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Mini-Creation Thread: Hypothetical Challenger Packs (Submit a Resident Evil Stage)


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Nov 7, 2018
Switch FC
I did write a moveset back in Champion's "Smashboards Creates: The Super Smash Bros of Another Universe!" thread, so here you go for a submission, with some edits like a new gimmick/mechanic:

If additional stuff like taunts, costumes and idle/victory animations are acceptable for moveset jobs by Perkilator's official words, I can add them in a separate spoiler tag at the same post later on.

Most of Rayman's moveset are based on the attack system in Rayman Origins and Legends, with some aspects borrowed from the other games.

Rayman can use a wall jump, crawl on the ground and even glide in the air by spinning his hair like a helicopter to slow down his descent similarly to Peach's.

For his gimmick, Rayman will utilize a gauge from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc that fills out the more he hits an attack on opponents or the more he gets hit. Once it's full, a gauge will gain a "2x" icon and Rayman will get access to new special attacks and a special grab. Using a specific special attack while under this meter will give new attributes, though it will drain a gauge faster until it resets back to zero when empty.

Normal Moves:
  • Jab Combo (Tap/Repeatedly) - Rayman does a series of three consecutive punches (left, right, left) before finishing up with a stronger, right punch.
  • Jab/Side Tilt/Neutral Air (Hold) - Telescopic Fist: Like Steve, Rayman can attack while moving around by spinning his fist. Releasing the button will make him shoot it forward a distance depending on charge before it flies back to him. When fully charged, his fist will turn golden and do more damage (referencing a Golden Fist power-up).
  • Side Tilt - Rayman punches twice and then does a roundhouse kick as he leaps forward. Like in Origins and Legends, this can be done by pressing a button three times while moving.
  • Up Tilt - Rayman performs a right hook upwards, then follows up with a upwards left hook when pressing the button again.
  • Down Tilt - Rayman does a sweeping kick with his right foot, tripping an opponent when close to them.
  • Dash Attack - Rayman twirls around like a pirouette as he spins his fists twice, while running forward.
Smash Attacks:
  • Side Smash - Rayman rears back and starts to wind up his fist by spinning it around. When released, he will punch forward with a enlarged fist.
  • Up Smash - Same as his Side Smash, except that Rayman performs an spinning uppercut instead of punching forwards.
  • Down Smash - Rayman winds up a fist over his head and then punches the ground, creating a small shockwave around him. It can meteor-smash if used on a ledge or a thin platform.
Aerial Attacks:
  • Neutral Air - Rayman simply performs an aerial kick forward mid-air.
  • Forward Air - Rayman puts his fists together and then quickly swings them downwards in-front of him with a double axe handle. It can meteor-smash when timed correctly.
  • Back Air - Rayman performs a backwards kick, swinging from in-front of quickly to behind him like Cloud’s Back Air.
  • Up Air - Rayman kicks upwards with his right foot growing in size.
  • Down Air - Bodyshot: Rayman takes his body/torso and chucks it downwards a fair distance before it comes back, meteor-smashing opponents below him. Based on one of his moves in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3.
Grab/Throw Moves:
  • Grab - Rayman reaches out both of his hands to grab the opponent.
  • Special Grab - Lockjaw: Rayman shoots out a bear-trap attached on a chain in his hand that latches onto an opponent and pulls them towards him. He can also use it to hang on ledges with a tether recovery.
    • Lockjaw Attributes - Makes Rayman's forward/back throws stronger and allows him to shoot a bear-trap to inflict damage like Min Min’s Dragon arm by pressing the button again when attacking.
  • Pummel - Rayman simply headbutts the opponent with his head. If Rayman has Lockjaw, he will shock the opponent by electrifying them through a chain.
  • Forward Throw - Rayman picks up an opponent with both hands and starts carrying them around while his mobility decreases during this, able to toss them in any direction. Based on how he uses pickable objects in Rayman 2 and Donkey Kong’s Forward Throw. If he has Lockjaw, Rayman will spin the opponent around before throwing them forward, being able to hit others while doing so.
  • Back Throw - Rayman spins the opponent around and then tosses them backwards. If he has Lockjaw, he will perform the Forward Throw, but tosses the opponent behind him instead.
  • Up Throw - Rayman holds the opponent with both hands and then tosses them into the air like his Forward Throw’s upwards variation.
  • Down Throw - Rayman slams an opponent into the ground, bouncing them right up.
Special Moves:
  • Neutral Special - Magic Fist: Rayman shoots a light orb forward from his hand. He can launch up to two at maximum, angle shots diagonally upwards or downwards and move forward/backwards & jump while charging them. When a weaker orb hits the surface or gets reflected, it will become stronger and faster with each bounce, able to ricochet two times. It explodes on-contact when touching an opponent, item or destructible objects. A full explanation for the move is in BirthNote/GeneticDestiny's post.
  • Neutral Special (2x) - Heavy Metal Fist: Rayman does a charging pose as he winds up his spiked fist way faster than his Telescopic Fist and Side Smash. When released upon a full charge, he will perform a powerful punch in-front of him that deals massive damage when connected.
    • Heavy Metal Fist Attributes - Makes Rayman’s fist attacks more stronger and makes it easier to meteor-smash/spike opponents with certain moves.
  • Side Special - Walking/Flying Shell: An explosive shell with legs suddenly appears out of nowhere as Rayman rides it straight forward. When hitting something, it will explode. Rayman can jump out of it while it runs (as it continues doing so), otherwise, he will take a little damage when exploding. In the air, he will use a flying shell that flies horizontally with it's boosters.
  • Side Special (2x) - Shock Rocket: Rayman launches out a small, fast rocket from his fist, which he can then control around for a short time akin to Snake’s Nikita before exploding. It also explodes on-contact when hitting an opponent or any surface and deals a lot of damage at high percentage.
    • Shock Rocket Attributes - Gives Rayman’s fist attacks an explosive effect when landing them and allows him to use a weaker, non-controllable version of the rocket with slight homing capabilities.
  • Up Special - Super Helicopter: Rayman’s hair suddenly changes to blue as he rises up into the air by spinning it like a helicopter, being able to freely fly around for a few seconds. After this, he will fall down as he uses his helicopter hair to glide slowly onto the ground. While flying, Rayman can be easily vulnerable.
  • Up Special (2x) - Throttle Copter: Rayman will wear a propeller helmet on his head and then soars vertically with a higher distance before free-falling, able to move left or right while ascending. A propeller can also damage opponents above his head with multiple hits.
    • Throttle Copter Attributes - Allows Rayman to have higher, floatier jumps, a slower fall speed and better control for his glide.
  • Down Special - Plum Drop: Rayman pulls out a large purple plum and places it directly below him, able to stand on it as a platform and damage opponents when it bounces around by attacking it. Rayman can also catch it by pressing the “grab” button, able to carry and throw it forwards or upwards like his cargo throw.
  • Down Special (2x) - Vortex: Rayman reels his fist back and then punches forward, creating a yellow tornado that flies in-front of him. If it touches an opponent, it will reduce their size for a short time. When used in the air, Rayman will shoot a vortex diagonally downwards.
    • Vortex Attributes - Each of Rayman’s fist attacks shoots a smaller tornado, which slightly damages an opponent while pushing them away with its windbox. When using a Side Smash, it will hit multiple times and briefly trap an opponent in-place.
  • Final Smash - Legends Attack: Rayman whistles to summon Bzzit, a moskito, who flies forward at quick speeds to blitz through opponents, triggering a cutscene where Rayman and his allies/friends (Globox, Barbara, Ly hence the manual/lore and artwork, Grand Minimus, Goth Teensie and Murfy) jumps towards opponents and starts beating them up akin to Shulk’s Chain Attack. Rayman then does a finishing, powerful punch that sends them flying out long distances.
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Oct 14, 2016


Think it would be an interesting & unique stage theme. Perhaps some of the art of characters & locations can serve as some sort of stage hazards as well.


Smash Champion
Sep 26, 2021
Fairy Glade

Fairy Glade is a level from Rayman 2: The Great Escape, the stage would be a main straight platform surrounded by the water with two platforms,on the stage there are cameos,the cameos are Globox, Ly, Barbara, Murphy and the razorbeard's ship.


Smash Champion
Apr 11, 2022
Band Land Design:
Hazards might appear out of nowhere like in the Original Game, Mr. Sax appears as a Stage Boss in the Background where he will shoot Wrong Notes at the players.


Smash Ace
Mar 15, 2018
Rayman 1
  • first steps
  • moskito boss theme
  • harmony
  • MrDark's theme

Rayman 2
  • woods of light
  • final boss theme

Rayman 3
  • land of the livid dead
  • hoodoo sorcerer
  • snowboard theme

Rayman Origins
  • darktoon chase
  • first staffs
  • no where to run
  • chasing a dream

Rayman Legends
  • once upon a time
  • Ray and the beanstalk
  • laser mayhem
  • mechanical dragon
  • Grannies world tour


Smash Champion
Apr 11, 2022
Spirit Board:
Globox (Ace)
Barbera (Ace)
Murfy (Advanced)
Betilla (Ace)
Ly (Ace)
Razorbeard (Ace)
Andre (Ace)
Polokus (Legend)
Mr. Dark (Legend)
Grand Minimus (Advanced)


Smash Legend
Apr 8, 2018
The perpetual trash fire known as Planet Earth(tm)
Vote for your top 3, just not your own.
  1. Not a protag
  2. 3rd party
  3. Arcade
In the meantime, here's my submission for Rayman's Classic Mode:

Limbless Legend (fights characters referencing the first game in Stamina battles)

3D Land​
First Steps
Giant :ultkingdedede:
Band Land Ω​
Duet with Mr. Sax
Giant :ultrob:
Mushroom Kingdom U
(Rock Candy Mines)​
Mr. Stone ~King of the Mountain~
Paper Mario​
Space Mama
150HP each​
Great Cave Offensive
Chasing a Dream
Horde battle​
Giant :ultridley:
Arena Ferox Ω​
Venomous Mr. Skops
Bonus Game
Final Round​
Dracula's Castle​
Mr. Dark's Dare
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