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Smashboards Creates: Anime All-stars


Smash Master
Apr 4, 2020
Gon Freecs (HunterxHunter) @Jondolio 3
Panty & Stocking (Panty & Stocking) @Tankman from Newgrounds 2
Ryuko Matoi (Kill La Kill) @Darkonedagger 5
Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon) tonygameman tonygameman 10
Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins) @Yiptap 5
Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) cashregister9 cashregister9 5

Sailor Moon will be added

Job 11

Submit a Jump Support character and a non jump support

I've decided to combine Supports and Helpers as that distinction was more complicated than necessary, they are both just Supports.

Job 12

Submit a moveset for Ichigo and Astro Boy
Surprise Job 13 that I totally didn't forget to do earlier!

Submit a track list for Hidden Leaf Village and/or Thousand Sunny.
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Nov 7, 2018
Switch FC
Job #11: Non-Jump Support Character - Shōtarō Kaneda (Akira)

Shōtarō Kaneda is the main protagonist of the manga franchise Akira, which was created by Katsuhiro Otomo in 1982 and well-remembered as a phenomenal anime classic six years later (1988), which still holds well to this very day as one of the best animated science fiction films of all time. He is an anti-heroic, brash, carefree delinquent and the leader of a motorcycle gang, who used to be best friends with Tetsuo Shima, a member who he has known since childhood, but their friendship was ruined after Tetsuo gained and abused his psychic powers, becoming involved with the terrorist resistance movement and attempts to stop Tetsuo from causing destruction while having developed a strong romantic bond with their member Kei.

Both the manga and anime are so influential to the point that they have inspired multiple creations throughout years such as Fist of the North Star, Ghost in the Shell, Battle Angel Alita, Cowboy Bebop, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid & Snatcher, Half-Life, Cyberpunk 2077 (with Kaneda's bike), etc. and even Star Wars itself (prequel trilogy and Clone Wars). SNK even created a character named K9999 for The King of Fighters (there you go, Mr. Robotto Mr. Robotto !), who resembles Tetsuo to the point Toho apparently sued them. The former even has a English imprint by Marvel Comics themselves back in 1988 to coincidence with the film's release. There's also a upcoming anime series, which works as a continuation to the original film by Otomo himself.

Once summoned, Kaneda rides around the stage on his futuristic high-tech motorcycle, going at high fast speeds and turns around by drifting in a iconic sliding pose, basically acting as a way faster, reacting version of Wario's bike special move in Smash. This briefly leaves him open and allows fighters to destroy his motorcycle with a few hits, which doesn't defeat him yet. Instead, he will pull out the ARASAKA HLR-12X Heavy Laser Rifle to shoot laser beam projectiles at opponents while aiming the rifle around him and dodging physical/melee attacks.

The reason why I chose Kaneda as a support character, was since I have an another character from Akira in my mind as a fighter, Tetsuo Shima himself, because of his powers giving him more versatility and being a likely example of how some franchises would be represented with only villains alone.

Job #12: Movesets

  • Shield Special: Hollowify - Ichigo dons his Hollow Mask, boosting his speed, damage and attack power for 10 seconds. After a time limit is up, the mask will disintegrate and cannot be used for the rest of a stock.
  • Neutral Special: Getsuga Tenshō - Ichigo holds Zangetsu in the air and charges his Reiatsu on its tip, then slashes diagonally downwards to release a crescent-shaped projectile forward. The move can be charged for high multi-hitting damage, but with a cost of slower speed and weaker knockback.
  • Side Special: Engetsuzan - Ichigo holds Zangetsu back and then uses Flash Step to quickly teleport forward with a dashing slash, which can be charged for more range and damage.
  • Up Special: Kōtei-ki Tōshin - Ichigo quickly spins Zangetsu above his head like a helicopter blade, creating wind that pulls in opponents below the blade and pushes away opponents above it, even dealing multiple hits. Holding the button will make him rise vertically into the air, able to move left or right as he ascends.
  • Down Special: Gazan - Ichigo performs a upwards Flash Step and then brings Zangetsu downwards in-front of him as he plummets back onto the ground, paralyzing an opponent for a moment if he performs a move while he's next to them.
  • Ultimate 1: Mugetsu - Ichigo becomes into Getsuga, generating a blade of deep black Reiatsu in his hand and then swinging it down to create tall dark veils of Reiatsu on the ground that travels forward, damaging opponents with incredible knockback, reverting back to his regular form right afterwards.
  • Ultimate 2: Bankai: Tensa Zangetsu - Ichigo puts both of Zangetsu's swords together to merge them into Tensa Zangetsu and darts forward at blinding speeds, slashing through opponents with a powerful slash that sends them flying away.
  • Super Ultimate: Combined Gran Rey Cero-Getsuga Tenshō - Ichigo draws blood from his hand and holds his sword aloft, creating a blue aura before launching a large blue energy blast and a Getsuga Tenshō forward, the two attacks merging into a large explosion with massive damage/knockback. At 100% or higher damage, a move's explosion can instantly KO opponents..

Holding the control stick up after jumping will make Atom freely fly around in the air for a short period of time, able to perform aerial attacks (3 times before dropping) and specials (only once) while doing so.
  • Neutral Special: Finger Laser - Atom points his index finger forward and shoots a quick, thin long-range energy beam. Holding the button will make him charge for a little wider beam with more damage. When using a move in the air, Atom will float in-place while firing the laser beam.
  • Side Special: Searchlight Flash - Atom steps back and then quickly forward while flashing his eyes forward like a searchlight. The move doesn't do any knockback, but they will stun an opponent in-front of him for a while. Holding the button will increase the range and intensity that stuns opponents for longer.
  • Up Special: Rocket Jet Dash - Atom will crouch down as rocket jets on his legs set up and he then flies upwards (by default) or in a inputted direction with his fist outstretched to damage opponents, before falling back onto the ground. Holding the button will make him fly a little farther with more damage. The move can be aimed in 8 directions, similarly to Mii Swordfighter and Sephiroth's Up Specials. If a control stick is tilted down on the ground, Atom will instead turn his arms into rocket jets and then use them like a long-ranged flamethrower to burn opponents in-front of him.
  • Down Special: Sensor Scan - Atom does a pose while holding his ears and his eyes are flashing blue (indicated with a slight blue line in-front of him) as if scanning something with both sensor abilities. It acts as both a counter if an opponent attacks him by reacting with a shocking headbutt, and a buff-eliminator which allows him to nullify buffed stats (such as Goku's Kaio-ken, though he cannot nullify his Super Saiyan form, and Luffy's Gear Second) for a certain amount of time by analyzing their weakness when they're right in-front of him at a very short range.
  • Ultimate 1: Energy Arm Cannon - Atom raises his right arm as it turns into a cannon (similar to Mega Man's iconic Mega Buster weapon) and then shoots a powerful energy beam in-front of him that hits multiple times, working same as Samus' Zero Laser, except that it cannot be angled.
  • Ultimate 2: Machine Gun Barrage - Atom performs a pose as dual machine guns emerge from his rear/hips and then quickly spins around as he floats into the air, shooting multiple bullets around him in a death blossom-like attack.
  • Super Ultimate: Mighty Atomic Finale - Atom starts by turning on his rocket jets while rolling in-place, using the EX Dash to blast forward at high speeds. If he hits an opponent(s) on his path, he will send them flying into the air, blitzing through multiple times akin to Greninja's Final Smash, before slamming them downwards from the top of a screen and then finishes them by firing with a gigantic fused energy beam from both arm cannons, like in the 2009 CGI film.

Job #13: Thousand Sunny's Tracklist

I'm not entirely sure on a limit for amount of songs on stage tracklists, so I only added like 13 of them.
  1. We Are! (damn, I want to cry right now)
  2. Kokoro no Chizu
  3. Fight Together
  4. Brand New World
  5. Luffy's Fierce Attack!
  6. The Very Very Very Strongest (Zoro's Theme)
  7. Shinkenshoubu (Sanji's Theme)
  8. Franky's Theme
  9. Overtaken
  10. Can't Escape, Fight!
  11. To The Grand Line
  12. Giant Stronghold, Takeoff!
  13. Donquixote Doflamingo
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Nov 7, 2018
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Job #11: Jump Support Character - Krillin (Dragon Ball)


(why I haven't thought of this since a fitting job?)

Krillin is one of the major protagonists in the Dragon Ball franchise, who was introduced in the original manga's 25th chapter "A Rival? Arrival!!" as Goku's fellow martial arts student under Master Roshi, becoming his closest ally and best friend, fighting every villain alongside each other as the series progresses and is often depicted as the comic relief (like any other human character), even having married a cyborg called Android 18.

When summoned, Krillin will charge up his signature Destructo Disc by raising his hand into the air and creating a floating disc of ki energy, using it to slice through opponents and then throwing it in different directions depending on where the nearest opponent close to him is. The Destructo Disc is capable of damaging opponents during the charging period and dragging opponents once hit. If attacked close by, Krillin will quickly use Solar Flare to stun an opponent for a while. Krillin can perform up to five Solar Flares or Destructo Discs altogether before disappearing.

Job #14: Dragon Ball Stage - Planet Namek

Planet Namek is an iconic location from the Dragon Ball franchise, specifically the Namek Saga in the Dragon Ball Z storyline, in which it was terrorized by Frieza and his henchmen from the imperialist army, the Frieza Force, and was ultimately destroyed by him as a last-ditch effort to kill Goku in their battle during the Frieza Saga.

The stage's layout contains many key aspects, including the green sky, blueish-green islands and water, which players can drown in. It has three separate islands with the middle one being the taller one with two tiers to it, which make up a majority of the stage's layout with it's towering cliffs and two soft white platforms floating at it's sides. The right island has the spaceship that Goku used to get to Namek. The left island has a building from the Capsule Corporation. Players can stand on them and even destroy the spaceship to deal large amounts of damage to other players. Frieza’s ship will come from time to time again to hover to the left of the stage, which players can use to jump onto.

During the battle, random cameos such as Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, Frieza, etc. can be flying at high speeds in the background every 35 seconds, though none of them interfere with players.
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