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NST III (Melee and Brawl) 31st October -1st November


Smash Cadet
Apr 10, 2007

I'm interested in going to this!


What am I supposed to do? <=( I don't even get how to book the flight...


Smash Ace
Dec 4, 2008
Toulouse, France
All the frenchies have already taken the same train, Qlex
30/10 -> Elipsos at 20:32
02/11 -> Elipsos at 21:05
However it costs 210€ now :/ There probably are cheaper ways though.

Luffy Dahean

Smash Apprentice
Jul 18, 2007
I'm in. Confirmed.
Finally, good news :p

Btw, Melee pools:

Pool 1:

Pool 2:

Pool 3:

Pool 4:

Pool 5:

Pool 6:
Xavi Aguilar

Pool 7:

Pool 8:

Pool 9:

Pool 10:

Pool 11

Pool 12:
Mugiwara Urulok

Pool 13:

Pool 14:
Strawhat Dahean

Pool 15:
Àlex Barberà

Pool 16:


Smash Lord
Nov 4, 2005
Is there any updates or something from this tournament yet?, wondering how AJP and Pepito is doing...


Smash Lord
Dec 21, 2005
Kourou, French Guiana
Is there any updates or something from this tournament yet?, wondering how AJP and Pepito is doing...
I found this on the Spanish boards :
1/2/3 : Kaos/Leon/ most likely Pepito

4. Marcbri
5. Joannet88
5. Greward
7. Zulu
7 Bjay
9. El Bardo
9. Sotomonte
9. Rydle
9. Veyron
13. Edu
13. Borja
13. Miquel
13. NeJi

I'm a bit surprised not to see Charby and Yama in the top 16 (though I wouldn't be surprised to hear Charby forfeited after a few matches and began shouting "Brawl sucks" to anyone he saw :laugh:).


Smash Champion
Jul 18, 2008
I'm a bit surprised not to see Charby and Yama in the top 16 (though I wouldn't be surprised to hear Charby forfeited after a few matches and began shouting "Brawl sucks" to anyone he saw :laugh:).

Woah Charby is soooo cool :)


Smash Lord
Dec 21, 2005
Kourou, French Guiana
Brawl Teams :
1. Leon + Bjay
2. Kaos + Charby
3. Pepito + Marcbri

As for the characters used during the single tournament, I know a few of them :
1 Kaos (MK)
2. Leon (Peach/Marth)
3. Pepito (TL/Snake, maybe another)
4. Marcbri (Falco, maybe another)
5. Joannet88
5. Greward (Olimar, maybe another)
7. Zulu (Olimar)
7. Bjay (probably Marth and/or MK and/or ROB)

In Melee, I only know that Qlex got 5th.

Luffy Dahean

Smash Apprentice
Jul 18, 2007
First off, thx to every single player that played me in NTSC version, it have helped me a lot.
Many sets are in NTSC, all my matches except the ones VS Qlex :p

Samochan have already said the results, I will just add some information:

1st Strawhat Dahean (me, :D) I went Marth the whole tournament except one match VS Qlex (I used Sheik in Kongo Jungle) and another match VS K-12 (I used Fox VS his Falco on Pokemon Stadium)

2nd Over. He used Sheik the whole tournament.

3rd K-12. He used Fox/Falco/Samus (and he 3 stocked me in Dreamland fox vs marth..... **** I sucl sometimes)

4th Urulok. He used Fox for almost all matches, and used Sheik and Jiggs for some others. He didnt play me in losers semifinals cause he had to go -_-

5th Qlex. I think he used Ganon the whole tournament, not sure thought.

5th Naru (WTF?). He used Falco the whole tournament.

7th Nemo. Samus

7th Sax. Fox

9th Peyudosmith/Ynae/LDN/Kyo



1st Iced and K-12 (LOL) double fox
2nd Over and me (****, really, ****) jiggly sheik and double sheik
3rd M. and peyudosmith peach sheik/marth

Also, I want to do a special comment for some people. First off, AJP, you are amazing at recording matches, and you know it, thank you very much for recording our matches.

AND!!!!.... Leon, he is french and he almost 4 stocked me in pools WITH ROY. I won, but wtf, you really made me play very serious, nice matches :D

I will probably do shotouts later, I need to rest a bit and an eight ours bus travel is waiting for me in a couple of ours. See you!!


Smash Lord
Jun 1, 2008
Barcelona, EU
Full Brawl Results:

1: Kaos (327,60 €) (MK)
2: Leon (93,60 €) (Marth/Peach, mostly marth)
3: Pepito (46,80 €) (MK/Toon Link/Snake, mostly MK)
4: Marcbri (Falco/Snake/ROB, mostly Falco)
5: Greward (Olimar)
5: Joannett88 (Diddy Kong)
7: Bjay (Marth, i dunno if he played another char too)
7: Zulu (Olimar)
9: Veyron (Snake/DDD)
9: Rydle (Ike/DDD/MK, mostly ike)
9: El_Bardo (DDD)
9: Sotomonte (Snake)
13: Borja (Marth)
13: NeJi (Diddy/peach)
13: miquel0123 (Pikachu/ICs, mostly pikachu)
13: Edu (Sheik/Zelda as single char)
17: Phyr (MK)
17: naT (Sonic)
17: Charby (ZSS)
17: Yama (Snake)
17: Foturan (Falco)
17: Nexoult (Wario)
17: Raw! (MK/Snake)
17: Kirzo (Lucario)
25: Robo_Luigi (ROB)
25: Sefiroth (Falco)
25: Lionman (Falcon)
25: Hikotsu (Peach)
25: Joseph (Pokemon Trainer)
25: Achoral (Ness)
25: NeMo (Zero Suit Samus)
25: Chequio (I dunno)
33: Deivid
33: Miyu
33: Alber
33: Shikiso
33: Zakx
33: Mugiwara Urulok
33: Blackshadows
33: Darknight
33: Seton
33: NaZe
33: talvi
33: Nazo
33: Tyler
33: Saix
33: Cp2
33: Death_Alex
49: TaSe
49: Evle
49: Water
49: Julián
49: Blakqui
49: kei
49: Gatsu
49: Thir
49: Kev-Ab
49: Yuyu
49: Uruu
49: Arek
49: Diepther
49: Lex
49: ****
49: Qlex

Brawl Teams

1: Sword team (Leon + Bjay) (168,00 €)
2: Broken Whip (Kaos + Charby) (48,00 €)
3: Marc y Pep (Marcbri + Pepito) (24,00 €)
4: Smash Brothers (Bardo + R-L)
5: No se cual es mi main (Veyron + Joannet)
5: North Fatality: **** paradise (Rydle + Raw)
7: Miquexoult (miquel + nexo)
7: Alliance Rainbow (Yama + Zulu)
9: 3stockeados por Bardo (Joseph + Blackshadows)
9: Sin ser yeyé (Neji + Hikotsu)
9: This team contains 360 pingas (borja + cpu9 + foturan)
9: c4-Style (Sotomonte + Edu)
13: Iced no ha pagado aun (Greward + Iced)
13: Que? (Urulok + Miyu)
13: Joshiers (Phyr + cp2)
13: Orkneetorrinco (Achoral + Lionman)
17: La patata vomitiva (Zoro + Evle)
17: El gorila blanco era mejor (Seton + naT)
17: **** y Tyler (Tyler + ****)
17: Invincible Cheats (water + Darkk)
17: los viola lakas (kei + gatsu)
17: Violardillas pros (grinpis + tase)
17: Le aluden a Kirzo (Kirzo + Me_Aludes)
17: La cabra y el lobo (Nazo + Alber)

Melee Singles:

1: Strawhat Dahean (303,80 €)
2: Over (86,80 €)
3: K-12 (43,40 €)
4: Mugiwara Urulok
5: Qlex
5: Naruto_Naru
7: NeMo
7: Sax
9: Peyudosmith
9: Ynae
9: LDN
9: Kyo
13: AJP_Anton
13: Leon
13: Iced
13: Samper
17: KEI
17: Ksta
17: M.
17: Gatsu
17: Hikotsu
17: Raw!
17: Pepito
17: R10
25: Shiroiken
25: Kaos
25: Evoneh
25: Plinci
25: Marcbri
25: El_bardo
25: TenT
25: Rydle

Melee Teams

1: iced + k-12 (iced + k-12) (119,00 €)
2: STRAWVER ROBHAT DAHEAN (Dahean + Over) (34,00 €)
3: Royalty Duo (M + Peyudosmith) (17,00 €)
4: El GORDO y el flaco (Hikotsu + NeMo)
5: Leon + Bjay (Leon + Bjay)
5: AJP Anton + Pepito (AJP Anton + Pepito)
7: Marvel of the Invincible Duo (Marcbri + Rydle)
7: Divine Pimps (R10 + Samper)
9: Noah le ha hecho un bombo a Laka (Gatsu + Kei)
9: Charby + Kaos (charby + kaos)
9: Ñuubs (Evle + Joshi)
9: This team contains win (Kevab + Sheikonh)
13: greward+raw (greward + raw)
13: txector y satiros (txector + satiros)
13: Top tier (Plinci + LDN)
13: Pol + ORIOL (pol + oriol)
17: We suck (Talvi + Novi)

Congratulations to Kaos and Leon, you took revenge from Lyon lol. Kaos' MK has improven a lot since Lyon from the matches i've seen imo.

For people who expected me to place better, i played Leon's peach too soon and in losers marcbri. I could have won both matches, they were close >.< Bjay was really near to winning me too.

Congratz to Dahean and the melee players who placed well too =P


Smash Cadet
Jan 15, 2009
Spain. Barcelona
9th ^ ^
Even that could have been fourth.

I like playing against and Ajp Qlex, I managed to win a single Qlex, but I think that could have earned more. Still I was impressed with your speed ganon.


Smash Journeyman
Aug 27, 2007
9th ^ ^
Even that could have been fourth.

I like playing against and Ajp Qlex, I managed to win a single Qlex, but I think that could have earned more. Still I was impressed with your speed ganon.
OMG take some english courses


and don't use internet translaters for god's sake.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 12, 2009
The tourney was epic o.o

I promise to improve in order to play less gay (yay, gay mk for win tier :D)

Maybe do shoutouts later, maybe not ._.


Smash Champion
Dec 14, 2008
be afraid kaos, BE VERY AFRAID BE ***** AFRAAAAAAID


Smash Journeyman
Jul 12, 2009
mr-r = knight lv 99 wirth masmune in both hands an 3 black mages casting haste in him.

So Kaos dies in one attack



Smash Lord
Sep 15, 2008
Barcelona, Spain
some shoutouts for the non-spanish players that attended :p

Kaos: **** MK, I'll get you next time in both singles and teams xD me and Rydle beat you again in melee teams xD congrats on first :p ggs!
Leon: Marth player ! you're peach and marth are too good, I saw you're roy too and you ***** me and rydle in melee teams, amazing player and nice person too. Congrats on second place and GGs
Bjay: noo another marth player D: ggs our set was intense xD
Zulu: we didn't play this time D: congrats on top 8
Yama: GGs in pools, original snake xD
Charby: I've still to play you in singles, good games in brawl and melee teams :p
Achoral: we only played in that crew battle, awesome ness !
Qlex: you ***** me in winner bracket, but I'm glad I played you in a serious set, best Ganon I've played, ggs =D
Pepito: debimos ganar teams xD la próxima te encontraré en bracket y te ganaré D: me ha encantado conocerte xD
AJP: thanks for the recording device and ggs on Friday, me and saix got ***** in those team matches xD you're good with many chars D:


Smash Journeyman
Jul 12, 2009
Copying Marcbri idea:

kaos: I wanted to play with you but i was pretty intimidated by our skill gap and also our height gap (how tall are you? o_o 2 meters tall?). You are amazing.
Charby: Sorry for the tornado spam but you know, play 2 win.
AJP: Your luigi is amazing, thanks for recording the videos and sorry for my bad talked english Un_n
Pep: Tu lo lees en SSBspain D:
Achoral: I wished my yoshi were in a better shape, it would be great to do a yoshi vs ness but my yoshi sucks at this moment T_T. Anyway i liked a lot your ness and i liked you a lot too. You gotta tell me how do you got that ssb64 with the Melee controls.
Rest of frenchies: Didn't talk to you for the same reason as Kaos, minus the height thing. Anyway your mindgames made me lose against lionman in pools. FUUUUU D:

Edit: Also people have said me that Qlex was that oh-so-good ganon player, i was enjoyable to play you, didn't see any ganon in years!!! Keep it up, is really good.


Smash Cadet
Apr 10, 2007
Alright dudes. Just a quick story of the tournament/appreciation, and then shoutouts.

The sleeping in the train was plain horrible. Even now I feel like puking on my computer, so for one thing, one lesson : DO NOT TAKE NIGHT TRAINS.

What happened next : I just had to watch all the brawl tournament during Saturday because my mates were doing pretty freaking good. No shoutouts for them in this forum, but I keep them in my mind and heart. I played some Melee freeplay though, and sometimes I was not having a good feeling of my game. Hence why people seem to be complaining about me not playing seriously friendlies, when I was.

I played a little bit of Brawl. Was kinda fun although I really don't want to train Manly Ike that much. Best thing I saw : Zuluicide. Best artistic suicide in crews by far.

Then Sunday was getting serious so I got myself prepared. During pools I played safe so I feel sorry for people who thought they could've beat me, because I thought the same thing.

After that I played the bracket matches. Marcbri was impressed by my Ganon I suppose, I enjoyed the matches and thought that FINALLY, I was playing like normal.

What really puzzled me was my match versus Kyo. I am asked to play on the NTSC version so the tournament would finish earlier. I had seen Kyo taking Peach before so I was like "Well as long as he's not playing Sheik that should be ok, I won't get chaingrabbed to death". So I pick Ganon, the guy is seemingly hesitating (my guess is he wanted to make the surprise like "Oh yeah? Well DIE!", and then he picks Sheik. I was so ****ed up, during the whole match I was hearing every ten seconds his buddys saying CHAINGRAB. I was like "Hmmm let's see... what john should I pick at the end of the match?". So he grabs me and I guess he didn't want to get such an easy/unconventional kill, so he waits for the tech, but he just had to watch where I was teching because of how close I was to him after the downthrow. I was really depressed. GG anyways Kyo, you were really careful during this match, I had a really hard time punishing you.

So I lose that first match, and then I'm like I should pick Kongo Jungle, just for the sake of randomness. I realize the NTSC versions didn't have this stage. At first I was like pissed off, and then...

Wow... I WAS SO HAPPY! NO MORE NTSC VERSION MATCHES WOOHOO!!! I went for the PAL version the rest of the game, and I fled EVERY TV having that "NTSC" tag. **** you, NTSC!

My match against Urulok was thinking matter, too. At first I'm like "WowImrapin", and after two stocks out I play safer so no risk of losing, right? And I lost. No disrespect to Urulok, I really enjoyed his style in freeplay, it was really hard for me to read him (This is also why I wanted to play safer, so it's his win!), and he was more solid than I was in the tournament. The part when I wanted to throw myself out of a window was when I stopped doing that down-B after I edgehop (edgehope lol), and I see him hitting the air like "Oh wow you finally changed!". ****.

After that I'm playing peyudosmith. I don't clearly remember what happened because during the first stocks, I was really close to resetting the match and forfeit. I'm serious.

My match versus NeMo was weird, like many other ones. It's like everybody's speaking Spanish, and you get the feeling nobody's rooting for you. Besides during these matches I saw somebody next to me Falcon Punching the table during his matches, so I was like "yeah right".

Then I played Dahean, I was way more satisfied about my matches, but that's still a losing. Lol @ the barrel angrily gettin' off like "Hmmmmmm no, I'm not your friend", at that moment I was in such a shock I laughed, but with a ten seconds delay.

So I learned some technical things during the tournament, and I'm back to when I was in TSL4 : I need some technical practice, at least to get me more solid. I was not really appreciating the ambience during the tourney, people are not saying a single word during a match, communication is near to impossible, people seemed angry every time they lost etc...

The worst thing was the teams : No teams for me. At first I was supposed to team with Urulok, but then he had to leave. Before that Hikotsu was like "Hey you're teaming with me" so, that was ok so far. And then, after some freeplay I see Hikotsu apparently doing a teams match with NeMo. He explained something to me but I really didn't understand it. Then I'm told I'm not in teams. So the evening was empty for me. I freeplayed against many people, which was nice.

The day after this, we get that people who were supposed to house us had some problems so we went at NaT's place in order to have a shower. I couldn't be more thankful. All the French ate in an insanely good restaurant right after, so "I live... again!".

Overall : It was a very enjoyable tournament, but many things were disappointing. Amongst all the things I didn't talk about, I really want to talk about the brackets. Kaos, Leon and I were the only French players passing the pools. Kaos and Leon were supposed to face each other very early in the losers bracket (according to the seeds both were supposed to lose their matches). Thankfully Dahean managed to change it, and I'm really speechless about it. But the other people were like "No, we can't change it".

That, and one really frustrating thing, perhaps the reason I might not be attending Spanish tournaments in the future : We were not "in the tournament". People were announcing in Spanish only, nobody was speaking a single word of English (like "Tuna Sandwich" and "I ban FD"... WHAT THE HECK!), we had a lot of people smoking right next to us, whereas some of us were disturbed by the smoke a lot.

But most of the people I met were nice, hence the shoutouts :

to everybody who played me for some matches I don't remember a lot : You were all cool, and I had a lot of fun playing smash with you, as usual.

peyudosmith : Campo de Batalla! I'm wanting to train a little bit my Spanish because you made me realize how important it is to talk many languages.

M : You were such a nice guy to offer me something to sleep on. We didn't talk much, but I'm glad you were still going on Melee tourneys.

Hikotsu : Dude I think I read in your forum that you nearly beat me in singles. Wow, I don't even remember playing you in singles, but yeah... anyway you were funny about the bracket errors (like the WTF grand finals and stuff). Next time.

NaT : DUDE THANK YOU You will have our full support once you're in a French tournament, believe us.

NeMo : Why you Samus was nice to play against. I hope you were okay

K-12 : Really cool dude. Brawl match was sick. Too bad I didn't play you in the bracket, but I wouldn't have won either I guess. Your Fox is really nice.

Urulok : Respects dude, your moves are smooth. I hope to play you next time, freeplay or teams.

Over : We didn't play much, but you were really nice. Your English has improved! Thank you very much for that. Badass Sheik!

Dahean : Dude I'm so thankful to you for so many things (translating, bracket, matches). You're such a nice man. Thank you and see you soon.

Pepito : Nice dude. I felt bad for you in Losers finals. I hope to play you/ discuss with you more often if we attend the same tourney. Next time.

I have a lot of work to do so I have to go. I'm sorry if I'm forgetting someone.
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