Tipped Off 2 - Results


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Jan 17, 2007
*******, Georgia
GPC Presents
Tipped Off 2 - Results

Due to technical difficulties, we don't have pools results this time around.
Brackets will be posted later.

1: Team Rocket (Chad. Lori) ($132.00)
2: RAM+Nite (RAM, Nite) ($55.00)
3: Chaddd+Wes Awesome Team- Great Job! (Chaddd. GAwes) ($33.00)
4: Team Katana (Dogy, Raiku)
5: David Blaine's BALLS OF STEEL (Reflex, TRC)
5: The Go Team (Rice, Rook)
7: Craig+Smoky (Renegade. Cornell)
7: GPC Rage (Menthol, Hidden)
9: Lance+Ambix (Lance. Ambivx)
9: Wes and Chaddd (Tong, Laijin)
9: Rosco's Chicken and Waffles (X2X, Nice1)
9: Team We Gay You (Ares, Spawn)
13: Bye (SOFT, Zo)
13: Wizzlecroff+Reox (Wizzlecroff. Reox)
13: Booyakasha (Carter, Prac)
13: Team Adio (Dan. Elmo)
17: Spontaneous CANDY (DESU, GERBIL)
17: Team Skullcrusher (Elliot, Zeus)
17: Team Ninja (Ninja, John)
17: Ram+Nite (RAM, Nite)
17: Team Whatever (Josh, Matt)
17: Bruise Cruise (Kirby Jim, Marcus)

1: Chad
2: Chaddd
3: Iori
4: Rice
5: Nite
5: GAWes
7: X2X
7: Carter
9: Lance
9: RAM
9: Ambix
9: Spawn
13: Prac
13: Cornell
13: TRC
13: Reflex
17: Ares
17: Wizzlecroff
17: Dogy Samich
17: Soft
17: Raiku
17: Rook
17: Drumma_Boi
17: Hidden
25: Soma
25: Reox
25: GP
25: Blue Jim
25: Gerbil
25: Menthol

Evil E.

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May 8, 2007
Macon GA
First POST!!!

This tourney wuz great even if i did leave early..

The friendlies were great

Looking forward to Smashing again soon..


Laijin-I couldnt really concentrate, thanx Dogy, but good match. I wanted to rematch but i mean u kept runnin away.. LOL! But i will be bringing spam blocker next time.. !!!

Corneil-We had sum good matches but, how the hell did you take ma last stock with one combo in 7 mutha lovin seconds, ya falco is a beast.

Somasu-I wanted to play you in 1v1 but umm a little advice.. Try not to get Kneed.. lol

Dan- It wuz a pleasure teaming with you, you play like every character, and ya Vans wuz mad fresh

Menthol- What the hell?? Complete rapeage!Getting 5 stocked wuz not in the contract I want my money back.. lol!! Great tourney

GP-Ur Ness is mad good, that bat is very annoying..

Nice1-YEA WUZUP!!! YEA!! you beat me i beatchu is all good but i wish i aint leave early. but Stick to shiek he or she suits you.

Gerbil- Ur commentary while your playing Pichu is hilarious! I tryed not to laugh but mann.. Good thing it wuznt MM but the lil thing put up a good fight. "That's Death!!!!" "Im not gonna evole into pikachu." "its okay it wuz just Pichu" LOL!!

That Guy With No Shirt And The Really Long Jacket And The Hat In All Black- We are a kick *** team, we couldve takin on the world, teach me how to moonwalk again !!! And ur Samus is good. "I HATE DOC!!!"

DogySamich-"GET HIM IN THE LAVA COMBO!!!" "ITS WES SENIOR"(whatever that meant)

Who ever wuz behind me during my MM-"He doesnt need that stock!!" they wuz gassin ma head up durin the match Thanx

Ares- Dat Ish wuz hilarious!! im like WHat LAVA COMBO??? LMAO!

Dude That played Jiggs- ur jigglpuff rocks!!Ill get you next time. sorry for pausing. it cood have been anyone calling ... lol

Ill add the rest later. if i can member cuz i new absolutley no one.. i wuz really lost

Where is the Vids??? Hoo is in charge of puttin them up..


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Apr 22, 2006
Columbus, GA
Second post, I'll edit or add shout outs later!

Some of the shoutouts:

Evil E. - Glad I could make you laugh. Had it been the MM, we would've used a non glary TV lol. And I was one of the guys behind you yelling you didn't need that stock lol, I was trying to hype you up. :) Thanks for coming out man, be sure to make Smash Aid!

Chaddd - Glad I could make you laugh and have a good time in matches too. Too bad we didn't get to monopoly match, but maybe at Smash Aid we will. You are truely a badass :D

Desu - Thanks for teaming, but we suck hardcore as a team LMAO. Oh, and sorry for taking your 5$... well... no I'm not XD.

Laijin - I was broke. I don't have money for MMs lol. But maybe another time we will MM. Congrats on your MGC win, rep GA well with Tong, Carter, and 112.

Laijin/Evil E. MM - As soon as I saw this going down, I started to hype that **** up fast lol. I'm glad everyone participated when I started the "Mother Nature" quote LOL. Good stuff guys!

Wes - Once again you have managed to kick my ***, but this time not so much. I actually almost won that match on FD, and I totally dodged the Falcon Punch. Win? Yessir lol. XD I'll see you at Smash Aid for sure dude.

Drummaboi - Looks like you were able to exact your revenge on me LOL. That's ok, we're now 1-1 in tourny sets, I won't let it happen again at Smash Aid. Thanks for coming up though, I had mad fun.

Ambix - You've gotten much better, but imo you shouldn't lose to my Falco.. I don't HAVE a Falco lol. Very good stuff man.

Blue Jim - Fox ditto gayness FTW!!! It was so funny lol, we're going from 4 stock gimping to 1 stock carefulness. Too funny.

Menthol - Thanks for hosting the tourny, I enjoyed myself though you and I didn't get to play this time. 'tis a shame.

Tong - Left early?? :'(

Cornel - Hahahahaha **** dude, the moment you said "Good luck Gerbil" when I played Chaddd I was thinking... "Ohhhhhh ****..... *loses*" hahaha.

Alpha - Dude. You rock. 'Nuff said.

Ares - You rock too.

Nice1 - Not so much because you now have about 6 *******s ROFL but hey you made the ride there and back hilarious, I demand you ride in the same car as me more often XD.

Prac - Never saw anything you did at this tourny actually..

Reflex - I wouldn't have lost to you had I beaten Drummaboi ^.^ /trash talk

Ninja - You need to be playing with us more often. As you saw, I picked up Pichu/Pikachu, and I can seriously show you some stuff to help your game, and maybe you could show me some stuff too. :D

TRC - Thanks for the friendlies, it was fun hangin with you at Keith's and at breakfast. That mexican place was the best LOL.

John - uhhhh.... all I can say is work harder, your Samus isn't bad, in fact you have an amazing bomb game, but now it's just about applying it at the right time. Flashiness can only take you so far (I would know :/)

-Chad- - Hmmm I wanted to Pika ditto, or just get in any friendlies reall.y Maybe some other time though :)

Rice - You're welcome for the dollar XD you are just as raw as my crew mates state you are. Awesome stuff.

Nite - Thanks for the Falco advice, I definately did better in pools against Rice than I did in the MM :D See you at Smash Aid (you better be there rofl)

IHSB - I r sad you couldn't come :(

Anyone I forgot, just let me know and I'll edit you in sometime :)


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Oct 10, 2004
Rylai the Crystal Maiden's Igloo

Menthol: Close MM we had. Pretty fun too. You should also give me a ride to LTEC2 this weekend. lawlz.

Chaddd: Fun matches. Your not such a bad guy after all :\ If you have space in your car, you should also give me a ride to LTEC2 this weekend if Menthol fails me. lawlz

Iori: lol. You pretended to be Mike G and ACTUALLY convinced some people. Young Link > Mewtwo. lol.

Dogy: Did'nt get to play you :( But nice commentary

Evil E: Fun mm match. Practice up for Round 2 next month xD

RC: Your Pikachu beat my YL. lol. Good stuff. I hope you make it to Smash Aid.

Ares: lawlz at your commentary. that was funny stuff

Wes: Its ironic how team Wes and Chaddd had to play team Chaddd and Wes in the first match of the team tourney :\

Rice: Fun matches we had. Final D = Instant death against Falco for Young Link.

Chad: We did'nt finish our MM. xD lawlz. We will have to do it next time we meet

I'm tired of typing stuff. To everyone else I did'nt name, fun matches. :o See you all next time(Hopefully at LTEC2 if Menthol or Chaddd pulls through).


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Feb 15, 2006
I'll add shoutouts later.

Just kidding, f*ck everybody, and especially f*ck shoutouts.

Just kidding. I'll add shoutouts later.


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Sep 16, 2006
Columbus, GA

Menthol- Awesome tournament. It sucks that the store owner ***** the pot like that, but whatever. Some people suck. Our matches were really fun in pools. I think FD may be a bad choice against you from now on. You're marth is really different from other Marths that I've played. Keep up the awesomeness man. You're a beast.

Wes- I finally got to play you in singles, and I almost took a game. I really wanted that, but oh well, maybe at Smash Aid. The Poke Floats match, however, we don't have to talk about. Good work in singles and doubles man.

Chaddd- You're too raw. You did really well in singles and in teams as always. Fun matches in pools. Especially on the TV where you not only have to fight your opponent, you have to fight the glare.

Spawn- Teams was really fun. Thanks for the Marth advice, I'll have to practice that a lot so I get more comfortable with it. Too bad we didn't go further, but it's all good. Thanks for coming to the tourney.

Prac- Sorry teams didn't work out too well for you. Maybe next time. I didn't play you at all yesterday, but that's all good. Maybe one day you'll beat Lance.

Lance- Your Peach is really good man. I really enjoyed playing it. Please come to Smash Aid.

X2X- Your Samus is incredible. Good job placing so well with her.

Reflex- Who would've guessed you'd be put out by a Sheik. Ah well. You played fine, and you're still amazing.

Gerbil- I only played you in our Randoms matches, but those were still fun. Thanks for helping keep me awake some on the drive home. It was greatly appreciated.

Nice1- One day my Doc is going to curb-stomp your Falco on FD. You just wait. I'm coming for you!

Ninja- I'm glad you came. I haven't seen you in forever.

Nite- You're a freaking monster. I didn't play you at all this time, but you're too good.

RAM- Good work in teams. You take the biggest risks of anyone I've ever seen. Especially with Luigi. Maybe that's why you're so good though.

The rest of NFL- Thanks for coming up guys. It was awesome seeing y'all again. Hopefully we'll see you at LTEC and Smash Aid. We'll do our best to come down for your tourney too.

Desu- The matches were fun. Too bad we randomed the same stage twice in a row. I love playing Stadium. Not against Alpha though, he shoots too many missles. During you and Alpha's matches the fully charged blast->powershield->powershield was too good.

Dogy- You make every tourney better. Please go to Columbus State next year so you can move here.

Evil E.- I was the one behind you saying, "He doesn't need that stock!". Dogy, Gerbil, and I were the ones starting off all the top tier quotes. "Get him in the lava combo!" "Do a barrel roll." "You remind me of your dad Fox." "Kick her in the face with your energy legs." etc.



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Dec 7, 2005
I honestly did horrible at this tourney. i won't john, johning is for *******.


Peach - i hate you, i wish mario ****'d you and left you instead of saving your *** from all those **** castles in mario 3.

i will MM all peaches that beat me at this tournament next time i see them:


i challenge all of you 5$ 3/5 my falco vs. your peach the entire set. Smash Aid rules, no ******* technicalities if you happen to lose.


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Jan 17, 2007
*******, Georgia
Big fackin' shoutouts.

Menthol - Thanks for hosting the tournament, driving me around, letting me help out with the running of the whole thing, and for letting me hang and smash at your place afterwards. You rock.

Alpha - Thanks for all the friendlies and Samus advice. I'm surprised I managed to beat you in any matches at all. You're a beast. Keep being awesome!

Drumma Boi - You rock. Florida rocks because you're in it. Thanks for the friendlies and the new pokemon.

Rice - You're too good. Stop being so good. D:

Gerbil - Fun stuff in friendlies, grats on beating me in the money match. No johns from me, you won fair and square. :)

Chaddd - You never cease to amaze me. Grats on winning all that money.

Purple Shirt Dan - Fun stuff in friendlies, man. You're pretty **** good with everyone you picked up. Come smash with us some more.

Ares - Glad I finally got a chance to play you. You're **** good. Hopefully I'll get this platform canceled missile **** down by Smash Aid, then I'll show you what for on Stadium! >:D

Dogy Samich - I still haven't played you. I demand friendlies at Smash Aid!

Prac - Your Ganon is beast, dude. Was nice playing ya again.

Cornell - Awesome friendlies, man. Always a pleasure playing ya.

Kirby Jim - I guess Candy Jet really is dead... Well, it was fun while it lasted. Good seeing you again, though.

Laijin - Don't know if you "talk as much ****" as people say, but your YL is **** good, and you seem like a nice enough person. Fun stuff playing ya.

Marcus - Why won't you play battle tower with me? :( :( :(

Texas - Your Falco is getting really good, man. You should smash with us more. No johns!

Ambix - Sick Peach, dude. Good stuff in pools, wish we could have had some friendlies.

Carter - You're too raw. :O

Soma - You're still alive! Smash moar plz.

Datman - Your 'horrible' Falco still kicked my **** in pools. Show those Peaches what for!


If I forgot you, please don't be offended, but I played so many awesome people It was hard to keep track and remember all the names. X_x


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May 20, 2006
time for some shout out

gerbil- we didn't play any friendlies but it was fun playin u guys in teams good stuff. Also don't run up on me like that when i'm playin a friendly u scared the **** outta me but it's all good i got ya *** back too lol.

Ares- we had some funny *** friendlies. one of these days your cape won't be weak lol. Nice reverse cape on me when we played friendlies. it was fun rdin in the car with u x2x and gerbil. i got you 5 bucks next time i see u. also YOUR ****'S STILL WEAK

Evil E.- i had some fun matches with you. I don't no if u call if **** when i sd twice and u won back a stock but it's all good. i gotta hand it to u tho u did surprise me it was ya first tounry and u did better then what i expected. Just work on you l-cancel's more and you'll be alot better. In your mm with lajin u could have followed up some sicj combos if u could l-cancel well.

Rice- nice seeing u again. Jeex u didn't have to take out x2x with your falco so fast. lmao i saw when the thing said go then i turned my head cause i was in a match about 6 seconds later in the match i hear clink, clink, clink, i turn my head and x2x is gone off the screen lol. but it was good seeing you tho. Also good **** in teams i heard u tell your partner not to cg cause i didn't do it to you. Now i can say we lost but it was not off something so gay.

Gawes- wow all the tournies i've been to with u in them and i finally play u but it was in teams. Nice matches in teams. even tho me and x lost we thought we was gonna get ***** but instead it wasn't. but u still tore a new hole in my *** and i'm lovin it. i call a match with u the minute i see u at ltec.

Renegade Marth: nice friendlies, your CF is pretty good.

Spawn- Nice matches in pools. u had my number the last game. I look forward to playin u again.

Dogy- nice matches in pools. Man we had a ball at McDonalds clownin. It was perfect since u were there. i'm commin for that doc next time

Reflex- wow good stuff in teams. u and RC tore it up. you did good in singles also.

-chad- - it was fun playin you in pools. jeez i almost had your fox. maybe next time i'll get u next time. congrats on winning teams and singles

iori- you sleep for a while then wake up and own lol nice. and you have a kickass mewtwo and u stay rockin with you SHADOW BALL. congrats on winning teams

Chaddd- It was fun playin u and wes in teams. I wished i didn't sd twice in our fox ditto. Then the next match u 4 stocked me and i loved it lol. Congrats on second place.

Hidden- nice matches in singles. Just wish i didn't sd twice against u maybe i should've stay fox instead of switchin.

RC and John- it was cool that u guys made it. look forward to seeing u guys again, and john put a **** shirt on.

Prac- i didn't play u but u did good in singles.

Ninja- it was gun playin u in friendlies. lol we didn't make it out of pools. Remember what i told u when we went to the gas station.

Datman- finally i beat your falco yay. nice matches in friendlies. yea u got my number when i pick sheik.

Menthol- **** i still need to play u.

and now for my boy x2x- yours is last cause i got alot to say. Man we kicked *** in teams. our tag for Rocos chicken and waffles was too good. We held it down in teams and the idea i had with me thrownin the oppenent up and u had that blast ready for them was awsome. I thought we was gonna get ***** but chad and wes but it turn out we did good. Its funny cause i was tk u in friendlies but during to tourny u killed me 3 times lmao. you my boy but u did have some of the craziest ways of dying. block spike, clink clink clink, and the micro falcon punch. Havin dogy with us goin to McDonalds was funny since we kept talkin about your death with rice. I'm bout to join your list tho with my spawn death on poke floats. lol thanx for the ride home. congrats on 7th place u head it down for 1 half of RCW.

well them my shout outs but if i have anything else i'll edit. the tourny was awsome and i can't wait to see u all again.
May 15, 2006
Hiram, Ga
Umm... yea I don't really know anybody yet, but congradulations to everyone that did well and ***** me.

Oh, and thanks to X2X and Prac for the tips.
Oct 29, 2006
Acworth Georgia
SHOUTOUTS!!!!!!!! Just a few though :)

Evil E. : Who's your main man?!? Did I 1v1 you, or were they teams?? Either way I saw your mario! Nice stuff!

Soma: Some fun friendlies! YYG FTW!!!! LOL. Try not to get hit by it and all is well........

Soft: Hopefully we can get some friendlies in next time to see how my ness does against your jiggs!!! Some fun team friendlies though!! TAKE THAT, 11 YEAR OLD KID!!!!!
Zo: I think that's what your name was, more fun friendlies plz!! lol. Sheik= fast faller = ness pwn!! lol and again................ YYG FTW!!!
WOOPS!! Totally forgot gerbil and Prac!!
Gerbil: I almost forgot about our pichu friendly! Those were fun! Look forward to more!
Prac: I didn't play your Peach but I played your ganon! Close matches those were!

Evil E.

Smash Ace
May 8, 2007
Macon GA
LOL.. nah u didnt 1v1 me juss teams, me and that Dan kid... My main u ask?? The world will never noe..


Smash Lord
May 29, 2006
Shout outs

Chad- Congrats on first. It was fun watching you're beastly pikachu.

Chaddd-Congrats on second. The Ganon dittos were fun. Hopefully we can get some more in at ltec

Iori- Always a blast. I never got my pichu match . . . i r sad.

Rice- Congrats on not quite winning money. Seriosuly dude, take it down a notch. I could barely hear Dogy over you. </sarcasm>

Nite- Good to see you're still playing. I'm glad you could make it.

Wes- I may be five dollars poorer, but I avoided the falcon punch. I think we all know who the real winner here is.

X2X- Man Alpha, you suck . . .

Carter- GG in teams . . . :p

Lance- I'm so glad I got to play you again. Our first game was pretty intense, strange for a peach ditto. Careful with those stitchies. :chuckle:

Ram- You've always had my respect. You're an awesome guy and an amazing Luigi. . . beast hospital XD

Spawn- Thanks for bringing me food. It was nice meeting you. You play a pretty mean Sheik.

Cornell- I gotta say it man. I was kind of insulted when you brought out Mario against me. And then your cap'n . . . Maybe you'll think enough of me next time and use one of your mains.

Red Comet- It's time to kick *** and chew bubble gum. Thanks for making the trip man. Always a blast.

Reflex- I didn't see much of you at this tourney. Lucky you, eh? I'm coming for you.

Ares- Wow, you dodged a bullet in pools. Thanks for leading the caravan.

Wizzlecroff- Keep practicing, dude.

Dogy- You were relatively quiet at this, trying to avoid the hat match? Sounds like somebody is scurred. I'm coming for that visor at ltec.

Raiku- "What was that about not having trouble with shei- Oh man, my jump button isn't working right!" . . . less johns prz! XD

GP- SickNESS indeed. Thanks for the friendlies.

Blue- Shoulda busted out them divine powers. Friendlies next time.

Gerbil- "Gooooooooo Gerbil GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Step it up mangz.

Menthol- Thanks for hosting this tourney dude. It got quite the turnout. Suck less please. <pre-emptive john> I can't believe I lost those games to SDs!</pre-emptive john>

Laijin- Hopefully I earned a little respect.

Evil E- I never got to play you, but I hope you Learned some respect for the rest of Ga.

John- More nair. Keep beasting.

Nice- Good stuff in teams. Keep practicing.


Ninja- You suck. :psycho: You can get so much better if you'd just play more. I'd love to see more of you.

Good stuff from everybody. I can't wait to see everybody again.

HUGE EDIT: Desu- You sir are so **** sexy, that I had to repress all the awesomeness so that I would not be demoralized to the point of quitting this game. I appeal to your loving side and can only pray that in your absolute wisdom, you see it better to let me off with a warning as opposed to smiting me into the abyss. I am truly sorry and I can assure you that it will never happen again . . .


Smash Master
Oct 8, 2005
This was the first sausagefest I have been too. 'Twas amazing. Probably my 2nd favorite tournament I've been to... probably because of Nite and everyone making it amazing.

Nite- Our friendlies were amazing. Where do you think you'll be going to college? I might be going to TN because they have a good program in the field I might be majoring in. I hope to see you again sometime... aka I'm going to try and go to FC, but I probably won't be able to make it. <3

Ethan/Dogy- Our Doc dittos were pretty sweet. You destroyed me in the beginning... and then I slowly found out more combos from you. I hope you learned some things from me, because I definitely learned some things from you. You're Doc is really smart. Lol @ you going icies in our pool.

TheReflex- is an only child, hes waiting in the park
The reflex is in charge of finding treasure in the dark
And watching over lucky clover isnt that bizarre
Every little thing the reflex does leaves you answered with a
Question mark

I'm sorry I cg'd you in our match. I messed up a whole bunch of times though (backthrows and stuff, lol) so it could have been worse. Plus, it was on Fod so it was hard for me to continue on a cg. I was afraid I'd lose to you since it was a tourny match. We should have done some Sheik vs Bowser friendlies, with me not cg'ing. You are a very dedicated player for sticking with all low tiers. Get better with Dk, and you should be set vs bad sheiks and then eventually good sheiks.

Prac- Good matches. I wish I could have gotten more friendlies with you. You getting Dreamland 2 times in a row made me sad. The first match you won legit though. I was going to start spacing backairs, but I didn't really care because it was a friendly and our match would have gone on forever. Nice Peach.

Ares- Your Sheik is pretty good. All you have to do vs Marth is predict his fsmashes and then shield>wd grab. Then you get like a free 50 damage... sometimes.

Menthol- Nice tournament. Had a ton of fun. Keep working on that Marth. Less fsmashes. You were the only person who tipped me... and you did it twice. Good job.

Chad...one in my pool- Your Pika is so good. I wish we could have gotten some friendlies in with Pika vs Sheik. Your Fox is pretty beast too. Good **** winnning the tourny.

Nice1- Nice fox man even though you haven't been playing long. You need some more exp and a bit more tech and you should be golden. Keep up the good work.

Laijin/Evil E- Nice mm. Was mad funny/ fun to watch. Evil E, where was the gum that you were going to hand out.

Lance- I beat you because you had more damage. :p You would have won because it was on DL= instawin with Peach pretty much. I wish we could have gotten to finish our match. I'll probably not be able to play you again. T_T

Raiku- Nice falco. I wish we could have played... not in teams with 2 random 9 year old kids that sucked.

Ram- Nice Lu. Good job on getting 2nd in teams.

Everyone else- I'm sorry I didn't add you. Some people I didn't purposely because they said they didn't really use their smashboards account/ didn't have one.


Smash Champion
Sep 20, 2006
Lawrenceville , GA

Chad- Good matches man, I feel like I know a little better now to watch out for rests! =P

Iori- You're awesome man, its always fun as hell to have you at a tournament. Thanks for coming!

Nite- I had so much fun in those Marth dittos~ You tried to TGM me! T_T Hope to see you again soon!

Lance- It was good to see you here! I'm sad we didn't get to friendly... Hope to see you at SmashAid!

Ambix- Glad you came, didn't get to play you, but I saw some of your matches. Keep workin on your Peach! ^_^

Rice- Thanks for coming up to my tourney, man! I'm glad I got the chance to play so much with you while you guys stayed at my place. See you again soon! ;)

Rook- You *******! STAY AWAY FROM MY LUCKY CHARMS!!! lol, you're awesome dude. Had fun friendlies, can't wait to play you again.

RAM- You're funy as hell man, beast luigi. Keep it up, and I'll see you again soon~ ^_^

Drumma boi- You rock dude. Hanging out was amazing. You should play your Peach against me! ;)

Reflex- Saw some of your matches, **** crazy DI. See you at SA!

TRC- Thanks for coming, man! You're always fun to hang out with.

Dogy- Beast, as always man. Didn't get to play you, except in teams. We should get some friendlies at LTEC!

Rayku- You're much better than you were last time we played. Keep improving, man! ^_^

Renegade- Thanks for coming man, we need to play together more!

C- Glad you made it, man! Hope our MM at SA is all its supposed to be!

Hidden- Martin, you beast. I'm glad you decided to come to this, and you rocked out at it. Have fun in Texas, and stay safe!

Tong- GREAT WALL OF TONG! We'll get more Marth dittos at the next tourney!

Laijin- Glad you made it to my tourney~ We can rematch next time if you want~ ;)

X2X- Didn't get to play you this time T_T Hope to get some more friendlies in with you next time I see you! ^_^

Nice1- You can get another shot at the sheik slayer at LTEC! ;)

Ares- You still owe me lunch! We'll get some practice in so you can get better at the sheik/marth matchup.

Spawn- Beast sheik, dude. Only one that beat me at the tourney~ (And yeah, I fsmash too much T_T)

Soft- Keep up the beasting, man. Practice makes perfect, but experience is important too!

Zo- Keep playing with Soft, you'll get better!

Prac- You missed the ledge. =P

Carter- Thanks for coming, **** your fox is patient! I'll practice up and maybe we'll rematch at SA.


Gerbil- Good stuff man, I guess I'm glad I didn't bet on your MM! lol

Ninja- You're a nice guy, man. Thanks for helping out with collecting that 20$!

Kirby_jim- You should play more. Cause you're not #1 kirby in GA anymore! lol

Marcus- You're amazing, end of story.

Chaddd- Beast. Thanks for winning money at my tourney. =P

GAwes- Your DI is god-tier. We need more marth dittos, and we'll get some before LTEC! ^_^

Datman- Good stuff, dude. Thanks for coming! We should play more often.

Soma- Keep it up, you just need some mindgames, man!

Bluejim- **** the blue-grab!

Evil E- You've got some technical skill, but not really any mindgames, from what I saw. With practice though, (against some of the regulars in GA) you can do well. I hope you continue to improve, and I'm down for a rematch whenever you want to test yourself. ^_^

If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry! Remind me and I'll add your shout-out.

Thanks for coming, everyone!
Dec 17, 2004
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
@ Menthol - Sweet tournament dude!! ALso you are the best for hooking us up with a place to live =]

@ Menthol's Grandmother - Thanks for letting us stay at your house your just as cool as Menthol

@ Martin - Your awsome bro, but alas you will forever be Mastodon in my mind.

@ Desu - dude you are awsome and funny as hell. really chilled out.

@ GPC - Nice meeting most of you. You are all nice as crap. Also, Desu thanks for the trades on pokemon.

@ Reflex - WTF?!?!?! Boozer crazy?!?!?! glad I finally got to play you. You are the nicest dude.

@ Datman - Thanks for all the friendlies. Uhhh I don't ever MM but I guess I can since you were cool. (not too much tho im poor lol)

@ Gerbil - good rematch man..... glad to see I didnt SD any this time. =]

@ Iori - too funny man "MY Balls!"

@ Chad - Good **** on first you are too cool bro.

@ Chadddd - Good **** as well. I should change my name to chad because they do good in this game.

@ GA Wes - Where did the awsome marth play come from? Good **** bro.

@ Nite - Power Up!! Your the coolest man!

@ Rice - You suck

@ Ram - Your worse than rice

@ Rook - You look like **** when you wake up apparently (according to rice anyway)

@ Menthol - Yea soooo thanks again bro your the best ever!!! Sweet smash fest at your place sunday night with mike g and chadddd. Totally worth cutting that grass.

Everyone else that I played... good matches winning or losing everyone played well at that tournament. all in all it was a good tournament. GA Is the coolest.


Smash Lord
Jan 3, 2006
Memphis/Millington --- Runaway 7 till I die.
I had a ton of fun as always at the GA tourneys! Thanks all for the compliments and kind words. I had a lot of fun hangin out and acting goofy with all of you guys! I'm thinking about going to Smash Aid so I might see you guys again but at this exact moment in time it's a no-go =(


but more maybe-not than maybe

I less than three GA


Evil E.

Smash Ace
May 8, 2007
Macon GA
shout outs 2*

yes i have gained for Ga yall mad good!

maybe even better than NJ.. maybe..

Menthol ur forgot sumone..*points over here*

tha gum wuz in ma back pack i wuz waitn for sumone to ask for summ but guess not..i had like 10 freickin packs of the 18 packs

Prac i wanted to play u ...!!


Smash Lord
May 29, 2006
shout outs 2*

yes i have gained for Ga yall mad good!

maybe even better than NJ.. maybe..

Menthol ur forgot sumone..*points over here*

tha gum wuz in ma back pack i wuz waitn for sumone to ask for summ but guess not..i had like 10 freickin packs of the 18 packs

Prac i wanted to play u ...!!
And you didn't because . . .?
Sep 6, 2005
Ionia (Charleston, SC)
shout outs!

GAWes- LOL I 4 STOCKED YOU GO BACK TO LEGOS I'm ****in' kidding don't kill me please! XD "That's why I have Marth!" Your Marth was crazy good son, keep it up, I can definitely see your next video "London Marth" hahah. But really man you, as always, are the greatest, the rapest (wtf) and BACON. (Godzilla roar!)

Chaddd - nobody beat my *** as bad as you did this tourney. You **** rock the block man. I know this may sound kinda weird but I was really pleased that you acted nice towards me at this tournament, cause I kinda thought you didn't like me, and it meant a lot to me that you were being cool to me. That makes me sound so loserish, but I don't care. You're too good Chaddd.

Chad - Sorry about your controller messing up... Wait what, 1st? MAN *** YOUR CONTROLLER XD you're amazing man, supa-fast Pikachu. Raise that guy up to Middle Tier, I wouldn't be surprised. Congrats again, nice seeing ya.

Nite - DOUBLE RED FALCO. what can I say man, you **** as always. I played worse than usual against you, and I'm ashamed to dishonor Red Falco like that. HOWEVER I'm sure you won't soon forget those team matches against me and Reflex. those were amazing!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneone

Lance - Good to see you again, nice Peach. I never got to play you personally prior to this. Fun matches.

RAM - You're an awesome guy and your Luigi rocks. Hope you know this. <3

Florida - You guys destroy! Rice is a sick Falco. I wish I got to play him and Drumma at least once...

Laijin - Your Young Link... is better, again. Nice matches...

Evil E. - Your playing isn't as bad as your grammar. Seriously though, you have the makings of a cool guy, just remember you're a smasher like the rest of us, and you'll do just fine.

GPC - are there really 300 of you? CAKETOWNNNN hahah Menthol and company are cool as can be. SOMA LOOKOUT FOR LAWNMOWER MAN!!!!

CDE - Too good. Gerbil, Alpha, Nice, Ninja, Ares, everyone is too cool. Glad to play all of you and hangin' at Prac's house was sweeeeet. and IHOP > life.

Prac - you did so much for us man, thanks for everything. I just ate some of the free chips I got from you, mwuahahaha. You're great at this game, it's weird how we like 2 and 3 stock each other sometimes, and sometimes we have even matches, and sometimes you stomp John with Ganon on every kill, it's all good. You rock. Keep it all up man.

Reflex - It's time to kick *** and chew bubble gum... and we're all out of gum. Our team once again knows how to pull out the WEBS OF DECEPTION We broke even in singles on each other, methinks? Good stuff. I love your Bowser... and GW. LOL @ SHL going over his head.

Dogy - You're so cool man, nice talking to you and getting funny pictures. Love that Doc, thanks for teaching John some cool ****. Thanks for throwing your visor hahaha. Keep rockin, man.

Rayku, Hidden, Spawn, Carter, Iori, BlueJim, Rook, Dan, good stuff guys hope to see you again.

Ambix - NEXT TIME KLAP TRAP WILL GET YOU!!!! rofl Jungle Japes is too good. Nice matches man.

Tong - we didn't get to play, but I saw some *** kickery in there.

loud annoying 11 year olds - gargle my balls. just kidding, but quiet down please.

Overall, sweet *** tournament. I loved it! I played like a homeless guy who never touched the game, but I loved it. I also want to apologize for any *****ing I did, and if I made anyone sick, with my annoying *** cough. If anyone gets sick you have the right to come up here and falcon punch me in the face. love you all. peace.

and of course, John, who dressed up as Johnny from Guilty Gear... you are so badass... nuff said.


Smash Ace
Jun 15, 2006
Time to get my shout on

First goes to a couple friends:

Dark - Thanks for coming. Come hang with Brian and I on Friday, and I'll try and show you the basics in Fox's technical game. I won't be able to make you top quality stuff here, but I can at least show you some little tricks. It was fun meeting and playing against you, and I really hope to see ya soon.

Hayden - Nice meeting you. Good job beating up on that kid in your pool. Hope to see you and play you again soon, perhaps to help you train some more.

And then to others:

Menthol - Thanks for hosting such a great tourney, giving me a ride home, and letting us chill at the Wa-Ho at 1:00 in the morning with ya. I don't know why I never went to play you at this tourney. Ah well. Oops.

Desu - Good seeing ya again. I really missed you guys when I was in Florida.. I needed someone to Smash with. Glad I got to play against you again, even if it was just once. I need to come Smash at your house sometime soon.

P.S. I need a teams partner >_> Would you perhaps like to make a team? Fox and Samus?

Brett - You killed Candy Jet D: You should be ashamed.. Go fight some Foxes, right now D: Let them shine you to death. Good seeing ya, man.

Soft - I still need to 1v1 your Jiggs.. I need my revenge! Ah well. Good **** in those friendlies. Was fun. Also, I suggest you switch to Captain Falcon or something if you do decide to switch. I need a good Capt. to practice against. And don't worry about your finger speed. Honestly, if your fingers can't move at the speed they need to now, that doesn't mean they won't later. All it takes is practice.

Zo - Sheik dude, you're pretty cool, and you were fun to play. Hope to play you again soon.

GP - We suck at teams xD Or maybe it was just that crummy LCD screen. Ah well, it was fun. You definitely got the sickNESS, and I cannot way to see/play you again. We need some more Y. Link dittos. That was fun.

Laijin - **** you for leaving so early! You had to leave just at the perfect time for me to want those friendlies with you! xD Agh! Ah welll.. get them at Smash Aid? I'll be looking for you.

Gerbl - Epic Pichu dittos, FTW! And I had fun in our Fox ditto.. even though I did kinda get myself gimp-killed a lot.. I'll need some mindgame tips from somebody.. 'cause that's what everyone says I need to work on.

Wizzlecroff(sp?) - Nice friendlies, dude. Really would've liked to face your Falco 1v1, though.. We'll do it next time.

TRC - *****es don't know 'bout my Lawnmowers! xD Bahaha, I need to make that some sort of image with that Lawnmower Man picture.. Hehe. Good fun hanging with ya at this tourney. We need some matches in.

Evil E. - I must admit, I was slightly impressed. You did better than I thought you would've. We'll get a 1v1 in at Smash Aid, perhaps.

RAM - Whoops, I made a mistake. Looks like Peach's Castle was banned.. my bad. Ah well, you still beasted me anywho. Good playing ya. You've got a nasty Luigi.

Ares - Good facing ya in Loser's brackets. Nice job taking me out. It was a good one.

Chad - Congrats on first. You've got a beastly Pika. I'd love to 1v1 you sometime, even if it is just to get my *** whooped.

Chaddd - Your opponents can't DI.

Wes - I want to get Moonwalk Knee'd by you sometime =P

And last but not least.. or.. okay, maybe least..

11-year-olds. - Shut. Up. Or at least.. learn the ins and outs of the game before you try to tell us how to play..

Good ****, everyone. Hope to see you guys at Smash Aid.


Smash Champion
Apr 22, 2006
Columbus, GA
My shoutouts are on the front page. Yay!

oh and a couple more I forgot:

Soma - Pichu dittos = win. Undefeated Pichu dittos? Yep. But only cause Iori and Chaddd didn't step up to the plate rofl.

GP - Thanks for playing with me man, I hope you liked the Pichu on Ness match, that was some fun stuff lol. We'll get more friendlies again sometime!

Soft - I am going Fox against you next time. I swear it. ;) Be ready for it.


Smash Champion
Dec 29, 2005
Memphis, TN
Menthol- Oh, but I did TGM you. Haha, I missed the first time, but I got you the next. Lol, those were so fun. I'll see you at Smash Aid if you are going.

Shoutouts might come later, but I'm lazy.


Smash Champion
Apr 22, 2006
Columbus, GA
Dude he is having an awesome day today. His girlfriend came back today, as well as Bowser being announced for Brawl. He is completely stoked, he might Fortress through SWF and we may no longer have a forum XD.


Smash Ace
Jun 15, 2006
Anybody who wants some pictures from this tournament, PM me your email address... yeah.

Reflex must be ****ting chickens right now, cause Bowser is announced for Brawl lol
Get me the picture of Lawnmower Man!

...and perhaps whatever else you can get me.


Smash Lord
Jul 17, 2006
Stone Mountain, GA, USA
Shout outs!!!! Again!!!

Cornel - Your not 6' 5"

Chad - Good Job

Wes -

Datman - nice pants

Nite - Doritos are making chips that taste like cheese burgers... seriously

Iori - door fight

PikaChad - your tall

Ambx - nice hat

Dogy - I don't like the tone of your skin

Menthol - cool tattoo

nice 1 - Nice Bowser, DK & CF... and whoe ever else you played me with

Martin - your cool

Alpha - I like your shirt

Boxr - where was your shirt?

Zeus - Yo, yo, yo, I got hats and gats, squeeze my cheeze, gettin' stung by bees and bitten by flees. You just got served.

Everyone who I didn't shout out... can suck my balls sideways.


Smash Apprentice
Dec 28, 2006

Myself: thanks for the ride man. I owe you gas money

To everyone else: I beat you or you beat me or we didn't play. You'll do better next time. I'll get you next time. We'll play next time


Smash Lord
May 20, 2006
Shout outs!!!! Again!!!

nice 1 - Nice Bowser, DK & CF... and whoe ever else you played me with
that wasn't me i didn't play u with them 3 that might be reflex u talkin about i used sheik and fox. We stopped playin after they announced the first round of people playin


Hidden Boss
Aug 20, 2003
Sharpsburg, ATL, USA!!!!!!!!!