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Almost one month has passed since release. In retrospect....

  • This is by far the best Smash ever. Like, I don't even know how they will top this.

  • Pretty freakin' good; I have a few qualms over things like internet play, balancing issues, etc.

  • It's ok, but [insert Smash game here] is better.

  • I'd rather play Parcheesi.

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I'm actually legitimately worried that Mileena's not in the game now.

The leak back in December correctly stated that Kronika was the new villain and the game would involve time travel, named Geras as a character, and called the changes to X-ray moves and supers, However, the leak didn't name Skarlet. So.

I'll live if my main isn't in it-- I have like five or six secondaries-- but goddammit why would you remove Mileena?
Actually, the Geras and Kronika stuff seems to be piggybacking off of another leak on 4chan which guessed them prior on the 14th.
Mileena’s safe for now.

Oh, and the MK11 trailer was aight. Nice new gameplay and roster, but those faces though.
Sub-Zero looks so cool though holy ****.
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