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Jun 2, 2006
Im bring it back so when people come back too melee =D


Ive been wanting to make a thread just because .
So i decided to do it on Helping My fellow Puff Balls because were almost instinct!
If any "jigglys" want help just ask and ill help u out .. Just because u play the most bestest character in the game.

Even if is the smallest thing.. I dont care I got the time.. lol

BOX TAG makes jiggly 100 times better.. Just to let u Know

1.MangoLand- Another word for dreamland.. Just call it mango land because i always counter with that.
2.MangoRape- Jumping Out of My Shield To Rest.. Basically jumping out of my shield to ****.
3.MangoCombo- Basically If U fair, bair,Nair, or even puff and they miss the tek. U can jab them and they get up and REST.Its pretty cool.
4.TehMangoSuprise-Resting SomeOne 4 times in 1 game {gimpys favorite}
5.MangoCombo 2- Jab to dtilt... **** Jealous?

Also help each other out!

Before I start all of this.. I got one thing to say..Once there was a great man named Gimpyfish who told me something..That Changed my life =). He said "u dont have to go to him if u dont want him". Which means is like when someone is camping u dont have to go to them all the time. JUST BE PATIENT!!! and keep ur spacing people!

Honestly people listen to that .... REALLY!!
If u need any help ill be on aim.. PrrettyMango69 so i can tell things that cant be said on the thread .. lol

Ok iMa try and do a matchup list so here we go..
1.THe ***** SheikMangos Percentage - 100 - 0 Puff wins
Actual Percentage-70-30 Sheik wins

Sheik can be real hard for puff.As long as u dont rush in like a dummy.. and be patient as heck.. ull be fine..

Postives In Matchup-
Sheik is healla easy to rest
Edguarding her isnt that big of a problem.
Nairs **** Sheik hard
Bair Spam Works Like A charm but not too much
Negatives in match
In Matchup-Obviously Grab to slap
Needle camping is GAY but avoidable
Shes hard to approach sometimes

My summary for the match is..When she likes to camp just be patient and slowly creep up on her.. then wait for that moment to go for it.. ducking works very well because they like to grab alot..Also My little secret to puff is when theres platforms around down throw her. she di forward because they always will .. they land on a platform 80 percent of the time.. and then just rest.. works like a charm.. O and another thing is..When u nair.. Watch the crouch cancel dsmash..

Good levels to counter with are brimstar,mangoland,mute city
Thats sheik for ya.

Freaking Marth
Mango Percentage 50-50
Actual Percentage 80-20 Marth

Marth and his dumb sword can be quite dumb!Be REALLY patient in this match or u will get owned somtimes.Shielding is essintial in this match

Positives In Matchup
Jiggly Can Combo HARD once she hits
Marth cant really kill besides the dumb tipper
Negatives In Match-
Marth CAN kill u with a tipper
OutRanges Jiggly By MILES AND MILES
Can Combo Puff Pretty decent
Grab leads to fsmash most of the time
Jigglys Nair Is useless in this match {depends on what kind of marth ur playing}

My summary for this matchup is..Shielding is your best frienD!!!This match is all about spacing! U gotta like run to them shield but space it.. then fair out of shield..Not much really to say about this match... BEtter Spacing and PATIENCE Wins ..

Levels To Counter-Mangoland,final destination,Battlefield.
Thats mostly all for marth

Stupid FoxMango Percentage 90-10 Fox
Acutual PErcentage 60-40 Fox

Dont u hate when people say puff rapes fox.. ITS NOT EASY PEOPLE..Anyways..This matchup is feaking hard.. HARD espically campy foxes.. but u cant be patient in the match. go all out because ur going to die at 70 percent anyways

Positives In Match
Pound rapes
Upthrow rest
Cheap Kill galore
Nair Fsmash Rapes Fox
Combos are easy
Negatives In Match
Dont pound to much or u get *****
Up throw Up air RApes sadly
Hard to catch whens hes camping
Fox can combo puff pretty well if they no what there doing

My summary for this match is.. fox is freaking gay..When there camping.. just follow with nairs or Fair Spam Ur way to them.. AND whenever u get the chance to rest a fox.. plz do it u wont get many chances..Unless ur like at 70 percent..Dont mess up ur edguarding . FINISH HIM when u can...Dont be patient for a second either.. JUST GET EM.. Also Full hop NAIRS!! is toooo gooood!

Levels to counter-Brimstar,MuteCity,Mangoland,Battlefield,Foutain,Ko ngoJungle64
When fox Upthrows u..Always di bak . makes it harder for him 2 hit u.. Ok Lets say u DI left when he hits u with the up air DI LEFT again and u might avoid it .. TIMING!

Eh Falco
Mango Percentage- 50-50
Acutual Percentage 50-50

Its funny because most people wont go falco on puff for some reason.Falco Can be hard but eh its kinda easy but hard at the same time . WHen He lasers just float over them and beat his *** when u get next to him. I do c this as an even match..

Positives In MAtchup
Hes REally easy to combo
Once Hes off stage HES DEAD
Nair Fsmash Works Great
Fair Spam IS great here
Lasers Arent that much of a problem
Puff Works Well To get through lasers once in a while
Negatives In Match
Dair Rapes Puff
Fsmash Hits Hard
Hard To Grab
His Bair IS really good
Watch THe Dtilt

My summary for this match is .. Jiggly can be a biAtch to falco if she wants.. but falco can be gay right back with dair. But He cant really kill puff with much.. IF he lasers Just jump over there and hell get scared and the u can **** him

Level To Counter-MangoLand,Brimstar,Battlefield,MuteCity,KongoJungl e64
That is all

BiAtch Peach
Mango Percentage-50-50
Acutal Percantage- 50-50

Ok peach can be real annoying with her dumb stuff.remeber a few things... REST AWAY WHAT COULD SHE POSSIBLY DO IF U MISS? just saying

In Matches
Nair Fsmash Rapes
If u Miss Rest She cant do much
Up air Is easy rest
Bair Spams Rapes this match
Her DownSmash Is Limited
Falling With Up-airs after Every moves Rapes {hit c-stick after bair or something}
Negatives In Match
HEr Nair Competes With Urs
Hard To Kill her sometimes
Turnip Camping gay sometimes
HEr Fair Is Rather good
Her back Is **** 2.
All her are dumb

My summary for this match is.. well its pretty even on both sides.. Its hard 2 edgeguard a peach with puff and to kill her once shes over like 90 percent.. But u air works well..Dont hit her sheild to much because or she nairs u..if u space well in this match and dont rush in stupidly ull do fine

Levels To CounterPick-Mangoland,Rainbow Cruise {ur uair kills quick but u die easly 2}

Smexy Falcon
Mango Percentage 90-10 Falcon
Actual Percentage 50-50

Yes Falcon Is Smexy With His Pointy nipples but this is actually a very very even matchup. Both Characters can just murder each other if they no what there doing..But if neither characters dont know what to do.. the other one rapes

Postives In Matchup
Rest are Pretty well here
Nair and Fair Spam are good
U airs lead to alot of thing
WOPS !!!!!
FALCON off the stage = DEATH !!
Negatives In Matchups
Grab 2 knee
Combos Puff Easily
Knee Completely rapes Puff
Can combo mostly anything into knee
U air is **** 2

My summary of the match is...Falcon can just murder puff so bad sometimes but puff can literally do the same thing back.. This match is so fun .. Nairs are very helpful in this match along with fairs.. Duck alot too because some falcons like 2 spam grab so be careful..

Levels To Counter With- MangoLand,Brimstar,MuteCity,Fountain, Any thing small because u dont want falcons running all over the place..

Ugly Face Gannon The Cannon

Mango Percentage 94-6 Gannon
Actual Percentage 50-50
This is probably ma worst matchup for some reason. Ganon is just so big and ugly and scares me off when i try 2 hit him. This match is pretty much spacing because both characters need there spacing.Nair is a good choice for this match.Ganon cant do much to it

Positives In Matchup
Jiggly can rest Ganon like no tomorrow
Pound can only be out prioritized by Ganon’s F+air
Ganon’s recovery is like Falcons, easily gimped
WoP can win this match easily
Duck the grab = rest
Negatives In Matchup
Do i really need to say much. =)
Grab = Those painful hits
Missing A rest =( UR DEAD
He just hits hard .. thats all like 7 hits.. bye bye

My summary for this match is... To fight a ganon all u have to do is be all in his face.. like a fox towards a ganon because if u give him like time to run away.. he gets time to start his spacing and his wall of fairs and bairs..So once ur again spam attacks.. .Doest matter what... JUST GO CRAZY!! dont let him out of ur site.. Honestly what can gannon do when ur in his face? NOTHING!! O and Nairs **** Gannon And Uairs

Levels To Counter- Mangoland,MuteCity,Final,BattleField,PokeMon Stadium

Wow There 2 Of Them IceClimbers

Mango Percentage 50-50
Actual Percentage 51-49 Puff

This match is filled with all kinds of crazy stuff.. The way i fight a good ics.. is well most of u will probably go eh.. but my thing is to rest nana .. To make the fight even right? But thers not alot of positves or negatives here either tho

Positives In Matchup
WoP Does rather Well
Pound FTW!
Nair Up Tilt
ROLLOUT!! trust me
Nair in genreal, Nair 2 fsmash .. toooooo goood
Negatives In Matchup
If u miss rest.. either wobbled or fully charged smash.. from both
Smashes Hurt
I have hard time spacing for some stupid reason
Ics Get 2 ur head.. Just because theres 2 of them
Cant Separate them to save ur life

My summary for this matchup... Im rather good at this match..U know how ic players think there cool because they wavedash all over the place... POUND!!! theyll run into because there wavedashing all over the place.. If u take them 2 fd.. which is supposed to be a good level for ics..ROLLOUT!!! Do this often.. Either it hits nana.. Or Popo.. Its a win win..And like i said.. Rest nana.. sounds dumb.. Just do it.. lol .. 1on1.. SOme ics Rely on there Nana So yea.. {no offense to no one} spamming fsmash rapes

Levels To CouterPick - MangoLand,Brimstar,MuteCity,Final,Fountain,

Hahaha Samus

Mango Percentage 100-0 Puff
Actual Percentage 75-25 Puff

THis match just makes me laugh so hard.. Poor Poor Poor Samus.. She cant hit ur shield with nothing.. {unless ur hugs and have such beautiful spacing} but no ones perfect so there bound to mess up { even hugs }

Positives In Matchup
Nair Murders Samus
Any One Of her smashes that hits u !! REST !!! Any on of her moves.. if not spaced right
U can throw some Bair Combos In their
Nair fsmash kinda works
If she rolls/grab = REST!! {Poor samus}
Her Rockets arent that great
Negatives In Matchup
hahahaha there arent any
All she has Her Nair
Her forward and down smash hurt {if she can space it right}

My summary for this matchup... is poor samus.. all u have to do is mangorape her.. and nair work like a charm... Edguarding her isnt that difficult but its eh sometimes... U air kills samus too.. Dont get greedy tring 2 kill when she like at 150.. Just be patient and wait for the chance to up- air or something..PATIENCE!! Nair to upsmash works better then Nair To fsmash.. if the samus has good spacing.. makes things hard

Levels To Counterpick- Mangoland,Brimstar,MuteCity,BattleField,Final,

Stupid Up Being Bowser

Mango Percentage 100-0 BOWSER
Acutual Percentage 60-40 Bowser

Ya ya I know ur like bowser doesnt win.. Uve Obviously never play Gimpyfish.. with his stupid nonsense .. If u like mess up ur spacing.. GG .. There also some little positves in this match.. GIMPY STORY IS NOT!

Positives in Matchup
Rest are good..
WoP kills bowser
Nair in and out of there is also good dont get greedy trying to do uptilt
Dont get greedy with anything in this match
Nair FSMASH!!!!1
Fair Spam IS the Way to go { make like a wall }
Negatives In Matchup
If u miss rest.. GIMPYFISH COMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO usually means death
Upb is ridiculous.. Like at 80 percent on some levels and like 60 percent on yoshis
His Fair Is Really good
HARD TO KILL bowser does not die
Everything hits hard.. Like Ganon But with an up-b

My summary for this matchup.... is wow what a dumb match!! ANyways with bowser all u can do its hit him with 1 move and then leave.. DONT GET GREEDY!! let his big oll but come 2 u..
Pound is good in this match.. But once in a while pull it out the bag...DOnt get greedy with rest.. JUST DONT!! HIT AND RUN PEOPLE!!!!!

Levels To counterpick- Mangoland,MuteCity,Final,Yoshi Story... WOW NO!! If they go yoshi.. USE UR SECONDARY PEOPLE .. { u can win but its hard

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Roy

Wow.. Its roy.. cOme On!!!

Positives In Matchup
Crouch-Rest grabs/dash attack
Easy to WoP and rest combo.
Recovery is very gimp-able.
Uair juggles at low % due to weight.
Negatives In Matchup
Missed rests are very bad.
A reverse upB can kill you at 0% on FD. D:
Range advantage

Roy can't really do much to you. Space your Bairs and looks for chances to punish his terrible and laggy attacks. The only real kill-move he has is Fsmash, but watch out for upthrow at higher %. And if the stage is FD or any other stage with a ceiling that low, watch out for sudden reverse upBs out of shield. They will kill you at 0 if the Roy hits it right.

Counterpicks: Mangoland, MuteCity, Stadium, Fountain, Japes, whatever you like, really.

Poke Battle Pickachu

This match can be really dumb for puff.. but if ur patient!! ull do fine

Positives In matchup
Spaced bairs give you a range advantage.
Easy to juggle
Tech chasing is made easier by his crappy roll.
Fairs go through his electricity projectile.
If he up-b's onto the stage, rest.
Negatives In Matchup
Pikachu can match your aerial priority.
His Uairis a disjointed hitbox, and is fast/spammable. aka not good for you.
His Usmash rapes you all over the place
His recovery is tricky to edgeguard
Missed rests/pounds lead to terrible punishment.

You need Space to do ur moves in the match... Camp with bairs, and patient yo... Patience pays off with edguards.. .. His up b gets ***** by puff.. Get him under and juggle him..Nair fmash and nair ftlilt work ker

Levels To Counterpick- Mangoland, MuteCity, Stadium.

Ill finish later

OK do not spam this thread like last time mike
or ill have gimpy warn u :mad: lol


I Won Pound Three

If u wanna talk about that post a video




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Jun 2, 2006
well a marth pretty hard 2 beat when u space

but u just gotta wait for like that split second

when hes open then jump out and fair

read the marth matchup


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Mar 25, 2008
Death Row, North Carolina
Hey Mango, I find that an utilt -> rest works really well on Sheiks, or at least the one that I've played. Would this work in a normal match against "good Sheiks", or do the Sheiks I go against just suck?
Jan 22, 2006
how do i beat marth?

i have trouble with this marth guy with long hair, it's not even his main, he's just really good with like every character it's dumb.

but yeah, all he does is space really well. what do i do?
lol azen.

But joseph marquez tell me something when are u gonna give me that mango training I'm gonna bust a nut.


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Jun 2, 2006
The Lake - Well since u played zelda i wouldnt go puff on u id go fox =D

Little england- Well u do double full hop Fairs 2 approach them and if the first one hits u can follow it up with a nair and for those gay foxes that just grab ... as soon as u hit the floor u wanna jump again
i mean they cant grab u if ur in the air right? =D

Dark Hart - Actually up tilting against sheiks is something i do u nair and space it so u land behind them then u uptilt works like a charm .. think about this is u shouldnt spam it pull it out the bag here and there =D


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Jul 23, 2006
Athens, GA
How do you beat Fox's dash dance dash dance dash dance dash dance grab>uthrow>****?
Maybe waveland to avoid the grab? I find it to be pretty effective when people are DD camping waiting for you to land so that they can grab. Of course, with Jigglypuff, you have a lot of jumps, and if there are platforms, you can avoid the grabs to some extent by just not landing on the main platform. Though, a good fox will be lasering you a lot, so you have to make some kind of approach eventually.


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Jul 23, 2006
Athens, GA
if they waveland there's nothign stopping the fox from just nair +shining lol.
except for the added space it provides if you waveland away from the fox. If you've done it correctly, you should be able to do a retreating Bair and hit him out of his Nair. Like I said though, you have to approach Fox, so wavelanding away all the time isn't a good idea.


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Jan 20, 2006
North Hollywood, CA
yeah, that's what i'm saying lol, because even if you bair the fox you're still going to exchange hits, and in this matchup it won't matter as much if fox takes hits as much as it does for puff.
Jan 22, 2006
lol this thread is gonna be mango stuff about about mango

lol epic quote

mr.62 said:
i dont think you've gotten a more impressive rest than that against the best player in the world in grand finals of a major tournament where you put yourself in losers bracket on purpose in the first round of the tournament after travelling thousands of miles away from your home into an environment that is heavily against you're success.


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Jun 2, 2006
i dont really pound that match i actually try 2 avoid it


well it rapes fox because he runs into sometime =D


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Jul 10, 2007
Atascadero California
so i was watchin some recent melee vids with puff and i noticed not alot of people just strait u-throw to rest space annimals anymore. they like to make it flashy. i can understand it in friendlies cause that can get pretty lame just resting at 10% all the time but even at tourneys people shy away from the easiest kill in the game. anyways just thought id throw that out there to see what yall think


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Jul 10, 2007
Atascadero California
well it just seems like you have really cool combo rests. except mabye shield-rest i guess. i guess i did sound kinda dumb saying that but what i ment was i just dont see a lot of strait u-throw to rest. idk maybe im just getting old


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Apr 4, 2006
Santa Barbara, California
hey mango just curious... how did you miss this final rest-->
I mean he didn't DI did he? and he was at a reasonable rest percentage.... just bugged me that you should've won that match but didn't.

Oh and another question: let's say your opponent is lying there on the floor but they start their attack-get-up- animation (you know the one where they attack while getting up)before you can jab them. How viable do you think it is to shield that attack right next to them and then jump into them and rest? I tried it on some CP's but I don't know if it would work on people...


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Nov 24, 2007
Lincoln MA
It would probably work.. after the getupattack there is enough lag for you to rest if you were standing in them when they used the getupattack


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Jun 2, 2006
mangos are good =D

and nah i was just really nervous and missed like a noooob

and yea u can rest after getup attacks

its hard kinda

i just never do it tho
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