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Apr 8, 2018
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8.5/10 - Really good moveset! The first three specials are on point, the down special seemed not the best gameplay-wise at first but I actually think it's really good. Having a Nuts & Bolts FS is a bit weird but I can dig it. N&B seems kinda cool actually (just forget it's a B-K game lol)

Video reference for Diskun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-yyTdxl6v0

NEUTRAL B - Disk Toss - Diskun raises his hands and a large floppy disk (slightly larger than him) appears above him. While holding the B button down, you can actually move around, turn and jump (once). Upon release, Diskun throws the disk forward, and it slides through the air at roughly the speed of Samus' Charge Shot. It deals around 12% and knockback killing around ~165%, at a slightly upward angle.
If you land on it from the top, it acts as a (pretty fast) moving platform! It's usually not possible for Diskun himself to jump onto one, but you could catch landings with it and get foes away from you pretty quickly. Finally, if you throw the disk at a wall (or the side of the stage) it sticks to it (a la Gordo), wobbling up and down slightly. This acts as a bounce pad, although not a particularly strong one (sends you about as high as a regular jump). You can jump through it from the bottom like any regular platform. It disappears after 8.5 seconds.

SIDE B - Disk Form - Diskun transforms into his disk form, and flies forward at a speed slightly faster than his dash speed, for a maximum of 3.5 seconds. It can be angled slightly upwards (decreasing its speed somewhat) and downwards. The speed is somewhat dependent on Diskun's momentum at the time of use, so using it during a dash tends to give the best results.
At maximum speed, hitting a foe deals around 10% and knockback killing around ~180%. Diskun will also bounce back slightly and revert back to his regular form. This makes it a good, albeit risky, edgeguarding tool (as well as being obviously great for horizontal recovery).

UP B - Toaster Jump - Diskun squeezes himself downwards, and upon release of the B button, fires upwards. If the B button was held for at least .75 seconds, Diskun will reach as high as G&W's Parachute. Diskun can move slightly left and right as he's rising. Doesn't leave him in freefall.
Hitting opponents deals around 9.5%, and knockback killing at ~180% (at diagonal upwards angles).

DOWN B - Memory Write - The first time this move is used, Diskun will 'store' the number corresponding to his current damage %. This number will affect the amount of damage and knockback he deals on all of his moves. If the number is 10, his attacks will deal 1.1x more damage and knockback. If the number is 50, his attacks will deal 1.5x more damage and knockback. If the number is 100, his attacks will deal 2x more damage and knockback.
If he uses the move again, the number he'll store will be the amount of damage he's received since his previous use of the move. So if he hasn't received any damage, the number will go back to 0. If he's received 25% more damage, the number will be 25. Losing a stock resets the value to zero. This is probably his most important move overall, and also requires a fair bit of strategy to use effectively.

FINAL SMASH - Disk Error - Suddenly the stage goes silent and an extremely annoying 'error' sound-effect starts playing in the background. A ring appears around Diskun and starts expanding rapidly. Any foes caught in the radius receive around 30% damage with extremely long hit-stun lasting around 5 seconds. The knockback dealt at the end kills from centre-stage at around 50%. The ring covers pretty much the whole stage although you can evade it by either going off-screen or hiding behind an element of the stage.

Ok, for my request I'd like to see the Chorus Kids!
9/10 Not bad!

I’ll have to turn over to BluePikmin11 for the Chorus Kids, tho. In the meantime, here’s my moveset for FE7 Hector:

Intro: Same intro for all other FE characters.
Notable Palette Swaps: Lyn, Eliwood, Ninian, Nergal, Lilina, Zephiel, FE6
Idle Animation: Hector puts Armads down onto the ground after lifting it briefly.

Grab: Hector grabs the opponent with his open hand.
Pummel: Hector knees whoever he’s grabbing.
F-Throw: Hector throws the opponent forward.
U-Throw: Hector throws the opponent up and calls down thunder.
D-Throw: Hector slams Armads down on the ground.
B-Throw: Hector swings Armads backwards.

Special Moves:
B : Shield Smasher; Hector charges Armads with the power of thunder. When charged completely, it will destroy the opponent’s shield and send them flying.
B + Forwards : Hand Axe Throw; Hector throws a Hand Axe, which does minimal damage but flies and comes back very quickly.
B + Up : Armads’ Blessing; Hector spins Armads like a Helicopter and it takes him up for about 3 seconds.
B + Down : Ostian Counter; this counter works two ways. If Hector is hit by a physical attacks, he will do a close counter with Armads. If he is hit by ranged attacks, he will throw a Short Axe to the opponent who attacked him.

Final Smash: Critical Impact; “Enough chit-chat!” Hector slams Armads down upon the ground, spins it once, and jumps up and deals a powerful OHKO.

Now I request a moveset for Neku Sakuraba from TWEWY.
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Nov 11, 2016
8/10 Hector isn't really a character I have a lot of knowledge on but you've explained it well enough

Neku Sakuraba is also a character I don't know much about but I'll leave some references of my inspiration
B- Pyrokinesis - Neku summons a stream of flames that can be moved freely while you hold B (Lasts a limited amount of time)
Side B- Force Rounds - Neku shoots a rapid fire of glowing bullets that move fast from his hand
Up B- Vulcan Uppercut - Neku jumps up creating a shockwave that can carry enemies with him.
Down B- Splish Splash Barrier - A stream of water and a blue ring will form around Neku and protects him from projectiles
Final Smash - Final Fusion - Read below
"Neku summons Shiki and as Neku and Mr. Mew unleash a fury of attacks all over the screen. When Neku aquires the Smash Ball, he can activate this attack. After activation, everything will instantly stop. Shiki will then appear allowing Neku and Mr. Mew to flash all around the screen and attack everything. It will hit all enemies, will go through all shields, and hit regardless of the position on the stage (although it can be dodged with a sidestep or air dodge). Due to the ease of landing it, it will do minimal damage in comparison to other final smashes, and although it can kill, wont kill until medium to high percentages."

I request Eevee because Pokemon Let's Go games are coming real soon
Apr 4, 2013
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I give Neku an easy 9.5/10. Never played the game, but the moveset looks fun and was explained well so we good.

Eevee? Oh h**k yeah I can do this.

Neutral-B: Swift
Quickly fires small stars that hone in on enemies in from of Eevee and bypass shields, invincibility, etc. but as a trade-off only do 1% each and does absolutely no stun or knockback whatsoever, so it's basically a slightly better :ultfox: Neutral-B.
Vaporeon: Water Pulse. See Corrin's Neutral-B, but without the clamp-down at the end.
Jolteon: Pin Missile. Similar to Swift, but it doesn't hone in on enemies and doesn't bypass shields, instead dealing massive damage to the shield itself.
Flareon: Will-O-Wisp. Fires a small orb of fire that creates a damage-over-time effect on the fighter it lands on. Bypasses shields but isn't as fast of a projectile as Swift.
Espeon: Future Sight. Espeon's eyes begin to glow as you charge this attack. Upon pressing B again, Espeon fires a small orb that hones in on a foe. After a few seconds, that foe takes damage (depending on how much you charged the attack). If fully charged, the attack insta-shatters the foe's shield (if they're shielding), launches them airborne (if they're not shielding), and launches them downward if they're airborne (allowing the attack to spike). All damage Espeon takes while charging the attack or waiting for Future Sight to hit is doubled.
Umbreon: Dark Pulse. Long wind-up animation with Armor Frames (similar to Warlock Punch), then releases a ring of energy (Tabuu's off-wave attack?) that slowly moves away from Umbreon and damages enemies that get hit by the ring.
Leafeon: Magical Leaf. Same effect as Swift, but 2% instead of one and hones in on multiple foes.
Glaceon: Ice Beam. Similar mechanics to R.O.B.'s lazer, except it freezes enemies at max charge instead of having a larger hitbox. Can be angled just like R.O.B.'s Neutral-B as well.
Sylveon: Draining Kiss. Sylveon grabs a foe by with its mouth and drains their health.

Side-B: Take Down
Hold down the B button to rev the attack up, then release to watch Eevee shoot forward. Does recoil damage to Eevee if it hits the enemy, but covers great difference and doesn't put Eevee into helplessness when used in midair. Also, unlike Charizard's Flare Blitz, Eevee cannot careen off the edge if used on the ground. When used on the ground, you can jump to hold the momentum created, similar to a spin dash, but doing so means it won't connect as an attack if you collide with an enemy this way.
Vaporeon: Aqua Jet. Functions similar to Take Down, except slower and Vaporeon takes no Recoil Damage. Additionally, Vaporeon is immune to none-projectiles during this attack's animation.
Jolteon: Volt Switch. Functions similar to Take Down, except slower and Jolteon takes no Recoil Damage. Additionally, if the attack hits, the enemy is electrocuted, and Jolteon leaps away from the foe after the attack connects.
Flareon: Flare Blitz. Basically Charizard's Side-B but less range and Flareon is more lightweight so it's possible to recover if you careen off the stage like a sillyhead.
Espeon: Psybeam. Fires a rainbow-colored ring from its eyes that hits enemies. The projectile does more damage at the top and bottom of its hitbox then the middle.
Umbreon: Pursuit/Bite. Umbreon rushes forward. If it hits an enemy, Umbreon grabs them with its teeth and slams them downward... Okay fine, it's just Ganondorf's Flame Choke.
Leafeon: Leaf Blade. "Hey guys, look, it's Dancing Blade from Fire Emblem except a grass pokemon is doing it. HA!"
Glaceon: Icy Wind. Glaceon summons a gale of wind that pushes it as well as its foes in the direction it was facing at the time. Enemies take damage from this wind in addition to being pushed back (they cannot be pushed off the edge with this attack)(they are pushed back less when shielding, but the shield drains faster), and enemies dizzy from popped shields become frozen. Can be used as a recovery when used airborn or for edgeguarding. That's right, it's the ****ing Gust Bellows item made into an attack.
Sylveon: Fairy Wind. Similar to Icy Wind, except no freezing effect, dizzy enemies can be pushed off a ledge (they will enter a helpless state if this happens), and Sylveon (as well as anyone on their team) is healed by up to 5% if used on the ground.

Up-B: Run Away
Eevee exits the stage through the fourth wall, then reappears a set distance away from where you started. Is completely invulnerable while this is happening.

Down-B: Evolve
Hold down the B button to bring up a wheel of Eevee's various forms. While this is held down, Eevee will stop in midair and gain armor frames. Upon selecting one, Eevee evolves (Warning: Eevee loses armor frames and regains gravity while doing this and can't recovery/defend itself until the transformation is complete). Press the B button mid-evolution to cancel it. The form you pick will affect its regular attacks, throws, smash attacks, taunts, idles, etc. as well as its Neutral- and Side-B's. You revert back to Eevee upon pressing Down-B while transformed or are KO'd.
Vaporeon: An impressively defensive tank stance.
Jolteon: Superfast rushdown stance.
Flareon: Slow #BigDamageEnergy offensive grappler stance.
Espeon: Fragile #BigDamageEnergy offensive zoning stance.
Umbreon: Do you like Ganondorf?
Leafeon: "I can't believe it's not Fire Emblem"
Glaceon: Do you want a character that deals Ice Damage? More importantly, do you want it NOW?
Sylveon: For when spamming Ness, Lucas, Wii Fit Trainer and Robin's Down-B just aren't enough.

Final Smash: Beat Up
Various Eeveelutions show up and use quick attack on the enemy fighters. Picture the Latios/Latias Poke Ball from Brawl, but faster, more varied angles, and deals more damage. As an odd little note, Eevee triggers its Final Smash by pressing Down-B as opposed to the standard Neutral-B.

It's a bit derivative, but it cements Eevee as the goddang stance fighter it should be. No Eeveelution goes unrepresented. Plus, it lets future smash titles incorporate future Eeveelutions accordingly.

Can I get uhhhhhhhhh Big Daddy from uhhhhhhhhhh Bioshock?
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Nov 11, 2016
I think I'm willing to revive this... I would give Eevee an easy 9.5/10. I like how you incorporated the eeveelutions

I don't know Bioshock so I used this and this as references

Neutral Special - Incinerate
Big Daddy unleashes a small explosion from its hand. Hold button to unleash a bigger explosion that knocks the opponent away.

Side Special - Charging Rush
Big Daddy dashes forward, stopping only when striking an opponent. If the charge connects and if the button is pressed a second time, Big Daddy slams the opponent down with an overhead swing of the drill arm.

Up Special - Drill Skewer
Big Daddy does a multi-hit uppercut with his drill, knocking back the opponent

Down Special - Little Sister Gather
Big Daddy summons a Little Sister to stab the opponent

Final Smash - Flood

Big Daddy floods the screen causing the enemies to float around and you can rush through your opponents

I will suggest AiAi from Super Monkey Ball!


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Mar 23, 2019
AiAi? now that's gonna be interesting. (I'm giving Big Daddy 9/10.)
AiAi's Moveset:
Neutral-Monkey Fight
AiAi will thrust a Boxing glove covered fist forward dealing DMG to foes- after a moment it springs forward dealing additional DMG and knock back. If "B" is held down AiAi will become encased in his Super Monkey Ball and it will behind to spin in place as a Boxing Glove appears on the outside of the ball it springs forward striking foes in front and behind AiAi as it spins. Players can Move AiAi like this- a projectile or attack from above or below will disrupt this attack - the attack will also end if players use it for too long causing AiAi to become dizzy.
Damage: 12% (tapped) 5% (per hit during spin hit)

Side-Bowling Bomber
AiAi retreats into his Super Monkey Ball and the ball begins to spin- faster and faster- all while AiAi looks as if he is winding up to throw a bowling ball. When the move is fully charged, the Super Monkey Ball will flash and begin to glitter- at this point players should release "B" and AiAi will look as if he's thrown that invisible Bowling Ball- the Super Monkey Ball then takes off much like Jigglypuff's Rollout attack, Bowling Bomber will dash across any surface until it strikes a foe or looses momentum. when the Super Monkey Ball connects however it will unleash an explosion dealing DMG and knockback AiAi will rebound off foes a short distance. when AiAi land he will come out of the Super Monkey ball- again like Rollout, if "B" is taped, AiAi will slowly roll forward without momentum- this will deal no DMG.
Damage: 8%-13% (depends on charge level)

Up-Monkey Ball Glider
AiAi retreats into his Super Monkey Ball as a rainbow swirl sends AiAi into the air- music notes and sparkles spew from AiAi's ascent players will receive DMG and knock back if they touch AiAi as he travels in this state. at the top of AiAi's ascent, the Super Monkey Ball will pop open forming wings allowing AiAi to glide with them- pressing down on the control stick will cause the Wings to vanish allowing for a quicker drop- though this will render AiAi helpless.
Damage: 3%-10%

Down-Pink Volcano
AiAi takes out MeeMee's Hammer and twirls it around himself before slamming it down into the ground creating pillars of pink energy to burst upwards from the ground and spread out away from him. the initial pillars that appear on either side of AiAi have high launching power while the following pillars can push foes away from AiAi- If used in the air AiAi will slam down until he makes contact with a platform.
Damage: 9%-27%

Final Smash-Stage Tilt
AiAi floats up in the air with his other monkey friends as they do their EI EI POO! spell as the stage gets tilted a lot damaging fighters several times before slamming down said stage launching them to the blast zone.
Damage: 24%-31%

I request a moveset for Shake King from Wario Land Shake It!


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Nov 11, 2016
I am going to give AiAi a 9/10

Shake King, I didn't feel good with naming the moves so i just did descriptions and a pic for the Final Smash, I hope you enjoy
B - Shake King punches the ground and Fireballs come forward
Side B - Shake King charges straightforward and
Up B - Shake King leaps up in the sky with dark blue energy around it and ground pounds
Down B - Shake king ground pounds and shockwaves appear on both sides
Final Smash - It looks like this:

I will suggest Groose!


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Mar 23, 2019
I give Shake King a 8/10
Groose's Moveset
Neutral B-Pompadour Charge: Groose charges up a powerful headbutt, does major damage when charged.
Side B-Sickest Hair in Skyloft: Groose uses his pompadour as a whip, can be used as recovery.
Up B-He has my hair too: Groose uses his loftwing to fly to safey.
Down B-I ran out of moves OK?: Groose throws eggs at his opponent are used to stun but does damage.
Final Smash-Groosinator: Groose starts firing bombs out of his catapult, each bomb does 10%-15% of damage.

I suggest the T. Rex from Mario Odyssey!


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Nov 9, 2015
Switch FC
10/10 Groose moveset

B: Bite
Side B: Tail swipe
Up B: Flies up like that sequence-breaking glitch
Down B: Stomp

Final Smash: Fossilize (The opponent(s) get buried and become fossils, and get covered with rocks that make them immobile and increase their weight)

I suggest Uniracer from Uniracers!


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Mar 23, 2019
I give T. Rex a 10/10
Btw i would have the T. Rex's final smash summoning a giant meteor that crashes down on stage causing a giant explosion. But it's good.

Uniracer moveset:
Side B-Twist
Up B-Head Bounce
Down B-Flip
Final Smash: Uni-Dash
Not much but tried my best.

I suggest the G.U.N Truck from Sonic Adventure/Generations! (Said truck in Generations has sawblades along with rocket boosters.)
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