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Monthlies@UWaterloo - November 6th Results


Smash Champion
Dec 22, 2005
  • (18 Entrants)
1: Sanuzi
2: weon-x
3: Coolhat
4: sauc3
5: Ministry
5: Hao
7: EWC
7: Acidile
9: Mchen
9: Reggie
9: Kada
9: Riddlebox
13: Gold
13: David
13: Executor
13: NiteCyper
17: Vauss
17: Eltrion

  • (8 teams)
1: weon - x and Ministry
2: Riddlebox and Sauc3
3: Sanuzi and Coolhat
4: David and Mchen
5: Eric and Hao
5: Acidile and Reggie
7: Vauss and Kada
7: Gold and Cyper



Smash Champion
Dec 22, 2005

weon-x: close games in gf, sorry we didn't get any friendlies in! it's always fun playing you so we should set some time aside next time. hope you had fun at my buddy's place on friday night!! :]

Coolhat: hahaha teams were a bit of a mess, we definitely got it next time though. Falco >>>>> Peach ;) ggs

sauc3: didn't get to play on saturday, but friendlies on friday were fun. sorry the kegger was a huge bust! cloud 9 made up for it though :D

Ministry: Thanks for coming out :3 sorry we didn't get to play at all, let alone talk. Busy busy busy, we'll chill soon

Hao: Congrats on your placing! Time to drop that Falcon yo, shiek/marth are your future! Hopefully see you soon

EWC: Always nice seeing you, always impressing me with your technical ability. I like playing you :D so I'll see you Thursday, right?

Acidile: Good **** doing better than last time. You've definitely improved, keep at it!!

Mchen: practice practice practice!! you've got the potential man, it's time to come out every thursday night and step up your game

Reggie: thanks for coming out! always a pleasure haha, hopefully see you at the next one :p

Kada: sorry about your pool! you still managed to get a good amount of experience i hope :)

Riddlebox: fun teams matches, very close. we'll play more of course!

Gold: good **** in the crewbattle, was very impressed! Keep up your improvements

David: Don't get so down on yourself! There's always a way to improve, and I promise that I'll try my best to help. HEROOOOOOO!!

Executor: **** happens man, your Falco is still good. Don't forget that your I.C.s are beast though! <3

NiteCyper: Don't know what to say to you man, except that your mindset is terrible. Your way of thinking will never lead to improvement; in not only smash, but
life as well. I hope you re-evaluate your way of thinking, since you definitely are solid at Melee with that Falco of yours.

Vauss: Thanks for coming out!! Hope you had a good time, didn't really get the chance to talk to you.

Eltrion: Didn't really get a chance to even say as much as hello to you, and I apologize for that. Hope to see you at the weekly events!! I'd love to play you.


Smash Journeyman
Feb 15, 2007
Waterloo, Ontario

Sanuzi: Many thanks for running this tournament, and congratulations on taking first again. =P Don't be sorry about my pool. While it was pretty tough, I'm really happy that I legitimately made it out. I look forward to when we get to play again, I feel like I can learn a lot from you. ^_^

Coolhat: I really enjoyed the few friendlies we got to have, and you wrecked me in pools. =P I'd love to get a little more time to play that Luigi of yours. I feel like Ganon vs. Luigi would be such an interesting matchup. Nice to see someone else repping the mid-tier characters and succeeding. Gives me some hope as a Ganon main. ^_^

Reggie: Always nice to see another Ganon main. You play really solid, and I really enjoyed all of the dittos we got to play. ^_^ We definitely need to play again some time.

Hao: Well played this tournament. I must say, I'm very impressed. We had a lot of good friendlies, and I'm sure I'll be seeing you around at the smashfests real soon. ^_^

EWC: You're just seriously fun to watch. We need to play more whenever the next smashfest comes around, we always have really awesome matches. ^_^

Vauss: Although we didn't do the best, I enjoyed teaming with you. You're a great partner, I just need to learn not to screw up your rests. =P Your Jigglypuff makes me nervous to this day, and I seriously thought you had me in our bracket match. We need to play some more when you're having a good day. xD

Executor: Good matches in brackets, man. I'm not going to lie, I was terrified when you switched your Fox out to Falco. We definitely need to get some more games in next smashfest, they're always pretty intense. =)

NiteCypher: You're a heck of a lot better than I was at my first tournament. Keep it up, man! I'd love to see you out to more of the stuff we put on. I feel like you've got a lot going for you.

Eltrion: It was a real shame that you didn't stick around for the bracket, seeing as you actually made it in. Check out some Doc stuff on the boards here, and watch yourself some videos, and come out to smashfests and stuff, and I guarantee you'll see improvements. And, let's face it, the world needs more good Doc players. ^_^

Sauc3: I had never played you before today, and I don't think we exchanged any words besides "good game," but man, your Jigglypuff absolutely wrecked me. Well played, sir. Hopefully we can play more in the future.

Ministry: Same goes with you. =P I saw you pull off some pretty crazy stuff throughout the course of the day, and I've got to say, that Sheik is bloody impressive. I'm quite pleased that I almost took a game off you. =P One day, one day.

Riddlebox: It's nice to see some people are playing Peach around here. =P We had some really close games in pools, and I definitely want to play you more when I get the chance. Ganon vs. Peach is good fun.

Mchen: You pretty much wrecked me during our pools match, but I'd totally love to play you more. Come out to some of the smashfests so we can get some games going!

Gold: Did we seriously play 1 on 1 for the first time at the tournament? Geez... More games next smashfest!

David: Your delicious-looking food made me jealous. I don't think we played at all during the tournament, and that's a real shame. I very much enjoy playing with you. But I'm sure we'll play real soon. ^_^

Weon-X: Honestly, I don't think we even said a single word to each other the entire day. However, watching you is a sight to behold. I'd be thrilled to get the chance to play you down the road.

Jack: Beating me with my own main. =P You're real good at this game, I must say. Come out to more stuff so I can play you some more and get better. ^_^

Newton: I really enjoyed the friendlies we got to have. You and Jack should actually get out to the real tournament next time. And while you're at it, show up for some smashfests. =P


Smash Apprentice
May 29, 2008
Guess I should shoutout for this one, awesome as it was for me lol

Josh: another great tourney. thanks for the bracket, no shieks lol. <3 also thanks for the encouragement and everything, definitely means a lot after years of failure. T-T ^-^

Weon-X: sorry i couldn't put up much of a fight. =p. ill do better next time

Coolhat: I didn't play you. =/ next time next time

sauc3: you placed higher than me! XD you're definitely still way better than me. really tense games and too bad you made some mistakes (whiffing rests =p). i was literally shaking by the end. anyway beating you was a good experience so thanks =D

ministry: whooped me good in friendlies. lucky i didn't play you in brackets lol

Hao: I'm so proud of you. <3

EWC: bahahahaha get at me Eric. also our team sucked even though it was fun. we should try it more often

Acidile: so happy i avoided you in brackets. we should have played more friendlies so i can figure out what's my best option vs. shiek. =D

Mchen: i actually wouldn't have minded playing you in brackets to revenge last tourney's pool loss. we should have played more friendlies

Reggie: bwahaha brinstar counterpick didn't work this time. =D your ganon is mad fun though. definitely want to play you again

Kada: i hope you're luke. that's who i think you are so if i'm wrong that's a bit embarassing lol. friendlies were good fun and you had my number quite a bit. would've been scary to play you in brackets

Riddlebox: well you wrecked me in crews hard, so god****. next time, next time. maybe you'll be nice and play falco ahaha

Gold: good **** in crews man. you have a good puff. should develop it a bit more. make it more gay. haha

David: WE DIDN'T PLAY ANY FALCON DITTOS sadtimes. oh well i might just paly marth now and gimp you all day long heh

Executor: sorry about the hand. hope it heals up by thursday. absolutely not sorry that i beat you in bracket that was golden i feel so good about myself.

NiteCyper: fun friendlies. you have a good falco. you shouldn't worry about losing. that's not the point. hope to play you next tourney

Vauss: you thoroughly took me to school in friendlies with puff. >.> too bad we didn't finish the pichu match

Eltrion: we didn't play lol. we should though because i neeeever play against docs.

Jack: hi jack

Newton: hi jack's friend


Smash Journeyman
Nov 29, 2009
How far can I ride without turning back?
1: Sanuzi - lol way to knock me off my groove 2nd match into bracket, after ROM and another month...mmm I'm comin for you son, you got no ideaaaa. <3

2: weon-x - Quit following me around, and take off your god**** hat. YOU MAD CAUSE NICK STYLED ON YOU.

3: Coolhat - lol we should money match sometime, we had good matches in pools but I def think I should have played better...the order of Mario's *****es goes Peach > Luigi, she da masta*****. Hopefully see you again sometime soon Chris.

4: sauc3 - *Pew* LOOK at who you're resting when you go for double rests =( Tripple rests don't count if the other is your partner. Good **** carrying me to 2nd, you need to step it up if we're to do it again though >:\ slacker.

5: Ministry - *****slapedddddd Camilo so hardddd mmm mm mmm don't even worry that he took 23 bucks from you in a salty MM O. o?

5: Hao - lol good **** ****** Sauc3, watch out though...if you leave any left it'll be like that ooze from goosbumps..there will be a sequel...*****es are going to die !!! Naw you got this, just don't roll...ever.

7: EWC - We never played :/ why not? We shoulda friendlied at least once if Peach is a bad match up for you lol.

7: Acidile - If we had to play here THEN in London, idk what I'd do. We may as well be friends ? cause apparently we're going to be going head to head foreveahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

9: Mchen - Good **** ****** me yet again in pools lol. You have a really accurate Fox Uair game, dayum.

9: Reggie - HMPH
9: Kada - HMPH
9: Riddlebox - HMPH ...I like how this worked out LOL
13: Gold - You space really well man lol and good **** in the crews tappin that gannon asssss

13: David - lmao I think you're the Bob$ of our community, when I get some commentary /recording going I expect some good background commentary from you sir, too legit lol.

13: Executor - ICs/Falco, It's time.

13: NiteCyper - We are never going on a cruise together, ever again. EVER. It's a necessary skill, you are an amazing camper lol. Don't get discouraged, losing is inevitable if you wanna get better. It all starts with one stock, and you took that stock in crews...your journey begins.

17: Vauss - More friendlies all day, every day. Good bracket match dawg.

17: Eltrion - Look up, FRIENDLIES. I'm all bored in Guelph with only level 1 foxes and Jack =(. (Jack doesn't like to visit)

Jack - You ruined the mood of Grand Finals with your ****ty Peach SFX >=(, come play me more <3.

Newton - You come play me more too. wtf Guelph crew what are we doing.


Smash Journeyman
Sep 26, 2005
Waterloo / GTA
apparently I have to do shoutouts in this thread too wtf, so

shoutouts - speed edition

Sanuzi - you won
weon-x - you almost won
Coolhat - we did puff dittos on brinstar
sauc3 - you're good at this game
Ministry - you are also good at this game
Hao - you should play marth
EWC - you are technical and I didn't play you
Mchen - I want to MM you it would be fun
Reggie - you could've done better at this
Kada - I camped you and CGed you with Sheik it was pretty gay
Riddlebox - you play peach
Gold - you play jigglypuff
David - you play falco
Executor - you DON'T play fox, so stop sandbagging in tourney wtf moron
NiteCyper - you're only allowed to complain about losing if you actually suck but you don't
Vauss - I may or may not have played you
Eltrion - I may or may not have played you
Jack - I need to be playing soooo good to play against you it's hard


Smash Legend
Nov 18, 2007
Spiral Mountain
It's kind of cool to see the non-GTA regions booming with tournaments and competition.

Reminds me of GTA a few years ago.

*a single tear*

Good stuff Josh, Camilo, Chris. Dylan and Nick repping Sheik :)

Nick you gotta learn to Luigi even if coolhat is too good LOL Luigi Sheik is free

Bleh even if your placing wasn't great, James, I dunno how you could have done better LOL you lost to like the top 2 placing people. At least it's not random Fox this time haha. Or is it? LOL GET ***** CAMILO


Smash Champion
Dec 22, 2005
Pfffft, no shout out for me.

I see how it is.

Hope your flu wasn't as bad as you were making it out to be, I figure your exams are today and could be starting any time now so good luck! Hope you got enough studying in. Peach in crews looking technical, as usual. Loving your fox style so much, no more choking in tournament!! And yeah, I just went through the results list for mah shouts, I didn't forget about you :p


Smash Champion
Dec 22, 2005
@Dylan: I like seeing people from the KWCG community actively posting... it's sort of annoying that no one has been recently :( so yes, shoutouts for all!


Smash Ace
Feb 25, 2008
kk let's do this

Sanuzi- Thanks for hosting. Fun matches in pools. Let's play some more on thursday.

weon-x- Our friendlies were really fun. Your spacies are too too good

Coolhat- We didn't play but your wegee is very entertaining to watch

sauc3- Our set was fun. You landed some pretty gross rests on me.

Ministry- I really enjoyed our set. Your sheik is a work of art. I'll work on my spacing like you suggested

Hao- Great job at this tourney. I'm really impressed. Teaming was fun let's do it again.

EWC- Get more technical scrub

Acidile- We didn't play but your sheik is too too gay

Mchen- Our set was fun, let's play later

Reggie- Our pools matches were so hype. Your ganon is so powerful lol

Kada- Your ganon is really fun to watch with the wavelands and all. Let's play on thursday

Riddlebox- We didn't play at all =(

Gold- Great job in crews, fun set in bracket.

David- I'm really impressed by how much you've improved recently; Your falco is getting soooo good. Also your commentary is the best.

Executor- Your fox is trash. Stick to falco and stop sandbagging in tournament plz

NiteCyper- Did we play? I'm not sure...

Vauss- Fun friendlies
Eltrion- We didn't play at all =(


Smash Lord
Feb 26, 2006
Lavender Town

Sanuzi: Haha GGz man, maybe next time you'll beat me in our secret encounter. Remember, in my dreams you never win.
We gotta do something again, I'll put the effort though

Coolhat: MAH ***** COOLHAT BUSTIN DOWN THE KWC SCRUBS GOOD **** SON. Repping up dat super hispanic, car mechanic. LUISS!!

Sauga: We da bess

ScrubsK.W.C.whereverthatisntGTA: Scrubs.


Smash Rookie
Jul 27, 2007
Wow I randomly found this thread from Google. What a blast from the past. I guess I felt very unconfident compared to you guys. Thanks for the shout-outs guys. Thanks to Gold for teaming with me. I mostly remember Sanuzi kicking my ass. I'll never forget "Takin' 'im on a cruise" XD I hope you're all doing well!
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