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Almost one month has passed since release. In retrospect....

  • This is by far the best Smash ever. Like, I don't even know how they will top this.

  • Pretty freakin' good; I have a few qualms over things like internet play, balancing issues, etc.

  • It's ok, but [insert Smash game here] is better.

  • I'd rather play Parcheesi.

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Aug 27, 2018
Into Sandy's City
Welp I'm still going to enjoy this great game even though the last direct was underwhelming, I'm really surprised Shadow didn't make it as Sonic's echo, also Piranha Plant as a character smh (I can only imagine how much of a kick to the groin that Waluigi's pet in Mario Party 3 became a fighter before him) I knew the Grinch leak was fake to be honest... well that's life for ya.


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Jul 28, 2014
"This game has over 70 fighters, over 100 stages, Inkling, Ridley and K.Rool after all these years of waiting, a proper adventure mode after it was cut from Smash 4, but a single Piranha Plant completely undoes all of that. -7.8/10, this game sucks, too much potted plants."

I'm not sure I'm following the logic some of you are using. Did R.O.B. make Brawl a bad game? Did Game&Watch make Melee one? It's okay to not be excited for him, but if Piranha Plant completely ruins the game for you need to chill out a little.
Im sorry to say this but some people are just idiots. Is not about the game, is about how people like you "omg we got everything and yet you moan". First of all everyone is entitled to think whatever they want, second you jusst cant defend this direct as a fan of smash, what if i didnt want everyone back? What if absolute dread the newcomers? What if i despite this ****ty online mode that is prehistoric compared to modern standards?

I dont care about those gimmick modes, nor those newcomers. Hence this direct was objectively the worst when it comes to smash reveals.
Sep 7, 2018
Just put them on ignore lol. I'm ignoring most of the people who are just raging since there's nothing to discuss with them. They can be mad and complain (I don't mind some complaining about specific aspects, but as soon as people start acting like this is the worst game ever because they got their hopes up for a fake leak), and I don't have to read it lol.
that isnt very fair, you could try to change their minds not everyone whos disappointed is unreasonable. Some of them just dislike the removal of collectable trophies and gutting of all star mode..


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Sep 14, 2018
Hmm I get you’re upset but ladies ladies ladies don’t you think some of you are being silly;-*
Be upset for however long you want I -suppose- but maybe being greedy and not thankful for the huge amount of content in the game is questionable. HOWEVER who am I to judge if you want to cry over a video game be my guest lovies ;-*


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Jul 29, 2014
Los Angeles
Switch FC
So let me address one thing.

I was linked dozens of times to the two or three artists claiming the leak was too hard to make, every single time I insisted it wasn't. Over and over, my points were ignored and Triple1Dee's post was constantly referenced as "evidence" that the leak was too hard to fake.

Well, it doesn't matter how many people can't make it. All it takes is one person who can. I was and am very confident that I could reproduce that leak over a weekend. Omni straight up said it was like a four hour job for him.

Listen to people who know what they're talking about.


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Apr 12, 2016
The one statement I feel is most important to make right now is that "Assist Trophies can't be added as DLC" or "Spirits can't be added as DLC" is a totally ludicruous fanmade rule that has received absolutely no confirmation from Sakurai whatsoever. If you guys want someone for DLC, they can be added. The point of DLC is to change the game in ways that satisfy the fans.
You're not wrong, but there's a reason most people ridicule Waluigi fans who still think he has a chance.

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The Crests are to Blame
Apr 4, 2013
United States
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My DLC Predictions:

1. Sora
2. FE Three Houses character
3. Gen 8 Pokemon
4. Banjo
5. Waddle Dee

I’d imagine if season 1 does well we might get a DLC season 2
I don't get the prediction for a three houses character especially with Rex's deconfirmation, if anything I would assume, Elma has a shot instead of a Three Houses character.
Jan 23, 2014
For starters, being a Spirit does NOT disconfirm a possible character. Male WFT is a Spirit.

As far as my general feelings towards the Direct go, it went exactly as I expected aside from characters, which is fine. Detailed the online modes, Spirit modes, and general things we didn't know about. ATs slaughtered a lot of characters, even some that weren't shown in the Direct are now on the website, such as Skull Kid. I'm cool with the Direct itself.

Now my feelings towards the characters:

Ken: Surprise

Incineroar: Seems just like I expected him to be. A slow grappler, likely heavy-ish. He cool.

Piranha Plant: Y'all always say "SaKuRaI aLwAyS aDdS a WtF cHaRaCtEr?" and holy wow we got it. I'm hype for Piranha Plant. He looks reeeally fun and unique.

I'm sorry to those who were disappointed, but this is exactly why you don't put all your money on a leak. If they do another ballot, make sure to CALMLY make your voice heard. Let them know you want to play as Isaac, Geno, Banjo, etc.

All in all, we have like 78 characters or something like that we get to play as! This is incredible :D Smash Ultimate, come sooner!!

Deleted member

Hey all. Got back after watching the Direct. I'm here to give my thoughts. First off, I wanna give my thoughts as the usual Scott the Woz persona you know. So first off, here's my thoughts on the Final Smash Ultimate Direct:

View attachment 174523

Alright, now that I have that out of the way, I want to now portray my thoughts not as Scott, but as TotsBS. I thought that the Smash Ultimate Direct for 11.1.18 was ****ing terrible. I was ready to be set for some disappointment, but I was not ready to see how they actually went about the rest of the game. They paced it so poorly unlike last time, it felt like a waste of time almost at some points. I wanna say first off, if I came off rude about insiders and all that with the whole Grinch situation, I am sorry. I want to formally apologize. That being said, The Grinch Leak has to be the greatest fake leak of all time. Kudos to the guy who went THAT far.

That being said, I wanna go into the contents of the Direct.

Ken and Incineroar - The Final Challengers

So. The box theory was real. The good thing is, honestly? Ken and Incineroar don't look bad at all. I'm honestly so ****ing down for these characters, and I think even THE KEN LEAK was fake, the model for Ken looks different, I feel. I'm glad they differentiated him enough to be his own cheeky guy, and I'm all down for him. Incineroar looks to be very different from what I had imagined, and he actually looks to be way more fun to use than when Greninja was revealed.

...However, these were the last two characters. Which brings me to...

Fighter Pass

This one is a bit iff, not bady. Announcing it without revealing a tease of who'll be in AND before release causes some concern, but he said that there'll be no more Echo Fighters going into it, it'll all be from scratch and it'll be the same as in Smash 4 where the character had a stage and music. That's all fine and dandy, to be honest, and I might dip in. Who knows. Thankfully... Some characters like Banjo-Kazooie are still alive, so we can see them make their day!

So honestly, the fighter pass I'm alright with. But, for the free character...

Piranha Plant Joins the Battle...

...Why? Who asked for this? WHY DID SAKURAI THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? Out of ALL the characters you can choose from, and ESPECIALLY WITH THOSE DECONFIRMED CHARACTERS, you chose a ****ing generic enemy from the Mario series. And honestly, the memes ruined him a bit, but really? This over Waluigi? What the ****? Hell, even Bandana Dee didn't deserve this, I'll say that. I WOULD'VE EVEN TOOK CAPTAIN TOAD. And here I thought Mii Costumes were the biggest disrespect. On the topic of deconfirmed characters...

Deconfirmed Characters

Shadow. Isaac. Shantae. Black Knight. A LOT of characters that felt the most requested got the gank, and it feels honestly a bit disrespectful. Had they laid out the Direct in a MUCH better way, I wouldn't have been this mad, but I can sympathize with the fans who wanted these characters, ESPECIALLY ISAAC. Because now, they're practically never gonna be in a Smash Bros. roster anymore. I can't see ATs getting upgraded since Sakurai treats them like guests, but this feels like the final Smash Bros, and to see this? And with how the Direct was laid out?

It wasn't good to see. But... There were three characters that got to me.
...sigh. Now, for the big one, that hurt me the most. The one that made me say for the first time ever with actual meaning, "**** Sakurai."

Rex & Pyra AND Geno Are Deconfirmed

If you all will allow me, please let me Scottpost one more time. Because deep down, I wanna say some of the most craziest stuff, you'd be shocked it'd came from me. So please, let me just get this off my chest.

View attachment 174533

I don't wanna get into this one. I've been crying for the past couple of minutes about this.
I now know how you Issac and Shadow fans feel.

I honestly feel ****ing empty after that and ruined the entire Direct for me. Not even the Xenoblade 2 music made me happy.

Just... ****, man.

Honestly, I just blanked out after the Rex Mii Costume reveal. In regards to the Adventure Mode, I wish we had much more clarity than before. Why is Global Smash Power back? It served NO use at all. ****ing Bethesda blatantly said that their games are buggy, but now Nintendo is just gonna say that "hey, the online might be terrible like usual" for Smash Ultimate? Especially after the fact that WE PAID FOR THE ONLINE IN THE FIRST PLACE??? Can we not get dedicated servers for once?

I could go on... But there was one more thing I wanna talk about.

Was Sora from Kingdom Hearts Actually Teased?

We've been hearing from Spawn Wave that Sora might happen with a reveal @ The Game Awards. With that little footage of Kirby crashlanding onto a certain area for the World of Light story mode, the area almost resembles the battlefield where the Keyblade War took place. Not to mention, the vocals almost sound like Utada Hikaru, as well, when the main theme, Lifelight, finally got revealed.

With what Spawn Wave's sources have been saying and that Kirby section... I think we're actually getting Sora from Kingdom Hearts in Smash Ultimate.

It doesn't feel like a coincidence. It feels like it's gonna happen after that Kirby moment. I know that we all got BTFO'd after that Growth item and the Golden Sun joke picture on the website, but that area Kirby landed on looked WAY TOO MUCH like the Keyblade Battlefield.

We'll we get Sora @ The Game Awards? Let's see...

Other than that... I really wished the Grinch Leak didn't exist, because man, did it set up a lot of expectations. It practically ruined the Direct in a bit, but not even that made the biggest detraction from this game. I'm just sad. Don't get me wrong, though, Smash Ultimate is no doubt looking to be amazing with all the content put inside, but man... This Direct definitely didn't help the game, and almost hurt it's success, in some ways.

I'm still gonna get the game, but this... This ain't it, man.


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Sep 6, 2018
The actual Spirits themselves are super uninteresting to me, but it's okay, because the cutscenes are absolutely beautiful. Dramatic, hilarious, grand. I can't wait to see what other ones there will be, though I suspect there'll only be one more, at the very end.
Aug 21, 2014
New York

That was...



As I said before, I'm good with :squirtle::ultridley::ultkrool: so this one is already way better than Sm4sh to me. And after all of the Incineroar talk with Vergy a while ago, I did start to get on that train so I'm happy with that. But I am shocked the Grinch is fake - that was a lot of effort just to troll.

And Rex Mii costume? Spring Man assist? I didn't see those coming at all - I thought those were locks!

And the Piranha Plant just made me lol. I'm glad it's free, because I wouldn't actually spend money on that, but a literal generic enemy over any other Mario characters? My condolences guys, that seems harsh.

I'm hoping that we'll get more than 5 DLC sets - maybe toss in a few echoes or make a season pass 2 since I always want more characters. Hopefully the Dragonborn is one of those for DLC...
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