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  • Hey man, we just fought on For glory..I think.
    I just wanted to say good games, you bodied me pretty badly. lol. It was kinda laggy though, but we are from different countries after all.
    Yes, that should have been me, I play on for glory sometimes when I dont play on smashladder, nice to get more exp with the character :D
    Thanks for teaching me how much I have left to learn :D Assuming it was you I played online
    Well if i were playing Shiek or Rosalina(or Iggy lol) thats me, which char were you playing?
    We had quite a long session of Luigi vs Shiek I think! You destroyed me though aha, I only won if i got a lucky up smash read ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Welp, you tried, so thanks for looking. What boards is it under bcuz I can keep on looking for it. Did you say the Marth Melee Character boards?
    What's up bro? Hey do you have any tips on improving @ this game in general? Any tips on improving my brawl ICs? I main Pit, but I want to make my ICs into a strong secondary. Any tips about going about that? because I don't want to sacrifice time playing ICs when I could be putting it into Pit. I'm asking you because you seem very knowledgeable about this.

    To be honest I have no idea. Just try it out. If it freezes, then it doesn't work. Lol.
    Yo, the german tourney isn't for germans only JFYI....foreigners are probably welcome so if you're interested you could give it a shot (I'm telling you because you mentioned it in the other tourney thread).

    Haha I just saw your signature =P looks kinda weird w/o the context (Staco said they are at least top tier). But keep it up, I mained them for a quite a long time, but couldn't sit through.
    ICs are great (but not Top Tier :p)
    Hej.. ville bara säga att jag hade fel den gången jag sa att "Stale moves" skadar dina attacker även om motståndaren tar dem på skölden x) lol
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