"Soul Edge! Be unleashed!" -- Nightmare {Soulcalibur} Support Thread

Jan 4, 2019
Northern Wastelands
Add me to the support list Wert, Nightmare is easily the Soul Calibur character. The idea of a superheavy swordsman in Smash is a niche we don't have yet. Plus it would be awesome if Nightmare was viable like he is in most Soul Calibur games, aka a pub-stomper that's actually competitively viable. Hopefully he wouldn't run into the Heihachi issues since both come from 3D fighters, and Sakurai did consider putting Heihachi in Smash 4, but chose Pac-Man instead since Heihachi's fighting style would be harder to translate well into Smash. Still, whenever I play Soul Calibur, Nightmare is my go-to character, so I'd love to see him added to Smash one day.