Most wanted characters in Smash?


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Mar 24, 2014
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Feels unlikely since not many ppl are asking for it but a Monster Hunter could be so cool.

Having different movesets for the different weapons in the game would be the dream but the more likely setup would be each move using a different weapon.
Could possibly have a rosalina/luma type thing with the palico.
Could use the sharpening mechanic which would be gimmicky but still cool.
For colour variations there could also be different armor sets.

4 real I'm getting hyped just thinking about it. Monster Hunter pls nintendo.
I see a plethora of support for a Monster Hunter (though I personally choose Resident Evil as the next Capcom character, because that's not only a huge franchise in gaming, but the most successful movie franchise to come from gaming, and an entirely new genre of games!).

Anyway, I did not see much support for Joker, or Bayonetta, etc. Never give up. #WhateverItTakes
Mar 11, 2019
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That one's easy for me.
The real chubster, the one and only : Porky Minch.

He's a villain + a cool underused character archetype (mech user).
Apr 10, 2010

I've played all of the Rhythm Paradise games and we were so close to getting a character in Smash 4 last time. That'd be the one first party addition I'd want the most to be added to the roster, I'd be pretty set with those then :D

The third party character I'd want the most would be Crash. Big fan of the series since like forever, and I wanted him in Smash since the Brawl/SSF2 expansion character project days. And now that that has the most plausible shot of happening ever, I sure hope they seize the opportunity. Finally having Mario, Sonic and Crash in the same game would be quite magical.

Those are pretty much my big two wants in terms of characters, I don't have much other notable ones. A Metal Slug character would be pretty neat I suppose.
Jul 1, 2018
Yo, where are the Endless Ocean fans on this thread. It’d make for a hilarious joke fighter if a diver walked onto the battlefield and started attacking with Dolphins and Orcas that do flips.


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May 2, 2019
I would have to narrow it down to...
1. Banjo and kazooie
2. Nightmare (soul caliber)
3. Dante (devil may cry)
4. Sora(kingdom hearts)
5. Spryo the Dragon
6. Crash Bandicoot
7. Ty the Tasmanian tiger
8. Turok

That is all thank you


May 3, 2019
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Geno, and unpopular opinion, Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, mainly because he was an iconic character during the NES era, with his first trilogy of Ninja Gaiden games available for the NES. He wasn’t the only character to be a major icon in the NES era, as other examples include Pac-Man, Simon Belmont, and Megaman, who are all playable characters in Smash today. These characters were important in the NES era when their games were released, but lost their placement in modern times. With the Switch’s online NES library expanding from the addition of old NES titles, the first Ninja Gaiden was one of the titles to be brought to the NES library. It would be a great opportunity for them to add Ryu Hayabusa and get players invested into him, as his original game is already available on the NES library. Tecmo and Team Ninja (the people who created Ninja Gaiden) have close relations with Nintendo, as they’ve worked on titles such as Fire Emblem warriors and Hyrule Warriors. Even though Tecmo was heavily involved in the NES era, they don’t have a character to represent who they are, which is why I would love to see him in smash. He already has titles on a Nintendo system and the developers have close relations with Nintendo.
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May 15, 2019
Hilda from The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds.

Now now, hear me out, there's really only one solid clue I can give you.

Ever since Ultimate dropped, I thought it was strange how Zelda didn't have a Hilda Alt, just her normal dark version. it's strange, because, the design Zelda is based on comes from ALBW, it would've been absolutely PERFECT if they made a Hilda alt.
but they DIDN'T
They decided to keep her Dark alt, and replace one with her Twilight Princess look.

And they got rid of all alternate costumes that are directly copying another fighter. like how they got rid of Pit's Dark Pit costume, and how they replaced Peach's Daisy alt with her Gold one. that makes me believe that Hilda will be a new DLC fighter.

I actually have a few idea's for Hilda's move set, but I'll post that somewhere else.


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Dec 15, 2018
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After much thought, the character I most want in Smash Bros is Liara T'Soni from the Mass Effect series.

Liara T'Soni Moveset Concept
(A quick note: If you're not familiar with the Mass Effect series, you might want to read about Biotics to understand this moveset. If you are familiar with Mass Effect and Liara, please forgive me for including some biotic abilities that Liara never actually had. I don't think it's necessary to be 100% true to canon here, though, and I couldn't come up with a reasonable Smash moveset otherwise.)

**Special Attacks**

Neutral Special - Warp
Applies a biotic field to a target that deals damage over time and reduces target armor. Affected opponents receive additional damage from other attacks while the Warp effect is active. Animation would have a purple-colored biotic field briefly appear a fixed distance in front of Liara and hit any opponent within an area of effect. Minimal shield damage.
Also, primes biotic explosions. If an opponent affected by Warp is hit with another biotic power, a biotic explosion will occur and hit all opponents within a given range. ==> warp combos and biotic explosions are intended to be a core element of Liara's gameplay and her primary means of killing

Side Special - Throw
Toss your enemy through the air with this biotic blast.
Comes out FAST, very low endlag.
Animation is a small, spherical projectile of biotic energy directed at an opponent and travels very quickly. Auto-targets from range but can be avoided (similar to Palutena auto-reticle).
VERY HIGH fixed knockback but low damage. Deals no shield damage at all but CANNOT be parried.
Detonates biotic explosions.

Down Special - Barrier
Surrounds the user with a high-gravity mass effect field that can absorb a fixed amount of damage before dissipating. The barrier will absorb 80% of all damage taken while active. Field can be detonated before expiring to deal damage within a limited radius and detonate biotic explosions on enemies primed with a Warp effect. Has a cool-down period after dissipating. Cool-down is proportionally shortened if the field is detonated prior to absorbing the max amt of damage. (i.e. the more damage absorbed, the longer the cooldown with some minimum cooldown if detonated w/o taking damage) Biotic explosions triggered by detonating the barrier decrease in power in proportion to how much damage the barrier has absorbed.

Up Special - Biotic Charge
The character uses biotics to augment speed and strength, and charges at a target while encased in a biotic barrier. Invulnerable while this power is in effect. Can be angled in any direction. No damage on startup. When it hits, causes in a powerful collision that deals high damage and knockback. High damage to shields. Detonates biotic explosions.

Final Smash - Singularity/Flare
Uses biotics to form gravitational singularity that sucks multiple enemies within a radius to a single area, leaving them floating helplessly and vulnerable to attack. After sucking opponents into the singularity, Liara focuses all of her biotic energy to unleash a huge flare dealing massive damage to anyone within the singularity and detonating massive biotic explosions as the singularity expires sending opponents flying.

**Regular Attacks**

Jab - Liara pulls out an M-6 Carnifex heavy pistol and fires at the opponent. Tap or hold A to fire up to 6 shots before needing to reload. A meter (similar to the ones for Robin's attacks) will display how many shots are remaining. Only has endlag when reloading after the 6th shot. The player can immediately act after the firing animation of any shot prior to the 6th.
Uses biotically charged ammo that applies a weakened warp effect. This warp ammo effect has shorter duration than the Warp ability (Neutral Special) and deals no DOT, but still primes the target for biotic explosions and increases damage taken from other attacks while the effect is active. Biotic explosions primed with ammo are also weaker than explosions primed with the full Warp ability.

Forward Smash - Releases a cascading biotic shockwave. Multi-hit. Charging increases distance the shockwave travels on top of increasing damage/knockback. Lower than average smash damage but higher than average knockback and detonates biotic explosions.

Down Smash - Liara pulls out an Arc Pistol and fires an electric shock attack at the ground in front of her. Literally the same as ZSS's d-smash but with a different gun in the animation.

Up Smash - Liara pulls out an Arc Pistol and fires an electric shock attack upwards above her head.

Tilts - Various melee style attacks.

Aerials - Various melee style attacks. Possibly could have an aerial that involves the M-6 Carnifex or Arc Pistol.


Down Throw - Biotic slam. Levitates the opponent briefly before smashing them into the ground. Detonates biotic explosions, kill throw.

Up Throw - Uses biotic abilit to lift opponent overhead and shoot them with an Arc Pistol. Should start combos at low %.

Forward throw - Levitates opponent and hits them with a jumping kick.

Back throw - Levitates opponent and spins around to biotically hurl opponent in the other direction.
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Jun 17, 2019
Is there a character that you really wanted in smash? I would personally want Geno, but that's just me
Here's my top 10
1. Bandana Waddle Dee (Sakurai leave your bias on the cutting room floor)
2. Shadow (It would be an easy echo)
3. Masked Man (I know Porky is more wanted but come on guys I love Claus)
4. Crash Bandicoot (Please Activision)
5. Rayman (If Micro will let Banjo in then Ubi should let Rayman in)
6. Shantae (She bae)
7. Spyro (Hey Activision it's me again)
8. Zero (X is more likely but I don't care)
9. Sora
10. Geno (The square bois)


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May 10, 2017
1. Mimikyu
2. Ghirahim
3. Cranky Kong
4. Doc Louis
5. Lyn
6. Skull Kid

7. Crash Bandicoot
8. Scorpion
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