroth - A real out there pick, but a genuine desire of mine nevertheless. I said Sonic should have the second rep, but have it my way? We'd have the One Winged Angel haunt Cloud yet again. I'd love to see Sakurai embody his intimidating, maleficent personality into his moveset. Brutally impaling enemies in his grab, toying with them with effortless swings. Plus, this is a chance for more Final Fantasy content, which we were sold short on already. Surely we would at least get his iconic anthem...

4. Sora - Another Square character so soon? I love Kingdom Hearts. Grasping its lore felt rewarding and the smooth gameplay of the series is something I simply cannot get enough of. Sora would be one of the few floaty characters on the roster, and would be a swordsman focusing on magic more than his actual weapon. KH music would be great to have in Smash alongside him, and I feel he'd fit well in the Smash scene, what with him already being a world traveller 'n' all.

3. Danganronpa Protagonist - My weirdest choice here. I'd rather see a protagonist from Danganronpa over Monokuma himself, as I'd be quite excited to see just how they'd do it. Truth bullets, truth katanas, killing weapons. Having Villager and Wii Fit Trainer were fun because they didn't typically fight, so I feel this could be exciting too for a similar reason. You could really pick any protagonist, which is why I left that part unnamed. Makoto is the one who started it all, Hajime is likely the most popular, while Shuichi is the most relevant to the now. Either way, I adore Danganronpa, and its characters, music and other content would be welcomed by me with open arms.

2. Skull Kid - Majora's Mask is hands down my favourite videogame. Skull Kid is hands down my favourite fictional villain. We don't get many chances to play as villains, so I want to seize the opportunity of Smash and get my masked scarecrow in the fray. He's already appeared in Hyrule Warriors, and his moveset was well crafted and fun to use. Zelda reps have been iffy so far, and I feel Skull Kid could be a great choice for a facelifter to this bad reputation the series has in Smash.

1. Isaac - I adore JRPGs, so saying Golden Sun is my favourite of the genre is really saying something. The gameplay felt quick, but not rushed and maintained its intricacy. It's a handheld masterpiece and deserves its place in Smash, and there's no better way to do that than the Venus Adept it all began with. Moveset concepts have been established for this character many times before, so I don't need to talk about that. I feel if any Assist Trophy was promoted and its shackles were lifted, Isaac should be the first to recieve the treatment. I think it's time Sakurai put an end to the long wait and let Isaac battle among the best.

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I've been looking for a thread like this, and since Smash Ultimate has every veteran coming back + Daisy Ridley and Inkling (yes, there is no comma on purpose), I believe that Sakurai is actually listening to the fans this time around and the chances of certain characters has skyrocketed higher than ever before! And with the recent news of Smash Ultimate's project plan being made in December 2015, it certainly helps many of the ballot contenders a lot. With that in mind, here is my list of characters I would love to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Honorable Mentions: Skull Kid, Banjo Kazooie (if Rare allows it), Rayman
Possible DLC: Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Rex and Pyrha, Crash Bandicoot

10. Waluigi -
Although Waluigi has been confirmed to be an assist trophy, a part of me still believes that Waluigi could become a playable fighter in Smash Ultimate. There was a video that made a point that although Waluigi was in the Nintendo Direct presentation for the game, he didn't seem to appear in the E3 demo (correct me if I'm wrong). Although it is very unlikely he will be in at this point, I still have hope that he is playable someday in a Smash game, whether it's DLC or a new game (very unlikely for the latter, considering this may be Sakurai's last Smash game).

9. Captain Toad -
Aside from Waluigi, I can see Toad as the only logical rep left for Mario. Maybe he could jump by using his pickaxe on the ground or something.

8. Bandanna Dee -
Kirby could use another rep, and for some odd reason I always wanted to see a playable Waddle Dee, so Bandanna Dee is the only logical choice.

7. Isaac (Golden Sun) -
Some of my friends supported him during the Smash 4 speculation era when I was in high school, and I'd like to see him make a comeback.

6. Geno -
Sakurai has wanted to include him in Brawl and Smash 4, and we've got a Mii costume of hm. He is another character with a huge fan following, and I wouldn't mind seeing him make it into Smash Ultimate.

5. Ashley -
Though not my first choice for a Wario rep, Wario should have more representation. Wario needs more representation, and it would be as much as I would like to see Waluigi, Ashley is more likely to come to fruition. Her popularity is right near King K. Rool in my opinion. Sakurai also thinks highly of the character as he spoke about her before. Her costume in Smash 4 is a sign that her popularity is being acknowledged, kind of like King K. Rool.

4. Mona (WarioWare) -
shot in the dark, but I'd like Mona to be in. Mona is Wario's secret admirer and the second most important character in the WarioWare series for say. Although she doesn't seem to be as popular as Ashley in recent years, Mona still has importance to the series, having been in every game since the first game of the series. She even has an outfit to match Wario's biker outfit, and has many other outfits that could be alternate costumes. She has moveset potential based on her variety of jobs (pizza parlor, dumpling stand, artifact hunter, ice cream parlor girl, rock star, detective) as well as having a scooter and animals that assist her. Since fans want more female fighters and that Sakurai is implementing more female fighters to the series with Daisy, Inkling, and Female Pokemon Trainer, she is a good option and would fit in well with the rest of the female cast. The best case scenario is if both Mona and Ashley got in the roster.

3. Shadow the Hedgehog -
Call me an edge lord, call me emo, but I think Shadow has a good chance of appearing as a playable character this time. With Knuckles being confirmed as an Assist Trophy and Shadow being strangely absent, I believe that Sakurai promoted him to become a playable character after shaking hands with his daddy Takashi Iizuka. Episode Shadow was the only mode I actually liked in Sonic Forces, and I wouldn't mind if he was an echo (with some key differences) or a unique character on his own. Plus, I'd like to make Shadow hold a ray gun for whenever I play the game with items.

2. Dixie Kong -
I would take Dixie Kong if she was only a semi-clone of Diddy Kong. If she was an echo of DIddy Kong, she would lose a lot of moveset potential. She's part of the classic trio of Kongs, appearing in more DKC games than Donkey Kong himself. I liked her return to the series with Tropical Freeze and I think she deserves to be in Smash now.

1. King K. Rool -
My absolute favorite video game villain. He was my first choice during Smash 4 speculation and he is still #1 in my mind today. I wanted him and Ridley in during that period, and with Ridley confirmed now, all I need is the Kremling King. The Donkey Kong Country series gives him an amazing set of moves to choose from. We also need more antagonists in Smash, and it works since he is the main antagonist of Donkey Kong. I've always loved his psychotic personality from the nostalgia of playing Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong 64 (I still want to go back and play DKC2 and DKC3). As another vastly popular fan request, his chances have increased ten-fold. Since his Mii costume uses new assets and that the game's planning was finished in December 2015, months after the Smash Ballot concluded, the chances of him appearing in Smash are definitely in his favor this time around.

If King K. Rool and a few of my other choices from this list get in the game, the game will truly feel like the ultimate Smash game.
Well, it's been a long time since I posted here and the Fighter Pass is almost done. King K. Rool has been confirmed since then, along with Banjo & Kazooie, which I am very happy about. :ultkrool::ultbanjokazooie: Even some that I hoped for in the back of my mind like Dark Samus and Piranha Plant were confirmed, which also made me very happy. :ultdarksamus::ultpiranha: I believe that with the announcement of additional fighters, it is time for me to update my most wanted list of fighters!

Honorable Mentions: Skull Kid (I have grown satisfied with his costume), Rayman, Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Rex and Pyrha,

10. Crash Bandicoot -
I mostly want him in because it would satisfy a few friends of mine, but I think he'd be a neat pick too.

9. Captain Toad -
If Toon Link can be in the background and be a fighter, then Captain Toad can do the same as well.

8. Bandanna Dee -
As I have said before, Kirby could use another rep, and for some odd reason I always wanted to see a playable Waddle Dee, so Bandanna Dee is the only logical choice.

7. Isaac (Golden Sun) -
Some of my friends supported him during the Smash 4 speculation era when I was in high school, and I'd like to see him make a comeback. It was great to see Isaac return to the game, but it sucked to see him as an assist trophy. With the backlash that Nintendo got from the November 1st direct, I can see Isaac's chances rising up this time around.

6. Dr. Eggman -
Although there is another Sonic character I want to see before Eggman, I'd like to see the mad doctor face off against the other villains in the game. Plus, his inclusion would be cool for me as well, seeing as I was a fan of him as a kid.

5. Mona (WarioWare) -
Taking a shot in the dark, but I'd still like Mona to be in. Mona is Wario's secret admirer and the second most important character in the WarioWare series for say. Although she doesn't seem to be as popular as Ashley in recent years, Mona still has importance to the series, having been in every game since the first game of the series. She even has an outfit to match Wario's biker outfit, and has many other outfits that could be alternate costumes. She has moveset potential based on her variety of jobs (pizza parlor, dumpling stand, artifact hunter, ice cream parlor girl, rock star, detective) as well as having a scooter and animals that assist her. Since fans want more female fighters and that Sakurai is implementing more female fighters to the series with Daisy, Inkling, and Female Pokemon Trainer, she is a good option and would fit in well with the rest of the female cast. I know that she is a spirit, though fan-rules like this can be broken; if Geno still has a shot, anyone can at this point.[

4. Waluigi -
Although Waluigi has been confirmed to be an assist trophy, I still want Waluigi as a playable fighter in Smash Ultimate. Nintendo had a ton of backlash when Waluigi was an assist trophy, to the point where Reggie even spoke about him in an interview. With Sakurai making a point to satisfy the fans with these new characters coming in, if any assist trophy is going to be promoted into a fighter first, Waluigi is most likely guaranteed to make a comeback.

3. Dixie Kong -
I would take Dixie Kong if she was only a semi-clone of Diddy Kong. If she was an echo of DIddy Kong, she would lose a lot of moveset potential. She's part of the classic trio of Kongs, appearing in more DKC games than Donkey Kong himself. I was happy to at least get the hat as a Mii accessory, though I think she still has a chance as a character.

2. Shadow the Hedgehog -
I will admit, I was crushed when Shadow was confirmed to be an assist trophy once again. I felt that of all third-party characters to become an echo fighter, Shadow was the top contender. Though I was happy that Piranha Plant was confirmed in the November 1st direct, it was still a bittersweet moment for me that day. With new fighters separate from the Fighter Pass being a reality, Shadow 's chances rise again.

1. Geno -
Although Geno is a spirit, he has a ton of things going for him now. His Mii costume is mysteriously still missing, two music tracks from SMRPG have been taken down (keep in mind that this also happened for Banjo & Kazooie and Sans, who were confirmed as a fighter and costume respectively with music tracks), and Sakurai's point to satisfy the fans makes him a strong contender to be in Smash now. I liked Super Mario RPG when I was a kid, so I'll gladly accept Geno joining the fight.

Now I know that some characters in this list are characters who are confirmed to be assist trophies or spirits. Before anyone calls me a fool for saying that assist trophies and spirits still have a chance, I'd like to make a few points that give these characters a bit of an advantage this time around.
  1. When Waluigi and Isaac became assist trophies, Nintendo received a ton of backlash from this. Reggie commented about the fans' want of Waluigi in an interview and Nintendo was surprised by what fans backlash of Isaac being an assist trophy. Since Sakurai mentioned that he wants to satisfy the fans, assist trophies like these two (and maybe Shadow) could actually have a chance of being promoted to become fighters.
  2. Some assist trophies are disabled when going to certain stages, such as Knuckles being disabled in Green Hill Zone due to being a character in the background. Likewise, there are also fighters who are background characters (Toon Link, King Dedede) that are disabled when being used in specific stages (Spirit Train, Dream Land). If not, they could always do something similar to how Chrom appears as a character and in Robin's final smash and victory screen.
  3. Sakurai mentioned that he had to save up on the budget during Hero's presentation video. If Sakurai's smaller budget extends to characters, chances of using characters that already have assets and/or a series already represented in Smash are even likelier.
  4. With Geno becoming more likely to be confirmed as a character as mentioned in my spoiler tag for Geno, the fan-made rule that spirits are disconfirmed as fighters could possibly be broken, thanks to the announcement of additional fighters separate from the Fighter Pass.
If any of these characters are confirmed within the new slots, Smash Ultimate would be a complete game for me.
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Aug 5, 2015
1. Marina Liteyear (Mischief Makers)
2. Khameleon (Mortal Kombat)
3. Duke Nukem
4. Yoyo (Jet Set Radio) (I'd be fine with any JSR rep though)
5. Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney)
6. Slippy Toad (StarFox)
7. Tom Nook (Animal Crossing)
8. Root Beer Tapper
9. Steve (Minecraft)
10. Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
Apr 8, 2018
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Alright, so…

1.) Neku (logical choice, IMO)
2.) Banjo-Kazooie
3.) Celica (with a Mae ε)
4.) Sora
5.) Crash Bandicoot
6.) DeMille (Tomato Adventure)
7.) Geno
8.) Bandana Dee
9.) Ayumi Tachibana
10.) Geno
Holy cow, it’s been less than a year? Alright, time for an update, in no particular order:

10. Cash Banooca: I got into the Crash train mainly with the N. Sane Trilogy, and there’s no way his moveset wouldn’t be different from other platform mascots, like Banjo or Mario (even if they would be just a teeny bit similar).
9. Adeleine and Ribbon (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards): After their reveal in Star Allies, I came to love the idea of these two being friends and working together. HAL clearly outdid themselves with how they actually play in Star Allies, and a moveset like that could easily translate into Smash (also they’re adorable shut up)
8. Byleth (Fire Emblem Three Houses): Say what you will about FE representation, but can I just say that Byleth has so much potential you’d probably see it on a boat? Sword of the Creator, faith magic, Battalions, a bit of brawling for his throws and aerials, etc.!
7. DeMille (Tomato Adventure): I’ve been in love with Tomato Adventure’s concept ever since I first discovered it back in April 2017. DeMille would be a fighter so out of this world, he’d be banned in tournaments and I’d be proud. Plus, I mainly want more people outside Japan to be aware of Tomato Adventure’s existence (I keep imagining a remake, but the original game’s unfortunately been dead since it first came out in 2002. Then again, Duck Hunt was out of the picture for 30 years before they got into Smash 4, so who knows? Sakurai’s known for raising irrelevant characters from their graves).
6. Ayumi Tachibana (Famicom Detective Club): With Famicom Detective Club getting a remake on the Switch (I hope it comes to the west), Ayumi’s risen back to relevance in not much time. A character similar to Phoenix Wright in UMvC3 but more combat-ready?
5. Slippy (Star Fox): Yes, one of the most annoying characters in Star Fox history is a character I unironically want as a character. Star Fox Guard shows that he doesn’t even need to be Fox Semi-Clone #84, having a whole array of gadgets to work with that can make him stand out plenty from the current Star Fox lineup.
Celica (Fire Emblem Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia): With a bit of time dedicated to Shadows of Valentia (which is well-written to boot), Celica slowly but surely became one of my favorite characters in gaming period. Plus, while not nearly on Byleth’s levels, she’s also got potential to be greatly unique; Mila’s Turnwheel and magic blending into Marth-like swordplay, how awesome does that sound? Again, say what you will about FE in Smash, but still.
Porky Minch (MOTHER/Earthbound series): Already a boss in Brawl, but not even seen in the Absolutely Safe Capsule’s Spirit or anything. Porky could take everything from across the two games he appears in (Yes, even his EarthBound self as a “normal” kid) and utilize it against his enemies in a cruel yet satisfying way (for the lack of a better term that I didn’t think of).
Artorias (Dark Souls): Now, I’ve never really played a Dark Souls game, per se, but ever since the old Google theory I’ve grown in the concept of a fighter who could only use one arm (maybe if he actually was in the game, he’d be the Dunban Spirit Battle). Artorias could utilize not only the advantages he could take for only using his right hand, but also gain a little help from Sif.

Honorable Mention: Decidueye (I used to support the idea of Decidueye wholeheartedly even though I’m a fan of the Primarina line, but Incineroar kinda grew on me with time. I even did my own interpretations back in the speculation days. Maybe Decidueye could work as a Poké Ball summon?)

1. Sora (Kingdom Hearts): Much like Celica, Sora became one of my favorite video game characters ever. I became familiar with Kingdom Hearts back in 2012, but didn’t become a fan until mid 2015. Since then, I’ve treated Kingdom Hearts like a bit of a religion, buying 358/2 Days on the DS and Unchained χ back in 2016 and getting the HD remixes in 2017. The only ones I’ve yet to play are Re:Coded and KH3 (the latter more due to school work). Sora is a character who’s basically got the whole world going for him with moveset potential; Form Changes, Flowmotion, things like Strike Raid and Ragnarok among SO. MUCH. MORE. Thank you for coming to my fanboy TED Talk.
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