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  • Hey man, i know you dont know me(i was referred to you by Budget Player Cadet) but i was wondering if you could help me out. I am hosting a national brawl tournament(WHOBO 4) this summer in American and i was trying to get Gluttony to come(im willing to help buy or completely buy his plane ticket). The problem is i cant figure out a way to get a hold of him so i was directed to you. Is there any way you could get him to contact me or maybe have him talk through you? I was disappointed he couldn't make apex2012 so i wanna offer him another chance.. Anyways, let me know something if you wanna help me out. Thank you for taking the time to read this VM.
    Salut! Je suis étudiant et je viends d'arriver a Mulhouse pour etudier a l'université. Je viens d'Irlande et je suis interesée aux turnois et je voyagerais. Ca va la scene competitive en France? Ou pres de moi? Merci! :)
    hey Kaos i'm a brawler from Mexico thats here in Paris for a little while. Id like to get together with some of the french brawlers for a smashfest or a small tourney or something. can i have your msn? mine is ZOMGSeiya@hotmail.com
    Im on MSN atm on my bro's account, i tried sephiroth78330@hotmail.com but it didnt work lol.
    Im on MSN atm on my bro's account, i tried sephiroth78330@hotmail.com but it didnt work lol.
    Hey kaos, can you please post the Bushido Impact results in the european tourney results thread if you have them? Thanks

    Didn't want to post anymore in the ranking thread (for obvious reason i think) so im asking it here. What exactly is Inui logic xD ? I've heard it many times before, but never know what it is xD
    Uh... I don't remember that in particular, but by "freezing" I usually understand killing off the game, not halting it, lol.
    But you had the special magic effects with magic being Level 9.99, and of course there were the orbs. :3
    Yeah we'll see. If my team partner (pheX) is going to pick up Brawl again, I'll be doing that, too.
    Anyway, next tournament I'm going to talk to you and hopefully we'll get the chance to play a few matches (and I might practise a bit in order to not get JV 4 stocked lol :p).
    Yeah actually I was :)
    But I might pick up Brawl again, I'm quite satisfied with my results for not playing brawl since SMACK.
    So I hope to see you again at the next international event :p
    So we've been to the same tournament and neither talked nor played, what a shame :`(
    I won the biggest in France so that can't be Glutonny

    Haha, sorry dude^^

    I'm bad at keeping names of players in mind...

    yea that's a shame:[
    hmm you're in France though, im sure the brawl community can't be that big to be well known;)

    anyway do me a favor plox xD
    my thread isn't sticked unfortunetly >.<
    (I've asked a mod but they said no;[)

    i'd appreciate if ya left a quick message there to get it back up there,i'd be sad if it died lol
    lawl lawl,i got to your vid on the evaluation thread xD
    nice G&W btw,i think you played really well

    gave me some ideas
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