The Nu Smashboards Arena: Revival of Online - Check 1st Post!

Grey Belnades

The Imperial Aztec
Jan 20, 2009
Brawley, CA
Hello and welcome to the grand REopening of...the Nu Smashboards Arena!


"Our lord and savior, Emperor Superman"

This will be the official arena for SWF which will serve to be the hub for players who want to brawl.
Since this will be the official (and hopefully last) arena, it is time to credit those who have been the founders of its previous incarnations.​

Original Founder of the Original Arena and Founder for all future Arenas:
Arch Knight
Co-Founders of the 2nd Arena:

The Nameless Wanderer
Old Man Grey
Arena Rules, Facts & Tips
No Requirements:
This arena is open to all members! Newcomers and veterans alike.
Waiting...Seeking Players
Be patient and don't be in such a rush, you'll most likely get a response,
they just might have gone AFK or they are about to reply back.
Match Rules?
There are no match rules when you play here but those of you who are new, the most common match set played here is:
3 Stock
No Items
Fox Only
Final Destination

I Am A Nigerian Prince...
Don't spam too much, use the Edit Button when replying instead of double posting. Double posting in accident is fine but
after a Triple or Quadruple post then you will be warned
A Wise Guy, Eh?
Tensions might leak out here and there after a close set of matches but when it comes to flaming or any form of harassment towards another player, that will NOT be acceptable, note if you continue a path like that, you might be banished from the arena.
The Emperor's Rule:
Have fun, the main purpose of this thread is for you to have fun playing a game other people play. Be social and make some friends while you're at it. Improving can also be a plus here as well.
Arena Notes
As of 4/25/12, the Arena has it's own social group. Link here:
Notice on original Arena
A message from SWF owner, AlphaZealot on the original Arena:​

First, I'm saddened to inform those who frequented the old Welcome Center that I've deleted it, the Smashboards Arena, and all 107,000 accident. I'm terribly sorry that a piece of Smash Welcome Center history (and Smashboards history) has been removed - Earlier today, Without going into the details I essentually screwed up when trying to setup a new Smashboards Arena thread. This was needed in itself because Xenforo doesn't handle large (107,000+ post) threads well which causes slowness or errors when posting. I was able to snap the old OP post which I'm posting below. I'm not sure how Old Man Grey and the moderators of the Welcome Center will want to start things again and if this thread would suffice, but for now, welcome to the new Smashboards Arena.

Sorry :(
!NEW as of 6/24/2014!
On May 20th of 2014, Nintendo shut down the Nintendo Wifi Connection used by Wii and DS games. This shutdown affected Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Project: M as it used the WFC in order to play online via consoles. Online service for consoles SHOULD be dead BUT there is a post WFC service going on right now. YES! You can still play Smash online! Follow the link below!

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Feb 18, 2009
Wh-what? Oh, that problem, I remember that. Let's do our best, guys. In the meantime, anyone want to convince me to break out my Wii U and play vanilla Brawl while I wait to get my mitts on my sister's SD card reader?

Edit: GREAT JOB Alpha Zealot, no, but seriously, thanks for all you do for us, the Smash community, maybe that accident was for the better.

Super Edit: On second thought I'll just watch this tournament.


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May 24, 2013
Looks like the posting problem is gone.. But I ain't praising no superman.

I'll brawl someone tomorrow morning :3. Reservations anyone?
Mar 5, 2008
Mt. Storm, West Virginia
OK guys, this is the official (2nd) Arena. AZ's was a temp till me and him decided how to approach this.

RIP Smashboards Arena​

Once again, your supreme overlord Emperor is the OP again.​
Yeah but one question, since we now know that Xenforo's post limit is 107,000, how will we be able to avoid this when it comes along again?


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Jun 7, 2010
^ I totally would if my sister weren't watching kids movies on Family channel... >.<

Fun fact: She's in high school.

Also, can someone just let me know if P:M will desynchronize if I don't use the wifi code set?
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