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  • I kept reading that as a disorientation session and I couldn't seem to mentally correct myself XD

    I have not been on my computer at normal times lately, and even less often am I on AIM.

    I will be back to a normal schedule starting the 16th, when I will be all moved into my apartment at State :D
    Hey! :D How did the move go? Well I hope :D

    How do you like Athens so far? :O
    Finally someone who knows a lot about what they do, is in the smash lab. It's about time they let you in though...
    Hey, I come from the Ganon boards and I would love to get some full frame data. Right now we just have some estimates off that Japanese site, but I would be grateful as all hell to get some full info with advantages. Let me know if you can, thanks.
    hey bro, i sent you a friend request..im also trying to change my name...you should know me as "Nu" i play Lucas and Rob!
    Please do frame data for Marth. You are easily the best one for the job. So I humbly ask this favor of you.
    hey im new here, but i think i have an ok wario. i would really like it if you played me. i have come to the conclusion that i can only improve if i play people who are better than me, and ive heard your pretty good.
    my code is: 3050-7261-1788 if you want to brawl please send a reply with yours and ill add you as soon as i get it.
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