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Music Corner #3: Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, and SNK

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the second edition of Music Corner! Here, we'll look at some musical tracks that weren't in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but deserve recognition nonetheless.


I grew up during the Golden Age of Fighting Games (circa 1991-2001) and some of the titles I most often played were Super Street Fighter II, the first Mortal Kombat, Samurai Shodown, Darkstalkers, Killer Instinct and, most importantly to this article, King of Fighters and Fatal Fury. Terry Bogard from both King of Fighters and Fatal Fury is slated to appear next month but what kind of music will he bring?

While Terry Bogard is a video game icon, Fatal Fury hasn’t really seen any action as of late. Technically speaking, Fatal Fury’s last entry was the 1999 Garou: Mark of the Wolves which heavily featured Terry. However, beyond that, Fatal Fury has been touched by SNK for more than two decades. Fatal Fury’s legacy is tied to the more successful King of Fighters. That being said, I’ll focus on music from all three series mentioned as Terry was heavily featured in them. This list will not go in chronological order.

Fatal Fury Music

”Big Shot!” from Fatal Fury 3

Terry has had numerous themes throughout the years but this is the one that sticks out the most. Not only does it represent Terry and Fatal Fury from the Neo Geo days but also was featured in King of Fighters ‘96, King of Fighters XI, and SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. This is one of the more recognizable themes for Terry and fits a good representation of Fatal Fury’s rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack.

Andy Bogard Theme from Fatal Fury 2

For those who don’t know Fatal Fury lore, Andy Bogard is Terry Bogard’s brother and were adopted by Jeff Bogard. Spoiler alert but Jeff gets killed by the criminal martial artist named Geese Howard so Terry and Andy train to get revenge. Having Andy’s theme is a no-brainer and feel adding a track from the Fatal Fury library to be the most appropriate. This mix of jazz and rock fits well with Andy and fits well with Smash.

”Flame Dragon God” from Fatal Fury Special

After Terry, the second most well-known character is Mai Shiranui. She had considerable popularity and support before Terry’s announcement. She’s extremely popular, she’s iconic, she had a workable moveset, and he quite the crossover resume. Perhaps her outfit was a bit to risqué for Smash but it would do her justice to include one of her themes. Much like Andy, I think this one best suits Mai while also fitting well in Smash and potentially with the stage.

”Kissed by Geese” from Fatal Fury: King of Fighters

Geese Howard is the penultimate boss who drove a Terry and Andy to seek revenge. He is a criminal boss from South Town who has an interest in Japanese culture and aesthetics. He is trained in his own brand of martial arts. Geese is one of the more popular Fatal Fury characters and even appeared as a guest fighter in Tekken alongside Street Fighter’s Akuma. I can definitely see this song get arranged or remixed to be more up-to-date.

”Kiss Me” from Fatal Fury 3

This song is the main theme song for Blue Mary. This is important as Blue Mary is the love interest for Terry Bogard just like how Mai is for Andy. Mary has become an important figure for not only being a love interest but also providing a backstory as an investigator to the various crimes in the series. This low tempo and almost blues-like funk would be a welcome changes to the rock music that is often found in SNK music.

King of Fighters Music

”Wild Street (Theme of the Fatal Fury Team)” from King of Fighters XIII

It’s obvious that King of Fighters will have some sort of representation in Smash; especially considering the stage has its logo. This song represents that Fatal Fury team which is composed of the Bogard brothers and their best friend, Joe Hisashi. I see this song as the perfect blend between the two series. While it’s more or less the same rock-type music, it’s one that represents both series and fits with the stage and action.

”Kuri Kinton Flavor (Terry’s Transcontinental Railroad Theme)

I honestly thought that this was going to be the Fatal Fury stage as the Transcontinental Railroad is pretty iconic to the series. The stage has been used in both Fatal Fury and King of Fighters multiple times. While they could use the older versions, I felt this one was more fitting. The song just screams Terry and it would be lots of fun to duke it out to this music.

”Esaka (Hero Team Theme) from King of Fighters ‘96

Also called the theme for Kyo Kusanagi, the main character for King of Fighters. Kyo was a top contender for the coveted SNK spot and was even featured in the beginning section of the Terry reveal trailer. While he couldn’t grab the Smash invitation, perhaps they could extend a hand and use his theme song “Eska”. Unlike lots of King of Fighters music, this one is more electronic rock in it with some really intense yet melodic moments.

”Psycho Soldiers” from King of Fighters ‘95

I am always drawn to music that doesn’t really fit into Smash but still works well. Some include songs like “Ai no Uta”, “Call into the Night”, and “Midna’s Lament”. I think this particular track is interesting given the 90’s J-Pop-style which isn’t something that we have had yet and contrasts against much of the King of Fighters library. For a backstory, Athena is an esper who was originally from the game Psycho Soldier but eventually joined the King of Fighters roster.

Arashi no Saxophone 2”from King of Fighters ‘96

The title loosely translates to “The Storm’s Saxophone” which is fitting given the amazing saxophone section in this song. This song has a nice jazz style to it with a more down and even dark feeling to it. This is fitting as it’s the theme of Team Yagami featuring Iori Yagami, Mature, and Vice. All three characters are pretty bad so a piece that isn’t exactly all doom and gloom but does have a dark style to it is quite fitting. This track would go amazingly well in a battle between Terry and perhaps an Iori Costumed Mii Brawler plus Zero Suit Samus and Bayonetta on the Mii Brawler’s Team.

”Follow Me” from King of Fighters XIV

Rounding out my King of Fighters music would be the theme of King of Fighters XIV, “Follow Me”. I think this is a great track by itself and speaks volumes about the general style of King of Fighters music. The track itself is very high paced and has a heavy metal feel to it. We have music like this in Smash, especially for the Sonic the Hedgehog series but this one just feels more aggressive. I would love to fight in the new King of Fighters stage along with Terry, Ryu, Little Mac, and Ken with this song in the background.

”Spread the Wings” from Garou: Mark of the Wolves

I think this song has a chance of getting in (or other songs from Garou) but only on one condition: that Terry Bogard has his Garou outfit as seen here. While the game was pretty solid, I don’t see any content being included if we don’t get this alternate costume. Still, it has a nice synth-rock touch to it and is the theme of the protagonist, Rock Howard to also happens to be the son of Geese Howard and a student to Terry Bogard. It would be nice to have this song, even without Garou Terry, as a nod to the series.

Misc SNK Music

”Art of Fight” from Art of Fighting

We are sure to get Art of Fighting content is some way. Ryo Sakazaki was featured in both the reveal trailer as well as the Terry gameplay demonstration. It’s likely we could get a Ryo Mii Costume and obviously a Spirit. I think an Art of Fighting song is likely and I feel this song is a good choice. In terms of content, it’s a rather sullen and brooding sense to it mixed in with Japanese influences. I certainly see it being remixed to be more appropriate for Smash.

”Main Theme of Metal Slug from Metal Slug

Because why the heck not? Metal Slug is an SNK property and continues to be popular among fans even today. Metal Slug wasn’t in the Terry revel trailer so it’s probably not likely to get representation. However, it would be a great nod to the SNK library besides the entire Fatal Fury/King of Fighters/Art of Fighting circle. Plus, it’s pretty rocking and would make an awesome remix!

”Banquet of Nature (Nakoruru’s Theme)” from Samurai Shodown

Yes, this is the same song you heard when Samurai Shodown’s Nakoruru failed to catch the Smash Invitation. Much like Ryo, the developers felt adding Nakoruru and Samurai Shodown content into the reveal trailer was important enough. The series is quite popular and has been rebooted by SNK after King of Fighters XIV. What a perfect way to represent the series with Nakoruru’s theme song? It has a mystical and elegant quality that might seem strange in Smash but I think it would get along just fine.

”This is True Love We’re Makin’” from Capcom vs SNK EO 2

Man, my friends and I would just play the London stage just for this music. This is seriously fighting game gold and I would super excited to see this included. I am not sure if the legal issues with including it but it would be well worth it if SNK and Capcom could manage to do so. Maybe it could also help restart the amazing Capcom vs SNK series? I really need some “This is Tuna with Bacon” in Smash! All the ti~me!

Author’s Note: What Fatal Fury/King of Fighters/SNK music do you want to see included in Ultimate or future Smash games? Let us know in the comments below!
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Venus of the Desert Bloom


Blue Mary’s theme sounds a little different from how I remember it. :4pacman:

Also, if we’re talking CVS2, you gotta go with Stimulation. I want that song in Smash so bad, you have no idea:
"Kiss Me" links to a Yoshi's Woolly World song.

Also hard agree on CvS2 music, that game's the reason I know what SNK as a company even is, lol.
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Seems like Terry is going to come with some really good King of Fighters and Fatal Fury music. Sounds awesome looking forward to it!
There's one crucial music that represents Terry's theme in most Fatal Fury games which you guys should consider as well.

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Personally hope we get some songs that mix various versions of them, especially Geese's Theme (ie: goes from Fatal Fury 1 to Fatal Fury Special to later editions used in KOF for different parts). Really think that would be a sick way of showing off different takes on different songs while still being the same one song.

Also I would really like some Medleys. If I could get even just a Samurai Shodown Medley (let alone a Metal Slug or SNK Classic Arcade Medley)... that would be super awesome.
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