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Sep 4, 2006
SMYM barely got that number. its going down every year.

8 pools will be fine for something NOT named SMYM. I'll get like 30 something


Smash Lord
Oct 14, 2006
Ggs everyone and thanks for hosting Rip. Pretty disappointed in myself that I took last in almost every event seeing as how I put a lot of work into melee lately, but it wasn't that bad considering I still played hella and got a good nap in so I was kinda glad that I got out early... Hahaha, next time I'm gonna get you guys though!

Meneks: great chilling/playing man. Sorry that it wasn't the best day for us smash wise but I still enjoyed it. Would def be down to try teaming again sometime.
Big c: fun chillin as always, I SHOULD HAVE BEEN MARTH SHIIII
Shinobi: keep up the work on that fox, you almost seriously have one of the coolest foxes I've ever seen, idk why I just like the way it looks lol, looking forward to seeing more of you doing work
Beiber: same to you man gj putting in work overall/ggs in teams... ****
Arty: God I hate Samus LOL I'm playing Sheik vs you from now on.
Orly: Ggs man, most fun smasher award would go to you or Frank idk which.. Lolol
Sanchaz: You legit pulled some amazing BS with ur Sheik in our games, I feel like I played my best vs you and you we're just playing so good idk... Ggs
Ppv: Ggs man we had a fun set, it was good to meet u and you seem like a cool guy we should def play more in the future. Also good job on the pics/helping run the tournament.
Hazard: Nice meeting you man and good job in our mm.. Def underestimated you and learned my lesson, so thanks. Keep it up looking forward to next time.
Dart: Thanks for letting me have a match man haha, hopefully I can do more and more each time I'll keep playing man.. You better too I wanna see that Marth do work at evo.

That's just the ppl I played in tourny.. Doing this on my phone is hard lol... Laying on Kels floor watching him lose a game of LoL... Seems like its almost over and getting food after so looks like I'm cutting off the shootouts there!

Joot/trail/tink/vro/dsf/Kels/lauren all need to be in here too for bein homies... And everyone else I didn't forget u see yall next time!

Edit; Kels got baron then a quadra with diana and won LOL ggs
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