Terry Bogard and Patch 6.0 Available Now


SNK’s Terry Bogard is live as of now in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For a full break down of the patch 6.0 notes, including character changes, you can go here. While you can purchase the Terry content separately, it’s also included in the Fighters Pass.

Included with the content is a new stage based on the King of Fighters series. For the first time in a Smash stage, the sides of the screen are blocked by an invisible barrier, like in most fighting games. If a character would be launched far enough to send them past the blast zone, they will break through the barrier. If not, they’ll simply bounce off.

The stage shows various SNK fighters including Geese Howard, Blue Mary, Ralf and Clark from Ikari Warriors, and Athena Asamiya from Psycho Soldier. Sakurai commented that a particular fan favorite character, Mai Shiranui, was missing from the roster of guests in the background. He noted (in a very knowing manner) that this is because Smash Bros. is a series “for good boys and girls of all ages.”

As with every stage, there’s also a list of songs including tracks from various SNK games, including Metal Slug. Apparently the development team ‘narrowed down’ a list of 50 tracks and expected SNK to approve about 20 of them. SNK's reply to what they could use? "OK!"

The pack also comes with another set of DLC Spirits with a special board that features artwork from the iconic train stage from older Fatal Fury games.

Sold separately from the fighters pass are new Mii Fighter costumes. Returning from Super Smash Bros. for Wii-U and 3DS are the Akira and Jacky brawler skins from Virtua Fighters. New skins are Samurai Showdown’s Nakoruru for Mii sword fighter, Art of Fighting’s Ryo Sakazaki for Mii brawler, and King of Fighters’ Iori Yagami, also for Mii brawler. They are available for 75 cents each.
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I’m disappointed that ganon still hasn’t received the buffs he needs, but least krool got some very much needed ones.
Said this elsewhere but I loved everything about this Direct. I grew up playing SNK games like Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, and Samurai Shodown. For me, this was a trip through nostalgia lane. I also enjoyed all the fighting game explanations by Sakurai and felt like he was narrating years and years of fighting game lore. It was all really cool.

Terry may seem like a fighting game-Fighter but he is very complex and unique. All of his mechanics and attributes harken back to his days in Fatal Fury. He might not be a household name like Mario or Mega Man but he helped define fighting games today and it’s thanks to the groundwork laid by FF and KoF that we have games like Smash today.

I’ve read people complaining of Sakurai bias and my reply to that is “Who the hell cares.”
did we really need 45 mins to cover no more than the stuff from the 25 mins one? i mean when you say "dont worry i wont make the others as long" kind of makes it sound like favouritism
maybe its because i have too much time and knew almost nothing about terry/neo geo but i actually kinda like the 45 min coverage. personally would love for every dlc chara. to have the same amount of time terry got so i can learn about them as much, too.
but i can still agree with the favourism remark. this dude has like 50 songs?? hmm...
He noted (in a very knowing manner) that this is because Smash Bros. is a series “for good boys and girls of all ages.”
He does know that Bayonetta undresses in her canon, right? It's even referenced in Smash. Has he also not noticed that she constantly makes sexual innuendo's? Smash did tone down the undressing for Bayonetta but it still advertises the game to young kids and in addition they could also tone down Mai Shiranui. I guess only very ugly characters are allowed to get in Smash and undress in their canon.

I’ve read people complaining of Sakurai bias and my reply to that is “Who the hell cares.”
The people who complain care.
I was hoping for a Ash mii outfit, i'm actually really surprised they didn't make one for Geese when they have the model right there.
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