Make Your Move 9: [Now Defunct]

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Feb 1, 2008
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And now for the results of our very first MYmini contest. . .

1. Griswold House by BKupa666 (6 votes)
1. Springfield Tire Fire by n88_2004 (6 votes)
3. Somber Town by MasterWarlord (5 votes)
3. Festive Floats by Junahu(5 votes)

Escape Rapist Santa by SmashDaddy (4 votes)
The Hidden Basement by Darkslash (4 votes)
Mall Santa's Workshop by MarthTrinity (3 votes)
Halloween Town by Kris121 (3 votes)
Christmas Town: Present Factory by TWILTHERO (3 votes)
The Most Horrible Xmas Ever by Marioman19 (2 votes)
Straight No Chaser by Kitsuneko345 (2 votes)
Roving Danger Field by Thrice (1 vote)

Thank you to everyone who participated and to everyone who voted as well! Congrats to the winners! Yay!

Stupid poster is stupid.

Also, I'm actually pleased with the results. I guess this might motivate me more in the future. :glare:


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Aug 19, 2007
And now for the results of our very first MYmini contest. . .

1. Griswold House by BKupa666 (6 votes)
1. Springfield Tire Fire by n88_2004 (6 votes)
3. Somber Town by MasterWarlord (5 votes)
3. Festive Floats by Junahu(5 votes)

Escape Rapist Santa by SmashDaddy (4 votes)
The Hidden Basement by Darkslash (4 votes)
Mall Santa's Workshop by MarthTrinity (3 votes)
Halloween Town by Kris121 (3 votes)
Christmas Town: Present Factory by TWILTHERO (3 votes)
The Most Horrible Xmas Ever by Marioman19 (2 votes)
Straight No Chaser by Kitsuneko345 (2 votes)
Roving Danger Field by Thrice (1 vote)
Wow, that's 3 votes better than expected! :cool: Congrats to the winners, and thanks to those who voted for me.

That said, expect a set from me maybe on Christmas. And as for the new MYMini...well, I got a few ideas up my sleeve. :bee:


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Aug 24, 2008
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In memory of Wizzerd. . .


Yes, that’s apparantely the fan given name for this poor sucker, considering he doesn’t actually have one. The fat zombie is a generic enemy from Splatterhouse 3, and is known for having retardedly large sums of HP, preventing you from proceeding until you finish off his fat ass and stalling off many minutes off the timer single handedly. Unfortunately for him, he is pitifully slow and takes massive amounts of hitstun, meaning he can’t do anything more than kill you via time.


SIZE: 10

The fat zombie has no movement, sure, but look at that weight, which even comes with an immunity to all set knockback attacks! Even if you get him to 999%, you’re not going to get this fat fuck to move a single inch. . .Okay, maybe it’s not that bad. After around 60 seconds of attacking him constantly while he’s at the center of the stage, you can barely manage to move him to the other side of the stage and knock him off. Just be glad he takes QUADRUPLE hitstun from everything – the match is going to be just as miserable for him as it will be for you.

A particular thing to note is the fat zombie’s crouch has him limbo, with his gigantic mouth facing upwards. If any items fall into his mouth (Which covers his entire body from above), he’ll automatically devour them. If he is hit in this stance, he’ll take knockback and hitstun as normal but he won’t exit the stance. What does this mean? It means if it all goes to sudden death the Fat Zombie wins, as he can just devour all the bob-ombs that spawn above him passively and wait for the foe to die to them.



By far, this is the fat zombie’s fastest move and can be used while he’s in his massive quantities of hitstun. The problem? He can only use this in hitstun once every 15 seconds. The attack involves him falling forward to envelop the foe in his gigantic mouth. The problem is, if he misses he’s left in his prone state, and he has the WORST get-up attacks and rolls from getting up in the game, being laughably laggy and offering him little to no protection.


The fat zombie attempts to digest the foe inside of himself – this is a pummel KO in the vein of the Count, Swalot, Negative Man, what have you. It takes roughly 4 seconds of non-stop pummeling to KO the foe, and this all must be accomplished in a single grab, unlike the Count. Yeah, have fun with that, when your grab is no more difficult to escape than any other and you automatically get to laughably high percentages.


The fat zombie enters his grab-release animation, getting up as the foe exits his stomach, but chomps at the foe as they attempt to exit his stomach. If the foe doesn’t perform a dodge or shield immediately, they’ll get chomped for 25% and great knockback that KOs at 100%. If they do this when they escape your grab, normally, though, you can casually re-grab them.


The fat zombie turns around and throws the victim up onto the floor, dealing 16% and causing a bit of puke to be knocked onto the floor, covering the foe’s feet in it for 30 seconds and preventing any form of movement, jumps, or attacks involving their legs. Thankfully, they still –can- attack while their feet are caught in the vomit, but if they knock the fat zombie out of their attack range they’ll be stuck there while the Fat Zombie is free to do as he pleases. Of course, intelligent foes will just use moves that only do flinching, so whatever. . .That said, they –are- prime targets for a regrab, though they still can spot dodge you. Unfortunately, any knockback the foe takes will knock them out of this early.


The fat zombie spits the foe upwards with good set knockback but horrible knockback growth. Considering your throws are some of the very few moves you can pull off, this is your only real way to get the foe into the air. This deals 15% and knockback that kills at 130%.


No animation whatsoever happens, but the foe is no longer actually in the Fat Zombie’s grab but are instead underneath him in their prone state. While this also leaves the fat zombie in his prone state, which is never a good thing, the goe will almost always do a get-up attack due to their constant button mashing, giving you enough time to roll away and get-up, moving back towards the stage ever so slightly – it’ll take them a hell of a long time to make up for that lost ground with that weight of yours.



The fat zombie vomits up a stream of goo forwards, covering a Battlefield Platform’s worth of goo in front of himself that lasts 30 seconds. This is very laggy, but it keeps the foe’s feet stuck if you can pull it off much like the goo in your bthrow. . .Not that you’ll be able to pull it off. If the foe is planking you (Extremely likely) though, keep in mind this move spikes more powerfully than Ganondorf’s dair and ignores all form of invulnerability frames that aren’t dodges. . .


The fat zombie falls over in an identical fashion to his grab, but then proceeds to roll forwards 2 Battlefield Platforms, his body a hitbox that pitfalls foes, though is out-prioritzed by anything. While he does this at an absolutely pitiful speed, he rolls over vomit from his Neutral Special at 5x his regular speed due to sliding along it. There’s very little start and end-lag to this move, meaning if you can speed up the duration it’s actually viable.


The fat zombie hurls forward a massive ball of his poison forwards the size of Bowser, dealing 20% but no knockback. . .Instead, it poisons the foe, dealing 1% per second for the rest of the game, killing the foe once they reach 999% from poison. This means that YOU will be the one to benefit from all of the stalling in the match. . .Not that you can ever pull off this move with ******** lag longer than Warlock Punch.


The fat zombie turns to look downwards, then vomits downwards a stream of puke to propel himself upwards, the stream of puke doing a couple hits of 2% and flinching not that it matters. This is a surprisingly good recovery, taking him up a whopping 6.5 Ganondorfs, but it is incredibly laggy and begs to be gimped, taking the fat zombie a full 3 seconds to finish. However, the fat zombie can cancel this move at will, though it will use up his “fuel” until he touches ground. Horizontal recovery is uneeded, considering how hard it is to knock the fat fuck around.



The fat zombie turns to face his mouth downwards, stalling in mid-air briefly as he goes through the lag, then falls downwards at his natural insane falling speed. During this move, foes can go inside of the fat zombie where he is solid from the inside and takes no hitstun, damage, or knockback. If he hits the ground with this move with a foe inside him, he enters his grab. If he hits the ground with nobody inside him, he has 500 years of landing lag AND enters his prone state. Off-stage this is an obvious suicide KO, but the fat zombie can cancel this into Up Special. If the player is skilled enough to use Up B when the foe dies but before the Fat Zombie can, he can actually survive this. . .Though then again the foe will probably come gimp you on their next stock. Ah well, it’s a good way to get the final KO on them.


The fat zombie leans back in the air, impressively moving back almost his entire massive frame back a bowser width, before springing back into place, dealing 20% and knockback that kills at 115%. A decent counter, but with horrible end lag and worse landing lag – if you land this move while he’s leaning back you’ll enter your prone state.


The fat zombie does what’s essentially an aerial version of his grab like with his dair, but collapsing forward like in his grab animation. The similiraties are all there, but this move has a good deal more lag, making it unviable. However, the fat zombie is chomping during the move, causing foes to take 10% damage and slight knockback to foes who come into contact with him rather than grabbing him. Fascinating. You don’t want to use this move in the air, though – if you trigger the landing lag of this move, particles of earth will be flung up in the air as the fat zombie chomps in the ground, defending him from all sides with mass flinching hitboxes of 1%. They linger around a bit before falling into the ground, not only covering the fat zombie’s end lag but giving him a chance to actually prepare an attack or two.


The fat zombie air dodges normally, something he does a hell of a lot, then chomps. This deals 25% and knockback that KOs at 100%, but has horrible ending lag. You’re best off using this as a surprise KO move, if you use this move to make foes scared of you air dodging you’ll only get punished for it – don’t miss with this, please.


The fat zombie turns upside down in mid-air and performs his Up Special. This has all the properties of Up B damage wise, but the fact he’s doing this to go DOWNWARDS doubles his already insane falling speed, spiking foes and dealing 20% to them. If they land on the stage, they’ll be guaranteed to be hit again by the fat zombie, taking another 20% and getting pitfalled. Sadly, unlike the Up B this can’t be canceled.



The fat zombie alternates between punching forward with his right and left hands, dealing 5% and flinching each hit. The fat zombie moves forward with each hit, meaning this is impossible to DI out of, but foes will obviously be able to escape it once the Fat Zombie moves them across the entire stage with it. This can deal excellent damage, but if you succeed and get the foe to the end of the stage you’re exactly where you don’t want to be, and are actually vulnerable to being KO’d. This also isn’t the fastest move to start up, and has a lot of lag to exit the stance.


The fat zombie performs Dedede’s dashing attack, but his body is a grab hitbox as he falls. No, he does not enter his regular grab stance, foes are simply dragged forward with him as he falls, and take 10% from the move. This move does NOT stop at ledges, meaning this can be a source of suicide KOs, and the foe WILL die first. In addition, if you slide forward on vomit from your Neutral Special your pratfall will be prolonged and you’ll slide along it very quickly, it taking a good chunk of stage for you to lose your momentum. . .Of course if you miss, you’re going down alone.


The fat zombie spits forward some glowing acid unlike his regular puke, causing the foe’s controls to be reversed for 30 seconds and massively increasing the foe’s turning lag. Hopefully, the foe immediately turns around to face away from you and runs in the opposite direction a decent ways to give you some space.


Swinging one of his stretchy arms forward, the fat zombie performs a fierce uppercut, exclaiming “BLAAAARG!” (which comes out sounding somewhat like Smady) as he strikes the foe and jumps up a ways with them dealing 5% and light set knockback. At the top of his jump (which is only a few inches off the ground really), the fat zombie sprays a stream of vomit onto his foe, pushing them away kind of like FLUDD dealing no additional damage by acting as a good GTFO away move. If Fat Zombie misses with the first part of the move though (which is very easy, the range is less than a Mario Side Smash) the fat zombie won’t spray out the stream of gunk and will instead fall face first to the ground after his flubbed Ryu-esque rip-off.


Now that we’ve established that the fat zombie is a Poison type Pokemon, he dissolves into acid on the ground, then suddenly moves at a far faster speed than his normal speed – he moves –almost- as fast as Ganondorf’s dash! He is invulnerable to all attacks while in this state, and he comes up under where the foe was when he first used this move, assuming they were on the same ground level as he was. If they aren’t, he immediately comes out of this move. Onch he comes out of the acid, he attempts to chomp the foe for 20% and knockback that kills at 118%, but this is far too telegraphed to ever hit. While this has little ending lag and can be used as a somewhat viable approach, foes can just run to the opposite side of the stage as you as you approach and continue to campcampcampcampcampcamp. You call this move OOC? Hardly. The fat zombie actually does this in-game! . . .As his death animation. . .



What do you mean puns died out after MYM 4?!? The fat zombie rips off his arm, blood spurting out from the wound in massive quantites. Fun for the whole family! The fat zombie then throws his arm forward, dealing 10-17% and knockback that kills at 180-150%. It’s a pretty pitiful projectile, only going forward 1-2 Battlefield Platforms, and it disables the fat zombie from using this move or his jab again until he gets his arm back. The fat zombie can go pick up his arm like an item after which he re-attaches it, but the idea of the foe giving you the time to do that is laughable.

However, inputting this move when your arm is already on the stage will enable you to control the arm, even if the Fat Zombie is in hitstun. The arm moves at Ganon’s dashing speed with decent jumps, and can smack foes with A to deal decent hitstun to foes or use B to latch onto foes, and must be knocked off like a Pikmin, dealing 2% per second. If the arm latches onto the foe’s head, they must escape like a normal grab. While the arm has only 25 stamina, if takes no hitstun, and if it latches onto its master it re-attaches to him automatically, fully healing itself. If the arm is destroyed, it regenerates on the Fat Zombie 20 seconds later. Input fsmash while controlling the hand to resume controlling the fat zombie early. This is an essential move, as it helps you get out of your endless hitstun.


The fat zombie vomits upwards, creating a hitbox that deals 16-27% and knockback that kills at 145-115%. If it covers the fat zombie or the foe, then whenever they attack somebody with a physical move they will become stuck to them. This sticky acid lasts 30 seconds, meaning the foe has to wait for 30 seconds for this to expire, doing next to nothing. Both you and the foe are immune to this effect for 10 seconds after it expires and it doesn’t stack. This isn’t a laggy attack, but the acid hangs around in the air for a painfully long time before finally coming down to cover you. If the foe attacks you the whole time, they can budge your fat ass away, but then they’ll probably get covered in the acid themselves. . .Though they can still just camp at you. If they try to kill you, they’ll just get killed themselves as they fall down with you.


The fat zombie collapses forward in an identical animation to his grab, then chomps rapidly to dig into the ground. After he’s finished digging a tomb for himself, he turns to face upwards and spits the rocks back up to cover himself. He can stay underground for as long as you please, immune to all but earthshaking attacks. Pressing A has the fat zombie use his dtilt to come out of the move, while pressing B has him just chomp his way out, dealing 20-30% and KOing at 115-90%. This is slightly more laggy but far less telegraphed. Aside from stalling, the fat zombie CAN grab a foe normally with this attack, and they will be unable to escape the grab until the Fat Zombie comes up to the surface, taking 1-2% per second.


Shamelessly proving that Final Smashes don’t matter, Gigaskhan comes out of nowhere while the Fat Zombie automatically performs his dsmash, gaining invulnerability as he does so. You can now control Gigaskhan for 20 seconds, after which you regain control of the Fat Zombie. Hey, Rocket Grunt had this Final Smash and placed second, why can’t the Fat Zombie?

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Apr 29, 2007
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On December 20th 2009,
Members of the MYM community ignored Wizzerd's warning,
That a Nuclear Apocalypse would destroy the world,
As Master Warlord the detail Nazi sent nukes all over the world,

Especially to Israel.

Wizzerd – boy skylark that he is – had a plan,
He knew a guy who knew a guy,
Who knew a guy who had a job,
Where he had access to blueprints...



As you can probably see, Kupa got darn buff since the original Wiz and Kupa - not to say he wasn't a fine male specimen back then, and one of the best looking MYM boys, but now he's a certifiable HUNK <3 and this means his power is maximum - in Smash, this means he has seven out of ten powers. Wiz is always following behind him and, after how FRICKING BAD he was in the original has been delegated to being a prop. MYM8 leadership flashbacks... pain... ARGH. :c

Not like it matters. You have the best set ever to also help you out, but Wiz and Kupa have EXTRASENSORY CONTROLS. These are effects each move has allow for you to affect the enemy player - and no, just because they're your enemy doesn't mean they're black! People keep saying that. :reverse:
Not to say Wiz didn't hate the blacks a lot, oh boy

also Wizzerd is small because he sucks. about the size of this pokemon - :209:


Neutral Special: Kiss of Life

Against his will, Kupa picks up Wiz and KISSES HIM :c <3?

Don't worry, though, this isn't a real kiss. Just like Girugamesh from DragonBall Z, by holding his breath, Kupa stops time. He can stop time for as long as he's kissing Wizzerd, which is for a maximum of ten seconds, in which time the opponent cannot move and is dealt 1/2% damage. However, seeing as he's can't attack, Kupa can't do anything about it. When finished, Kupa throws down Wizzerd, pops out a gun and shoots himself in the brain. Immediately, a rift in time opens and a new Kupa steps out - exactly the same, but NEW AND IMPROVED!


In real life, the person playing as your opponent starts uncontrollably BARKING LIKE A DOG BOW WOW WOW. How embarassing. :bee:

This last for as long as Wizzerd is being kissed... stop that already, Kupa... shlut... :glare:

Side Special: King Pennywise Returns

Kupa and Wiz step to the side invulnerably as they look behind them - it's Pennywise! Yes, that's right, and he's on the flying ship from Donkey Kong Country Returns! Why so surprised? He's the new villain replacing King K. Rool! ;)

SOOOO FOR THE next twenty seconds, Pennywise will say stuff from his film like, "you want a balloon?" and bla bla bla. What's really important is, you can use this move as many times as you like with nothing bad happening! Flood the screen with Pennywises saying annoying things until your speakers blow or your opponent gives in! :bee:


Your opponent wets themselves. Even if they're PARCHED, hell, DRAINED, they still will. And the most yellowy type of pee pee ever. They know, you know, just don't make a big deal out of it. :c

Up Special: Random Steelix

From between Kupa's legs, a Steelix rips from his shorts! For the rest of the match, he will be blurred down THERE.

For the next three seconds, Wizzerd will ride the Steelix like the dragon from Neverending Story. This would be touching, if not for it COMING FROM KUPA'S CROTCH!? :c


As a result of Kupa's pingas flying off the handle, the opponent will be highly AROUSED, likely too aroused to continue playing. It's a test of stamina fighting against Wizupa Mark Deux baby! :awesome:

Down Special: Child Abuse

Fed up of the abuse Wizzerd has suffered, a court house falls two Captain Falcon's dashing distance for one second away, squashing anyone hit by it, dealing 12% damage. The court then opens up like a doll house, with JUDGE DRE residing. Remember that when he's laying down some sick beats, there are consequences for breaking the law.

This may take a while... if anyone attacks Kupa or Wiz for the next five seconds, Judge Dre will POP A CAP IN YO WHITE ***, dealing 10% damage and knockback that kills starting at 50%.


Your opponent will fall into a PIT OF SNAKES that appears underneath them. There are some cobras down there, so make sure they don't die! At the same time, you have to break some eggs to make an omelette - and who says MARTH TRINITY needs his stupid legs anyway?


Forward Smash: Chris Benoit

OH NO IT'S THE KIDDY STRANGLER! That's right, Lord Benoit descends from the heavens and attempts to grab Wizzerd, but is batted away by his protector, Kupa. Everyone involved is a hitbox that deals 10% damage and knockback that kills at 70%. :scared:



From beyond the grave, Chris Benoit appears next to your opponent - but it's only an illusion! But it will do its best to unnerve them, including doing a naked dance and morphing his face into Carlton from The Fresh Prince. If this doesn't win you the game, I don't know what will.

Up Smash: PIKA!

Taking advantage of his electric-typing, Wizzerd uses Pikachu's down special. Same properties and everything, but the move turns Wiz into Pikachu... wut :mad:

From now on, Pikachu is on your team, with a level 1 CPU's AI. Fortunately, monsters don't have any rights! Friendly fire is on - drop DRE on that *****. KILL PIKACHU :mad:


For the first five seconds, your opponent just seems to grow hairier. Slowly, over the course of the next minute, they start to grow more and more animal-like qualities, until turning into a creature resembling Splinter from TMNT. If they lose the brawl, they'll remain like that FOREVER.

Down Smash: Morphing Time

Wizzerd strips, revealing a blurred image where he used to stand. Over the next few seconds, Wizzerd starts to "form" into Kupa - until they become one. This only works if Kupa's pants were ripped off by STEELIX, otherwise you're just a PAEDOPHILE </3.

The benefit of this is you never have to see Wiz by himself again; he's a liability. Much like RL :glare:


The opponent grows a set of plump bosoms - if female, they'll grow another pair. And so on for as many times as you press this. Also works if a dog is playing the game. ;)


Neutral A: Fat Explosion

Bagpipes play as Kupa starts to get fatter. He then explodes, sending MEATY CHUNKS all over the battlefield and killing anyone within five Bowsers instantly. Immediately, a new Kupa appears, this time rocking some SWEET SUNGLASSES. :cool:


Dat *** becomes bigger, as the booty of your competitor gets more ROMPY as time goes on, eventually filling up as large a space as the oval office. Obama likes big butts, cannot lie. Wait, yes he can! :mad:

Dashing Attack: Kick

Kupa angrily grazes the ground with an angry foot as he angrily retorts, "WHY GOD WHY?" for some reason.

It's relevant to the playstyle. :embarrass:

Forward Tilt: Wiz Cannon

Kupa wrenches back his fist, THEN SHOVES IT UP WIZ'S BUTT :c

He then aims his arm forward, shooting it ANDROID 16 style at the opponent - this homing in. When Wizzerd hits them, he warps the entire stage into Electroplankton. This stage is so awful, your opponent should give up. This deals 14% damage and knocks out the opponent starting at 55%.


Your opponent will start to squeak in pain, as a human-sized hand comes crawling out of their anus. This is OUTRAGEOUS and rather BIZARRE?. If it successfully comes out [people like Plorf have exceptionally tight *****], it will try to strangle your opponent. Kill them if necessary to win the brawl!

Up Tilt: I Troll You

Kupa jumps on Wiz, protecting him from the troll - Thrice jumps out, saying *** very loudly as he does so. As it turns out, Thrice plays just like Hazama, which will be posted in a short while. Be sure to read that. ;)

After thirty seconds, Thrice grabs his crotch like Michael Jackson and explodes into diamonds.


If anyone suffers the pain of being trolled like this, they will uncontrollably grab their head, saying, "YOUR TROLLING INFURIATES ME, :mad:" with a 2/12 chance that their head will explode, ending the match in a draw.

Down Tilt: Master Warlord
Master Warlord is not this thin.

Master Warlord jumps on from the screen! If Master Warlord is playing the game, he has to jump into the TV screen to make this work. Once there, Warlord starts to CONSUME the stage. Fortunately, while this happens, Kupa (smirk2)s - he has his jet boots from Solar Man Wiz and Kupa Original!

The stage will eventually fall, with Kupa playing as usual. If Wizzerd dies before the opponent does, the stage returns to normal and you lose a stock - so play carefully! Use your A-game! :bee:


Though Warlord can't do anything for you, AGIDIUS certainly can, popping out of the TV screen as he does in Wiz and Kupa 1... but in YOUR house. Once there, he'll start making love to you. Succumb to his awesome charisma and sexy butt obsession; you'll lose the match, but it's worth it. :cool:


Neutral Air: Activity

Kupa grabs his pecs, and starts vomiting a vibrant and colour peace flag, that falls down like spaghetti from a plate to that newly-cleaned floor. Anyone touched by this flag is turned into a HIPPIE and therefore is reduced to 1/10 power and 10/10 speed. Thrice knows what I'm talking about. ;)


Your opponent will start to develop homosexual feelings.

Directional Aerial: Race War

Oh, King Smady, DIRECTIONAL AERIAL stupid, you say? In this stupendous moveset, you wonder why? Well, yes. :urg:

Whatever direction it is, Wizzerd appears on Kupa's hand as he points to the heavens like that one God picture. In fact, God appears out of a time rift, touching fingers with Kupa as the sky becomes THUNDERY, WATERY, LAVAEY or RAINING WITH WHITE LIQUID depending on the direction you pressed.


This is the big one...

Depending on the direction, your opponent will CHANGE RACE. Depending on direction, your opponent can become one of four things.

Black people have better jumps, but are controlled by level 1 AIs.
Latino people can run faster, but slip and slide everywhere.
Asian people are smaller and harder to hit, but are less powerful.
White people are balanced all around. You don't want to give your opponent the advantage!


Grab and Pummel: Tentacle Horribleness

A tentacle erects itself from the stage, grabbing the opponent! This will damage them for 3% each second! If thrown successfully, they LOSE the match due to the button mashing required to escape this move is ten times as much as usual. :c


Wizzerd squeals in humiliation - HE WILL NOT BE EMBARRASSED ANYMORE! Due to time travel, he gains the ability to age - but due to a time paradox, he actually reverse ages, becoming a fetus the size of two Sonics! Controlled by a genius AI, with Wizzerd having the same attributes as Super Sonic. The bonus is, this will last for the rest of the stock. (hippo)


There isn't much I can say about Wiz and Kupa 2's playstyle... obviously, it's very complicated. Remember that Wiz isn't really used for any moves, so if you want to get rid of him, it doesn't matter. Also remember that Kupa wants to strip as fast as he can, so he can use that one move, er, I forgot which.

Just keep that in mind, and you're bound to win eventually.


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Aug 12, 2008
Toxic Tower

Every one of you all were likely scared shitless of this guy as a young child when he cackled at you onscreen. The Winter Warlock hides away in a frozen palace on the Mountain of the Whispering Winds in the 1970 stop-motion classic, Santa Claus is Coming to Town. He doesn't often leave his icy abode, preferring to practice his dark (white) magic in utter solitude. As a result, he has a variety of magic traps set up to kill off any trespassers who interrupt his peace and quiet. Although he secretly wants to become a sociable and kind warlock, Winter's evil cold heart is quite solid, as a result of being left out in the cold so long. Turns out you'll be the one helping him warm up and show some Christmas spirit, although it won't be nearly as easy as simply putting one foot in front of the other...


You fight the Winter Warlock on a steeply-sloped snowy stage in the middle of a snow storm. There is a flat portion of stage at the top of the slope the length of Final Destination, while on either side, the stage slants down severely another Final Destination length to a walkoff blast zone. Characters who simply stand on these inclines slide down the icy mountain at a rapid rate, so you'll want to stay on center stage at all times, if possible. In the center stage background, you can see two seemingly-immobile dead trees, as well as the Warlock's palace and a wooden sign warning trespassers to stay the fuck away. To the left, you can make out the rainbow river of the Elves' Valley, while to the right, you can make out a few rooftops of Somber Town, as well as the occasional pillar of smoke rising from the sky as the Burgermeister turns all the little kids' dreams into ashes.

Of note, every fifteen seconds, a single random toy blows across the stage at Mario's dash speed. Santa must have dropped it on his way by or something. Toys serve as an generic throwing items that can be picked up by any character, and although they neither deals actual damage to the Warlock nor heals your character's damage, they are of vital importance to the match. More on that later...


The Winter Warlock hovers back and forth close to the ground over the center portion of the mountain at Ganondorf's dash speed, harnessing the winter winds to carry him around, as he considers it beneath him to travel by foot. The Warlock is slightly wider and taller than Ganondorf, due to his white robes billowing in the wind and his pointed hat. Don't let appearances fool you, though...the Winter Warlock possesses enough ranged magic to turn Ganondorf, white with envy.

The Winter Warlock has infinite HP; he cannot be KOed traditionally, ever. However, by dealing a set amount of damage to him, you can temporarily knock some sense into him, turning him into a decently nice guy and stopping him from attacking (although effects of attacks with a set duration still remain onstage and potent for the remainder of their time while he's nice)...for a while. The Winter Warlock only stays 'nice' for around five seconds, before his heart freezes over again and he resumes attacking. While the Warlock is considering making a change for the better, you must chuck and hit him with three of the toys that have blown across the stage and you have picked up, to make him finally see the light with your 'selflessness', therefore 'defeating' him. That said, you'll have to actually catch the toys while the Warlock is attempting to keep you from them or keep them from you...

On Normal difficulty, it takes 400% to knock sense into the Warlock; this percentage is raised or lowered 100% for each successive higher or lower difficulty level. Players have three stocks with which to fight the Warlock. This sweet Christmas tune serenades you during the battle...don't get too caught up listening to it, though; its epicness might blow you away before the Warlock even gets a chance to do so himself.


Winter Winds
The Winter Warlock points either left or right, then claps his hands, causing the mountain winds to begin blowing in that direction with double the force of Dedede's Inhale. This deals 2% every half second to characters, and lasts for three seconds, during which the Warlock can perform his other attacks. After you've hit the Warlock with two toys, he'll begin trying to mindgame you by pointing in one direction, but blowing the wind in the opposite direction; if you run too far in one direction trying to go against the flow of the wind, the Warlock's trick may result in you being blown to the point of no return.

Speaking of the toys, while toys regularly blow across the stage at a moderately slow pace, as soon as it passes by the Warlock, he'll hold this move out to double the speed the toy blows out of his sight. He doesn't want its garish colors ruining the dreary white of his evil kingdom, of course. This is essentially a big annoyance to you, as if you miss a toy, you'll have to wait around fifteen more seconds for another one to blow by. That's fifteen seconds more you'll have to avoid the Warlock's magical attacks.

Magic Snowball
The Winter Warlock uses magic to roll up a Bowser-sized snowball on the middle of the stage, then rolls it in your direction at Ganondorf's dash speed. The snowball picks up snow as it rolls; it is the size of two Bowsers by the time it reaches the slope, and the size of Giga Bowser before it finally disappears off the blast zone. Characters hit by the snowball get rolled into it, taking 3% per second, and must break free with grab difficulty.

It might be a good idea to escape before the ball gains speed down the incline, increasing the likelihood of your death immensely. The snowball cannot be shielded, and is too big to roll through or spot-dodge; characters must jump over the ball as it rolls by. Be aware that the Warlock likes to use Winter Winds while you're in the air and cannot run against its momentum at all. In addition, once you've hit him with one or two toys, the Warlock sends out two, then three snowballs in a row, increasing the challenge in dodging them unscathed immensely. Snowballs also pick up any toys they roll into, preventing you from stealing them away; if you are holding a toy while you're caught, you lose the toy as well. Be aggressive in picking up and throwing toys at the Warlock to prevent him from succeeding at his game of keep-away.

Tree Monsters
The Winter Warlock whistles, causing the two trees in the background to reach down with little warning with their branches and grab characters. Their branches cover the entirety of the center stage, forcing characters to run to the incline to avoid the trees. Although the trees deal no damage to opponents, the Warlock will always follow this grab up with Magic Snowball, whether or not you actually get grabbed. And if you get grabbed, there's no escape; you're getting hit by that damn snowball.

Players with trouble dodging attacks may want to get grabbed so they're at least on center stage when the Warlock tries pushing them offstage. Players with superior skills will generally opt to stay on the slope and dodge the attack, as they know what's coming and wish to prevent the damage of the attack. If the trees grab you while you have a toy, they steal it from you and play with it stupidly in the background, tossing it from branch to branch for fifteen seconds; although the Warlock cannot use this move while the toys are playing, a new toy will not respawn until the old one vanishes.

Homing Hailstorm
The Winter Warlock points at your character, causing a Wario-sized spinning spiral of ice to appear and begin following your character side-to-side from above at Ganondorf's dash speed. Every second for ten seconds, the spiral will shoot a Pokeball-sized clump of ice at your character. These ice balls pierce shields and have amazing priority; you must time spot-dodges or air-dodges to avoid the hailstones.

Each ball deals 15% and knockback that KOs around 105% to whoever they hit. However, if a character is trapped in a Magic Snowball, the hailstones will not knock you out of the ball, increasing your difficulty of escaping, as damage does with regular grabs. If a hailstone hits you while you're carrying a toy, the toy shatters into hundreds of tiny wooden pieces. Play safe!

Frosty Reception
The Winter Warlock's eyes flash white for a split second, causing nothing to happen...yet. He can perform this 'attack' at any time during the fight, even during the execution of other attacks. For fifteen seconds after his eyes flash, if he is attacked by any non-projectile move, the Warlock will surround himself in a spinning vortex of snow and ice, trapping your character.

The ice storm deals 25% to characters over the course of three seconds, after which the Warlock launches the victim vertically, with the potential to KO opponents upward of 90%. How do you prevent this? Simple: don't attack the Warlock during the fifteen seconds following his eyes flashing. This may be easier said than done for some characters, considering you'll want to pay attention to your own character while they're dodging the Warlock's attacks, and there is no sound effect to indicate the flash. On the subject of toys, if any are thrown at the Warlock during these fifteen seconds, they too will meet an icy, swirly end.

Falling Icicles
This attack is only used after the Warlock has been hit by one toy, replacing the regular Tree Monsters attack. Whenever a character passes under a tree, icicles grow on their branches and fall to the ground in .5 second. The icicles deal 20% upon impact and bury opponents into the ground, dealing 1% per second. The icicles can be escaped from with double grab difficulty. As with Tree Monsters, the Warlock follows this up by using Magic Snowball; however, when you're in the snowball after being impaled, you still take the icicle's damage along with the ball's damage until you escape...which after the beating you've just taken, won't be easy at all. Foes carrying toys who get impaled lose their toy, of course. You didn't think this would be easy, did you?

Icy Prison
The Winter Warlock only uses this and the following attack after being hit by two toys. The Warlock points at two locations on the stage at random. A split second later, the area a Battlefield platform within the locations he pointed at become deadly traps. Characters who walk over these areas take 23-24% and are frozen in a block of solid ice for a whopping three seconds, taking 3% per second during their confinement.

There is no mashing out of this chilly debacle; you've got to pinpoint where the Warlock set his traps and stay the hell away until they vanish after fifteen seconds. It doesn't help matters much that the Warlock spams Winter Winds and the following attack before and after this move. He also has an affinity for using Winter Winds to blow your ice block down the slope and off the blast zone while you're caught in it. Although you don't lose a toy if you're carrying one and get frozen, you're unlikely to get out alive to begin with, and you don't respawn with toys, so...

If you didn't see a blizzard attack coming at some point or another, you're likely a cyborg. The Warlock saves this devastating attack until after he's been hit by two toys. He cackles wickedly, before holding up his hands and causing a storm of ice and snow to flow across the entire stage. Although this doesn't blow foes around like Winter Winds, it deals 5% for each of the three seconds it is out, and obscures ninety-percent of the playing field at random. During this time, the Warlock can still attack, and has a nasty tendency to use Icy Confinement during this time. Now, you have no way of knowing where he set his traps, or even if a toy blew by during that time. Stay on your toes and don't back down!

Smash Daddy

Smash Master
Apr 29, 2007
K Rool Avenue
Throwing a snowball into my commenting avalanche

While reading Diglett, I was instantly engrossed by the way you handled the character's difficult properties, while always remaining loyal to the source material. Above all, the focus here is remaining faithful to what Diglett is – which presents a strong foundation for the rest of the moveset. Your described philosophy or analysing a Pokémon's moves from the games, but adjusting the original purpose for them to fit that particular archetype or specific personality is most endearing; this goes hand-in-hand with the rather simple approach to the writing style, which approaches everything with a delicate touch, without leaving out key details.

The playstyle is as indicative of the character as any other part of the set, being that Diglett relies almost entirely on digging, alongside making those mole hills as well as those collapsed holes he digs up in front of him and who can forget that fascinating grab game. What is disappointing, though, is the lack of inputs – made worse because, while Diglett may have an excuse for no aerials and a missing throw more than anyone else, you work such magic with his jumping, it would have been nice to see an attempt at aerial moves.

That isn't to say I don't really love it – it's a great work in scraping potential from the bottom of the barrel, which is a hobby of mine in Make Your Move. In terms of presentation – writing style, being so in-character – Diglett is one of the best sets, and has a lot to teach us about subtlety or grounded moveset making. It is fitting that a set focused so much around absence and discovery leaves a little wanting. Great work, Junahu.

Jumping a head quite a bit now, we have Toxicroak; the playstyle behind this one is doused in rather brilliant concepts. I love the theme of tech chasing – Thanos is made by self-described tech chase addict Cutter, but I feel like Toxicroak is truly king in this area. The amount of depth in passive pressuring isn't as deep as you two may think, however – what I liked about the set most was the slight mindgaming and pressuring your foe in that way. One of the underlying themes is definitely the poison and poison jab, which I felt was one of the weakest aspects, but you managed to pull it off well without making it complicated.

Much like Diglett, the set is very much true to character, personifying Toxicroak's dirty fighting a poison-typing with many trick moves, foul play and feint attacks, with only brief interludes where I didn't feel this was a Toxicroak set. That in itself is difficult, but you were also able to pull of a rather fitting playstyle in making a core objective to pressure, or “bully” the opponent through use of tech chasing and trying to promote a fearful relationship with the foe. There are a couple of less brilliant concepts, however, especially with that up special, which is an example of poor writing in general. Most of the set is articulated and short, but at the same time, I did expect there to be a high level of editing considering its short length, so it was a bit disappointing to find myself reading basic grammatical mistakes.

The moveset does present some interesting concepts; you especially have a lot of self-control with the more interactive moves – which I imagine is from moderation between the both of you. On the same note, it's even more surprising that this moveset seems to be written so haphazardly at times, when it was a coordinated effort. I will also have to agree with Warlord on the grab game – it's very basic, gets the job done and is even in-character for Toxicroak, but it seems much like forced pressure, when the opponent has to guess one out of three moves, with neither player having any particular reason to pick one. Considering the aerials were largely based on Bounce interactions, they also came off as a little bit weaker.

In all, though, Toxicroak is an excellent pressure character – because of how creative you get with the inputs, without going so far as to just give the opponent no choices [more than once; grab game]. In all, it's good effort; I hope to see more from both of you in the future.

It's a 'monstrosity of a hat trick of comments! Yes, now we come to Gigaiath – the first from Khold this contest, and it's well up to your high standards. You definitely were smart to change those inputs around where you were playing with minutes of charge time. However, even at thirty seconds, you're asking a lot of the metagame that the opponent isn't just hammering away with an equivalent mechanic that is purely faster. In all, it's mostly a balance issue and therefore probably void, but as it's the pivot of the playstyle, it shows to be under-developed. What it reminds me of is Cairne's reincarnation – pretty much a guaranteed advantage, but has to be used strategically, and to be honest, I'm one of the biggest decriers of those sorts of moves.

Gigaiath is fairly intriguing as a character, pet, rock God, potato... it is some reverse logic that brings us to see him storing sunlight as an underground monster thing. I guess he escaped there when Xenu came to reap the Pokémon souls? It's not the kind of playstyle that takes control from the player – mostly, it centres around the application of slowing or disabling your opponent to in effect give advantage to yourself, though some moves here are baffling. Personally, I found the down special particularly out-of-place, and the up special mimicking Dedede likewise.

I really didn't see this as being so hardcore stage control, but you do have an interesting concept in the crystal; reflecting beams and such, but I'm not sure if there is all that much potential there. I think even at ten seconds, that solar beam would still be far too long at a charge to really accomplish anything. Which leaves you with fairly mediocre kill potential, waiting much of the time for your solar beam to charge... and it's obvious when he's doing it, so it would be difficult to charge for all that time uninterrupted.

In all, I think the set could've worked a lot better had you made the solar beam less of a move, and more of a passive ability of Gigaiath. I did like the moves revolving around blinding or stunning the opponent; parts of which in this set, actually build the foundation for a very strong entry indeed. As is, Gigaiath is still pretty good, but there are some really odd design choices, mostly with those specials, that make me reluctant to recommend it too highly.

It's great to finally read a Crewx set again [I'll be reading up on and hopefully commenting Godzilla at some point], this time in Kiryu – Mecha Godzilla. As was the case with past sets of yours like General Scales, you can just feel the love for the character dripping from every word here, as you go into discussions about the origin of a particular part of the monster or fiction from where he derives. While this is great and definitely an attribute to continue with in future movesets, you could do with a little more post-editing. There are quite a few oversights grammatically: this isn't a huge deal, however, and I expect you'll be ironing that out fairly easily.

I did like the concept of the Spirit of a Kaiju quite a bit – it could do with some more explaining, but the basics of it do provide interesting mechanics for Mecha Godzilla to work with. Also with that neutral special, basically mimicking Fox's blaster on a larger scale and it definitely feels in-character – this is your best trait as a moveset maker by far, the ability to portray a character with such attention to detail. You could make improvements in a few areas, however – the playstyle is a huge step-up from past work, yet you are still not making the strongest connections you could. The truly difficult part of high-level moveset making is being able to weave the character, a good playstyle idea and the narrative of the text together – you have no problems with the first and last, perhaps the second is where you're struggling a tad.

And when I say struggling, I don't mean it in any big way. You joined right at the end of Make Your Move 8 and didn't receive as much feedback as you deserved, but have come back strongly for a marvelous beginning-of-contest showing. This set is fairly well-written, despite the mistakes grammatically, has some great ideas – it's just a little rough, and that's where you need to work on your writing skills. I've got to say, though, it'll be a tough time trying to out-awesome Mecha Godzilla.

And now we see the comboing prowess and an amazing follow-up game in the remake of Kaptain K. Rool. What I love about this set, and what you've really been able to nail so perfectly in your past best efforts is that it revolves around a brilliantly simple concept – laying traps, fooling your opponent into triggering them. It's an unconventional sort of playstyle, though, being that K. Rool has to lay traps in the air – where he mostly doesn't have many advantages, but his aerials provide for a healthy amount of gaming your opponent and also allowing for your cannonballs to be backed up by easily-distributed clouds.

We've talked in depth about the grab; personally, I don't feel it has any affect on my view of the moveset – he has plenty of inputs dedicated to encouraging, breaking and weakening the shield interactions, so he isn't lacking without a grab game. He also already has important melee-range moves – his main killing moves, the smashes, thus there's no point in the grab game at all. Plus the fact that he's by design a long-range character, and it seems clear that it would even be unfitting for him to magically 'vomoose' his blunderbuss to snatch his opponent up by hand. This is a relatively high talking point for the set, and I can only gather that's because it's the only real downside to it.

In all, I am a big fan of this set – for me, it's a long way better than Junior, whose use of goop was almost too much of an end-all, while Kaptain K. Rool has plenty of range in his projectiles and an intuitive style to many of his approaches. It would come naturally to understanding the meta interactions of most of the clouds, gases and such, once you knew their effect on each other – while not being so simple that there aren't any more advanced move interactions. Really good set, Kupa.

We started off Wiz (Memorial) Day with a big ole bang, with Fat Zombie. It certainly has some redeeming features – I do like the concept of an ultra bulky brawler who is a tree and won't budge. Watching the source material that you took from to make this, I did find it pretty laughable how accurate this depiction is – you know, with some fine tuning, this seems like it could make a good set... which is exactly how you'd describe a great joke set. It'd work great as a regular set, until you actually make that set, then everyone hates it. Also, the amount of vore in this set is enough to put Kupa out of business.

The Winter Warlock is a fairly excellent boss fight – mostly due to that very on-the-point way of defeating him. I always love a boss who seems practically impossible to beat, and you certainly provide that with all the tomfoolery concerning the harsh winds and icy attacks he has in his arsenal. In particular, it has one of those iconic boss interactions between the boulder and the wind, easily enabling for AI mindgames of the player, which I heavily approve of. Definitely a frontrunner for this week of MYMini.


Smash Lord
Jun 9, 2009

Wild Delibird appears!


If you've thrown a Poke Ball and Delibird appears, that means it's probably Christmas time. If it is, what the hell are you spending time playing Brawl for? Get off your damn Wii and spend some time with the family, Scrooge!

Delibird has a couple of effects. First of all, he'll whip up a Christmas Blizzard which is inescapable, covering the entire stage; this lasts ten seconds and will deal no knockback of any sort but it does have quite a few side effects:

  • For each second every character (except the one who opened the Poke Ball) receives 1-3% in damage
  • All jumps and recovery moves cover slightly less distance
  • All characters move at a slightly slower pace
  • All characters have slightly lower traction both during the blizzard and for another ten seconds after the blizzard
  • Oh yeah, one more thing. Since the blizzard obviously obscures vision, the stage and characters might be harder to make out on the screen. Slightly.

So everything's cleared up now, but Delibird has some unfinished business to take care of... He whips out a couple of nice presents before going on his merry way!

No, they're not just recolored crates. They're ****ing presents, you ungrateful brats, use your imagination.

Merry Christmas =D

Eh, this is good enough.


Thane of Smashville
Jul 5, 2010
Vincennes, Indiana
CB posting in MYM?! THE END IS NEIGH!!!!

On to a serious note, my father is a douche, and has grounded me for an undisclosed amount of time. This means my ever-popular chat presence will not be in for afew weeks, nor will I be able to use Word to save my I'll still be reading and commenting (I'll get to Fatter *******, Smady's Obsession with ****, Winter Warlord, and CB's apocalypse prophecy within two days.

See you then. (DHAT)


Smash Cadet
Apr 1, 2010
So, a comment.

Kaptain K. Rool

I can't really say much without just reiterating everything everyone else has said, but I'll give it a go.

Honestly I'm a bit confused as to why he has ICE shots...never got to the end of DKC2 but I can't really see that coming out of what is essentially a shotgun. Either way, I also can't really see why you'd really WANT to attack them with melee moves if you freeze them; you could just fire off two more cannonballs. which makes the total damage from that around 23%...which is quite a bit. Also spamming cannonballs...K. Rool is campy as all hell. The Suction is useful I suppose, and it plays into his game pretty well.

Again, the "grab" is....really off. There's no real reason for it and it's just kinda awkward. Yeah, it's useful and it plays into his game alright, but...there's no REASON for it at all. It's just kinda there, taking away an actual grab and throws.

Little complaint about the Jab I have...>"Due to the cloud's pathetic movement speed," Um....Captain Falcon's Dash is not a pathetic movement speed. Did you have something else there before or what? Ftilt is nice, and it helps K. Rool not get combo'd to infinity, so that's a good thing. Also plays into his shield-breaking game. Down Tilt makes K. Rool even MORE of a spam character, which I guess is okay seeing as, with the amount of move he can spam, I guess you were going for that. The Up Tilt is odd, but I'll roll with it I guess. Does last a bit long though. Oh, and the Dash pretty much eliminates his speed worries; Mario's speed might not be the best, but it's a lot better than K. Rool SHOULD be able to move.

The Fsmash is pretty much just your average generic laggy heavyweight attack; kills at good percentages but you'll never hit with it anyways so it doesn't matter. Down Smash....dear god the Down Smash. It moves you backwards very quickly and has a hitbox half the size of Final Destination..damn. Not to mention the nice damage and killer knockback it does. The Up Smash is also pretty strong. You're essentially covering 3 Bowser's worth of sky for no charge time, and 7.5 for a full charge...this essentially makes the Up Tilt useless. Again though, he DOES need this, so it's still nice.

The Reverse Gas is a nice touch, and it's great for mindgames and all such. Being able to force people to stay on the ground is a bit harsh, though. Wind Storm confused me a bit; does it stack with itself or the Suction? I assume not since you never said it did, but still. Either way it's a good move and it helps Rool a lot, so I'm glad it's there at least. I...I'm honestly not sure why the Up Air just makes Rool's clouds LESS useful. Sure, if you want to mindgame people with it, go right ahead, but you're probably end up screwing yourself over more than them. Dair is a better mindgamey trick to use, though it bears the question; if you have the time to do this, why not actually DO something with the cloud?

This comment might sound really negative at points, but I don't dislike the set at all. It has good ideas and good execution of them, but some things are sort of random or seem out of place, and some move are really powerful or make other moves seem a tad redundant. Or just seem useless... Honestly with a bit of polish, this would be a bit better. Or at least it would suit my tastes better, which, honestly, you have no reason to want to do. Also, I find commenting positively to sets from people who know what they're doing is a bit useless; you're already more than good enough at what you're good at, but there are still things that you can improve on. Just telling you that you're good at what you KNOW you are seems like useless flattery to me...Why not actually try to HELP with a comment?


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Oct 5, 2008
Dedham, MA
Prepare for mind-***kery

So, as you all know we have been using a rather uniform "Stat" system for our sets. usually describing attributes with numerical values out of 10, we use these (along with usually a short description) to show everyone how big, fast or heavy our characters are.

So here I am compiling a "ranking" of the 5 most universal stats (Weight, Size, Ground Speed, Air Speed, Fall Speed) for fun, so we can all see how our sets (limited to MYM9 for now) match up against each other.

Also for fun, i have included charts for the Brawl roster for comparison. bet you didnt know Bowser has a "7" for Air Speed and that Mario is a "3", not "5" in size, huh?


The # in between is their numerical weight.


For the brawl Data I used each character's Height and Width as a collective measure, so if a character is taller, but not by much, while the other char is much wider, guess who is "bigger?"


Highlighted groups have the SAME run speed, wierd huh?



will be updated as more sets come
Nov 24, 2008
The Make Your Move Rooligan Society
That looks really interesting and convenient. You must have worked quite hard on it. I'd reckon it would be a good idea to put this in the OP (or Stadium) so it gives people a good idea of stats. If people became more familiar of this then we could start using the "Weight" and "Size" values you listed for a more accurate representation.

It's funny because I always interpreted the "3" out of 10 in Ground Speed as being as slow as Gannondorf. Now I know better.
Nov 24, 2008
The Make Your Move Rooligan Society
Made for fun in a time of Writer's Block

Ran Ran Ru! When Ronald gets happy, I always have to do this. Come on everyone, join in! Here we go! RAN RAN RUU!

Prepare to lose your freaking mind
with your host,
Ronald McDonald...

Your Insanity,
His Joy...


Standard - Ran Ran Ru!
Ronald goes through the 3 steps of the iconic ran ran ru; the cross, the clap, then the flail. The cross draws enemies in, the clap stuns them momentarily and the flail pushes them upwards for a set 2 SBBs. Tap A to go through one step, do it repetitively to perform that step repetitively, or hold A to go through the 3 steps normally - 2%, 3%, 7% - Your Insanity, His Joy

A chair appears behind him, Ronald sits in this dominant yet relaxed position. Oddly enough, his entire body is a hitbox the moment he sits down. Ronald will stay like this until you tap side, up, or down; this will release him from his sitting position - 6% (flinch)

Forward: "We've got it all for you" - Ronald casually points towards him, saying "Going up!". Anyone who happens to be in his sight is subject to his telekinesis as they hover slightly off the ground. For 5 seconds the enemy is forced to stay in place with only their aerial game to use.

Up: "Hamburger" - Ronald gestures to himself as if knitting, saying "hamburger" as one magically appears in his lap. Enemies in front of Ronald have the fatty product absorbed into their body, which does 10% to them and increases their weight and fall speed by 20%. If a foe doesn't 'eat' the hamburger after 1 second, Ronald will eat it instead and heal 5%. During the 1 second the hamburger will force enemies into a jump state if they land on top of it.

Down: "McDonald Magic" - Ronald gestures to the floor below, creating magic sparkles in the process. Anyone in the way of these sparkles suddenly acquire McDonalds shoes! They are apparently too small for the foe, as they become unable to stand, falling in pain.

Dash Attack - Lolicon

Ronald dashes past all the brawlers! Huh? They wanted a fight? Too bad! Ronald keeps moving until he enters the blast zone. But then he appears to peek at the enemy like a pervert! Anyone in his sight is subject to being pushed 2 SBB back. Afterwards Ronald re-appears in his normal position. Note: Occurs MUCH, MUCH more quickly than described - 12% - Your Insanity, His Joy


Down Special - Children!

Ronald optimistically gestures, yelling "Go! Happy!" as a flock of naive children appear around Ronald McDonald to respect his 'coolness'. They are not typical summons; these children take up the background and thus cannot be attacked. They also prevent players from doing background-ish thing such as spot-dodging or moves that allow one to occupy it, taking up 2 SBBs around Ronald.

Children will react to Ronald McDonald, initially following him wherever he goes. If he is losing he will be considered uncool and will be ditched and Ronald cannot use this move for 20 seconds. This negative will occur if Ronald has more damage than the foe. On the other hand, if Ronald happens to be beating the crap out of his foe, more children will appear to cheer their favorite clown on. Every 20% more the enemy has compared to Ronald will give him 0.5 SBBs worth of more children; this can stack on FFAs, say if Ronald has 0% and there are 2 foes with 100% and 120% respectively this will give Ronald 5.5 SBBs. The more children Ronald has around the more background that will be occupied. By no means do children interfere with the match whatsoever. They are only tools - Your Insanity, His Joy

Neutral Special - Ran Ran Ru Unleashed (DArkneSS)

Ronald performs what seems to be the Ran Ran Ru...but what's this, he's releasing intense dark energy from his hands! (watch the video linked to this for an example) This creates a blood-red orb that travels up, burning enemies who touch it with it's corrosive darkness - 10% + average hitstun

Evil works a lot better when it has an audience, as this move proves. If Ronald has a group of children around him, they will copy his ran ran ru, just without the dark energy. This slows everything else down to a crawl based on how many children you have:
  • 2 SBB: 3/4 speed
  • 3 SBB: 2/3 speed
  • 4 SBB: 1/2 speed
  • 5 SBB: 1/4 speed
  • 6 SBB: 1/6 speed
  • 7 SBB: 1/8 speed
  • 8 SBB: 1/10 speed
  • 9 or more SBBs: time will stop until Ronald has relesed the number of energy balls equal to how many SBBs worth of children he has

If a dark ball doesn't hit something, it will fall back down in an attempt to land on the furtherest foe. The only restriction to this attack is that the balls move kinda slowly.

Up Special - McWrrry

Ronald jumps to the top of the screen before landing on the furtherest, let the GIF do the talking. If he hits, he proceeds to give them a a**kicking before sending them flying. If he does not hit a enemy due to them spotdodging, the big mac will break apart, Ronald being stunned...but of course if you have Children about there will be nowhere for the enemy to hide... - 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + = 46% + final hit = 14% = 60% kills at 150% - Your Insanity, His Joy

Side Special - Big Mac

Ronald's flickering back and forth! A clone appears 1 SBB either in front or behind him based on the side you tap of the control stick. Attack when Ronald's in this state and he'll use it TWICE! Beware though, as the clone can be knocked back during the attack, which can count as a stock loss if it's KOed, though Ronald will still be on the stage.


A bench appears momentarily appears behind Ronald. Enemies who 'touch' it are dragged by Ronald to sit with him in a awkward position as he stares at them. His Pummel has him top the chair over, dong 2% to the foe before sitting back down for some more insanity.

D-Throw - Ronald Saves the Day!

The screen blacks out for a split second to reveal Ronald gone and some goons standing around the foe! Oh noes, it looks like they nabbed the enemy while they were asleep! The goons have the enemy gagged, and attempt to place a syringe of unknown properties into them...but what's this, a mysterious savoir appears before them. It's Ronald McDonald! He attempts to beat the living crap out of all the goons with some hilarious yet athletic moves for over a minute. He then proceeds to untie the foe and let them go....this may not look harmless but it tricks the foe into thinking Ronald is their ally, which makes him their teammate for 11 seconds.

U-Throw - Can't Wait Till Dinnertime

Ronald's calling up some...just as he does, the foe seems to respond with their (phone). He's calling them!? Huh, it appears as if he's asking them to GTFO, because apparently his friends can't wait until dinnertime. For some reason the enemy is banished and is dismissed from the game for 10 seconds...Ronald sure has his way of bending the rules.

B-Throw - Annoying Book Flipping

Ronald keeps flipping through his book for some reason...this annoys the enemy so much that they get knocked away by the insanity - 13%, st knockback 2 SBB - Your Insanity, His Joy

F-Throw - Moshi Moshi

Ronald receives a call from his phone, replying "moshi moshi". It's a Japanese Girl who makes Ronald laugh so hard that he falls over, tipping the enemy with him. This makes the enemy prone in their downed state, but if there are children they will push the enemy along to wherever they aren't because there is no room in the background. They will most likely reach the ledge, where you can smack em.


F-Smash - Pro Player

Ronald gears up with baseball clothing, ready to play in the most popular sporting event of all time! With the same amount of start-up shown in the image, Donald tosses his HEAD forth with tremendous speed. It does 25-42% that KOs at 80-50% to any enemy hit, making it deadly as hell. Which isn't really a good thing considering Donald is far worse than hell itself. Oh, and the ball goes through all obstacles and other stuff.

Ronald transforms into this McClock. It's as tall as Giga Bowser but as wide as Bowser, acting like a wall. It has 20-50 HP and if it's demolished Ronald takes that damage and is stunned.

Ronald can use A to instantly pop out of the clock, pointing his finger forth. If he hits, you take 24% with set knockback 3 SBBs backwards. After that Ronald returns to his 'normal' form - Your Insanity, His Joy

D-Smash - Don't Look It's Freezing!

Huh? Ronald clones himself!? He spilts himself into 3, the 2 new clones being 0.5 SBBs apart. The read Ronald is the middle by default, but you can choose to place him at the front or back with the control stick during the execution. Enemies beware though! If they attack the wrong clone or look at one for 2-0.5 seconds, they'll get frozen! The clones last until Ronald makes his move.


N-air - Ronald's Block

Ronald waves his hand, causing a magic block to appear above his head that acts as a platform until somebody jumps it like SMB, to which it makes a hamburger pop out. You know, Mushroomy Kingdom?

F-air - Leader Ronald Would Like to Battle!

Ronald pulls out a Pokeball and tosses it like one would for the Item..humm, I wonder what Pokemon he's going to use...WTF!? IT'S ANOTHER RONALD MCDONALD!?!?!? This Donald lasts for 2 seconds, and if Ronald uses a attack during that time, the Pokemon Donald will use it instead.......

..... expecting me to tell you how to use this?

U-air - Clash On The Big Mac

Ronald points upwards, and if he hits you, both players are teleported to stand on a Big Mac not unlike the one used in McWryyy...players can't leave the ground "Big Mac" I mean, until one person damages another.

B-air - Sexy Power

Ronald turns around with a hamburger and...turns into a 'handsome' human. This is a grab, and if he gets you, he'll/she'll force feed the hamburger(s) down your throat in a sexy manner with the same result as the D-tilt. Escape the grab or you'll be subject to PAIN.... - Making You Fat Since 1954

D-air - Happy Meal

Ronald teleports straight down....only to appear in this form through a inhuman cry and appearance that would make Pennywise look like child's play. He'll stay like this for 1 second, and he is a grab hitbox. If he gets you, he'll bite into you, damaging you for 10% + 1% for ever hamburger he's fattened you with and heals himself the same amount.


Ronald McDonald is a force like no other. Arguably the greatest villain to plague existence both in reality and fiction, this mad clown attempts to run you down with a armada of selves. Unlike genuine but still vile Colonel Sanders, who at least shows his face, Ronald uses his evil powers to achieve multiple realities and perceptions. You're sure to lose your sense of existence by going up against him.

Ronald mocks you humans need for a playstyle. Did you REALLY think you could just scroll down here and expect to find out how RONALD fights? You're out of your mind. I mean, really, this is Ronald McDonald we're talking about. He's everywhere, and you have to find him..........what do you mean it's hard to read? Your Insanity, His Joy.

Final.... SMASH

Donald becomes "Dark Donald" and makes 6 extra copies of himself that fight alongside with him for 20 seconds.
Aug 9, 2007
The Cosmos Beneath Rosalina's Skirt
Haha whoops. I misread how many posts we had already. Oh well, serves me right for trying to double post to get my set on a new page. Oh well, I stand by my word. I'll edit this later with comments T_T

Ronald McDonald

Joke set or not, I feel the need to comment this. I too mimic the question asked by geto; what on Earth is it with you and Ronald McDonald man? If I'm not mistaken, you PM'd this set to me a while ago with the intent of putting it in the Graveyard (same with Urgamoth, probably best I didn't continue it then!) so I'm assuming you wanted to revive it as a joke set. It had a few laughs; McWryyyy made me smile the first time I saw it...and then it had creepy as **** stuff like demon Ronald at the end and the fact that he's using his dark magic on small children...

I'm left quite confused after reading this...quiet confused indeed.

Wiz and Kupa 2

There were some laughs to be had here but I'd be lying if I said it felt as inspired as the first one. The "what this means for you at home" bits genuinely made me laugh in real life over here and you certainly continue your...unique...sense of humor from the first moveset (again mostly with the home game versions). All in all though, it succeeded at what you set out to do; make people laugh.

Also, I like my legs and would fancy keeping them.

Fat Zombie

I must say that I'm actually rather surprised that you were serious about going through with this joke set. I didn't think anything would come out of me posting the entirety of the Splatterhouse series randomly in the Xat but...lo and behold, I was wrong. Fat Zombie is a very humerous take on the ridiculously over the top health given to the enemies in the highest difficult of Splatterhouse 3 and, considering all they do really is get infinited in the corner by Rick's roundhouse kick, it's good to see you actually played off of their...zombie-ness for an actual moveset (instead of just saying they lose). It's a unique yet ridiculous thing you touched on too with the whole timing the opponent out and sweeping them in sudden death but it stayed humerous despite the obvious jokeness of it. Fun read Warlord, fun read!


Well I already posted Sephiroth's Super Nova attack as the equivalent of Clownbot participating in a MYmini let alone -POSTING- in the thread...but needless to say I'm happy to see it! So basically what you've got here is a Pokeball Pokemon for Delibird, that happy little Santa bird who nobody uses because he's rare and pretty useless. Yay! So in Smash he uses Blizzard (which makes sense since he's an Ice type) and then chucks out a bunch of those present crates. Yerp, that's pretty much what I'd imagine a Delibird to do. Overall, great Pokeball here Clownbot!

Also, what if you're playing Brawl -WITH- the family? Eh? Eh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhh? (smirk)

Winter Warlock

Fun fact, I actually debated making a boss moveset for Santa Claus before TheKingOfAllCosmos posted his MYmini. I was so amazed by it I realized I couldn't beat it and didn't participate. That aside, Winter Warlock is an interesting little boss set you've got here. He's got a good number of attacks which all do a good variety of things and he has a unique "boss goal" for "defeating" him. That is the one thing I question however is if five seconds is really long enough to hit him with three toys before he "snaps out of his niceness." I get that you want it to be a rush to not only hurl the toys at him but save them around long enough...but that just seems kinda short to me. The fact that, if you fail to do this you're forced to start over with him having full HP seems a bit extreme too. Maybe half health? Other than some difficulty complaints, it's a great boss set though.
Aug 9, 2007
The Cosmos Beneath Rosalina's Skirt

This is DELICIOUS~<3


M.Trinity is the former leader of Shadaloo (who gave up control to her about-as-equally-awesome brother M.Bison; she also stole his hat) and current leader in Make Your Military, AKA MYM. Being typically moar kawaii~ than her fellow heavyweight male antagonistic leaders, M.Trinity actually managed to monopolize MYM for a short period; being the original founder of their 8th base, being an admin at their top secret HQ and owning their company baseball Stadium (MYM likes to keep up morale) as well as dominating their watercooler chats. Unfortunately for her, the other leaders saw this and booted her down to janitorial duty. . .but she still manages to be a (somewhat) dignified (yet often times lazy) leader for MYM.

Despite being around longer than most of the other leaders, M.Trinity is often times forgotten and not nearly as noticeable as the others. She does however have the stable duty of reporting in the weekly events to inform the others (who probably haven't done their duties) of what's been going on in MYM.

As you can plainly see, M.Trinity is a lightweight female antagonist. And yes, that's just a generic anime school girl with M.Bison's hat. And as you may have guessed, being the only female amongst a group of men (and Junahu I suppose) makes M.Trinity very popular for some reason. She takes full advantage of this "popularity" by acting rather..."flirty." This applies directly to Smash'll see in a bit. Also, I figured that's how 85% of you pictured me before I came to the chat so this is kind of a self insert, kind of an OC.

Since M.Trinity is so merciful (and knows you all have various taste in music), she has compiled two playlists for you. Please click one of the following and. . .try not to mix them...


And a playlist for you kawaii lightweights, desu~<3


Traction: 8
Aerial Movement: 7
Movement: 7
Jumps: 6
Size: 5
Falling Speed: 4
Weight: 3

Lightweight female protagonist stats ahoy! But she's a lightweight female -ANTAGONIST-! Zounds and gadzooks! Needless to say, M.Trinity is very light and speedy and has good jumps...but she tends to get destroyed by those heavyweight male antagonists and their powerful Smash attacks. Fortunately, those don't matter because lolthey'reslowas****. M.Trinity is comparable in size to Marth whom she thinks is kawaii :3~<3


Neutral Special: Panty Trap
Popularized by Warlord's MYM Pokemon hack (which made mention of M.Trinity's panties), this move is a rather valuable one for M.Trinity to use. Reaching down, M.Trinity pulls out a pair of panties. From her schoolbag. What the hell were -YOU- thinking? Pervs. Anyway, M.Trinity will then toss the panties forward. If they hit a foe mid-flight, the foe will take upward knockback with a fire effect (from embarrassment) as well as 8%.

On top of being a nifty projectile, this move also provides a DREADED TRAP. Ever woken up in the morning, stepped out of bed and slipped on a piece of clothing on the ground? Well yeah, clothing can be slippery. Essentially, these panties act like banana peels from Diddy. Unlike banana peels though. . .opponents can't pick these up. . .safely at least. You see, this is a bit too PG-13 for a few of the Smashers. If the opponent doesn't throw the panties the moment they pick them up (one and a half seconds), they'll take 12% damage and medium-high upward knockback. Only three pairs of panties may be on stage at a time and, like most other items can be eaten by characters like Wario (weirdo...). They will also disappear after 20 seconds have passed. This also acts as one of M.Trinity's best KO methods...They're pink with lace in case you're wondering.

Down Special: Sexy Death Pose
M.Trinity strikes a seductive and sexy pose that would probably make the Dead or Alive characters blush. This has several uses depending on the range that your opponent is at. If your opponent is up close (within one and a half Battlefield platforms) and on the ground they'll stupidly and, predictably, lumber towards M.Trinity. Once they're in range, they'll attempt to grab at her, naughty predictable men. This is easily countered by any number of M.Trinity's attacks, so pick the one that suits you best. This "seduced" state only lasts for four seconds you can't just run away forever and keep them following you...but you can use this when there's a gap in the floor between you and your foe.

At longer than a one and a half Battlefield platforms away (but still on the ground and within a Final Destination distance away), this move will simply trip the foe; literally knocking them off their feet by how R-rated this move is! And yes, this attack is gender equal; M.Trinity even gets the girls~<3 This does no damage however and is punishable if the opponent is in the air.

Side Special: Teleport
Folding her arms over her chest, M.Trinity vanishes from sight, turning purple as she does so. A moment later, she reappears the distance of Fox's Side Special away and lets out a brief laugh. This deals no damage or knockback...but it is an invaluable mode of getting around the stage quickly and erratically. Also note that you can teleport backwards, ala back special if you press the input fast enough. If you teleport backwards, you'll stay facing the direction you were before you teleported...but if you teleport forward, you'll automatically be facing the other direction making it easy to follow up with a grab or a Smash. Be cautious of the lag at the end of this move; while the laughter may not last long, it's long enough to be punished for if you use this move poorly.

Up Special: Head Press
M.Trinity crosses her arms as she leaps through the air (two Ganondorf heights) towards the nearest opponent (up to two Battlefield platforms away) and forcefully stomps on their head with her combat boots. If this connects in midair, it'll spike the opponent downward with tremendous knockback and 14% damage. If an opponent is not within range of this attack, it has recovery range similar to Ganondorf's Up Special.

If it's used on stage, this attack will crumple the foe to the ground (dealing 12% damage) with M.Trinity standing on them. You can then tap the Special button to stomp on the opponent's face for 2% per stomp...or press the A button to cancel the remainder of the attack and leap a stage builder block backwards. This will leave your opponent in range of many of M.Trinity's attacks making it a valuable surprise move. Be cautious though; this move is questionable as far as recovery goes as depends on your opponent being within range...they could easily run away or even air dodge the attack to send you falling to your doom. It's also rather punishable if shielded on ground.

Grab Game~<3

Grab: M.Trinity's grab really isn't anything interesting...she just simply reaches out with her right hand in an attempt to grab someone. Fairly decent range but it's fairly lagless on both ends making it okay to throw out whenever.

Pummel: Foot Stamp
A rather dull pummel here, sorry about that! M.Trinity stamps down on her foes foot. It is a rather fast pummel however and deals 2% per it's fairly useful as far as pummels go. Not the real highlight of her grab game however...

Reverse Throw: Perv Punish
Now...what is this? Well, it's actually a concept that I first noticed in TWILT's Jeff Hardy set; the ability to counter throws! If the person playing M.Trinity presses forward and the grab input just before/as they're grabbed...M.Trinity will thrust her chest out and look away. The opponent will then end up...yeah, awkward. Anyway, once M.Trinity is "grabbed", she'll look towards the opponent before...SHORYUKEN! Launching a powerful uppercut, M.Trinity knocks the foe out of the grab and into the air, dealing 7% and medium knockback! The timing on this can be pretty tricky to get down at first...but it can help stop chaingrabs with incredible ease. Note that this has no effect on command grabs like Ganondorf's Side B.

Forward Throw: Neckbreaker
M.Trinity reaches up and grabs the foe by their head. In one quick movement, she swings around them, snapping their neck before throwing them a set distance forward by their head (deals 9%). If the opponent flies off stage, that's it. This move is over. If the opponent lands on stage however, they'll stand up in a dizzied state that lasts one second. A great way to either get some breathing room or to follow up with a particularly punishing move. Do note however that the opponent is immune to grabs during this stun and briefly (very briefly) afterwards to prevent infinites.

Up Throw: Static Rubbings
While holding the opponent, M.Trinity grabs the foe by their head, looks upward and violently begins to rub their face into her chest. With their arms flailing wildly, the opponent will rapidly take 8% damage before M.Trinity squeezes their head tightly into her chest and lets out a lengthy moan, dealing an additional 5% damage and slight upward knockback.

But of course, this move has a very beneficial side effect. Ever rub a balloon on your head and get your hair all static-y? This is kind of like that. Except the balloons are boobs and the hair is your opponent! What this does gameplay wise is attract any panties lying around the stage (within a Sing radius) of the foe for the next eight seconds! Basically, for the next eight seconds the opponent is a walking panty magnet! If a a pair of panties is attracted to you, you'll automatically grab them and be forced to throw them off. If you're statically charged, M.Trinity's panty based attacks will also home in on you slightly.

Down Throw: Suggestive Themes
M.Trinity forcefully pushes the foe to the ground before seemingly mounting them! Whoaaaaaaaaaa! R-rated stuff right here peeps! Good thing the screen (on that spot only) blurs out suggesting suggestive stuff. Loud moans will be heard from both characters as M.Trinity's damage % lowers and the opponent's rises. After a few awkward moments, the opponent lets out their "death cry" to signify that "stuff" is done.

The characters unblur to show M.Trinity standing on the foe, her boot in their face as she eats a slice of cake. Well that explains both the damage and the healing for M.Trinity. And you thought it was something else...silly you. M.Trinity heals 8% thanks to this move while the opponent takes a moderate 7% damage. It would also seem that M.Trinity got this cake from her schoolbag as it lies open beside her, adding a bit of end lag to the attack. Fortunately your opponent should remain downed long enough that you won't be punished for it. I guess the cake must've been really good to get that reaction out of her...

As an Easter Egg, if this move is used against Snake...there will be no cake. And M.Trinity's hair will be all frazzled with her hat lopsided (she has the same end lag fixing her hair/hat). They were just eating cake...right...? Right...?

Back Throw: Lust and Desire
M.Trinity releases the foe and performs another suggestive and sexy pose. Being the idiots that they are, your opponents will then be drawn towards M.Trinity who, cleverly (sorta), trips them. The opponent takes 6% from the tumble and ends up a small ways behind where they started.

For the next eight seconds, your opponent will continuously walk towards you (if they leave the control stick alone that is) unless they pull their stick in the other direction (zing!) to fight the "pull." And there's also this little fact...the opponents are now so desperate for a piece of M.Trinity (I'm so flattering here :3) that even her panties will do. If an opponent walks near a pair of panties while under the effect of this move...they'll pick them up regardless of whether you wanted to or not and hang onto them. This throw provides an excellent spacing/mindgame tool as well as a way to lead into one of your best KO moves.

Sexy Smashes~<3

Side Smash: Pack Smack
Pulling her schoolbag back, M.Trinity begins to charge this attack. Once the move is release, she will swing the bag forward; first high, then low, then in between. Getting hit with the bag will deal a solid 9-11% damage depending on charge. Knockback for this attack is determined by which hit the foe is struck by. The first hit will deal medium vertical knockback, the second hit will deal high horizontal knockback and the last hit will deal low-medium horizontal knockback. Obviously this means that the second hit is probably the desired hit to strike the foe with, especially if you do this near a ledge where the knockback with potentially spike them even...however...

The third hit, despite dealing the least damage, also serves a potential very useful secondary effect..If a foe is struck by the third hit of this Smash (regardless of charge) M.Trinity's bag will fly open sending her panties flying everywhere! This will instantly replace any panties that were already on the stage withthree new pairs! Your opponent will also be directly near them by default (as they don't fly that far) so use this to your advantage to land your sexy KO move! Be cautious however; if you flub this attack, you're an easy counterattack victim as you go through the motions. Slightly increased end lag if you connect with the third hit as well...

Up Smash: Pack Vortex
Been wondering how M.Trinity keeps pulling out endless supplies of her panties/delicious cake? Because she's an OC! That's why! Well, if you want a better explaination...M.Trinity's schoolbag actually contains a portal to another dimension. Yeah, let's go with that! Once you start charging this Smash, M.Trinity will open her bag and hold it slightly above and behind her head. Once the Smash is released, M.Trinity will swing the bag forward in an attempt to capture the opponent inside of it! If caught, M.Trinity will snap the bag shut and hold it against the ground as it shakes violently. After a few moments, the bag explodes open, sending the foe flying upwards with tremendous knockback (that KO's at around 95%) and 16-23% damage depending on the charge.

So...what's the catch huh? This move seems too good to be true. know King Dedede's Side Smash? Yeah, it's about as laggy as that move which makes it very difficult to land (as it has slightly less range than that attack even!). On the bright side though? This provides M.Trinity with another good KO method and lets her play off her panties game ever more! Remember, a tripped opponent is a vulnerable opponent! That and panties make you trip. Logic, who needs it?!

Down Smash: Ecstasy
M.Trinity arches her back, looks away and spreads her arms she she charges this move. During this period she has super armor! Yay! If struck while using this move, M.Trinity will arch further back and take it all in (zing!), signifying that you can release this move whenever. Upon releasing the Smash, M.Trinity lets out an orgasmic cry that puts foes into a shield shattered state and will deal 5-10% damage depending on charge. The range of this attack is also determined by charge; at minimum charge, this attack will only reach a Battlefield platform away...but at maximum charge, it'll reach across the entirety of Final Destination. This shield break effect is identical to that of a normal shield break and will effect even airbourne enemies.

Broken you say? Nope! If M.Trinity is -NOT- attacked during the charge time of this move, she'll simply fake it (poorly may I add) causing only grounded foes to trip. The range of the tripping is the same as the range for the shield break effect but will only affect grounded enemies. It also deals slightly less damage; 4-9%.

Basic Attacks~<3

Neutral Combo: Pack Attack
No, not that crazy puzzle game with Pacman. This is nowhere near as terrible as that! Anyway, M.Trinity unzips her
and smothers her opponent in it, slamming it over their head. The opponent is now able to move around and everything...but their trip rate is now increased by 20% because they can't see where they're going! They also take a constant 2% per second the bag is on their head! The bag acts very much like a Pikmin in that it must be knocked off via an attack. Using an Up attack (aerial, tilt, smash) or dashing back and forth will shake the bag off your head.

Unfortunately...despite all the positives about this attack...there's one glaring negative. You will be unable to use any attacks that involve your bag until you recover it (this includes throwing new pairs of panties!). There's are three ways to recover your bag.

1. Grab the opponent; you'll recover your bag instantly.
2. Grab the bag after your opponent has shaken it off.
3. The bag will be returned to you if it falls off the stage after six seconds.

Hmm...this name sounds shockingly similar to a certain super move performed by a certain dictator...oh well, it's nothing like that move at all so put any images you may have in your mind out of it. Anyway, this move appears rather similar to Snake's dash first at least. With a tap of the standard button, M.Trinity will dive forward with her arms stretched out before her. This has a slightly longer range than Snake's dash but is slightly laggier on the start up and is very punishable if missed.

Of course...simply copying Snake's dash attack would be pretty boring really...fortunately, that isn't the case at all. If M.Trinity connects with this attack, she'll deal neither damage nor knockback but rather be pinned beneath her (she'll be holding them down with her Psycho Powers in case you're wondering how she can hold your heavyweight male antagonists down). With another tap of the button, M.Trinity will arch her back as she thrusts her knee into the foe's crotch, grinding her knee into their privates for about two second and dealing a solid 8% damage before she stands up and brushes off her skirt. This has a very crippling effect on M.Trinity's foe however...the opponent will take on a new idle stance, one that has them slightly hunched over, their hands over their privates as if they have to go to the bathroom. This new stance reduces the foes number of jumps by one (excluding recovery moves) and reduces their jump height by 1/3. It also slows them down minorly when it comes to run speed. This effect lasts for eight seconds before the foe manages to shake it off.

M.Bison totally ripped off M.Trinity when it came to move names but. . .whatever; she's gotta be nice to her big bro (he's got a major superiority complex). Anyway...M.Trinity swings her right leg back and then fiercely kicks forward at the speed of Kirby's Side Smash. If this move connects, M.Trinity will boot the foe directly in the crotch, pulling her leg back before swinging it forward three more times! NOW you know why this move is called what it is; that's freakin' sick! If a foe is hit by the first kick, they'll be hit by all of the remaining kicks (each kick dealing 2% and no knockback). Once the 4th kick connects, the opponent will crumple; their privates shattered by M.Trinity's steel-toed combat boots.

This attack will also do a nasty number on shields; reducing them to near nothing rapidly. This means that this is, duh, a good shield breaking move! It's also quite hard to grab M.Trinity out of it because of the hitbox this move creates (unless you're behind her). Unfortunately, she'll go through the whole four kicks whether you hit with it or make sure you land it or you're totally vulnerable!

Up Tilt: Heartthrob
M.Trinity's utilt looks very similar in appearance to Peach's utilt; both utilize a giant heart for attack! Aww, how sweet! M.Trinity will raise her right knee and balance on her left leg as she extends her arm upward causing a large heart-shaped hitbox to appear above her! Unlike Peach's utilt which sends the opponent upward, this move actually causes the heart to burst when it touches an opponent, igniting them with fire damage (9%) and spiking them downward; right where you want them!

Down Tilt: Grinder
Oh man do you know this one's gonna be bad when you see the name of it...anyway...M.Trinity stamps forward with her right leg. If this hits an opponent, it'll deal a poor 4% damage and flinching. It's not very spammable either so there's really no reason to use this...or is there?

If this is used against a downed opponent however, like one who was tripped or perhaps a victim to one of your throws...M.Trinity will stamp down on their crotch, grinding her heel of boot into the poor downed victim all whilst laughing manically! Ouch! This deals a more more respectable 10% damage and, more importantly, leaves them writhing on the ground in pain. While in this animation, you're unable to down tilt them again for -MORE- stun...but you can down tilt them while they're down for a bit of extra damage before they get up.


Neutral Aerial: Psycho Crusher
Ah! Here we go! The actual Psycho Crusher attack! M.Trinity will begin to spin rapidly as a purple aura appears around her! Touching this aura will deal 6% and upward knockback. Unfortunately, M.Trinity isn't as good at this move as M.Bison and as such, she won't go up or anything while using it. But as for some helpful pointers...the most powerful part of this attack is at the very top, near where her head is. This part deals the highest knockback and has unmatched priority making aerial approaches quite difficult. However, you're totally vulnerable from below (as there's no hitbox there). Think of it kind of as a reverse Mach Tornado but you can't move while using it and the priority on the sides is nowhere neard as broken.

Forward Aerial: Fangirl Moment
Oh my God! M.Trinity realizes that she's fighting some of the biggest names in video game history (and the Ice Climbers!). Lunging forward the distance of Diddy's Side B, M.Trinity grabs the opponent by their legs (or torso if they have no legs or something) and violently plummets towards the ground. This deals 11% upon contact with the ground and can be used as a suicide KO if you really feel like it (although you have much better options in the air). The main purpose of the move is trying to drag them back down to the ground where they're most vulnerable to your charms (and your undergarments). If you miss, you'll enter a freefall which is NO good.

Up Aerial: Pack Hurl
Facing upwards, M.Trinity hurls her bag into the air in an attempt to strike a foe! If this move connects, it will deal 12% and weak upward knockback! This is a pretty weak aerial overall...but it does serve its purpose. Once the bag hits the foe, panties will burst forth! Glorious panty blizzard! Actually it'll just send three pairs to either side of the stage...but it's much easier than throwing them manually yourself. Make sure you actually -CATCH- your bag too; if you miss it you'll have to go pick it up...if you used this off have to wait. Do note however that the bag is a hitbox during the entire duration of the attack, whether it's going up or falling back down!

Back Aerial: Psycho Punisher
A midair counter! Nifty! M.Trinity will spread her legs (holding down her skirt with her hands as she falls), making her a larger hitbox as she falls at her normal fall speed. If M.Trinity is struck while using this attack (the window of opportunity is the same as Marth's counter), she'll flash purple and reappear behind the foe, punching through their back and causing a bright purple explosion to burst from their stomach. M.Trinity then pulls her hand from the opponent's back and laughs. This deals a great 15% but does no knockback. Instead, the opponent enters a freefall. Particularly devastating if you land it off does have a nasty bit of end lag if you don't land it however...

Down Aerial: Rear Slam
Another basic aerial that serves its own purpose. M.Trinity swings her legs up (and presses down her skirt again) and then falls rear first towards the ground. If she hits an opponent as she's fall, she'll drag them down to the ground with her! Dealing 8% on contact and an additional 6% upon hitting the ground! Another nifty little deal is that you're allowed to footstool off of an opponent beneath you if you want an extra boost back to the stage! Missing with this attack however is...quite bad. You'll either fall to your doom off stage or fall on your butt on stage for a good chunk of end lag...

Final Smash~<3

Okay, who didn't see this one coming?! This is M.Trinity's trademark deal! Once M.Trinity has snagged the Smash Ball, she'll glow all kinds of awesome colors! Upon pressing the Special Button, M.Trinity will giggle slightly and exclaim, "Howdy hoes!" At this time, the four characters that have been used last (aka in previous Brawls) will appear as ghostly images on the screen, actively attacking your foes with any of their moves with the smarts of a Level 7 CPU! If this just so happens to be your first Brawl of the day or if you've only been doing matches, the four characters that appear will be Mario, Link, Kirby and Pikachu. After 17 seconds, the "Recap'd" characters will vanish from the battlefield and M.Trinity will mock, "Hope you enjoyed~<3"

Also, this Final Smash will reverse your opponent's controls for the entire duration of the 17 seconds. You didn't think I'd leave that out, did you? <3

So! What a strange little panties-related web I've woven here, hmm? Well here's the deal! M.Trinity is all about you playing with her panties. Yeah, I know that's a really weird idea for a playstyle concept with me here, okay? Throwing your panties down creates an annoying hazard, much like Diddy's 'nanners. Unlike Diddy's nanners, your panties are a deadly, embarassing weapon that are potentially dangerous when picked up making it harder for your opponent to use them against you! They also act as one of your primary KO methods which is beyond useful! There are multiple ways to get your panties around the field so use the one that works best for you! Up Throw plus Uair is an easy way to scatter them about the stage. Neutral Special is your most basic way to get them out and deal some damage in the process. Side Smash is a tad bit more unorthodox but it'll do in a pinch too!

Racking up damage with M.Trinity isn't particularly difficult; she has a lot of awesome moves damage wise. Some of the best moves for damage racking include Nair, Dash Attack, Dtilt, Side Smash and the Ftilt. All of your aerials work quite well for dealing solid damage but they're a tad bit more situational...also keep in mind that your Up Special works as a surprisingly unpredictable attack method!

So how do you land these high risk KO moves?! Well, a grab certainly helps you for one thing! M.Trinity has multiple helpful options out of her grab game. She can either heal herself, leave them stunned or force them to approach (or force them to fight their controls!). Down Special is also a very, very useful tool if used properly as it forces your opponent to grab at you! You can then use this chance to perform an easy counter grab or to attack them with a powerful killing move as they stupidly wander towards you! Also, don't doubt the usefulness of your Neutral Combo! If you manage to land it, your opponent will be even more vulnerable to tripping! This coupled with a few tripping obstacles lying about will make their life a living hell as they try and shake the bag off. This can rack up -MAJOR- damage in a short time if you keep them relatively in place; if they're caught up attacking you, they won't be freeing themselves! As one final note here, if you see an opponent pick up your panties, whether they're under your "spell" or trying to use them against up and punish them! If you knock them over, they'll still count as holding onto the panties and still take the knockback (unless you knock them loose somehow...)

Also be aware that many, many of M.Trinity's moves are designed with ground based fighting in mind! As such, you have multiple options for how to best force your opponent to the ground! Utilt provides an excellent downward spike whereas all of your aerials but nair and uair work effectively at bringing foes down to your preferred level of battle.

Speaking of stupid things (wait, we weren't?), your opponents will learn not to use their getup attacks against you very quickly. Because your opponents will be slipping and being knocked down so often, they'll likely use their get up attack more often than against other opponents. This makes them -PERFECT- bait for your Down Smash which will, since they'll be at such close range, leave them with a shield broken effect! This in turn will leave them wide open to a powerful Usmash!

One last major move to note, Side Special. Oh my God is teleporting useful. While it's not as safe as say...simply provides so much more mind game potential and forces the opponent to stay on their toes as you could be almost anywhere very shortly! Not only that but it can provide a great form of escape that's faster than bothering with the start up animations and such for running!

All in all, M.Trinity is a weird character for sure. She has to be aggressive when it comes down to it however, constantly forcing the opponent to question ever single step or fall flat on their arse! Keep the pressure on and your opponents won't know what to expect next! If you keep your opponent grounded and constantly slipping up, landing those KO moves will be a breeze!


Up Taunt: Sexy Stretching
M.Trinity raises her left arm up as she reaches around the back of her head with her right arm and grabs her left. She'll stretch slightly before letting out a small yawn. Seems like you're boring her, little man.

Side Taunt: :3
M.Trinity's face will briefly become the ":3" face. If she is attacked while doing this taunt, her face will immediately turn to the "DX" face. How does she do that...?

Down Taunt: Personal Assault
Oh God is this gonna be a big one. M.Trinity has a unique Down Taunt for everyone. The -ENTIRE- playable Brawl cast is under personal assault from this fiesty/foxy little witch. Click below to see how she insults your favorite Brawler (I may get around to MYM sets if I get bored enough)!

M.Trinity has four different poses for this taunt and whichever pose she uses is determined by her opponent but all of her quotes are different..

1. If the opponent is a protagonistic male character such as Mario or Link, M.Trinity will lean forward, her right hand on her hip as she waggles her left finger at them. Quite partronizing really.

2. If the opponent is an antagonistic male character like Bowser and Ganondorf, M.Trinity spin around, lean forward and look over her should seductively flashing her panties at them in the process; what a tease...

3. If the opponent is female like Peach or Zero Suit Samus, M.Trinity will examine her foe intently, squeezing her breasts as she does so. Sizing up the competition?

4. If the opponent is an animal, robot or a child, like Fox, ROB or Ness, M.Trinity will place her hands on her hips, look down and shake her head. Seems she's not interested in that at all.

Mario: "Shame those Super Mushrooms don't help where it counts..." (Pose 1)

Luigi: "Green with envy? I guess you're vacuum isn't the only thing that sucks." (Pose 1)

Peach: "Plumbers always coming to save you? That desperate for a 'declogging'?" (Pose 3)

Bowser: "You breed?! I guess standards don't exist anymore..." (Pose 2)

Donkey Kong: "None for you, ape; go play with your bananas." (Pose 4)

Diddy Kong: "I want nothing to do with your bananas and nuts, chimpy." (Pose 4)

Yoshi: "You could do a lot of good with that tongue, you know?" (Pose 4)

Wario: "I have no interest in your sacks; money or otherwise." (Pose 2)

Link: "Master Sword? Shouldn't you be wielding meat swords with that skirt on?" (Pose 1)

Zelda: "Three gods on your side and you're still flat as an ironing board? Your gods suck." (Pose 3)

Sheik: "With that flexibility I'd say you're used to fitting into tight places..." (Pose 1)

Ganondorf: "I assume that sword you keep hiding is to make up for another equally useless 'sword'..?" (Pose 2)

Toon Link: "That the Wind Waker in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?" (Pose 4)

Samus: " must be hot in that suit; want me to help you out of it?" (Pose 1)

Zero Suit Samus: "A chick?! And she's freakin stacked...hrmph...they're probably fake." (Pose 3)

Pit: "Ever heard of puberty kid? Come back when your eggplants have dropped." (Pose 4)

Ice Climbers: "It must suck in the cold, huh? Ever got your tongue stuck to that 'pole,' pink?" (Pose 4)

R.O.B.: "A crappy vibrating robot with some toys? Do I really look that desperate?" (Pose 4)

Kirby: "You suck stuff up and you're a tiny pink ball? God, I don't even need to make a joke there." (Pose 4)

Meta Knight: "I've had some nasty stuff said to me but...I haven't been called a ***** half as much as you have." (Pose 4)

King Dedede: "Where do you keep pulling those poor little red guys from?! Is this really what kings do with their 'servants'?!" (Pose 4)

Olimar: "Sorry shrimp, you need to be this tall before you can get on this 'ride.'" (Pose 4)

Fox: "Yuck. Fur? Really? That tank's the only thing you'll be riding, furbag." (Pose 4)

Falco: "I don't care what you prefer; the answer is still no." (Pose 4)

Wolf: "Didn't I already tell you off? There's no way you're 'taking me down' in any sense of the phrase." (Pose 4)

Captain Falcon: "Falcon Punch? 'Come on!'? 'Show me your moves!'? You fighting or filming a creepy porno?!" (Pose 1)

Pikachu: "Ew, a shock therapy rat. Sorry, not into that kinda stuff." (Pose 4)

Pokemon Trainer (To Trainer): "You keep tossing your balls around but...I don't think you have the stamina to keep it up..." (Pose 1)

Lucario: "Oh God, now people are going to start pairings like this on the internet...yuck." (Pose 4)

Jigglypuff: "So you end up putting men to sleep? I've never heard of anyone that bad during." (Pose 4)

Marth: "Lose the tiara and we'll talk; I'm sure you could put those sword thrusts to good use..." (Pose 1)

Ike: "'Prepare myself'? You're jumping the gun a little bit but...I can't say I dislike it...mmm.." (Pose 1)

Ness: "A bat and a yo-yo? Aren't you a little young? Come back when you stop thinking girls have cooties." (Pose 4)

Lucas: "You know kid, you'll never get a girl if you're always crying like that...or with that haircut." (Pose 4)

Mr. Game & Watch: "You sure know your way around a sausage or two. Is it safe to assume there's no Mrs. Game & Watch?" (Pose 4)

Snake: "I that's why the call you 'Solid.' Why don't you teach me some of your 'CQC' tonight..?" (Pose 1)

Sonic: "Fastest thing alive? How disappointing; I need a man with some stamina..." (Pose 4)

Win Pose 1: Skills
M.Trinity laughs and makes a sexy pose before saying, "It takes skill to be this awesome. Really." Hopefully the opponents are all still clapping and not...ya know?

Win Pose 2: Some Party!
Nobody is seen on the victory screen and all that can be heard, besides M.Trinity's victory theme are some random character grunts from the other characters and various moans from M.Trinity. The camera then pans over to show. . .they're playing Brawl?! And it seems that M.Trinity's not doing too well...She throws down the controller and marches to the front of the screen where she crosses her arms and looks stubbornly away. Everyone else continues playing Brawl.

Win Pose 3: Eyes On The Prize
The camera appears to be having an extreme closeup on M.Trinity's chest. Angrily, M.Trinity clears her throat causing the camera to shake before hastily panning up to her face. With an irritated look, the winner replies curtly; "Up here, perv."

Lose Pose: Clap and Sob
M.Trinity stands in the background, her head hung low as she claps slowly for her opponent. Every once in a while you'll hear her sniffle or mutter, "I suck..." Aww...don't be so hard on yourself...that's what Negative Man is for!

Entrance: Super Kawaii Entry =^_^=
A giant kitten is seen standing behind the stage as the match starts. The kitten then opens its mouth as flowers, hearts and rainbows spray out. M.Trinity then rides out on a unicorn. Once she dismounts the unicorn, the kitten vanishes and she shoves the unicorn off the stage asking quietly, "What the hell was that...?"


M.Trinity vs. Mekuri Master
It's the battle of the century! Fight! Okay, so it's very possible that the Master has met his panties-based equal here! Unfortunately for M.Trinity, this matchup is horribly bias in your favor. Your panty based attacks actually restore his Mekuri Meter (although they still damage him if he holds them) and, because of your unfortunate costume choice, you're at risk for getting your skirt flipped even -WITHOUT- being Mekuri Bliss'd! So what does this mean for you, unfortunate M.Trinity player? Well it means that you'll have to be all the more careful!

Mekuri Master's player won't have to summon his school girls as much as he permenantly has you as meter builder! This means you're not only at risk of taking damage normally, but you're also building up meter for him! So stay aggressive and keep attacking to keep his meter down! Remember that Merkuri Master is not only fairly light, but that you can KO him by reducing his Mekuri Meter to zero! And, as weird as a match up fact as this is...remember that M.Trinity's panties are pink. If Mekuri Master has pink as his favorite color of panties, you'll be taking considerable damage from his attacks! If he's Super Mekuri Man...well...then the scale tips greatly in his favor...

M.Trinity however has a considerable number of attacks to use to keep Mekuri Master out of your hair and away from your panties. You can try to bait Mekuri Master into grabbing your panties and damaging himself...or you can use any number of your stunning/tripping moves to keep him from powering up. It's an uphill battle...but not by a whole lot. Mekuri Master is just flat out better at what he does than you are. You can win for sure, your regular attacks are better than his in the long run and you have far more traditional ways to KO him...but you're also aiding him towards the win. If only alt costumes existed!

Slight Advantage: Mekuri Master

Alt Costume~<3

For M.Trinity's alt costume, she gets a sexy Mario costume; the M on the hat works still even! Her bust isn't quite that big (she wishes really) and her hair is a tad bit light in that image but...hey, it's still a pretty damn sexy costume if you ask me!

So. I really like how this set actually turned out. I knew Smady and Warlord were making joke sets for I thought..."Who'd be a good person to make fun of?" I quickly decided on myself of course and started the "joke set". I came up with the weird concepts that you see here and decided I actually liked it. So I ran with it. Dropped the concept of it being a joke set entirely and made it a full fledged set. Turned out surprisingly well (IMO) if not insanely bizarre. Yes, I did whip this up in one day lol.

Yes. This -IS- a serious entry. A weird entry but it's serious.

And yeah, I misread how many posts I needed for a new page, hence why it's at the bottom. I won't erase this and edit it into a later post, it's no big deal to me really so long as people enjoy the set! Serves me right for trying to get a new page anyway. But in my (poor) is 7:30am and I haven't slept since 11:00am yesterday. Then again, maybe it's best that we don't have a moveset revolving around the usage of panties as a weapon on the top of the page. . .

Also please try and forgive any typos in this. I did it entirely via PM so it's very possible I missed stuff with no spell check! I tried my best though!!


Smash Cadet
Apr 1, 2010

Here's a voice sample, so you can read this entire thing in my voice! Aren't I just the greatest? Oh, and could you please click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE? Even if you don't want to listen to the Playlist I so carefully made for you, click that. That video is of just about everything I can do in Continuum Shift, and it's referenced quite a bit in the set, so be a dear and at least watch that, won't you? Might wanna keep it up too, unless you wanna be going all the way back up here to click it a bunch.


Ho! What's this? Someone looking at my set? Yet you don't even know who I am? Geez, that's pretty stupid of you. Well, shit, guess I gotta explain it to you then. I'm Yuuki Terumi, or Hazama, the big bad of Blazblue: Continuum Shift. I'm behind pretty much everything that happens. Unless it's a good thing. That probably wasn't me. Anyhow, all you really need to know about me is that everyone hates me for what I do and I love that. I don't have time to tell you my whole life's story, so just fucking Google it or something, kay? Oh, I almost forgot; in Smash, I'm Unlimited. Which pretty much means that I am a GOD. Have fun with that.


Okay, so for starters, as you may or may not know, I am just too damn awesome to be fought gather a friend or two...oh who am I kidding? Grab a couple of computer players before you even THINK of taking me on. 1v1 isn't even worth my time. Not that you would be anyhow....Anyways, you might have been wondering just what I meant by Unlimited, right? I'm sure you were, after all, you're goddamned ********. What I really mean is that I'm stronger than usual, have better moves than I should, and, most importantly, have this little barrier/chain/thingy made of out, to put it simply, weird-ass symbols around me. To keep it real simple for you, I'm just gonna call it Blazblue like Rags. Or the Azure Grimoire; I get those mixed up a bit sometimes. Anyhow, this little thing goes out Brawl standards, about a..what was his name? Uhh...the fatass turtle's width on all sides of me. And what this little barrier thingy does is suck you dry. Anyone who's inside the circle, or has any part of their body in it, will have their life sucked right out of them and right into dear old me! That's right, if you're stupid enough to just waltz right on in, you'll gain 2% damage a second, and I'll heal by that same amount. Of course, no one would be that stupid...but it's not like you have a choice!

URGH. And one more thing I gotta mention here. Down by my name, there are these two little symbols, seen under the names in this picture(taken shortly after a good troll-fest). These babies serve me long as at least one is there, you can use this thing called a "Break" by pressing both Shield buttons at the same time. But before I get to that, I'll tell you that using a Break kills off one of the symbols, and they take twenty seconds apiece to respawn. Now what the Breaks do is IF I just so happen to be getting my tail whupped, you can use one to push people two Battlefield Platforms away from me and reset them to Idle. It doesn't do any damage, and is just a sort of panic button if you're sucking a lot of ass. Which you probably will be at many points.


So, you wanna know how good I am? Well then, lemme tell ya!

Attack=Speed: 10-Yeah, I'm a rather quick guy. Most of my shit comes out pretty damn fast, so good luck one-upping me there!

Range: 9- Huh? You say Erufuun had no Range stat? Fuck that little fluffball, this is MY set! And I need this stat if I do say so myself. Ouroboros, or that little snake-thingy up in the picture, is pretty much a long-ass chain, giving me quite the reach. However...some of my actual attacks have bad or at least not great reach, and I don't have a real projectile. This stat is mostly just cause of Ouroboros.

Power: 8- Oh yeah, and I can kill ya pretty darn fast too, if I play my cards right. Sorry about that...oh, no I'm not! It's freakin awesome! Don't you wish you were me? I bet you do!

Ground=Speed: 7- As I said, I'm a fairly swift little guy, topping at about the same as that gay little swordsman. No, not Jin; Marfy-boy or whatever his name is.

Size: 7- Yessiree! I'm about the same width as that gay swordsman too! Man, I really have too much in common with him. Anyways, why this is so high is because of my height. I'm just about as tall as Ganon, making me tower above nearly all of you little as

First=Jump: 7- Well, my legs are strong, you know? I'm fast, and I can jump pretty high. Wouldn't really make much sense to only have one, eh?

Midair=Jump: 7- Are you gonna make me say it again? My. Legs. Are. Strong. Goddamn, pay attention, will you? This is just as good as my first, obviously.

Recovery: 7-
7?! Bulls
hit! Ouroboros has godly range, can be aimed in any direction, and automatically grabs the ledge! How in HELL is that a SEVEN?! ...oh that's right. It's a goddamned Tether.

Falling=Speed: 6- Yeah, so I'm a little on the..well, not heavy, but SOMETHING makes me fall faster than normal. I don't know, maybe my sheer level of awesome weighs me down.

Traction: 6- Must be these shoes. Leather all around, rubber soles. They're generally pretty great. But I do slip a little. Maybe I should see the shoemaker...

Weight: 5- Well, I'm not exactly heavy, but not really light either. I've got the best of both worlds! Or is it the, that's you.


Neutral=Special -//Ouroboros\\-

My Nox Nyctores, Ouroboros! Again, it's that snake-thingy up in the picture, so I'm not gonna describe it to you. You can see it an all of its iterations at about 0:45 in the video, though unlike there, I can launch it in any direction at all in Brawl. Anyways, it only takes me a fourth of a second to summon and launch this baby in any direction, so be prepared, you know? Course, it takes me another eighth of a second to turn around if I aim it behind me, but even I ain't perfect. Better than you though. This baby will extend out three fourths of the way across Final Destination before returning if you leave it alone, but if you hit a button while it's going out, Ouroboros will bite down, and if that hits anyone, it'll deal 6% damage and stun the s
hit out of them. Regardless of whether it bit anyone, I'll LAUNCH MYSELF ALL THE FUCKING WAY TO OUROBOROS' HEAD. If the head comes to an opponent, it'll stop automatically and bite them, but you can still press a button to zip to it. If you don't, then Ouroboros will return in a quarter of a second. Isn't it wonderful?

Depending on which button you pressed, I'll get there in a different way...Let's assume you're NOT ******** for a second(shocking, I know, so I'll let you pause here for a minute so you can catch your breath or something. You good now? Great.)and are using a standard Gamecube Controller. R
or L will cancel Ouroboros out and make it return. Y, X, or Z will cause me to make a sort of semi-circle getting to the head, going up and around, and then back down, leaving me just a smidge above it. B will make me just boringly zip straight to it and stop there. Finally, A causes me to ZOOM an extra Battlefield Platform and a half past Ouroboros. Those are all in the video as well, and in the order that I listed them. Convenient, eh?

Since I'm so nice to you, player, I zip around at the speed of..uh..Sonic's run, and have super armor while I'm moving, making it nearly impossible for even your worthless ass to fuck this one up, though I'm sure you'll find a way. In addition, while I can't actually attack while moving along this thing, I'm totally free to do whatever the hell I like once I get to the end, with no lag at all. I'm still stuck to ground or aerial moves depending on where I am, though. As long as my Blazblue is at least touching the ground, I can use my standards and all such. If it's not, then I'm stuck to Aerials and of course Specials. So...don't fuck up and make sure you land where you want to, kay? You gotta remember, you're playing, but I'm the one who gets the shit beaten out of me if you suck.

Here, I'll even TELL you how to use the damn move, since you apparently can't figure it out yourself. Obviously it's a faster way to get around and all, but you should also use it to take full advantage of surprise attacks and locking the opponent into hitstun to heal me some more. You could even use it when you're right next to someone if you really want, just for the added hitstun and healing. And douche factor. Might make them not like you, but hey, you're YOU. It's safe to assume they already hate you. I know I do. And of course, using the "A" version of this could substitute as an okay recovery option.

Down=Special -//Serpent's=Benediction\\-

With this, I simply strike a pose, with my hand behind my back and glowing the same green/black mixture as Ouroboros' chain. This takes...oh, a tenth of a second and has Super Armor on the first seven frames of the pose. Why not? It doesn't actually do anything yet, after all. I can walk forward and moonwalk backwards, both at 3/4 of my normal pace, but I can't jump or crouch or anything. It'd be kinda hard to hold the pose if I did, now wouldn't it? Now knowing you, I oughta keep this shit real simple-like, so you can just cancel the pose by hitting the Special Button with no directional input.

Now, to actually do an attack with this, you gotta hit your "Special" Button and a direction. Doesn't matter if you're walking already or not, the same attack'll come out. Every direction but Neutral, since that fucking cancels the move, will do a different attack. Also, all of these attacks have Super Armor on the first five frames of animation, just for that added kick, and you can sort of "charge" the moves. All you really do is just hold off on using them for at least a third of a second, then when you use them they'll do 3% more damage and kill 10% earlier, and leave little blue after-images. Might not wanna do that if you're going for some combos. Just some..friendly advice.

These next moves start at 1:23 in my video, and are all in the set in the order they appear. I coulda fucked with you, but why not be a nice guy for a change? I have plenty of time left to be an a
sshole. Also, the order is Forward, Up, Down, and then Back, which isn't actually in the vid. Sue me.

Serpent's=Advance -//Rising=Fang\\-

No, I don't actually rise, really. What would make you think that? What I do is lunge forward a Battlefield Platform's distance with a sort of flip and bring my glowing hand over my head and then down in front of me, leaving a trail of that greenish energy behind, which sticks around for a half of a second.

When my fist meets their face, their face loses. By a lot. By 11%, in fact. They lose to the aura too, but that only deals 9%. There's no knockback on either of these, just a lot of a hitstun. A LOT of hitstun. I'm a rather combo-happy guy, if I do say so myself.

There's no lag on either side of this move outside of the time it takes to set up Serpent's Benediction, so it combos perfectly into just about anything else I can do in the set...which can lead into nearly infinite combos if they're not exceptional with their DI. I'm not known for being fair, you know. But that's why they have a partner, right? To get them out of this shit. Course, the partner is probably just as useless as them, so hey. Maybe I could even catch them both in here. That'd be somethin, huh?

Serpent's=Steady -//Gluttony=Fang\\-

Actually, it's SUPPOSED to be called Falling Fang...but that didn't fit very well, now did it? Stupid..move namers. And besides, this fits me a bit better.

Aaanyways, here I simply kick upwards while doing a backflip, leaving another trail of aura. I'll land a third of a Battlefield Platform behind where I was when I used the move. This comes out with no initial lag, but has a third of a second's ending lag. You gotta steady yourself after one of these doozies. If you're a smart little chicken and use this in the air though, I'll suffer no end lag at all!

My kick does a good 18% damage and knockback killing at 110%, with the trail dealing 12% and just heavy hitstun. Sadly, because of the rather heavy end lag and the retreat, it's a bit tough to follow this up with anything, but it's still nice as a killer option.

But, just to make this match the little name I've so affectionately given it AND to give it a bit of spice, which you guys seem to like or something, let's wing it and say this heals me by a fourth of whatever damage it does, meaning 5% for the actual kick or 3% for the aura. Hell, 8% healing added on to 30% damage if you can hit with both. Pretty sweet, eh? Don't worry though, Rags, this actually HELPS me, so it's not infringing on your territory too much.

Serpent's=Pull -//Devouring=Fang\\-

Maybe this one coulda healed me...ah screw it. This makes me do a little crescent-shaped sweeping motion with my knife from my foot up to about the middle of my chest...or where it would have been, since I crouch down a bit when I use this. The sweep, despite being vertical, has the horizontal range of a Battlefield Platform. I'm just THAT good. And once again, this leaves a trail of that same old energy.

Sadly, unlike the two before this, Devouring Fang has a bit of startup lag; a whole fourth of a second in fact. Maybe I should dock its pay? Well, there's only a fifth of a second of end lag as I straighten up, making it still a rather quick attack, so I guess it's off the hook.

The move does 9% damage, with the energy doing 7%, making this the weakest of my options damage-wise by a little bit. However, just like me, and believe me, quite a bit like you too, it's a bit of a strange move. Like usual(for me at least), this deals a lot of hitstun,
but instead of dealing the traditional(and boring)knockback, it drags anyone that either the blade or aura touches towards me, setting them up as perfect little combo fodder for all my other pretty moves.

Serpent's=Retreat -//Gnashing=Fang\\-

Alright, so this isn't actually in my Continuum Shift repertoire...but it wouldn't be fancy enough if I didn't have one of these for all the directions! That aside, with this I take out my knives and, with one hand, slash six times really quick-like in front of myself, and with my other, slash once real hard behind me, all while jumping backwards 3/4 of a Battlefield Platform. The quick hits do drag whoever they're hitting with me that distance, so I still manage to get them all in. The aura on this only appears on the backwards slash, sadly. No guaranteed aura stacking here.

It only takes me a tenth of a second to start slashing in front of me, but the backwards one comes out a third of a second into the attack, just as the sixth hit connects. Speaking of that sixth hit, it puts the opponent into their "prone" or "knocked down" or "flat on their ass" state instead of doing any actual knockback. Each hit from the front slashes deals 2% damage, for 12% total. The back swipe is just a normal old hit with normal old 13% damage and normal old horizontal knockback that kills around 130%.

This little baby is great for ending a combo if someone is trying to sneak up on me from behind while I'm ****** their partner's long as you don't mind not getting that kill move in. Then again, it just might kill their partner, so why not? And since it just puts them in their prone state, the extra damage and healing factor in a little here too, so that's nice. And as an added plus, if you want and can time it just right, then you can bring the guy you WERE comboing back into you with Serpent's Pull. Really, the things I do for you. Almost seems like I don't quite despise the living shit out of you and everything you do, huh? But you know better, isn't that right? Yes you do! Yes you do! Good doggy! Hahahaha!

Side=Special -//Eternal=Coils=Of=The=Dragon=Serpent\\-

Rather long name, I know, but what ya gonna do? Anywho, with this, I strike an awesome pose for a third of a second, with my left hand held up near my chest and my right of crossed over it. After this, I raise my left hand into the air, summoning a ring composed of the same odd symbols as my barrier around anyone standing within a third of Final Destination in front of me . After this, I launch Ouroboros at them and pull them in real close-like for a lot of real quick slashes, kicks, punches, you name it! Finally, I create three bigass snake heads out of the energy I love so much and make them just bite the living hell out of whoever is being pounded on, all at once! Oh, and I scream DIEDIEDIEDIEDIEEE!! while the snakes are eating at them, for added flavor.

There's no real lag between the end of the actual pose and the summon, so while this is sort of telegraphed, I can still land it pretty effectively. Plus, you know, it's not like they're intelligent enough to actually attempt to avoid it or anything. There's also only a sixth of a second's worth of ending lag at the end of the move or if the snare misses, so even if the little butt-buddy roaming around wants to punish me, well..he'll find that kinda hard to do. Know why? Because he'll have to hit me RIGHT during that time; I've got Super Armor during the entire move, except for the beginning pose. The pulling, beatings, summons; I'm protected during it all!

Okay so. Ouroboros latching on to the opponent deals 4% damage, the hits all deal 1% and there are eight of them, and the snakes deal three hits of 3% each, so our total comes to...21% damage! And the knockback isn't bad either; it's essentially completely horizontal and it kills around 105%. Unfortunately, this only ensnares opponents if they're on the ground, but it ignores things like rolls, shields, and dodges. See? I can turn even a downside into a good thing. You should be happy you've got me on your side; you wouldn't get anywhere without me.

This is mainly nice if you want a nice little combo finisher after you knock someone down, or two people are coming after me at once. They should know their place. And hey, whaddaya know? I'm just the perfect guy to show 'em!

Up=Special -//Hungry=Darkness=Of=1000=Souls\\-

Normally, this is my ultimate move in Continuum Shift, but in Brawl, well, I've got something a little different in mind for that, so this is just a Special. Now, be a dear and click this, please. It'll take you to a little clip I set up, and so instead of just explaining it 100% I'll just relay you the differences after you watch it, okay?

Okay, so first off, that annoying-ass song does NOT play during this. The move is scaled down quite a bit, mostly so that disaster known only as the Wii can actually DISPLAY it. The range isn't quite as good horizontally, being scaled down to half a Battlefield Platform on either side of me for the initial attack, and one Battlefield Platform for the rest of the snakes, and the whole thing is much faster as well, taking place in two seconds instead of, say, ten. The very first snakes only go up about 1.5x Ganons from the ground, and disappear if they don't hit anything, canceling the move(Didn't I tell you to pay attention, goddammit?), but the rest will all go up about three. Also, I don't strike a pose or anything at the end. Obviously, the viewpoint doesn't cut to the move happening, and you just see this all from the same standpoint as any other attack in Brawl; the front.

Now, on to the move itself. You were probably getting a little bored, huh? I feel ya, it wasn't fun for me either. There's only a fourth of a second of lag at the start of this, and the same amount of end lag since I don't do that little pose. Surprisingly, this doesn't actually do a gigantic amount of damage; the first batch of snakes that pop up, which MUST hit for the rest of this move to happen, deal only 4% damage. After that, there are 16 really quick hits of 1% each, then the snakehead "eating" the poor sap does an extra 5%. So, hitting with all of the snakes from the very start causes about 25% damage total, but it's practically inescapable if you're caught. Of course, an idiot can be caught at any time if they walk into or touch the snakes as they're flying upwards, and they'll take the rest of whatever damage is left along with the first guy if they so happen to. At the end of it, anyone stupid enough to be caught by my little the whirlwind of snakes is flung back down to the ground by the GIGANTIC TAG---er, snake head, landing about a Battlefield Platform in front of me, ripe for a Devouring Fang.

So, I have the snakes constantly going up and protecting me on both sides, so it's nearly impossible to get to me without items on, and most who even TRY will get caught by the snakes, but I still have Super Armor during it since...well, could you really imagine this getting stopped? Really, I have no worries. Now, again, I'll explain it real slow, just like all the other moves so far. You're gonna wanna use this to end a combo, or just after one for that extra damage. Really, anything that keeps them pretty close to you is a good bet to chain into this, whether it knocks them into the air a bit or keeps them on the ground.


Ah yes, now we advance on to the boring moves. The ones that no one actually reads or pays any attention to. Anyhow, hopefully these will at least be "relevant" as you all say.



Sadly, I don't think this is in the video, at least not in a row, which means I have to actually describe it...First, I punch rather plainly and high up, just straightening my arm at around shoulder height, then the next tap of A makes me do a high knee which comes up to the middle of my torso. Lastly, I slash my knives up in an X-pattern, going from about knee height to a ways over my head, then rapidly twirl them back down to their resting place. Goddamn that was boring. The punch comes out with no visible lag at all, and the knives go back so quickly they don't only have an eighth of a second there. Pretty amazing, I know, but I'm me and you're you.

The punch does 2%, the knee 4%, and the slashes 3% each, for a grand total of 12% damage. Not bad for a jab combo, I guess. As expected of me by now, these don't do knockback at all, and just function as combo filler with moderate hitstun.

Unfortunately, this doesn't really work on dwarves and other "vertically challenged" people, but I've still given you some options to abuse them with.


This isn't in the vid, so don't even bother. Straight from my run with no starting lag, I crouch down and whip out my knives, and then just keep running forwards with my hands outstretched. Oh, normally I'll run this way for 2 Battlefield Platforms, but you can hit A again to renew it or hit B(or Jump) to cancel it. If I get within a Battlefied Platform of anyone, I'll jump onto them, slash them real quick, and then leap off and travel about
half of Final Destination in the same direction I was going.

The slash does 11% and high hitstun, but little of anything else.

This Dash Attack for getting to a campy sonofabitch while another do
uche is trying to attack me. Don't use it constantly like a ******; it doesn't make me move any faster and you can be punished during the leap off of them.

Forward=Tilt -//Bloody=Fangs\\-

Oooh! Sounds violent. Must be pretty damn strong, huh? You'll see... Now, I KNOW this isn't in the vid, so I'll have to explain it to you. I simply take a knife in my left hand and swing it upwards like a hook with no startup lag, stopping for a fifth of a second at hip level then continuing on as normal. There's an eighth of a second's end lag as I put the knife away.

That "stopping" bit might not have made much sense to you, but trust me, I AM the expert here, after all. There are really three hitboxes here; the initial slash, the stopping point, and the slash after that. Anyone hit by the knife at any point will automatically be hit by all hitboxes after that. The initial slash and the last one do 3% damage and good hitstun, with the middle "stopping" point doing hitstun, but no damage at all.

"Why, Hazama, that sounds very weak for a move called "Bloody Fangs!" You must be pulling my leg!" No, Jethro, I'm not. The middle hitbox, where the move "stops," is an automatic shield-killer, which helps you keep comboing if you somehow let your opponent get up a shield. Since I'm nice and made is so there's no beginning lag, you can pretty much always get this off and kill the opponent's shield. Sadly, since you lock the opponent into the next hit, their shield will regenerate and you can't really take advantage of this, but I already gave you plenty of toys to screw with them. No being stingy, please.

Up=Tilt -//Tongue=Of=The=Serpent\\-

See this at :36 in that pretty little vid up top, kay? With this, I flip backwards and toss three knives right in front of me into the ground while also kicking upwards. There's no beginning lag to this attack, so have fun. The flip kick portion of this, which lasts for twelve frames, has Super Armor, and the kick itself deals 11% damage and mediocre vertical knockback which kills at 140%. Fairly generic, sure, but it does what it does pretty well. Now, while I say "into the ground," I'm still trying to hit people with them, so don't just go tossing them around like traps. They only stick around for a third of a second if they hit the ground, and don't do anything.

If the knives hit an actual person, however, they'll do 3% damage each and stick into the guy for four seconds. Knives stuck into a person will deal 1% damage a second, for a grand total of 13% damage, including the initial 9%. They also deal a fourth of a second's worth of hitstun every other second, which stacks. This happens on the second and fourth seconds the knives are in a person. If you can manage to get all three knives on someone, you can essentially cut their four seconds of movement down to an essential two-and-a-half.

Mainly you'll want to use this just before a combo, for added insurance that people can't get in a shield or something. The kick could technically be used in a combo, but the awkward knockback makes it not very useful. Like you.

Down=Tilt -//Snakey=Swipe\\-

:35, people. Move along now.

Get it? Snakey, sneaky? Ah, whaddaya YOU know? I like it. Anyways, this puts me into a crouching position, which takes a tenth of a second, and then I do a really quick slash along the ground with a knife in my right hand, and then get back up within another tenth of a second. The crouching and getting up animations have Super Armor. The slash, while very low, has a range of about 3/4s of a Battlefield Platform.

The slash inflicts 8% damage and, once again, is mainly just combo-filler and does no knockback. This move will put the foe into prone position, where you can follow up with Devouring Fang to bring them back towards you.


Forward=Smash -//Venom=Sword\\-

The charging animation for this is just me holding my hand by my side, sort of lazily. I don't really need to put that much effort into any of this, after all. Whenever you release it, I'll whip my hand forward, and during these two or so frames, I have Super Armor. This creates a sort of sideways "X" pattern formed by two blades out of the energy. The blades go forward about 3/4s of a Battlefield Platform in front of me no matter the charge. You can see the actual move at around 1:21 in the vid if you want to get a good look or are just too much of a lazy fuck to envision this in your mind. Can't blame ya though, it'd probably take up a good bit of your memory.

Venom Sword has only 1/6th of a second of start lag outside the charge, and just 1/8th a second of end lag. It does 10-18% damage and no knockback, but a good bit of hitstun. Obviously you could use it as a sort of ranged attack, but it's clearly meant to be used in the middle of a combo, you dolt.

Up=Smash -//Serpent's=Infernal=Rapture\\-

See this at around 1:51 in the video. Basically, I just do a really high kick. Should be simple enough. While kicking, I slide forward a bit to add a teensy bit of range on. While reaching outwards, it has the horizontal range of Snake's Utilt, though this sort of makes sense here since, well, I have really long legs, and thus my really long legs have really long reach. Really. And since my reach is so good, even being prone won't protect people from this, nor will a normal roll or sidestep. Essentially, the only way to not get hit by this besides moving your lazy ass the fuck out of range is to shield it. That black line will come into play later.

In Continuum Shift, this move is known for having great damage and nearly no lag..and I'll just leave that here in Brawl. Sooo...this move comes out within a tenth of a second, and has no lag if it misses, but an eighth of a second if it hits, but that hardly matters because I have Super Armor during that lag. And uh..let's say damage ranges from 15-21%, but, sadly, it only has set knockback of 2 Battlefield Platforms. Sound good to you?

Oh, and that big green/black....line thingy? On my command, it stays out and acts as a sort of fun hitbox for 2.5 seconds, with the hitbox part only activating every half a second. The hits have tremendous hitstun, so anyone hit by one will be stuck in the move for the remaining time. The kick automatically throws opponents into the line.

Again, this is good for a combo finisher. Sadly, there probably won't be many of these from here on out, since SOMETHING has to actually go in the damn combos. This isn't a killer move though, it's rather to trap one opponent while you wail on the other. I gotta give people SOME chance though, so only one of these lines can be on the screen at once, though you can still do the kick to take combos to the air if you want.

Down=Smash -//Venom=Fang\\-

Go to :20, you lazy bastards. I essentially crouch down, then swipe upwards with my knives so fast they become a blur, and spin them all stylish-like on the way back down. Takes a whole fourth of a second for the entire move to come out, with a sixteenth of a second's lag on both sides, and I have Super Armor while the actual attack is going out, but not during the lag on either end. The swipe does 11-19%, and the fancy little twirl down does a set 10%. The downwards twirl has no knockback and simply inflicts hitstun, while the upwards thrust does set vertical knockback of 2 Battlefield Platforms.

So far, almost all of these moves have been mostly focused on my ground game. This aims to change that. While this is still a grounded attack obviously, it knocks them up into the air where you can use..oh, come on, you got this, right? No? Damn. I sorta kinda maybe but not really thought you were a little smarter than that. You can use AERIALS in the AIR. I know that's real shocking and all, but try to get over it. This is obviously useful when you want to take a combo to the air.


And speaking of which, why don't we get right on into that air game, huh folks? I thought so. And so, we start this off with...

Neutral=Aerial -//Frenzied=Ophidian\\-

That means snake. I like snakes and such, in case you haven't gotten that yet. Anyways, you can see this at :27. It's basically up to 5 repeated, quick slashes which reach out 1/3 of a Battlefield Platform, with each one dishing out 3% damage, for up to 15% total, and high hitstun, and also locking both me and the opponent into place until the last hit, or just little old me if you fucked up(quite likely) and didn't hit anyone. You don't actually HAVE to do all five of the slashes, but why wouldn't you?

The first slash comes out in an eighth of a second, and there's that same amount of lag after the last hit. And the lag is coated with a nice mixture of Super Armor and more Super Armor. Pretty handy. If you spam this move, AKA use it more than once in the air, then you'll no be able to longer lock anyone into the air until you land, not even me.

This is a good option to use either right after a Dsmash if you're looking for a kill, or after an aerial or Special or two if you want more damage.

Forward=Aerial -//Wind=Serpent's=Fang\\-

This is rather late in the vid, cropping up at 1:42, which means this is a "special move" in Continuum Shift. It's essentially an overhead reverse-flipkick which spikes the poor sap downwards very quickly, and leaves a trail of that old energy we all adore. The kick comes out within a tenth of a second, and there's an eighth of a second of ending lag.

The kick itself will deal 14% and of course spike, and the energy left afterward will deal 10% and solid hitstun. The spike will put idiots into prone on contact with the ground, allowing you to safely get back down and continue hitting them.

This, folks, THIS is your aerial combo finisher if you're just looking for damage. Fastfalling this while you're already close to the ground will put your foe in prone and me right in front of him, ready to continue what I do best.

Up=Aerial -//Slithering=Ivory\\-

This isn't in the vid at all, so don't bother looking. All I do is take out both my knives, twirl em around for good measure, then swing the front one down and the back one up. However, since I'm me, this actually hits all of the space directly around me with no blind spots. The slashes come out after one eighth of a second of lag and do three hits of 4% each, but hit so quickly there's no real distinction between them. They also do not have any end lag to speak of. I'm so nice. Oh, and while I'm slashing, I have Super Armor. Sadly there's none on the lag, but hey, what can you do?

This, again, is mainly combo filler. You should know this already, dammit! Anyways, the front slashes come out very quickly, and won't let either of you fall while they do come out. The back ones act a bit more as a counter to approaches, in that the hitstun they deal is pretty large, meaning that anyone trying to attack from behind will fall a good distance if they're hit. Handy in a corner.

Down=Aerial -//Sow=What=You=Reap\\-

Yes yes, I know. Also, this is not in the vid either. This involves me sort of "crouching" in the air, taking out my knives, and then slashing upwards from as low as I can go. Getting the knives out and ready takes a twelfth of a second, and the slash deals 13% with, you guessed it, no knockback! I'd give you a prize for guessing it but I don't like you that much. This drags any falling opponents back up into my comfort zone so that I can keep wailing on them reliably, and I can do that since there's also only a tenth of a second of end lag. And I have Super Armor during the start AND ending lag. Rather nice if I do say so myself. Which I do.

Now, listen here, sonny. This can be used inside of a normal combo as well; it doesn't bring them up a set distance, but rather to a set place; right in front of my chest. This has less horizontal reach than Devouring Fang, but much more vertical. No move is useless, dammit.

Back=Aerial -//Serpent's=Intuition\\-

Serpent's Intuition indeed. I take out my knives and spin around immediately, with none of that bullshit lag that seems to be so popular nowadays. This obviously turns me completely around, with no lag on that either. Once I get to the other side, I slash really quickly, doing 13% damage and just a lot of hitstun. While I'm turning around, I have Super Armor. Just for the hel of it.

Well, Hazama, you must be thinking, if this is to counter approaches, why does it not do any knockback? Because, you moron, this isn't JUST to counter a dickwad trying to hit me, it's to
lock them into a combo too. It's rather nice if I do say so myself.


Hungry, devour Gluttony...damn I need to eat something, brb. Aaaand back. Miss me? Well too bad, I'm not leaving again. Anyways, with this I send Ouroboros out once again. It comes out and moves exactly like normally, and can still be aimed, but this time it's not for biting or travel. No, this time, if Ouroboros gets near an opponent, it'll take on a burst, which doubles its speed. If it REACHES the opponent, the chain will wrap around them, then the snake head will extend the chain and look around for half a second. People can't escape at this point. They're just helplessly wrapped up in there!

If there happens to be anyone else within 2 Battlefield Platforms of the snake head, it'll shoot towards them at double speed. Reaching them wraps that guy up too, and this'll happen again if there's another person.

Once my little Ouroboros is satisfied that there's no more prey to be had, he'll come back to the people wrapped up and just wait. At this point, I can work my magic, and people can start trying to escape. The number of people determines the difficulty of it; 1 person = 1.5x Grab difficulty, 2 = 3x, and 3 = 4.5x.

Now what I mean by "magic" is that I just slam these poor suckers back and forth into the ground over and over again until they escape or until someone hits me. Or until I hit the A Button, which'll release the trapped ducklings, causing them to fly off straight from where Ouroboros was when I hit A. Straight horizontally, this'll kill around 120%, and vertically around 115%.
Each slam does 5% per person wrapped up.

This move is mostly just in case the faggots are rushing me down all close-like. I'm pretty much guaranteed to get at least one of them wrapped up. And of course, it does more damage with more people, so that's about the only time you're really wanna use this anyways.

FINAL=SMASH -//Continuum=Shift\\-

Ah? What's this? Some faggot turned items on? Well, whatever, I'll take what I can get.

"My" Final Smash doesn't really involve me doing anything. When I activate it, these three big chairs appear in the on the left, right, and middle. Each chair casts has a "shadow" sitting in it. After half a second, they start whispering to each other in weird monotones, but you can't really make out what they're saying.

After another two seconds of them whispering, the stage and everyone on it "pauses" and starts to swirl around, though that doesn't actually do anything to the players since they're fucking FROZEN IN TIME, y'know?

The stage continues to swirl around for two seconds, then it returns to normal...but with a few key differences. You see, this returns the stage back to as it was when the match started. Everything on the stage...any set-up traps, alterations, anything that was on the players, it's all gone. This doesn't kill anyone or anything like that, but since I'm ME, and am just awesome this way(and because Takagahara, those idiots in the chairs, love me), I regain two stocks from this. Quite nifty, huh? Also, you can't stop this, even if you CAN get to the chairs in time. You let me get the Smash Ball, man, you don't GET to stop it.

PLAYSTYLE -//Never=Ending=Serpent\\-

Okay, so if you're confused here you're just flat-out stupid and there's nothing I can do for you, so just kinda leave, please. If you're NOT ********, you already know that I am all about near-infinite combos. There aren't that many interactions here, and nothing's really too fancy. Anything that isn't combo filler or a finisher is there because I need it for some reason; Ouroboros for getting about, the grab for punishing blitzes, Up Aerial and Serpent's Retreat for getting me out of tight spots, Serpent's Pull for continuing combos that are already "over," and then of course the Barrier and Gluttony Fang to keep me alive for a little while.

Most "Boss" sets take full advantage of fighting two or more people at once, but I don't. Why is that? Because. All that Super Armor is there because I'm NOT supposed to fight two people at once. I'm just supposed to wail on one guy, then when I'm done with him, wail on the other.

With that out of the way, there's really only one more thing to discuss here; the combos I can do. Obviously I can't list ALL of them, but I'll give ya one. Use your fucking head for others.

Kay, so...

Rising Fang --> Bread And Butter --> Venom Sword --> Snakey Swipe --> Devouring Fang --> Gluttony Fang

Damage: 11% --> 12% --> 10% --> 8% --> 9% --> 18%
Total: 68%

If you don't want to go really complicated, you can just use this. It's simple, does a lot of damage, and kills around 110%.

EXTRAS -//Playful=Viper\\-


Side Taunt -//Shrug=It=Off\\-

I uh...I shrug. There's not that much to it. Just a nice little smirk and a shrug. You don't have to be extravagant to mock someone.

Up Taunt -//Unwind=A=Bit\\-

Ouroboros sneaks out of wherever the hell he stays, and twirls around me a bit. After half a second of looking around idly, he disappears.

Down Taunt -//Serpent's=Hat\\-

I crouch down, take my hat off, and twirl it around my finger for about half a second, then I put it back on, get back up and go back to idle.

MATCH-UP -//Versus:=Auron-Raiden-Von=Kaiser: 100000000/0 Hazama\\-

Ah MAN! The pure hatred these sets spew...I can feel it! This guy must really hate me! Or that Thrice guy...Anyways, the pure fucking hatred these guys emit pretty much makes all of my moves OHKO everything. Even the shit that doesn't do knockback. Even the JAB will kill these guys. Two reasons for this: These sets are all horrible, and, well, part of the reason I am ALIVE right now is hatred. You bet it'll make me stronger.

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Apr 29, 2007
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Clownbot... posting in the thread? Let me just... rub my eyes a little bit... Delibird is a good mini for sure, considering the more limited potential of a Pokeball. As far as those items go, this is probably one of the more creative ones, compared with what we have in Brawl. Though very non-descript, it's well-organised and fairly well-crafted – now, work on making a moveset!

Ronald McDonald... or should I call it Ronald's Insanity, as you seemed to love putting that all over the place. I'm at a loss for words when it comes to describing what this is exactly, as it seems even less like a moveset at times than my own set on the same page. It certainly was a very unique experience reading this – not to say necessarily funny, yet I do appreciate the crazy, off-the-wall humour. And hey, this is basically a Wiz day joke set, so what isn't to like? Thanks for contributing, Kat.

Oh boy, so now I come to commenting on M. Trinity. I don't know how, but you were able to make me feel even more uncomfortable than when I was reading Ronald McDonald – and it's not even close. The whole panties thing, the grab involving trapping the opponent between your breasts, the constant “sexual groaning;” it's a hilarious combination, when this is meant to be your own character. Moves which didn't weird me out in some way, did present actual great gameplay potential – you had a lot of interesting ideas based around countering and the grab game has some depth to it.

What is great about M. Trinity is it is able to draw from a general source, so is free to pick-and-choose what is suitable – allowing for such a crazy interpretation to befall us. Mixing M. Bison into the mix was an interesting ploy, allowing for her to have an alright spacing game – this wasn't as good as the other areas such as the bag over the head and the surprisingly decent air game, but it makes for a rather large amount of options in which Trinity can dispose of her opponent. You may have done better with fewer moves based solely around throwing panties around the stage, however, as I felt that was just a bit too safe as a design choice for some inputs.

As you'd expect, the set is excellently-written. I noted only a couple of grammatical or spelling errors, which is remarkable given you made this entire moveset by private messages – in good time, I must add. It certainly fits well with the theme of joke sets posted similarly yesterday. I wouldn't say I laughed at it, more that it mortified me, but it was certainly a highly enjoyable read throughout. Top work, MT.

Onto Hazama. You did pick an... intriguing character, who I remember you noting was almost like an internet troll in terms of his personality. This comes across well in the moveset, but honestly, I feel you cross the line once you start to break the censor rules to call the reader a gay slur. I don't know why this was a three-on-one moveset – generally, you'd want moves which have specific properties for that match-up - it seems like the main reason for this is that Hazama is overpowered. It's a shame that you give so little time to the match-ups and playstyle, which basically surmise Hazama as a combo character... what's bad about this is you derived almost all of the combos from the game.

A big problem here is readability. You expect a person to constantly return to the video you posted, following your time stamps to see what inspiration had you create the current move you're talking about. Much of the time, you rely far too heavily on this, meaning the moveset reads disjointedly. It's a tough read, and one which, along with the constant abuse you hurl at the reader, can easily become frustrating. I do respect the amount of time put into this set – I feel you mismanaged in focusing much of your efforts on simply transferring Hazama over. Perhaps if you weren't so, so dependant on the video, and just used a few of his trademark moves, it would be better.

The writing style is the obvious best part of the set, when it isn't taken to an extreme. I don't know what possessed you to constantly break the fourth wall: the set may have been better simply playing off Hazama's character traits. And I do have to give you credit for picking a very good character, and putting together a delightful playlist – which almost sold me on BlazBlue's soundtrack. A las, I suppose my opinion on video game music will remain invalidated, as I was not particularly drawn to the songs chosen. Getting a little bit off-topic there... to conclude, you really need to focus more on playstyle and simplifying your writing style. As is, this set is quite confusing.


Smash Lord
Aug 19, 2007
Alrighty, it's been a while since I've commented, so I might as well start now. (chew)

M. Trinity
Well this set...was certainly an interesting one.

I'll start off with the good stuff. I actually thought this was a pretty good set. I like the emphasis on using, well umm...panties for KOing the opponent. It also has a cool ummm...sexual and KAWAII~ theme going on through the set. The playstyle's pretty "interesting." I like how she's surprisingly aggressive throughout the set. A lot of the moves kept me interested (no, not in THAT way, you pervs), and they're all pretty helpful in someway. I especially love your writing style here and the down throw is like, the best thing ever. The background story with M.Bison (who knew he had a sister like this?) was also pretty cool.

As for criticism, I don't have a lot to say. There doesn't seem to be anything that sticks out as broken, although she doesn't really do anything that's particularly super excitin- Well, you know what I mean. Also, Guile's theme is in neither playlist. What the heck man? Bah, I'm asking for way too much, and this really is a good set. Great job MT!

And...we reach Hazama. Unfortunately, I feel almost the exact opposite on what I feel about MT's set.

First of all, the readability. The writing style is -REALLY- distracting to the point it makes me not want to read the set. I know you're trying to be in character, but hey, don't go overboard. Half the time, you're rambling about how the player is a "moron" instead of talking about the actual move. The organization itself is also meh. I got lost at the down special where it shares the same header for "XX fang." Not to mention, half the time, you keep telling the reader to "watch the video,"...but why the heck should I bother if you're just going to explain the move in as much detail as possible anyway? At least use a picture or something.

As for the actual set itself, it sounds...really overpowered. The way you word him makes him sound unbeatable to the point even a 3 against 1 match he'd still win. I mean, if he can get most of the opponents in his infinite, it's pretty much GG. The way you word the set also makes it sound like a lot of the moves essentially do the same thing. If I had to say something I liked about the set, I thought the specials were kinda cool, and at least you're consistent with the writing style. Overall though...I can't say I liked this set. You at least did a good job of showing Hazama here, but that's about it. Sorry man. :ohwell:

Oh and a word of advice. Censor dodging doesn't make you cool. Just sayin'.


Expect a MYmini from me around Thursday. I'm not sure if I'll finish my next set in time for this week...but we'll see.
Oct 28, 2007
An internet gaming service powered by condensation
Hey - I've been wanting to make a Vriska set too! You'll find there are several of us Homestuck fans now, StB. :chuckle:
I think I might be responsible for that.
I mentioned that I was considering a secret project, someone wanted to know what it was, I told them I considering doing sets for all 12 trolls, as insane as that sounds. I gave up, and I assume the guy looked it up and told everyone.

Anyway, you think we could see if we could collaborate on this? I mean, it's stretch, but I want to know what I've been doing wrong on my past sets (that is, the set-up stage). I've also got a few ideas floating around, but I'm thinking you have many of the same ideas.

Also, this thread apparently popped up earlier today. I'm thinking some of you could use a thread like this.

Smash Daddy

Smash Master
Apr 29, 2007
K Rool Avenue
I think I might be responsible for that.
I mentioned that I was considering a secret project, someone wanted to know what it was, I told them I considering doing sets for all 12 trolls, as insane as that sounds. I gave up, and I assume the guy looked it up and told everyone.

Anyway, you think we could see if we could collaborate on this? I mean, it's stretch, but I want to know what I've been doing wrong on my past sets (that is, the set-up stage). I've also got a few ideas floating around, but I'm thinking you have many of the same ideas.
Oh, definitely. And the twelve trolls idea certainly did cross my mind at some point, but it is pretty nuts. Just hit up the chatroom and we'll talk some business. See you there. :bee:


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Aug 15, 2009
Fat Zombie

I like the idea behind this guy a lot. An almost immobile tank that can do big damage and attack through hitstun seems cool, if it weren't so broken and stupidly annoying. That said, it's a nice joke set.

Wiz and Kupa 2
This made me laugh so much. It makes no sense, which is why it's so funny. I really enjoyed the @Home parts, especially the FSmash and USmash ones.

The Winter Warlock
I really enjoyed this boss set. I've never seen the movie, so I can't say that this guy scared me as a kid, but he looks like something that might have scared me.

Anyway, it's cool that you gave a special win method, but it seems like it would take too long to defeat him. 400% on Normal mode is more than Master Hand on Normal, and Hand doesn't have to be fought repeatedly to finish him off. I wouldn't mind having to beat him 3 times if each time didn't take so long.

Other than that one thing, it was a really awesome boss set.

But what if I'm spending time with my family by playing Brawl?

Delibird is a nice Pokemon, and I like what Blizzard does. It's pretty cool (pun totally intended).

Ronald McDonald
I don't see why people think clowns are creepy, although some of those pics of Ronald are downright scary. In fact, I didn't even know that many Ronald's Insanity videos there were on Youtube.

I enjoyed reading this set, although it was really weird. The child-summoning move is especially strange, and the GIF's were great.

M. Trinity
Wow...just awesome...

Idc how much trouble this would get me in, but I would always play as this character if she was really in Brawl. I love the fake-sexual things like her Down Throw and the way you used spoiler tags on her Jab to make it seem inappropriate. The crotch-kicking moves were awesome as well. I love how the whole set fits her so well, yet has a good, fitting playstyle at the same time.

I absolutely loved this set (and not just because she's so cute)

darth meanie

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Jun 6, 2008
Prince's Cousins

It is very good to have the Prince's cousins here in Brawl! They are very interesting characters to join in with!

I only have one question. What is it they actually do? And how are they accessed? It was never entirely answered....

Fat Zombie

This is a jokeset, to be sure, but only on the outside. It has absolutely horrible balance, and will win practically all matches by time limit, when it kills through simply absorbing bob-ombs from Sudden Death. The hitstun element certainly is an interesting characteristic, and I think you and I both know that, had this not been a parody, this idea could've been a lot more interesting.

The pummel KO is also interesting because it requires him to get the opponent up to an insane damage percentage, but the fact that he has other KO moves that kill at much more reasonable percentages makes it a lot less viable.

I did like the 'The Count' vibe this entire moveset had, and it in some ways feels like an affectionate parody of the Count. I can't really say 'good job' for Fat Zombie, but I certainly can say I came out enjoying it far more than I intended.

Wiz & Kupa 2

Dear lord. That was the first thing I though when I saw this moveset. Wiz & Kupa was a silly, but slightly serious endeavor, while Wiz & Kupa 2 is just shock humor and random references though.

Honestly, it felt extremely forced, what with all the completely random characters appearing and abilities that had absolutely nothing to do with anything. It wasn't really clever at all. The 'what it does at home' aspect was mildly amusing, but again, they never amounted to anything other than either sexual arousal or randomly killing the player. Why not make some move interactions here? Increase the size of the opponent's rear with one move, and summon Agi with another.

I did like that Wiz & Kupa 2 keeps in line with what appears to be the theme of Make Your Move 9 by copping out of half the inputs though.

Winter Warlock

The Winter Warlock is certainly a creative character choice, and I do like at the core the fact that you made an alternate KO system for this boss. The incredibly short window to affect him though, combined with the fact that he completely heals his rather enormous HP seems rather punishing for the players fighting him.

He had some nice soft interactions between his moves and his mechanic, and in general is an extremely solid boss moveset.

I would question how that snowball of his manages to roll as fast as you say, being the size you say, without being possible to roll or spotdodge past.


Delibird, everyone saw this coming at some point. It's a pretty cool idea, although I wish you had expanded more on the presents than just making them a clone of the item already existing in Brawl.

Ronald McDonald

What a horrifying moveset of horror and randomness. This coalesced madness of the commercial monster known as Ronald McDonald doesn't really have too much beyond just cultural references and what people already know from Youtube though.

He's mildly entertaining, but there's nothing really clever beneath him. I'm not asking for a brilliant playstyle, or even something necessarily playable, but something that actually vaguely resembles a real moveset. The children swarming the opponent was a cool idea, but it only ever becomes really relevant in the horribly horribly broken Up Special.

I do have to ask Katapultar... where has this sick fascination with this guy come from?

M. Trinity ~<3

... ... ...


Alright now, time to talk serious. Your writing style is, as always, utterly superb, creating this sadistic, sickeningly sweet, and entirely unique character. I do appreciate your ability to laugh at yourself and your effeminate reputation on the xat, and still twist it into this mockery of so much more stuff, from Street Fighter, to tsunderes, to panties, to Silver's crazy girl fetish. Speaking of which, I imagine he'll love this set.

As for mechanics, there certianly is some solid stuff to go with here. The combination of sadism and sexiness in the stunning moves is a combination that fits much better than it has any right to.The panties seem like an creepy twist on Diddy's banana peels, but that is exactly what they are. The prone abuse works well though, and I love the attacks that do extra damage on prone enemies by abusing their vulnerable position.

The fact that you put panties in a special and then put a bunch of other moves to spread them around in other moves across the set is awkward though, even if the other ones are at least balanced somewhat by the moves that have negative side effects. Still, it would have been better to have more moves focused on abusing panties rather than putting more of them down.

The only other major criticism I would have is that the air game is focused on sending the opponent back to the ground, when this female antagonist doesn't really have much in her character that would imply she'd be a ground fighter. Air games that focus on getting back to the ground are generally an easy way to get through air games, and though the moves work for it, it feels like an easy way out of making a more advanced air game.

I did like this set though, and the twin playlists, extremely relevant taunts, and disturbing yet amusing essence invoked throughout the entire set is a DELICIOUS combination. The match-up is also a fantastic call-back to an old, much loved semi-joke set from before.

Unlimited Hazama

While it's too bad for MT, it's dizzingly appropriate that this moveset steals the new page from M.Trinity.

So Unlimited Hazama. While the writing style itself is fairly solid, it suffers from an excess of bolding, and in general bad choices of what and how much to bold. With so many damage percents, bolding them all makes my eyes dash between them all and lose the connection of what exactly is hitting what. There's also a general wall of text. The fact that you're constantly censor dodging and referring to a video for most of the moves doesn't help matters much.

Hazama is very much an export of his Blazblue moveset. And while that's not terrible, it's not terribly interesting either, especially when you introduce the concept of him being a multi-character fighter, but never go anywhere with it. He's a character who fights multiple characters at once, but only a few moves occasionally make reference to that fact, and his playstyle is take them out one by one. No zoning, no abusing the ability to heal off of close enemies by getting into the thick of things.

There's a lot of potential that you end up giving up on. And his combos are essentially just regular old combos, with a vague reference to some actually creative aspects what with moving foes around with oroborous and such.

The fact that the playstyle section is so short is a little disappointing. Unlimited Hazama feels like a case of wasted potential, where I'm looking at the set and going, 'why didn't you go there'? A multi-enemy character with a 1-on-1 playstyle simply doesn't work that well.


Smash Champion
Aug 24, 2008
Crocodilopolis/White King’s Paradise

While I’m very excited to see another 3v1 set, I do question whether Hazama is really a valid character to be one. It’s just not something you’d really expect and seems a tad random, even if he’s all-powerful in canon, especially when he’s exclusively 3v1 like Valozarg instead of being both 1v1 and 3v1 like Dark Bowser. While the writing style seems to be in-character for Hazama and melds well, I can picture if you’re not familiar with the character and/or just don’t like the character trudging through this set could be torture, much less with this character giving them little reason to like him. The “sample” you provided to display him was a rather poor choice, though Then again, there’s no real quick and concise sample you could use, so you may’ve been better off just leaving the writing style out entirely, even if I personally enjoyed it. On said writing style, linking up to the video constantly seems to be a bad choice considering you describe the moves perfectly well on their own anyway – and you know you can actually link to specific parts in videos, right? People who can’t picture the moves are typically too lazy to go to it themselves. . .Then, there’s also the part where the fact that all of the moves are actually in Blazblue is rather iffy. This feels too much like a port of Hazama, which makes him being 3v1 all the more awkward when there’s very little different from Blazblue.

The actual core concept of the set is enough to somewhat justify it as a 3v1 set, as while he just does generic overpowered/infinite combos it actually is a unique take on 3v1, as you relentlessly wail on one foe while using some moves to keep the others out. I particularly like the knives that dug into the foe to create periodic hitstun, and in general all of the freedom a 3v1 set presents for otherwise overpowered combos by the simple fact there are other people there to interrupt them. You’ve made combos the backdrop of the fight really while the actual interactive experience takes place with Hazama and the foes behind his back. It’s simple, but it surprisingly works. That said, a lot of the moves feel generically interchangeable, meaning you only really came away with the concept of the set – the same concept I liked when you previewed the set to me with only a few moves or so. There really could’ve been more moves to spice things up and give him more varied ways to interact with foes outside the comboing, but this is for the most part not the case due to the overly large quantity of moves stolen directly from Blazblue. Yes, he needs stuff for his comboing, but that could be kept more to a minimum when that foe is helpless to resist and all of the actual fighting is with the other people. Though then again, there’s not much else you could do with this character, and he would’ve been an extremely boring 1v1 set, so I guess you had little choice but to make him 3v1.

Also pet peeve of mine: Down Special is ********, even if it does give us more inputs. If those moves overwrote some existing ones we’d have less painful filler in the set. A more general complaint with your sets is the playstyle summaries – yes, the playstyles of your two recent sets have been obvious, but if you haven’t noticed most people in this world are ********, so a brief recap is necessary. If most of what you say becomes redundant, talk about things you didn’t in the set even if they aren’t talking about the set’s “flow”, just treat it like a strategy guide. As is, they just feel like cop-outs and like they’re giving the finger to playstyle as a whole and tarnishing your image, when this set and Erufuun have proven that’s not the case.


Comments on other stuff coming soon - I was being extremely pressured into writing this comment. I hate you Smady.

darth meanie

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Jun 6, 2008
He Sees You When You're Sleeping


Bad Santa is a villain from the webcomic Axe Cop. He has both the powers of Christmas and the power of Rock. He steals Christmas presents, and the real Santa really hates him. His sidekick is the Evil Flying Book, which bites people's heads.

Bad Santa can only be unlocked by beating the Boss Rush on Christmas or Christmas Eve. After doing this, you fight Bad Santa. If you defeat Bad Santa, he is added to the Boss Rush list from then on to be refought.

Bad Santa appears on a stage much like Battlefield, with a large Christmas Tree in the background, and presents under the tree. Bad Santa isn't handing out presents though, he's stealing them! As the match goes on, present items will fall from the sky. Bad Santa however will run to these gifts and stuff them in his bag the first chance he gets.

If you manage to bash these presents open, you'll find an item inside. It can be a bunch of stickers, a trophy, a soccer ball, a star rod, a bumper, a spring, or any other number of useful items.

Bad Santa fights like many Primid bosses in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where instead of being KO'd by stamina, he is KO'd like a normal enemy. He is the same size and moves with the same speed as Bowser, but weighs three times as much, give or take depending on difficulty. He can also appear as a Fiend in regular brawl matches, but he only weighs as much as Bowser in those matches.

The Evil Flying Book is his sidekick, which flies around and bites people's heads. He doesn't have weight like Bad Santa, and is knocked around with the weight of a Mario at 0%. If the Evil Flying Book takes 100% damage, it reveals that it is in fact a robot, and explodes with the strength of a Smart Bomb. This does no damage to Bad Santa. Both The Evil Flying Book and Bad Santa must be defeated to win the brawl.

The Evil Flying Book stays close to Bad Santa, and will go over an enemy's head and bite them. This forces the enemy to run around constantly and can't attack, and take 10% damage a second until they manage to button mash out.

Santa Claus Is Back In Town
Bad Santa starts to play his electric guitar extremely loudly, playing a very distorted version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. This is essentially a smaller scale version of Tabuu's off rings, and has the range of Luigi's Negative Zone.

This is Bad Santa's main attack, and he'll play it from the beginning to the end, only ever stopping if he's attacked out of it. The rings hit at every first beat of the song.

If you're hit by the off-pitch rings, you'll be forced to cover your ears in pain, and take 12% damage, be pushed back a battlefield platform, and enormous hitstun... enough to ensure you can't dodge the next ring.

Essentially, the closer the player gets to Bad Santa, the more damage his Christmas Jingle will do. Oh, and by the way, if you're bitten by the Evil Flying Book, you can't dodge or roll. So have fun with that!

The Christmas Bash
You know those presents that Bad Santa keeps stuffing into his sack? They aren't just for satisfying his manic kleptomania.

Bad Santa does a spinning slam, whirling his bag around. This deals only 6% damage and mild knockback, but for every single present he stuffs inside it, the damage and power increases. With five presents stuffed inside, it deals 36% damage and kills around 90%.

The only way to keep him from getting this move up to insane power is to hit him with a move with enough knockback, much like when you're knocking a Dragoon part or Smash Ball out of someone. The present can then be destroyed to get whatever's inside, or knocked offstage to keep him from using it.

Now I've Got Your Power!
While Santa hands out gifts, Bad Santa takes them! And what gift is better than the gift of Superpowers? Bad Santa pulls out his bag when performing this move, attempting to catch the foe in it. If he does, he randomly removes one of the opponent's specials, and uses that move against the foe.

The Special is now caught inside his bag like a present. You have to knock Bad Santa with a strong attack to knock out a glowing present. Bash this, and you can use your move again.

We Wish You A Metal Christmas
Bad Santa slams down on his Electric Guitar, hitting his hardest power chord yet. This has a push effect on anyone close to him, but the metal is so powerful that it summons a lightning bolt to strike the enemy with the exact same properties as Pikachu's Thunder.

And if you thought you could gimp Bad Santa, you'd be dead wrong. Bad Santa will use this to blast himself up through the top blast zone with lightning, and teleport anywhere he wants, usually aiming for about two battlefield platforms away from the enemy, or near any present he wants to snatch up.

The Power of Christmas
Bad Santa truly is a master of Christmas. He uses his mastery off all things Christmasy to manipulate the stage to his liking, playing a few chords while shouting MERRY CHRISTMAS! He'll use this attack to begin to bring the stage to life in one of three ways.

The first way causes snowmen to rise from the ground. The snowmen only have 20% stamina, but are very fast and will eat anyone nearby, grabbing them and dealing 10% damage a second. The enemy has to button mash out, knocking them upwards into the air and destroying the snowman. The higher the snowman's stamina, the harder it is to escape.

If there is a present nearby and Bad Santa's bag is full, the present will come to life, and try to catch people inside, opening up like a box. If it catches someone, it will trap them inside, dealing 10% damage a second, and try to jump offstage to destroy itself. Presents and Snowmen work very well together. Presents have 30% stamina and like Snowmen, are harder to kill when they have more stamina.

If Bad Santa is up to 200% damage, he can use this causes the Christmas Tree in the center of the stage to come to life. It will start to sing along with Bad Santa whenever Bad Santa sings, adding a second source of off-pitch rings to attack with. As you may imagine, this is really bad and makes it almost impossible to do anything when they're singing. Attacking the Christmas Tree will shut it up.

Death Metal Blizzard
Bad Santa roars with Christmas Spirit, sending a blast of icy wind forward identical to Samus's Zero Laser. He can only perform this at 300% damage or higher. It's his guaranteed finishing move once he's in the danger zone, and his best kill chance outside of the much more circumstantial present suicide and hard to fill up present bag.


To beat Bad Santa, you have to watch out for his huge number of trapping moves. With the Flying Book, Snowmen and Presents, he can easily rack up huge damage with the power of rock. To beat him, you have to prioritize taking out these smaller threats so they can't become bigger threats later on.

Presents are also a hugely important resource. They can give you the tools you need to fight him, and you want to deny Bad Santa the ability to grab these, as they give him access to his powerful kill moves. Weapons like the Star Rod can also give you a way to attack him without getting close when he uses his signature attack.


Smash Champion
Aug 24, 2008
Crocodilopolis/White King’s Paradise



No, that’s not a typo. Dedede has had a change of heart for the better – though that’s not to say he was ever particularly evil, what with him having been trying to save the world from Nightmare during the events of Kirby’s Adventure – much less when Dedede is just a victim of Kirby during Squeak Squad, Dedede was more of the hero to begin with. When this boss is inserted into a theoretical story, though, the player would be playing either villains intending to “set Dedede straight” and make him continue his path of villainy, or simply Kirby, whom wandered in because of the smell of all the various candy and cookies, what have you. Of course, even being the nice guy he is, Dedede wouldn’t miss a single chance to clobbeh dat dere Kirbeh, what with him having unleashed countless evils. . .By the time the fight’s done, though, Dedede will have lost his cool and go into full on heavyweight male antagonist mode.

As such, this boss fight takes place inside Dedede’s castle, where all of his various Waddle Dees with Christmas Hats/Reindeer Antlers on are hard at work at setting up Dedede’s Christmas extravaganza. The stage is a simple walk-off 1.5x the size of Final Destination, Dedede as large as he regularly is in Brawl. Dedede doesn’t actively chase you around, moving around to various locations for his attacks. Dedede has 600 stamina, and you get 3 stocks. . .You’ll need them.

The roof (Yes, there is no top blast zone) is incredibly high so that Dedede’s gigantic Christmas Tree can be displayed, which is 6 Ganondorfs tall and 4 Bowsers wide. There are four branches of the tree that can be stood on as drop-through platforms, the lowest one as wide as 2 Battlefield Platforms and the ones above it each consectuviely smaller. Waddle Dees are constantly going to and fro adjusting ornaments and what-not on the branches, and will swat you away if they come into contact with you. This is hardly an attack, but somewhat of an annoyance. There are ornaments on the tree you can pick up and use as throwing items, but when you attempt to pick up some of them they will reveal themselves to be Gordos, being just as powerful as Dedede’s regular Gordos. The risk is pretty tempting, though, as the ornament throwing items are quite useful against Dedede. There are also Candy Canes on the tree you can pick up and eat to heal 7%, but you’ll want to kill any Waddle Dees nearby before you do so, as the animation for eating them is somewhat laggy and can be interrupted. More Waddle Dees come up onto the tree on a regular basis to replace Candy Canes/Ornaments.


Waddle Doos:
The Waddle Dees rarely turn sideways and never towards the screen – for the most part, their backs are to you as they’re adjusting ornaments and what-not. Even when you attack them, they’re facing away from the camera. The only surefire way to see them from the front without waiting is to let them attack you. . .

If you haven’t guessed yet, some Waddle Doos are mixed in with the Waddle Dees rarely, and their attack consists of their regular attack in Brawl, which is quite competent – more-so than you’d think, as it does 20% total and good hitstun. Waddle Dees and Doos take no stun and have 25 stamina each, so you can’t just casually interrupt their attack and call it a day.

Christmas Lights:
On rare occasions, sometimes one of the lights on the Christmas Tree (Which are exaggerated in size significantly, and the quantity of said lights minimal) will suddenly start flickering and cause sparks to fly around it within a Bowser around it, dealing multiple hits of 1% and flinching, dealing 10% per second total. This lasts forever until a Waddle Dee/Doo comes over and fixes it – after all, we can’t have a Christmas Tree with a light that doesn’t light on one side! Better than sending it off to Santa’s workshop, I suppose. . .The Waddle Dee fixes it in a laggy animation and blocks the sparks while he’s fixing it. The problem is if you’ve killed off all the Waddle Dees and Doos without a second thought, there’ll be nobody around to fix the lights.

Ornament Toss:
Waddle Dees/Doos will use this attack on a regular basis, picking up ornaments off the tree and throwing them downwards at you. The ornaments deal 15% and knockback that kills at 130% on contact, and they can drop through the branches of the tree just fine. The Waddle Dees are much too weak to throw the ornaments forward, and don’t really “toss” them so much as drop them, meaning they can’t use this attack if you’re above them. The Waddle Dees turn to face the screen during this attack and waddle left and right as they try to get directly above you. There’s a fair warning before they throw the ornaments down at you, but more importantly both Dedede and other Waddle Dees –can- be hit by these ornaments. Be way of Gordos, though, as Dedede is immune to them and they move towards you horizontally as they fall very slightly.

There are several icicles on the ceiling that also drop randomly, and are also capable of going through the drop-through platforms of the tree. They move at a fairly slow speed and thus are quite telegraphed, but will spike you through drop-through platforms with 20%. The iciles are significantly higher to dodge if you’re higher up as you’re given far less reaction time.


Waddle Dee Toss:
Dedede hops up into the branches of the tree, runs towards the nearest Waddle Dee, then throws said Waddle Dee at you, it becoming an invulnerable hitbox that does 16% and knockback that kills at 125%. Dedede repeats this process for all of the Waddle Dees that were in the tree before he started. As he runs to said Waddle Dees, he’ll regularly perform his dsmash as he dashes while on the ground, resembling the dashing hammer attack from the Kirby games. While he’s jumping up in the air, he’ll perform his Brawl fair and bairs commonly, which aerial depending on whether you’re in front of or behind him.

After the Waddle Dees are thrown, they land on the ground in a daze before they start grouping up together. You can choose to attack the Waddle Dees during this time, but this leaves Dedede perfectly safe from harm and leaves you vulnerable to being hit by more Waddle Dees. Any Waddle Doos in the group will also use their beam attack on you while waiting for the remaining Waddle Dees to join them. Once they’re all used up, Dedede jumps out of the tree, falling through all of the drop-through platforms at an immense speed, dealing 30% and spiking foes on contact. He lands on top of the group of Waddle Dees, and if there are less than 2 left they’ll instantly be crushed under Dedede’s weight, giving him bad landing lag and killing them. If there are 2 or more, they will then proceed to throw Dedede in your general direction before going back up into the tree and behaving as normal. How far and fast Dedede travels through the air as well as how powerful he is revolves around how many Waddle Dees he has. With 2, he flies a whole 2 battlefield platforms dealing 12%. With 5, he flies Final Destination’s distance, dealing 30%. Get to work killing off those Waddle Dees.

Dedede slams his hammer down laggiy like in his fsmash, being just as powerful as said move, but considering he doesn’t chase after you in order to use this move there’s little chance of you getting hit by it. More importantly, this generates a shockwave the size of Bowser that travels along the ground at Ganon’s dash speed, dealing 20% and knockback that kills at 95%. The shockwaves ricochets off of off-screen walls when it travels off the side blast zone. . .And it never really stops. Ever. The more times Dedede pulls off this attack the more forbidden the ground becomes to you.

You can interrupt this attack by dealing a single hit to Dedede of 6% or more to prevent this infinite shockwave of death, but coming down to interrupt this move when you’re in the tree killing Waddle Dees can be an extreme pain and can potentially get you hit by the actual hammer. While this might sound like a free hit if you’re in Dedede’s face rapidly attacking him, if you’re within a Battlefield Platform of Dedede when he decides to use this attack he’ll retreat to the nearest blast zone, turn his back to said blast zone, THEN perform the attack. As he runs to this blast zone, Dedede will perform his brawl dsmash as he runs forward (like the dashing attack with the hammer in the Kirby games), as well as occasionally slam his hammer into the ground forcefully as he runs for a single hit of 15% and knockback that kills at 110%. This hammer swing is quite fast, and causes icicles from the ceiling within a Battlefield Platform horizontally of Dedede to fall 5x as often for the next 5 seconds. Dedede’s not going to make punishing him easy.

Dedede runs underneath the Christmas Tree, then inhales with an absolutely gigantic suction effect that covers the entire tree and slightly to its sides, able to pull you through the drop-through platforms. If he devours you at any point during the move, he’ll spit you out horizontally for 25% and knockback that KOs at 80%. That said, you’re fairly safe from being inhaled if you start the move at the top of the tree. . .But icicles fall 4x as quickly when they’re in range of Dedede’s inhale, which will spike you down into his mouth guaranteed.

But anyway, why must you stay so close to the tree? The obvious method of dodging the attack is going to the sides of it. . .Except for the part where Dedede inhales all of the candy canes on the tree, healing himself for the same amount you would if you’d eaten them. He actually has a laggy animation before he digests them, and if you hit him with an attack that does 11% or more he’ll cough them up into the background and won’t heal. . .

However, half the time he won’t digest them, and will instead spit them out at you very quickly, requiring you to quickly flee due to how badly they damage shields. The candy canes do 10% and flinching each, while the last one he spits does knockback that KOs at 120%. Running across the flat stage won’t do much to dodge them, and if you jump on said flat stage you’ll inevitably be hit by the candy canes as you come down – a single dodge won’t save you. You’ll need to go back up into the tree and run back and forth to dodge the candy canes, all the while dealing with Waddle Dees and Doos.

There is –one- way to make countering this attack significantly simpler – if you throw an ornament down into Dedede’s gullet while he’s inhaling, he’ll choke on it and cancel the move early. However, do you –really- want to risk picking up a Gordo? Let the Waddle Dees throw the ornaments down for you so you don’t have to take that risk. . .Of course, that’s rather laggy and you’ll struggle not being inhaled during that time, and they won’t always do it on demand for you anyway. . .Much less if you’re focusing on killing off the Waddle Dees to make Waddle Dee Toss easier to deal with. Pick your poison.

Dedede goes underneath the tree, then goes into the background briefly to take a present out from underneath it, which looks identical, even in size, to the recolored crates in Brawl used on more goofy stages. Dedede eagerly goes to open up the present here like a child. After he opens it up in a laggy animation there will be mass (Christmas themed) food, enough to heal 100%, underneath the tree that Dedede will move about and eat like a normal Brawl character. You can join in, but the fact that this takes place underneath the tree means Waddle Dees throwing down ornaments can interfere, as well as shockwaves. If you’re nearby, Dedede also will do his dashing dsmash already referenced a good few times throughout the set semi-regularly.

If you attempt to interrupt Dedede during the present opening phase, Dedede will lift up the present like a crate. While he does so with his regular Brawl animation, he can move at his normal dashing speed and throws it twice as quickly at you as he does in Brawl, the present also shielding him from projectiles from the front. If you flee to the tree/on the ground for an extended period of time, Dedede will just resume opening the present as normal. If he –does- hit you with the present, -you- will now be carrying it like a crate in order to resist being squished by it, and Dedede will immediately perform Shockwave, attempting to actually hit you with his hammer. If you throw the present at him, you won’t have enough time to dodge, only shield, after which Dedede will instantly break it and proceed to eat all the food. Dedede has no need to punish you himself – that’s what the shockwave is for. That said, luring Dedede away from the tree can be beneficial, but it gives more time for Waddle Dees to regenerate.

Burning Rage:
Dedede will only use this attack once he’s hit 50% health, but he doesn’t lose it if he heals back higher than 50% health, meaning the tides can certainly turn against you. This attack involves Dedede running off into a section of the stage in-between the stage and the right blast zone, then off into the background towards a fireplace. Here, Dedede puts his hammer into the fire to set it alight, then runs around chasing you wildly in a rage, having triple his usual movement speed. He will rapidly swing at you with his hammer 1.5x as fast as his fair, him not having to stop moving to do so, the hammer swings being 1.3x as powerful as Dedede’s fair with a fire effect.

How to escape Dedede during this time? Go up into the tree, as Dedede’s jumping and air speed are still the same as normal. As Dedede swings his hammer about, the area he swung on the tree will catch fire in a Bowser sized radius, constantly dealing multiple hits of 1% that add up to a whopping 25% per second. Waddle Dees –are- vulnerable to the fire from Dedede’s hammer, so do your best to use this against them. . .You’ll need to, as when the tree is on fire, Waddle Dees will spawn at triple the usual rate and come up with pails of water to throw onto the fire, putting it out.

This god-like attack does have one significant drawback – when the duration of the move expires, Dedede’s wooden hammer is burned into dust. This causes Dedede to go to the presents under the tree ASAP and perform said attack as normal, but once he opens up the present a new hammer will be inside instead of food. This leaves Dedede at least somewhat predictable, giving you times to kill off the excessive Waddle Dees or get in some more damage on him. When he’s at 100 health or below, though, there will be both food AND a new hammer inside these presents.

Tree Lighting:
Dedede uses this attack once he runs out of health. At first glance, it’s simply burning rage, but once Dedede chases you into the tree he’ll swing at random far more often, causing the entire tree to be lit on fire before long, Dedede’s hammer never burning out. Once it’s clear the tree is unsalvageable, the Waddle Dees will flee to the side of the tree you’re farthest away from, taking any ornaments they can with them. When you get into range, the Waddle Dees will throw the ornaments at you and the Waddle Doos use their beams as normal. Meanwhile, Dedede goes down to the bottom of the tree and chops it down onto the side the Waddle Dees aren’t very quickly, the tree doing 100% and insta KO knockback if it hits you, covering half the entire stage and being undodgable if you’re next to it.

From this point on, Dedede functions in his normal playable state with a max AI and must be KO’d traditionally, but thankfully he starts with 80% damage due to all the time you’ve been attacking him during the fight. During this period of the fight, everything in the background starts getting burned to the ground until the background becomes nothing more than a red blur – this causes the icicles at the top of the screen to be replaced with fireballs that rain down on you from above. Dedede himself looks extremely pissed at this point, his royal robes catching ablaze. He has several buffs to his normal moveset. . .

  • Dedede’s attacks are all buffed in power by 1.3x and have a fire element attached.
  • Dedede has doubled movement speed.
  • Dedede’s Side Special has no limit on quantity of Waddle Dees, and all the ones left alive when Dedede enters his "playable character" phase begin functioning normally.
  • Dedede’s fsmash works like the Shockwave attack from his boss fight. All shockwaves are still around during this time. While this is very threatening, you can take advantage of Dedede going to the side blast zone to finish him off.
  • Dedede’s dsmash works like it has during the rest of the boss fight – he is able to move around during the move’s entire duration, and at his normal (Not doubled) dashing speed no less.
  • Dedede WILL attempt to chain-grab you off the walk-off blast zone if he grabs you and you are chain-grabbable – the Waddle Dees and Doos are still stupid and may interrupt it, though, so keeping around the Waddle Dees may be a good idea – the Waddle Doos aren’t worth it.


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Oct 9, 2010
Dang it, I've been trying to upload my SSE scene in my blog, which explains why Godzilla and Kiryu are scaled down in the game, but it's having some problems... Worry not, I'm tryin...


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Jul 5, 2010
Vincennes, Indiana
Who's ready 2 day late comments?

Fat Zombie
So, yeah. Starting out our chain of 3 joke sets is a Warloridian joke set...and its pretty good. While it IS a joke set, its surprisingly fluid and works well together. Its obvious that effort was put into this and the result is a well-crafted and funny reading experience. Good Job, as always.

Wiz and Kupa 2
Really. You couldn't leave them alone? And Chris Benoit too? Thats low man, really low. Althought the at home parts where amusing...yeah...I hope this isnt an annual thing.

Snowy Warlord
Like I said, Im late on these...but this is a REALLY good Boss. The way you kill him is almost ingeneous, but it does seem a little overpowered. Id love to see an SSE with him. (Hopefully in Survivor 4)

M. Trinity
Awesome, awesome, awesome. A one day set? Awesome. The writing style is funny as hell, the moves are fantastic, the playstyle with the panties is funny, yet at the same time works extremely well. Its amazing, MT, the little references and all the details are what really make this set work.

Dude, i ****ing hate clowns. The set is creepy, but for a guy whos terrified of clowns, its almost unreadable. Sorry, but I wasn't able to finish this one.

So... Deliberd is good, if a bit generic. Its just nice to see you not trolling for once.


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Nov 15, 2005
Shropshire Slasher

It's Christmas in Pooptown
Merry Christmas, SmashVille!

Boot up your copies of Brawl, and have yourselves a merry little Christmas on the SmashVille stage!
For one day only, there's a little festive something in the air, and everyone is invited! Yay!
So, what happens to this Stage on Christmas? weeeell...

  • The entire surface of the stage will be coated in snow! The thick snow makes it far slower to run around, but it also drastically increases traction and lowers knockback suffered. Of course, none of these things would affect you if you happen to prefer the air. So jump!
  • The entire stage is coated in fairy lights. There's also a similarly dressed Christmas tree in the background. It all looks wondrous at night.
  • If you miss a physical grab (i.e. one that isn't some mystic telekinesis rubbish), your character will scoop a big ol' snowball from the stage, gaining themselves a handy little throwing item. It doesn't do much damage or such, but there's a 5% chance of freezing, and who in their right minds WOULDN'T want to have a snowball fight with their mortal enemies!?
  • If you dash around a lot in the snow, you'll eventually start building up a ball of snow in front of you as you run. Keep pushing it around and you'll soon have half a snowman! Get someone else to build up the other half, roll them into one another annnnd... Tada! Frosty the Snowman! Big balls of snow work quite well as little walls, and a full snowman is like, twice as tall as that. Hey, wait... you could use these walls in your snowball fight! Wow, genius!
  • All CPU players act extra nice to human players. You know how all CPUs gang up on you in a FreeForAll? Well, they're going to leave you alone now. But only because it's Christmas. If you have items turned on, the CPU will actually let you take them. Wow, maybe they're being too nice..
  • And speaking of items, balloons will show up very frequently today, and some of the SmashVille residents will release a whole bunch of balloons every hour, on the hour.
  • If you use an attack that freezes the foe, everyone in the background gives a cute little cheer. But it's all jeers for the douchebag who uses Fire attacks.
  • When you first play this stage on Christmas, Resetti will turn up, and sheepishly drop you a CD and 3 stickers to collect. Awww, he's so nice. Merry Christmas to you too!
  • If this is the second Christmas in a row you have played this stage (you have to log into WFC in order to verify that it really is Christmas), the powers that be will treat you to a free Golden Hammer, so you can unlock one of those pesky challenge thingies!

hmmm. Anything else?

  • Oooh! Guess what kiddies? Christmas is on a SATURDAY this year!!!!! Yeah! K K is comin' to town at 8pm, with some jammin' Christmas covers!
Aug 9, 2007
The Cosmos Beneath Rosalina's Skirt

Santakuma, also known as Gohohouki in Japan, is an character from the popular Street Fighter series; often appearing as a secret opponent/playable character (often only playable via code). As a character, Santakuma is the brother of Gohohouken. Both Santakuma and Gohohouken were taught a nameless, deadly, form of martial arts by their master, Gohohoutetsu. Gohohouken however disliked this form, leaving his master and brother behind to make his own dojo. Santakuma however wanted to become stronger; giving up his compassion towards other humans, embracing the Satsui no Kurisumasu (Christmas Intent) in order to reach this power. Ultimately, Santakuma killed his teacher and almost killed Gohohouken as well. Despite his seemingly cruel nature, Santakuma is an honorable fighter, never killing or fighting a foe unless he considers them a worthy opponent. He has since grown obsessed with forcing Ryudolph to embrace the Satsui no Kurisumasu...despite this however, Santakuma is not generally regarded as an evil character. As a -playable- character, Santakuma plays very similarly to Ryudolph except faster, more powerful and with numerous powerful specials. In SSFIIT, Santakuma is considered broken; so powerful that many match-ups are flat out unwinnable against him. As such, he is banned in both Super Turbo and its recently released HD Remix (in which he's toned down but still incredibly overpowered). In many other games, Santakuma has a unique trait that usually gives him the lowest Health of any of the playable characters (only Chrisethmas has lower health in SSFIV) in order to balance out his insanely powerful attacks. However...the Santakuma the player uses is only Santakuma when he's holding back. Shin Santakuma is a secret boss in many Street Fighter games, resulting in the player fighting a fully powered Santakuma who usually has better health, speed and damage. Santakuma, especially Shin Santakuma, is considered to be one of the most powerful characters in the entirety of the Street Fighter canon.

Easy: 200%
Normal: 300%
Hard: 400%
Very Hard: 500%
Intense: 666%

Santakuma is a very speedy opponent. Unlike most bosses who are massive, Santakuma is playable character sized, about the height of Marth (although his stance makes him slightly wider). Santakuma is about the speed of Fox with the jumps of Captain Falcon. Now, despite his size and similarity to a playable character. . .Santakuma takes no knockback or hitstun making him potentially MORE deadly than normal bosses as he has incredible movement and no limitations. Seems fitting for the raging demon however. Also note that Santakuma has another movement quirk; the Christmashura Senkuu. Santakuma will raise one knee as if blocking and then teleport the distance of Fox's Side Special, leaving a trail of wrapping paper as he does. Santakuma will then be facing the direction he teleported from (so if he teleports right to left, he'll be facing right) and can attack almost laglessly afterwards. Santakuma is entirely invincible during this but it -IS- possible to counter him afterwards. On Intense mode and Intense mode alone, Santakuma will fight as Shin Santakuma.

As for the stage, it's a fairly basic one, appearing almost identical to Final Destination. The only unique difference is that, instead of the scrolling background, the only image behind the stage will be a huge glowing red Christmas tree.

In addition to the attacks below, Santakuma has access to several basic punch/kick moves that hardly stand out as impressive...just don't be surprised if you go to Smash him and get kicked in the head!

Attack #1: Gouhoho Hadouken/Zanku Hadouken (Easy-Intense)
Essentially the same move...but which one Akuma uses depends on where he is. The Gouhoho Hadou*ken is his basic projectile attack. He'll use this while on the ground, often if you try and run away from him. These fly at the speed of Wolf's Blaster and will deal 9% and flinching if they hit. Size wise, they're about the size of Wolf's Blaster shots but slightly thicker making it impossible to duck under (unless you have a super low duck like Snake's). If fighting Shin Santakuma, this attack will become multi-hit, dealing an additional 2% per hit (for up to four extra hits) providing you take the attack head on. They're also, unexplainably, shaped like Christmas balls.

The Zanku Hadouken is Santakuma's choice of attack in the air. Pausing in mid-air, Santakuma will fire diagonally downward at you, dealing the same amount of damaging and flinching as the standard horizontal one will do. Be cautious as he may try and hit you at once from multiple angles. As Shin Santakuma, Santakuma will fire two of these at once; if the first one hits, the second will connect as well.

Attack #2: Tinselmaki Zankukyaku (Easy-Intense)
Santakuma's version of the Tinselmaki Senpuu Kyaku. Santakuma lifts off the ground and begins spinning towards the foe, his right leg outstretched and surging with power. If Santakuma connects with this attack, you'll be pulled in for multiple (up to eight) hits of 2% damage before being tossed away a short distance. Be aware that Santakuma can also use this attack in mid-air. In the air however, this attack has a much shorter duration (although it comes out faster) and will only deal one hit of 6% and downward knockback. This move comes with a shiny tinsel effect! Don't let your cat eat it...

As Shin Santakuma, Santakuma will use the powered up version of this attack; Christmessatsu Go*uhoho Rasen. This attack will cause Santakuma to spin in place for a moment, creating a vortex that will pull you in at about the speed that the face on Pictochat blows you away. It's not terribly difficult to outrun...but if you get caught, Akuma will lift off into the air, repeatedly damaging the foe before kicking them away. This will deal tremendous damage (upwards of 24%!) and medium/high knockback! If you stay away however, Santakuma will stop after a few seconds and be vulnerable to counterattack...

Attack #3: Gouhoho Shoryudolph (Easy-Intense)
Santakuma's version of the Shoryudolph! If up close, Santakuma's Gouhoho Shoryudolph will hit you three times dealing 16% (6%+5%+5%) and some high-ish upward knockback. This is one of Santakuma's most powerful killing make sure you don't get caught in it! At a slight range, this move will probably only hit once. Santakuma will most likely use this as an anti-aerial move, Shoryudolph'ing you out of the air before you can attack him! If he connects in mid-air, he'll only deal the first hit of the attack (although the knockback is just as bad...maybe not QUITE as bad though). If you can bait this move out of him can easily attack him as he has to land before he can do another action. As another note, Santakuma turns bright red during this attack! He can guide your slaying tonight!

As Shin Santakuma, Santakuma will use the Christmessatsu Gouhoho Shoryudolph which, you guessed it, will do a considerable amount more damage than the normal attack. Santakuma will seem to channel a considerable amount of energy into his body as he does three repeating Shoryudolphs, moving forward the whole time. If you're hit by the first one, you're going to be eating the rest of them for sure. If he connects all three, you'll probably end up taking around 35% damage...HOWEVER...if you dodge the first one and get behind him, you can smack him with aerials as he continues the attack!

Attack #4: Stocking Goku Stuffer (Normal-Intense)
Of course, Santakuma's signature move has to be in here! Santakuma crosses his arms before his face before pumping his fists at his sides. He'll then take up a stance much like Christmashura Senkuu and will rush directly towards your character! Santakuma will travel up to half of the stage's width before stopping at about Mario's run speed. If he connects with your character, the screen will turn red and green as sixteen flashes appear on the screen. A moment later, the screen will return to normal...except your character will be on the ground and Santakuma will be standing beside them, facing away from the camera, the 'ten' symbol glowing a fierce red on his back. You'll also notice that sixteen Christmas stockings have been hung up around the stage, full of presents! This attack, fortunately, deals no knockback...however it -DOES- deal a massive 64% if it connects. Fortunately, it's fairly predictable (considering the warning you're given for it) and is easily dodged by jumping over it or running away.

As Shin Santakuma, Santakuma will use the Shin Stocking Goku Stuffer! This attack appears identical to the normal Stock Goku Stocking...except when Santakuma grabs you, he'll exclaim, "Now you've made my list!!" and four glowing red reindeer will appear behind him as the screen turns to red and green. Once the move is done you'll see that. . .your damage meter is at 999%?! Yes, it really is insane...but what else would you expect from full power Santakuma using his ultimate technique?! After the move, Santakuma will state, "This is Christmessatsu..." roughly meaning "This is Christmas." Fairly true considering the damage it deals...and the merriment it brings! This move will also have Santakuma set up a miniature Christmas tree in the background, complete with presents. Open the one with airholes first!

Attack #5: Kongou Christmasu Dae (Intense)
Well...Shin Stocking Goku Stuffer isn't -EXACTLY- Santakuma's ultimate technique. The Kongou Christmasu Dae is! This move is the ultimate, only being used by Shin Santakuma on Intense and very rarely at that (although he seems to use it more when his health gets low...). Santakuma raises his hand above his head and then forcefully slams it downwards onto the stage a second and a half later. A brief second later, a massive line of Christmas lights bursts from the heaven, striking where Santakuma stands (and a Bowser width to each side)! After this, a massive wave of Christmas trees will shoot up beside the impact, extending outward about a Battlefield Platform! This attack however...does no damage? Well...only because it's an instant KO! Yes, if Santakuma connects with this move with either the lightning of the shockwave energy, your character will instantly rocket off the edge as if hit by Tabuu's Off Waves! An extrordinarily powerful move; if you see him start charging it, dash to the other side of the stage and wait it out; side-steps will -NOT- dodge it!! Fortunately, Santakuma will appear somewhat drained from using THAT much energy and will be vulnerable for about three seconds afterwards! Keep in mind that this attack destroyed an entire island...that pretty much justifies its brute strength!

Merry Christmas~!

Also, this isn't a -REAL- MYmini. It's a boss set I made on Mercurious and edited for Christmas for some laughs! Hope you enjoyed it~<3
Nov 26, 2005
First sign of the apocalypse

So this morning I stumbled across a large stack of comments! I don't know where they came from, but your Pokemon had them. You do want them, yes?

BOWSER JR. - BKupa666​

The first set I've read in a while, Bowser Jr tells me the lay of the land has changed. The playstyle is tightly wound with every attack explicitly tied in. I'm much more impressed with Sakurai-level attacks like Up Tilt and the aerials integrated seamlessly into your gameplan than I am with a flashy Kibblesque Forward Tilt that feels much more like a special than anything, although there's certainly a strong emphasis on character throughout. That's well expected of a Kupa set.

My favourite Kupa sets, though, are quite subtle with their playstyles - flexible, adaptable, they take a loose concept and explore it from many different angles. I can't speak for your MYM 8 sets, but your MYM 7 sets were generally perfect. My problem here with Bowser Jr is that you bash the reader over the head with his playstyle; goop, goop, goop. This is all very well and good when you're practically creating a new genre of stage control character, but when it boils down to it, this set is quite straightforward and doesn't try to be revolutionary. "Bowser Jr.'s matches are entirely focused on goop," right? But he unfolds in a disappointingly repetitive way. The grab is the main reason you want lots of goop, and the Smashes are the main reason you want to land the grab - it's all right there in black and white (er, red and grey) and from there it's rinse and repeat.

On more minor notes, I would have gone for Comic Sans MS as font here (what other character could it possibly fit more?) and maybe a more playful colour scheme. The set feels very heavy and dense to read through, partially by necessity, what with the effectively condensed detail.

And I don't mean to sound all negative, of course, because I admire a lot of what I see - the integration of a very practical aggressive mindset with a dollop of stage control is very well done in general. There are a few echoes of Dark Bowser here, although they're probably just my first exposure to a post-DB movesetting mindset; if that easy, natural linking of attack to attack as a series of logical next-steps is common in sets nowadays, I'll be very impressed.

MICAIAH - gcubedude​

I'd say Micaiah is a very successful set - not necessarily because it's a "newcomer set," because as we all know coddling is just no good. No, the reason Micaiah succeeds is because it's a very no-frills set in which you seem to be testing your practical abilities; the organization is pared down, the playstyle is fairly basic and straightforward (which is not a bad thing, remember; you're not talking to Warlord here), and the creativity is kept at a manageable level throughout.

Micaiah is a very practical set, too. She seems to play a lot like Zelda/Sheik were supposed to; an aggressive speed-oriented combo character capable of turning at moment's notice into a cautious magic-oriented range character. Of course, you do a lot more with this basic idea than Sakurai did - those light specials sync up nicely with the switch mechanic, creating a natural ebb-and-flow to Micaiah's gameplay.

You probably don't need me to recommend next steps, since I guess you've heard them by now. I haven't read everybody's comments in detail, anyway. I can recommend using a light color scheme on the section headers and attack names to make it easier to go through the set. Nice work and looking forward to your next one.

THANOS - cutter​

I remember you, cutter. What a blast from the past to see someone who posted a Master Chief moveset from waaay back MYM 4-ish back with us. I suppose everybody else got over it about three months ago when you first came back, though. /belatednostalgia

Master Chief was a set with a heavy concern for doing its character justice, and I don't think you've changed in this respect - Thanos is almost exhaustively faithful to his source material, a fairly uncommon approach that sometimes leads to sloppy copy-paste jobs. Clearly not the case here, as you get intuitive with the Neutral Special and trust that to drive the playstyle forward; Thanos is the godlike hulk with sadistic-looking attacks but also the ability to adapt to a variety of situations. Some of the gems feel less than integral and I feel like most players would quickly choose a favourite and stick to it (personally, I'd like to play as a berserker Thanos, tossing out Death Spheres and Smashes in conjunction with the Reality Gem), but that's not necessarily a negative; I know you wanted to keep the mechanic simple and easy to understand, and it's admirable that you succeeded, not problematic.

It helps that the set is a light read. Animated sprites have always been a fantastic way of getting the reader excited about the implementation of a character (a picture is worth a thousand words, after all), and your writing is to-the-point, efficient, workmanlike. In lesser hands I feel like this set could have felt throwaway, but you convey the ideas so crisply that it's impossible not to be charmed by the concept. I'm very taken with this set.


TWIL, you're still at it, feverishly churning out sets for your favourite characters and series, some of which turn out wonderfully and some of which bite off a bit more than they can chew. Devil May Cry is complex, multi-faceted stuff, and I'm afraid it tips toward the second category. It gives off a faint vibe of "here I'm going to throw a bunch of complex mechanics at you and then keep them in mind while you read all these attacks." Presentation, presentation - I feel like you could have more tactfully laid out your concepts through the course of the set. Give me something tangible to hold on to before bombarding me with obscure concepts.

Once you get over that hump, it's really quite a neat set. You don't pretend it's not about killing the opponent in the flashiest, coolest way possible, which lets the reader in on the trick - if you're envisaging the animations as you go, it'll be that much more rewarding. It's an old approach that's kind of fallen out of favour, so I'm not surprised your reception has generally been negative. I like it, anyway.

But did we really need that much faithfulness to the source? A bar mechanic and a weapon switch mechanic and a transformation are all very good, but when you also throw in a huge twist in shielding and dodging, the set gets to be a bit overpowering. If your mechanics were all tightly interwoven, maybe, but as is, it's a bit too much to take in.

MAWILE - crash826

Good to see you finally made it, BoxPersona! I was wondering where you had disappeared to. ;)

Mawile is the ambitious set of an MYMer who has been watching for long enough to have stockpiled a stack of great ideas and decides to throw them all out at once. The result is somewhat messier than it should be, under the pretense of a deception character who can unabashedly umbrella all mindgames. The creativity on display here is remarkable, and it's not limited to MYM5-era stuff, either; there's a great, even sometimes excessive sense of cohesion between attacks (landing Flash Cannon is not quite a foregone conclusion, and when you assume that you'll be able to land it throughout the moveset you sound a bit strained and overzealous). There are ideas that can be fleshed into full movesets of their own, and some that have - just look at Wild Mawile Appeared, a good idea appearing in the wrong context. That's not effective mindgames, that's just a bit silly.

By the end, I found myself really excited to check out what you'd do in the playstyle section. Let me tell you, if there was ever a set that more desperately needed one, only to peter out with a fistful of extras, I haven't seen it. Oh well. More important than this particular set is the emergence of what I foresee as a major talent. Your skills are undeniable, and I know full well from your Aedi contributions that these great attacks are no anomaly. You've already got another set out so I'll refrain from giving advice for now; I think you're going to be big.

NATTOREI - darth meanie​

Three bloody consecutive sets. We'll have days when nobody posts before long - surely somebody could have held onto their hats for a little while longer?

Then again, you're meanie. I don't think I ever mentioned, but I did read Hariyama. Interesting approach. Something about that moveset's language - its feel, its approach - felt very modern to me. Postmodern, even. I was impressed, because I was just thinking your next steps were running out as you started to hit your head on the ceiling.

But Nattorei feels a lot more like a meanie set to me. Specifically, the way you fuse his unique typing into a unique playstyle recalls Abomasnow to me, an unjustly forgotten set if ever I saw one. "Is this gardening or is this war?" indeed; Nattorei sits there and extends his feelers, litters the ground around him to protect sad little shrubs, whips the opponent away when they try to approach through the air. It's the ultimate grumpy old man determined to keep children off his lawns. It's not helpless against long-range characters, although I think it's hard to deny it doesn't like them, much like that same old man hates the punks who throw rocks.

I think JOE has a point when he cries broken at Rollout, as clever idea though it is, it almost feels like a cheat, a shortcut, a simple press of the button to automatically do what you otherwise have to do carefully through nothing but your own skill and a heavily interactive set of attacks. Why bother carefully timing your attacks, shuffling around your spikes, setting snares and mindgame seeds when you just need to toss a bunch vaguely in front of you and land a grab?

Regardless, the set reeks of confidence and assuredness. How far we've come. Are you planning to rename it when we find some English names out?

JOHN MARSTON - Pikmin3000​

I was startled at how sophisticated this set's ideas are. Projectile character + lock-on move isn't an exhausted concept to begin with, and when you add in a heavy focus on a single weapon and that very clever Dynamite interaction, you've got something quite impressive on your hands. The match-ups and language here tell me that you've been paying attention for a while, Pikmin.

Of course, there are bumps and glitches here and there. Having that down tilt do absolutely nothing about 95% of the time is always a bad idea and feels like you put it there just to eat up an attack slot - why not integrate the hogtying into the Lasso attack proper? The pictures are just a wee bit redundant - we all know what dynamite looks like, don't we? And, as happens quite often with these movesets based off of shooters, Marston has a smattering of random weapons he pulls out of nowhere for one attack without them really contributing too much to his overall goal - which, in this case, is twofold, and you startled me by having a rough but very real team playstyle. I need to stop it with these expectations and prejudices, because I'm being refuted again and again.

GORUUGU - n88_2004​

Let me preface by saying that Haunter is the most underrated set I read in MYM 8 and that I'm sure your take on Kamek was better than mine - that's what everybody tells me, anyway, and I'm far too biased to actually go back, read it and draw a fair conclusion myself. I also read Torkoal and most of Firebar - there's something very singular about your sets that draws me to them even at times when I'm hardly reading anything.

I say this because Goruugu didn't click with me. The super heavyweight based on a stream of moderately slow attacks... ah, but he can turn invisible! Now he can strike the foe from the shadows! Not only that, here's a trap he can plant, which you can push the foe into to stun them, allowing Goruugu to finish them off with a mighty SMAAAAAASH!

I hate to say it, but it reminds me of any number of super heavyweights. They don't usually play around with traps, but a dash of stage control and only loosely connected mindgames just can't spruce up such a lifeless (pun ahoy) set backbone for me. We've seen this kind of thing before, in Warlord sets, HR sets, meanie sets, and Fat Bastard. This is an appeal I can't understand, and I can only imagine it touches the side of Warlord that loves Ganondorf's Side Special. My inner DK FSpec seems to be sleeping.

[Also, that grab is silly. The giant Goruugu grappling with your Pikachus, Kirbys and Cutesy Beaus? How undignified]


Godzilla's a fun little beast. I think you'll soon look back at him (and your MYM 8 works) and shake your head a little at your beginner's mistakes, but there's really no need; Godzilla is basic as they come, but not uneffective.

The playstyle, simple as they come, works without any fancy tricks or hoops to leap through: Godzilla forces approaches by turning into an absolutely unfair monster of death and destruction if left at range. His projectiles are hardly varied, but he can:

A) Blast you with a giant laser beam.
B) Camp out and heal.

You're forced to run straight toward the jaws of the beast. It's easily done and betrays an excellent MYMer in the making. Here's some food for thought, though: does it really make sense for Godzilla to be forcing the opponent to come to him? Godzilla is a hunter, almost always proactive, whether he be going after Tokyo or fighting King Ghidorah. Although this set would have a great feel, I'm not sure it'd be entirely fitting for Godzilla when put into practice; this is the main risk of trying to be true to your source on an attack-by-attack basis instead of when considering the overall package.

In general, though, a promising work.

GRAY KNIGHT - Pizzamasta​

What an accomplished set this is. Gray Knight has a lifetime's worth of stage control packed into his teleportation bushes; I especially love his ability to hide a bomb in one and then flee, leaving it to burn, or to roll straight from one into the other via dash attack, or to plant a hole that causes any opponent to try to use it to trip straight out, leaving them in prime position for punishment. Not that you have too much of that - Gray Knight is hardly a powerhouse, and his playstyle is contributed to by a number of seemingly pathetic little tools and tricks cohering together to become something based around distraction, obstruction, and sheer surprise.

It's a very well-developed playstyle, although it may be a wee bit unfocused, so it's a shame that the aerials turn out to be a bit of a cop-out. However true it may be to the game, you're robbing him of what could be five more resources, five entirely new spins on his gameplay. Shorthopped aerials are a crucial tool a lot of movesets ignore, but none so much as Gray Knight, who doesn't have any need to shorthop ever. And bear in mind that plenty of characters could easily choose to take this route, since so many do nothing differently in their source games when they attack in the air.

But anyway, I like this set quite a lot and look forward to your next one. By the way, out of curiosity, what is your first language (I want to guess French)? Your writing is actually very easy to understand.

MUK - Smash Daddy​

I love what you did with the basic idea of Muk; here is a character who literally oozes out of the confines of his hurtbox and proceeds to wallow in his messy, gooey glory as he pukes it, tosses it around, sinks into it, and shoves it around like one big, sloppy extension of himself. It's really ideal for how Muk ought play, although I still find it vaguely awkward to imagine him leaping off of this sludgescape and into the air, lacking any muscle or feet or solid surface from which to launch himself.

Now, I can't say the set isn't difficult to read. You've got this unfortunate habit of sprinkling in strange little phrases that mean nothing at all, like "resonated sludge" or "awkward curdling position." Your movesets often feel exhausting to read, and have for me ever since Von Kaiser. Raiden and Yamazaki, I could handle, funnily enough. Anyway, these are the sets I have the most difficulty commenting - I see what you're doing with these ideas, and I like what I see very much, but I don't think I love the set and I can't pinpoint why. Maybe it's partially to do with how bizarre it is for Muk to be pulling the stage here and there - a creative idea more suited to one psychic-type or another.

But the reception strikes me as misfounded. It's really quite a brilliant set, quite intuitive and certainly full of options, flexibility, and deep-seated flow. And I appreciate the Super Attack. (Y)


I can't lie and say Arle isn't a truly frustrating read. I don't quibble about organization as much as I have in the past - go on, ask Warlord about my precious "orgy nations!" - but this set's huge attack names, random colouring, and heavy use of the enter button make it seem much bigger and more daunting than it is. Then there's the strange order of attacks which places the throws before the standards, and Carbuncle as a defiant little secondary moveset, AND a beastly Final Smash to cap things off. It's a rough read and you won't get many comments - much less honest comments - with rough reads.

The way you actually present the attacks is nice enough, although the way you prioritize trivial details over the most crucial essentials makes it a bit troublesome in its own right. I'd recommend bolding key sentences, phrases, attack points - don't overuse bolding like some people have done, but draw attention to the parts that matter most from each attack.

I'm talking organization mostly because that's what you need to work on, much more than creativity. The Diacutes are quite a unique angle for a moveset to launch from and you have some more-than-solid ideas about how to manipulate them and use them as a starting point for your moveset. I'd integrate them a bit more into your otherwise scattershot standards, many of which are quite creative but don't necessary tie in to the point of the specials. Although I have no doubt you did justice to the character's complexities and nuances, sometime the best way to convey what a character is all about is to take a simple, interesting playstyle point - in this case, Diacutes - and then stick to that throughout the entire moveset. Carbuncle is fun and all, but is he entirely necessary to understanding Arle?

TETRIS - getocoolaid

Hi there, coolaid! How goes the commenting?

You don't know me, I think, since you're an MYM 8-er and I stopped doing the whole activity thing by then, but I certainly know you - your consistent, high-quality commenting, your enthusiasm for the contest, and your mass improvement since Joker.

This is a befuddling set, and I'd hesitate to call it a moveset at all - it sounds more like a gameplay mode that puts two players to the test in very different ways. The Tetris player is forced to manipulate a constant cascade of blocks in such a way to prevent the opponent from successfully intervening with stacking the blocks - a very tricky task, but at least you have much more control over what comes out and when than you ever had in actual Tetris. The other character is forced to deal with that cascade, aware that leaving it unchecked will result in an equally potent cascade of damage - I suspect that once that Tetris player lands a row or two, he wins the stock, since the opponent can now be knocked away more effectively with Down Smash and any further rows will deal out more significant knockback. All the same, I reckon it's stacked in the favour of the normal character.

Anyway, a very intriguing thought exercise of a moveset and the most dynamic idea I've ever heard of for Tetris. Tetris has actually always been a sort of Holy Grail for me, along with Pong - the successful implementation of either in MYM would represent a sort of final triumph in favour of creativity and imagination. This comes as close as I've seen yet.

DARK SAMUS - Nicholas1024​

Random flipkick! It's a good feeling when newcomers who (I think) were never aware of you are using in-jokes that started with you. Seriously, aren't UAirs just the worst inputs ever?

I think I rather love this set; its concepts are simple and it's a Luigified Samus clone if you boil it all the way down, but between the focus on camping, the alternate KO method and resultant creation of CPU-controlled allies, and the quite clever air game that allows a lot of mobility, it's very distinct and with a fully-developed playstyle.

This isn't to suggest that there isn't improvement to be made. The reliance on CPU-controlled allies, both through Phazon and Dark Echoes, is let down a bit by the lack of any attacks that let you actually interact with your created allies, outside of the healing zone which you can't lure them into consistently anyway. And the FSmash and edgeguarding game works at cross-purposes with the alternate KO method, competing with it for prominence and probably winning, were it practically implemented. These are things to think about but not dealbreakers, and you seem to have an extraordinary grasp of all the essentials of moveset-making. Impressive. And I'm not just saying that because of the RANDOM FLIPKICK.

ARADIA MEGIDO - crash826

Oh, hey there again, BoxPersona. With this set, there's no doubt you're shaping up to be a premiere MYMer; Mawile's issues are still there, but in the service of an even bolder playstyle.

It's entirely clear that you think every attack needs to be creative to be worth reading; your set is constantly second-guessing itself and the cleverness of its own attacks. There's no need for that, as meanie has already told you. Like with Mawile, you've thrown a ton of ideas up there, although this time I reckon it's more in the service of the character than in the service of the ideas themselves.

And they're not entirely unconnected, although it is quite a scattershot character, this psychic robot ghost of yours which I am entirely unfamiliar with. I actually sort of love the way she turns one threat into many; in a free-for-all, you can turn Aradia alone into Aradia, future Aradia, Aradiasprite, and a vengeful spirit, almost all at the same time. I'm not sure what to make of this CPU-reliant gangbang playstyle, vaguely reminiscent of Dark Samus's just one page ago and equally unsure of how to capitalize on it, but I do know it's very, very cool.


Presentation-wise, this set is beyond reproach. Since the days of yore, I've always been a sucker for an eccentric writing style (and maybe it says a lot that I still look back at Cat Clancer very fondly), from the stone age through to Dodongo - I've no idea what the King is supposed to be like, but I certainly feel like I have a better understanding of him after reading this moveset. Maybe you were aware of who was the more interesting character when you chose to write it from his perspective, though - because I still don't really know anything about the Prince.

The set has its moments of startling clarity and graceful gameplay twists, but for the most part he plays out like a Bizarro-World Olimar. His Katamari is so essential to his playstyle that imagining him without it is almost pointless; it makes me wish you had given him more tricks with it, instead of often just saying "this attack is awful without his Katamari but respectable with it." The same can be said for much of Olimar.

Don't blow that out of proportion (like Warlord says), because I still quite like a lot of what this set does - but (also like Warlord says) I don't like the inconsistency of the Katamari's powers and attributes, which the King blows off for the sake of his own laziness or convenience or a simple "Do not question Us, mere mortals!" It's as fun as sets come, but it doesn't take itself seriously, either presentation-wise or creation-wise. You knew it when you made it, although fun sets make it big pretty often and I expect this to remain a favourite around voting time.

By the way, I learned a wonderful word the other day - hegemony. It's the term for a system of control imposed not by force, but by consensus. If everybody likes the same thing, you've got a tyranny of taste, no?

ELECTIVIRE - darth meanie

I'll be honest - I'm not sure the emperor has any clothes here. Consider it a compliment that you are the emperor, eh, meanie?

My issues with Electivire are a bit all-over-the-place, so bear with me. Firstly, I was disappointed at the way you implemented Motor Drive. It's a promising start: he gets faster when he gets electrified, but how are you going to consistently electrify yourself? Soon after that, it turns out half his moveset is dependant on being charged and his moveset becomes yet another "this character is weak when uncharged, strong when charged," similar to the issue I just talked about with the Prince. I know that's a reduction, but Electivire's ideas are so often predictable - just look at Discharge, a spectacularly obvious idea (and clearly a ripoff of Flareon's Heat Wave ;)), or at the chain grab enabled by his mechanic, a trick I've always liked but which feels a little bit rote for a meanie set. You're a trailblazer, and this just isn't a trailblazing set.

You've also got characterization issues, as Electivire seems to spend altogether too much time chuckling or laughing. Pokemon always have personalities to get across, but usually it's done via the way they attack rather than something as ham-handed as the attack animation. Reminds me of a minor quibble I had with Golem.

So what you have here at the end of the day is a somewhat clever combo character, one that avoids the pitfall of always repeating the same strings of attacks. But how frustrating would he be to play? And why should Electivire be a combo character to begin with? There'd be a lot more room to explore a heavyweight speedster, a bruiser of sorts with only a limited window to dish out huge amounts of pain before he needs to feed again; this path strikes me as the more well-trod, the more predictable and certainly, after Hariyama and Nattorei, the less impressive. Certainly not a weak set, don't get me wrong, but a minor meanie work.

DIGLETT - Junahu​

I'd love to grinch it up as I just did with Electivire, but unfortunately I'm quite impressed with this set. It represents a feasible implementation of one of the most far-fetched Pokemon into Brawl, and that's pretty hard to argue with

That said, this wouldn't be a comment if I didn't pick at nits, so:
For all that you say about Pokemon syndrome, I still find it difficult to justify Diglett being dependant on boulders to fight. And in fact I don't believe he ever can learn Rollout
Also, the implementation of the boulders seems silly. It gets stronger with consecutive hits... but not from the momentum gained by rolling down a hill?
Tunneling around invisible doesn't appear to be an advantage at all. It's a mindgame for mindgame's sake, as the Diglett player will also have no idea where he is and on thinner stages risks killing himself (or does he? It's never specified whether it's possible)
Diglett is terribly schizophrenic. He leaps from cutesy techniques in his tilts to beastly earth-shattering moves of mass destruction in his smashes. You can't have it both ways, Diglett! You're supposed to win by lightly shoving your opponent into the chasm you made, okay... but then you drop a boulder on them? Who do you think you are, Golem?

The ideas in this set are almost too appealing. But it's also clear that it was a three-hour work, as it never was with Joe Calzaghe - or maybe I just wasn't paying close enough attention. ¬_¬

MEGAMAN.EXE - Nicholas1024​

I do believe you've already heard the main issues with this set - although there's a heavier focus on cunning interactions (some of the stuff you do with that rock cube is quite advanced, and UTilt+Smashes is just plain nifty), Megaman.EXE tries to encompass everything the character can do and winds up losing touch with what makes him who he is. It's Pokemon syndrome, an issue Mendez first observed way back when and a term yours truly coined. (A)

[Coincidentally, even Mendez, quite an MYMing legend back in the day, fell prey to this very issue when he gave his own take on Mega Man: see? Get equipped with historical sets!]

Basically, you need to give a bit of thought to whether it makes sense for Megaman.EXE to be focused partially around manipulating a small boulder. You fell prey to a very common trap with this set, but if you just splice what you learned from it to what you already knew in dark Samus, you'll have a real breakthrough set on your hands. Keep going; you're almost there.

ULGAMOTH - Katapultar​

As a lifelong Bug-type afficionado, I don't like Ulgamoth as a Pokemon. It's such a cop-out to create a powerful bug Pokemon just by sticking a generic-looking firefly with a set of ridiculous stats and moves. What was their logic when they created this thing? It's an affront to everything bug Pokemon stand for - perseverence, resourcefulness, patience, everything except brute force.

I don't know what to make of the moveset. It doesn't seem in line with the philosophy you espoused with Jecht, as Ulgamoth's character is only faintly suggested, as is bound to happen with any Pokemon set. There are no extras and the whole thing seems quite determined to have move interactions aplenty, many of which are smart but few of which connect in any logical way. Ulgamoth is a dedicated camper but beyond that it doesn't seem to have any rhyme or rhythm to its playstyle.

To borrow an overused cliché, there's no flow.

On the bright side, it's very prettily organized. Powder Rage is an absolutely brilliant attack, one of my favourite individual attacks in the contest. And the set is quite a breeze to read, easy on the detail and engagingly written.

MR. MINECRAFT - LegendOfLink​

I'm finding it hard to level any real complaints against this set - if I could, it would be, "not Warlordian enough." Sure, the standards do eventually contribute to his build-a-base proactive stage control playstyle, but only indirectly and quite loosely, and it wouldn't be inconceivable to see a Minecraft player ignoring his specials entirely and playing him like any boring old Brawl character. The set's just too far removed from our main barometer of good and bad, Warlord's sets, with their densely wound move interactions and slow unveiling of subtleties within playstyle. Here it's all presented up front, and some of it is very clever - the ability to edgeguard with dynamite is awesome, make no mistake at all - but it leaves the rest of the set wanting for a bit of pizzazz, some razzle dazzle and maybe a few soft move interactions.

I'll leave this as a short comment because I see already that Pokemon Breeder is much better and I don't want to give useless, patronizing advice. You're spending time in the chat, anyway, and should progress in leaps and bounds very quickly.

ERUFUUN - Thrice​

First of all: there was no need for a new page, man! You could've had second post! I mean, this isn't MYM 4 where we all needed top-of-the-page to get any attention for our sets!

Second of all: poor use of bolding, man. Bolding should be used to draw attention to the most important part of the attack, to facilitate skimming and ultimately impress even inattentive readers. The minutiae of damage and KO potential are far from the most important parts of any attack.

Other than those two, it's quite a brilliant set in the Warlordian tradition: introduce the set's centerpiece in the first attack, then as the set proceeds, introduce more and more developments on that central concept, and developments on those developments. There are some absolutely brilliant developments - I especially love the use of Decoy Spores and the aerial hijinks you can get up to while swooping around in your whirlwind - but your main problem is a lack of internal logic. When you have, say, two whirlwinds that are identical in every way and only differ for the sake of convenience, and a lot of attacks that you admit make no sense and wave off as unimportant details, and spores that EXPLODE for some reason, you wind up with a set that would be too tough a nut for any player to crack. How could anybody possibly figure out all the little situational tricks Erufuun has hidden within? The excess of move interactions - yeah, it's possible - bogs down the set and winds up diluting its clever centerpiece. Very, very close to a great set, but it just trips at the finish line for me.

VICTREEBELL - MasterWarlord

It doesn't feel like MYM until the first Warlord set, although the fact that it's yet another Pokemon troubles me.

And Victreebell is a Warlord set through and through, with all of the pros that brings: you take your concept and do so much with it that it doesn't seem like anything ever seen before. You've gotten so good at this over the course of the last MYM that I don't think there's any way to judge it except by how cool you personally find the central concept. Swallowing your opponent and then trying to keep them from escaping is pretty damn cool.

But I do have quibbles. One is with how weird it seems for Victreebell to be partially based on forcing the opponent to run around, and in general with hunting and bouncing the foe in and out of him like a perverse game of ball-in-a-cup. Shouldn't he be more of a stealth player? And it's just weird that sleeping opponent levitate toward him, despite the way that you explain it here; it'd be a major WTF moment in gameplay when sleep powder turns into levitation powder and then magnet powder.

The other thing that bothered me is that the playstyle section is almost entirely redundant. Every attack is so explicitly and directly tied to the playstyle that there doesn't seem to be any need for you to connect the dots at the end - you've already done it. I'm not sure I like this approach more than, say, Antonidas's looser and less rigidly defined playstyle.

AIANTO - n88_2004​

What's this you say? CPU-controlled allies? We all agreed The Count did it best and laid the matter to rest, what are you doing bringing it back now?

But seriously, your implementation of it is undeniably modern, refreshing, and dynamic. It'd be easy to just let Aianto's teammates run amok (and in FFAs, that sounds like quite a fun tactic; unleash six ants and let them just do their own thing, as if you were in a bad 50s horror film), but you're here to be true to the little guy and he functions in the exact regimented way an ant column should. The sheer number of options you've given him, the breathtaking uniqueness of the playstyle, really gets to me. I mean, can you really pass the opponent down the column, drop him in a gap to allow your ants to crawl over him, then switch control between them one by one until they're all clinging with the exception of the last, who picks him up in a grab just in time for you to double back with the first ant and punish?

Complex, organic, and very interesting stuff. In fact, this entire moveset is very difficult to comment properly because I find it difficult to criticize. I know meanie mentioned how easy the column is to break, but I think you gave enough super-armor and attack options for a skilled player to keep it together - and certainly you can always fly into a hole. In fact, balance complaints are all that exist here, and maybe they're justified, but I think it's tweakable as a basic concept and that, at the end of the day, they're not very important. Extraordinary moveset, this.

ZEPHYR - Chris Lionheart​

Chris, I am impressed. With this set, you've proved that not only are you not an old fogey, long-retired (unlike some people I can pinpoint who compensate for their inability to make sets by commenting to the point of excess (NO)), you're quite capable of keeping up with this strange post-modern MYM of ours.

Zephyr has no quality barometer. There's not a set list of hard move interactions or even many soft ones. There are almost no frills, leaving the set very fundamentally simple - but its basis being the cyclones with their strange throwaway charge mechanic, it's quite fascinating. The idea of simply having a barrier of passive damage constantly circling him make him unique and, like you say, very capable of playing in two different ways. Personally, I think I'd most enjoy playing a spacing game with Zephyr, stockpiling huge amounts of cyclones and carefully keeping the foe too close to camp, too far to break through the passive wall and do any damage of their own.

Very open-ended, simple set, and I like it very much.

I'd comment some MYMinis, but anyone who remembers back to MYM 4 remembers full well that I find extras torturously boring. I hate items. Hate stages that aren't FD/Battlefield. Hate assist trophies, pokeballs, stickers, trophies, event matches, taunts, and whatever other extra you present me with. In fact, it's probably my fault that we stopped considering extras relevant to a moveset's quality - or necessary at all. At least, I was the one who convinced Warlord.

That said, MYMinis are a very cute idea and I hope they keep up the activity of these first two weeks.


Funnily enough, in many ways, Harvey feels just as much like a gameplay experiment as Tetris did. His nontraditional grab, a clear centerpiece to his moveset, combined with his apparent lack of inputs and especially of damaging attacks, seems to create a character that's forced to rely on his bag of tricks much more than most "mindgame" characters MYM sees. His damaging options are not limited per se - the pigeons especially seems quite versaile - but they're certainly constraining, and mean that he's going to be playing around with his spacing and confusion game more than anything.

This he can ably do. I especially like the idea of turning into smoke so you can drag the opponent into one of your aerial portals and bring them out at some awkward position, or hell, tossing a couple of pigeons into an invisible portal to have them reappear just by the opponent. These simple, organic and very interesting move interactions seem to be your greatest strength.

The moveset's not without flaws. It couldn't be more apparent that you ran out of steam by the end, spewing up some haphahazard tilts and then skipping out on the playstyle section. But all the same, I hope you hold onto your unique movesetting style and your characters who in many ways feel more like new gameplay modes than regular Brawlers. It's very refreshing.

NRVNQSR CHAOS - darth meanie

If YOU can keep spelling Nrvnqsr correctly throughout the moveset, then I too will give it a shot.

Also, what the blazes is a crocodile alligator? (and no, it doesn't roar)

I think this is another set in the vein of Hariyama, Magmortar, Electivire, that kind of postmodern set where you're deliberately using very simplistic attacks with the aim of promoting a versatile but still-unique playstyle. I'm not convinced it meshes entirely well in this case with your old tendancy to blur the line between a character's source material and their implementation; it feels especially awkward in the throws, where three bloody Cerebrus heads burst out of his chest just to knock the foe slightly upwards, to name one example. I'm also not entirely convinced there's enough focus here; I know you're all about removing excessive focus nowadays, and sometimes it works, but in Nrvnqsr's case, the flexibility and looseness gets to the point where it feels like a lot of attacks are superfluous. While reading, it gets easy at times to forget the goop, the summons, the cycle of self-damage and healing that makes Nrvnqsr unique; he's cutting out pieces of himself, then taking them back in. That's a pretty awesome concept and I feel like it should have been capitalized on just a little bit more.

None of which is to say that I dislike it; in fact, it's about as solid as summons characters come and should serve as something of a quality barometer. It avoids the basic pitfalls and does what it does well. It just doesn't innovate much.


Ah, here we go. You hit your stride already with this set. Gone are the shallow standards, replaced by still-simple but ever-so-much-more-relevant ones. All three characters are much more interesting than I expected you could make it, and yet none of them feel unfitting as baby Pokemon.

Pichu fights by grabbing but not even throwing - how clever is that? I've wanted to make a Pichu set for a long time and if I had done any remix it would have been for him, but it'd feel quite redundant now. I haven't seen this special mechanic involving his grab ever before and the way you spring it on us betrays a lot of confidence.

Igglybuff is probably the weakest of the three, not because she's bad but because switching between two fighting styles is an old concept. There's a great fluidity to it here, maybe partially because she's not physically transforming.

Riolu, I'm not entirely sure about. Basing your moveset around countering is a rough concept to work with, although allowing him to counter out of a roll seems like another bit of brilliance. On the whole, I feel this character more than the other two could have used more standards that tied directly into his main concept.

And when you take all three, well... I don't like 3-in-1s on principle unless they're heavily integrated together and I feel like I've seen this particular switch mechanic somewhere before. At the moment, I can't remember where that was, so I quite like this set, and I'm saying that without being patronizing in the least.


This is the kind of set we saw a lot of back in MYM 3, and there's nothing wrong with that; you had a bit of spare time and decided to whip up a set for a character you like, we've all been there. Of course, all of us found we enjoyed so much that we wanted to take it farther, and then farther, and still farther, and soon we find ourselves inventing game modes and 3vs1 movesets and all kinds of ridiculous shenanigans.

Now, let's take Earthquake. Interesting idea. But the opponent's just going to jump over it - what if we had some attacks to help keep them on the ground? What if we had a bunch of spikes, let's say? What if we threw in one attack that pitfalled the opponent... and maybe another that just temporarily stunned them? And say, if those projectiles were more air-oriented, the opponent would get hit if they jumped and would have to stay put, no? Now let's get even more creative. What if Ludwig threw Bob-Ombs? Maybe shaking the earth would cause them to explode?

And so on you go down this path until you've got this very interesting gameplay style that sets Ludwig apart from all the characters now in Brawl (and, preferably, most of those in MYM, although this gets harder and harder as time goes by). You'll get more out of your set, others will get more out of your set, fun will be had all around. If you're willing to put in the time, of course, but in my experience, everybody has spare time and it's just how we choose to use it. Remember, creation is the only unselfish act!

AURON - Smash Daddy​

You know, there's a reason I've never attempted a versatility-based character myself; it's a devilishly tricky trope to pull off, and it very often resembles a lack of playstyle altogether. A character who specializes in "standing his ground" has an uncanny resemblance to a Brawl character, it's why I prefer clear-cut playstyles that have few similarities to anything we currently have (read: Muk, Aianto, Nattorei, any of my sets ever except maybe Ekans). This might also be why I don't much like Electivire, by the way.

But how dull this set is! How boring and repetitive the slices are, how simply and linearly the playstyle develops! Whoever says that making your set deliberately generic expands your options and reduces flowcharts hasn't read Auron.

The set's a bit postmodern itself (see my comment on Nrvnqsr, although you're Daddy and you probably have read all of my comments for the sake of completionism), but it falls prey to the style's obvious pitfall: when done too broadly, it's just not very interesting. Alucard was about spacing/comboing while keeping your foe too preoccupied to capitalize on his obvious weakness. Raiden was about choosing between two well-developed and interesting styles. As far as I can tell, Auron is about... fighting the opponent. Head-on. And a tornado which isn't even a special for some not-quite-evident reason. Apart from the clever coloring of the word "damage," I'm still quite at a loss as to who this character is.

TOXICROAK - darth meanie and JOE!​

Channeling Arbok, eh? Uh oh.

My problem with Toxicroak's heavy focus on techchasing is that every set has techchasing, or every aggressive set, anyway. The difference here is that you're building it into the moveset instead of letting the player organically arrive at it, and it's like how every character has mindgames already and it's not worth talking about. It's about prediction, not about what the character does naturally; or maybe I have it wrong?

Warlord praises this set's unique approach to pressure, but maybe I'm missing it. I certainly don't understand how poisoning them discourages them from running away; if they stay near, they're liable to not only take the poison damage but also have more poison stacked onto them, aren't they? And along the way, play into Toxicroak's own gameplan? Seems like logical fallacy to me.

And the other thing I find unsettling is this set's critical eye on creativity. The specials are almost all literally the same as characters already in Brawl. This is excused because they're actually relevant to the playstyle, but it's there and it suggests something, oh yes. And then there's this:

"Generic projectile filler aerial forced creativity? No sir."

When you two get together this time, you make a competitive set for competitive players, serious players, and it insists upon itself. I find it very effective at what it wants to do but supremely unambitious and, ultimately, uninteresting. Convince me.

GIGIATH - Kholdstare​

Gigiath is the opposite extreme of Toxicroak. I can't help feeling you wrote it all at once without putting too much thought or time into letting the ideas sit and working out which inputs would do what; you made it up as you went along, so to speak. Everything hinges around putting the foe into position for a Solarbeam, but you can only use the Solarbeam once in a very long time, so many of those moves come off as redundant wasted inputs.

Which is too bad, because some of the ideas on display are very interesting. In general I like the character who's focused on slowing the game down to his own level - a crawl. The refracted Solarbeam is very broad and vaguely described but it also seems pretty awesome. I would have liked to see some ways to REFLECT it as well; if you could make it bounce around the stage like some sort of twisted light show, you'd have quite the impressive character on your hands.

All of which leads me to conclude that this set is something of a diamond in the rough. You often feel like you're making your sets on the fly, Khold, throwing them together just so everyone will stop pestering you for them. When you slow down a bit and do them for your own sake, they usually turn out wonderfully. This, I'm afraid, is not the case this time.


This set is leaps and bounds ahead of your previous works, and you seem to be improving at a prodigious rate. Its creativity and your general passion are apparent throughout and Kiryu develops a very real camper's playstyle by set's end. The mechanic adds interest, to be sure, although it's difficult to connect it practically to the camping.

How could you have capitalized on it, though? Basically, what it means is that Kiryu is harder to kill the more damaged he gets, meaning that there's an optimal damage % at which he's easiest to knock out before he starts gaining his knockback resistance. Maybe if he had some way to damage himself - perhaps by overheating through use of some powerful missile - he'd be able to tie his camping in with his mechanic? Usually you want your moves to have connections between them, to lend to an overall playstyle, as you know; the question is just how interesting and unique you can make your playstyle. Kiryu is a fantastic first step into the world of creativity and conscious playstyle. Really looking forward to your next.


In your continuing quest to erase the mistakes of your past, you've made quite a gem here. I've always been impressed with how willing you are to return to old sets, old ideas, and remake them for contemporary ideas. When can we expect the third iteration of Skurvy and of Klump&Krusha?

So I like this set very much. You open with a fairly standard barrage of projectiles, but the shield-breaking prerogative makes it clear that we're dealing with a heavyweight, a bruiser. That DSmash is simply wonderful and perfectly summarizes everything you did right about the powerhouse range character here, a difficult trope to handle without making it broken. His complete inability to compete close-up provides some much-needed grounding.

I also think it's worth mentioning that the use of slow-motion as method of breaking shield is something I never thought of in my life and makes an insane amount of sense. Great stuff.

I do think the aerials are too similar to Stanley's main concepts; those were some great ideas and it feels a little bit disappointing to see you calling upon them again without even really changing the context. That said, they have a different tone if not a different implementation; the Kaptain is a maniacal genius who loves filling the air with noxious gases, and he uses them to hide his weapons of destruction rather than to take cover in and even the odds, as Stanley did.

Impressive job, and much as I hate comparing an MYMer's sets to one another, it's well ahead of Bowser Jr in my book.

Following a string of jokesets...

M. TRINITY - MarthTrinity

What a hilarious set. Your sense of humor meshes so well with this stuff; there are so many wonderful lines in this, and especially that just-joking-no-seriously down throw. I haven't read this much innuendo since Kaptain K. Rool's "big black balls" (oh wait, that was a second ago 9_9)! A pleasure to read, no doubt.

Rather like the Prince, I don't think the content quite reaches the highs of the presentation - not that there's anything wrong with that, actually, as I'm quite enjoying having a largely writing style-oriented MYMer working to spice things up a bit among all the Toxicroaks and Aurons. My main problem with M. is how clear it was that she was rushed, much like Gigiath; just for one example, there a lot of eccentric attacks in the standards - like a teleport tilt - and meanwhile there's a special that just involves a triple kick. In fact, your inputs are generally a bit confused and all-over-the-place.

The panties playstyle is awesome and very very amusing, but unfortunately when you boil it down it's like a more focused version of Diddy Kong and his bananas. Very fun stuff; not brilliant, maybe, but very fun.


I feel like with this set you're challenging Khold for resident provocateur; your "trolling" has now extended beyond chat and one frustrating in-thread exchange and right on into your work! I like that, actually; we all need edginess to stir us out of our collective stupor.

The main thing I love is how abrasive this set; it's constantly flinging abuse at the readers, at the brawlers, at everybody but Hazama himself. He's an egotistical asshole, and these characters traits are more than abundantly clear, giving the set globs of personality. Actually, I'd almost like to interpret the narrator as unreliable; maybe he isn't a 3v1 character at all and is just magnifying all his strengths a hundredfold as he explains them. He would say that his combos are infinite, that his attacks are better and quicker than they sound, and that he can only be taken on by three opponents at a time. It's like you're sitting next to a fire and letting him tell you a tale of his own greatness; you take it with a grain of salt.

That subtext aside, it's a 3v1 character who doesn't quite capitalize upon how interesting it is to be fighting multiple enemies, or at least not nearly as much as Valozarg did. Looking at it objectively, it feels more like an interesting experiment than anything.

Now that I've criticized all of your sets, it's only fair to give you a chance to do the same to me, no?
Nov 26, 2005
Second sign of the apocalypse


Tutankoopa is a boss from the original Paper Mario. You take your basic pharaoh complex - that comes of living in a buried temple in the middle of the desert - your basic affinity for Chomps, your basic magic tricks, and, well, you may or may not be a ghost. Now you're Tutankoopa. Simple, no?

In his boss fight, Tutankoopa sits on a platform high above Mario and pelts him with magic spells while, down below, his faithful "Chompy" engages Mario in direct combat. By fight's end, though, Chompy breaks loose from his chains and chases the defeated Tutankoopa straight out of his own temple. We're dealing with a bit of a bumbling villain here; he's not meant to be taken entirely seriously.

And in the Brawl, you'll find it's very hard to take him seriously when his own moveset poses a greater threat to him than anything you could do.




It's a Chain Chomp, yes, but more specifically, it's Chompy, Tutankoopa's personal guard dog and most trusted pet. Tutankoopa doesn't fight without him - it's just not something he does. When the Brawl begins, Tutankoopa materializes like the spooky spectre he is and out from a hole in the ground pops faithful Chompy.

Chompy cannot be damaged. Chompy can be dealt knockback in very small amounts, like a super-heavyweight, but since he can't be damaged, he'll never be dealt a solid hit. Chompy can't be killed as long as Tutankoopa is alive; if he's knocked off of the stage or falls behind on, say, Rainbow Ride, he'll jump unnaturally to make it back, letting out that trademark Chain Chomp bark.

No matter what you do, Chompy is here to stay. Even when Tutankoopa is KO'd, Chompy sticks around on the stage, and in stock matches he lingers after his master has been annihilated.

Chompy hunts. He's always slowly moving toward the closest target, gnashing his teeth in a repeated hitbox that deals 8% and minor knockback. His passive attack can be outprioritized fairly easily, but if Chompy gets within a platform, he'll launch himself at you suddenly, his body a high-priority hitbox dealing 15% and dangerous knockback. Just left on his own, Chompy is a perpetual threat.

Chompy does not discriminate. He attacks opponents first and foremost, yes, but he will also attack Tutankoopa. If Tutankoopa and an opponent are equally far away from him, he'll go for the opponent, but otherwise, beware! Your own pet is the greatest threat.

Chompy goes berserk. If he's dealt knockback three times consecutively - as if by a combo - he'll go into a rage, gaining super armor and plummeting to the ground, where he'll proceed to quickly trample back and forth across the entire stage, dealing 15% and heavy knockback on contact. This lasts seven seconds.

From all this, take the essentials. Chompy is a brutal force of nature that is as dangerous to you as to the opponent. The only way you can win in any serious Brawl is by being better at harnessing Chompy than the opponent. If you do that, Tutankoopa becomes a devastating force that beats down the foe melee-style while sitting on the opposite side of the screen.


Neutral Special ~ Carapace Pox!
Tutankoopa raises both hands and a Koopa shell materializes above his head; he holds it there until you release, whereupon he slings it forward. The shell slides faster the longer you held the button, and deals anywhere between 2% and 11% on contact; unlike Shell items, it vanishes on contact and deals only flinching knockback.

Chompy will jump right over this shell if it passes him and go right ahead and start chasing it. He won't catch up, of course, but depending on the shell's speed, you can regulate how quickly you want Chompy to traverse the stage. This is also the kind of attack you hold as Chompy bears down on you, and then throw at the last second to make him turn and chase off in the other direction. It's one of your most direct methods of control.

Forward Special ~ Stone Armor Hex!
Tutankoopa points forward with both hands. If there is an opponent within two platforms ahead of him, they'll suddenly find themselves encased in brownish stone. The sheer weight will bring up their weight, traction, fall speed, but also make it almost impossible for them to jump. The rock armor is a cheap spell and it'll fall away after five seconds, but until then, the opponent is heavyweight combo fodder - and in fact, combo fodder that even Chompy can hit consecutively by simply approaching.

If Chompy is in front of you, closer than the opponent, he'll turn into an Egyptian-looking Stone Chomp. He'll slow down considerably (unless he's trampling or chasing a shell) but also become notably stronger, his attacks dealing 4% more and greater knockback.

Up Special ~ Platform Spell!
In the air, Tutankoopa raises his arms and summons a short drop-through platform directly beneath him. This gives him a new use of his rather weak jumps, but the spell happens quickly and the platform lingers for five seconds.

On the ground, Tutankoopa summons the platform directly above him, about a Ganondorf's height off of the ground. No points for guessing what's so wonderful about this.

Down Special ~ Chomp Summon!
Tutankoopa is a summoner; he's just one who has plenty to fear from his own primary summon.

With Down Special, the outline of a chomp similar to Chompy appears slightly in the air before Tutankoopa. It lands with a thud if you pull off the entire attack, which takes almost one second.

This Stone Chomp behaves exactly as Chompy does, with one crucial difference; it can be destroyed if it takes 30%. You can create only two Stone Chomps at any one time, although any more than that would be quite dangerous; Tutankoopa has enough on his hands surviving Chompy alone, and with three Chomps trampling about the stage, fighting the opponent becomes the least of your concerns!

Please note that Chompy covered in stone armor looks exactly like one of these. The opponent might even make a mistake and try killing Chompy! And, oh my, that might just send him into a rampage...

Jab ~ Repelling Spell!
Tutankoopa shoves forward with both hands, dealing 4% and decent forward knockback for a jab. If he tries this attack against a Chomp, he'll be dealt equal knockback in the other direction but the Chomp will be knocked away.

Forward Tilt ~ Chomp Charm!
The little Chomp on Tutankoopa's forehead launches itself forward, revealing a wee chain connecting it to him. It deals a mere 5% but some decent knockback, and comes out quickly. As he uses this, Chompy and any other Chomps will turn to the same direction Tutankoopa is facing and take three large steps, gnashing their passive hitbox all the while.

Up Tilt ~ Fissure Jinx!
Tutankoopa lowers both hands as a single brownish stone levitates out of the ground, then he launches it upward about a Ganondorf's height. This attack is fairly quick and allows you to snipe off opponents trying to approach you with a down aerial, as it deals 8% and horizontal-slanted knockback. If used on a platform, the stone hitbox exists before it ever reaches Tutankoopa, as it still rises from the actual ground.

Down Tilt ~ Stepping Stones!
Tutankoopa points down at the ground and causes a small chunk of stone to rise up suddenly. It's very short but is just high enough to keep Chomps from crossing it. As it rises, it's a hitbox dealing 6% and horizontal knockback. The ground flattens after four seconds.

Forward Smash ~ Chomp Incantation!
The outline of a Chomp appears before Tutankoopa and it appears that he's going to summon another Stone Chomp. Instead, it never solidifies from its rainbow-outline form, and just launches forward, gnashing its nonexistent teeth. The outline is a hitbox dealing anywhere from 7-14% and disappearing after it moves two platforms forward. Its knockback is heavily dependant on the angle it hits at.

Up Smash ~ Captivity Curse!
Tutankoopa laggily raises both arms and any opponent or Chomp directly in front of him is levitated ever so slightly into the air. When you release, he moves both arms forward and the victim is left drifting there for anywhere from one to four seconds; they're invulnerable in every way, although this won't stop Chompy from moving toward them.

If necessary, this is the final way to control Chompy while you get up off of the ground.

Down Smash ~ Cascade of Stone!
Tutankoopa brandishes one arm behind him as it becomes encased in small stones, then thrusts it forward. The small cascade travels one platform forward, fastest at the beginning of its existence; if it connects with an opponent, it'll deal multiple hits of up to 13% and pitfall them for about half the time of an ordinary pitfall. It's weak stuff, this, although it's a fairly quick smash.

If used from a platform, it does pick up speed as it tumbles and deals increased damage with increased pitfall time. It also has dragging knockback if it connects in the air.

Neutral Aerial ~ Chompthrob!
In Tutankoopa's fastest attack, the outline of a Chomp very briefly vibrates around him. This comes out almost instantly but only deals 4%; it has relatively heavy wind-down that you really wouldn't expect from an attack like this, but it's a difficult magic spell and Tutankoopa is no Kamek.

Forward Aerial ~ Carapace Trick!
Tutankoopa spreads both arms and hovers in midair for a moment as a shell materializes just in front of him. It's a weak, quick hitbox dealing 8% and flinch on contact.

This is a classic dog trick as any Chomp within a platform will jump to grab the shell right out of the air, dealing 15% and heavy knockback as it soars through the air. Unless you place yourself carefully, you'll be dealt the damage and knockback yourself, but the payoff may be worth the risk.

Coincidentally, if you place yourself between two different Chomps when you use this, they'll both jump for it. The resulting CLANG when they smash into each other head to head makes for a brutal hitbox dealing 35% and huge upwards knockback. You can't be caught in this because the shell is in front of you, so it's not as improbable as it seems. It's all about manuevering your Chomps around and spacing with the opponent.

Back Aerial ~ Avalanche Pox!
Tutankoopa raises an arm behind him and a small shower of gravel falls from it. This aerial is laggier than most and has a long duration, but it has weak downward knockback and makes a sort of flimsy wall between Tutankoopa and the aerially-approaching opponent.

Up Aerial ~ Footstool Spell!
Tutankoopa vanishes and then reappears if there is no opponent within a platform above him. If there is, however, he will reappear directly above them and automatically footstool jump them. This is a precaution that makes his otherwise terrible Up Special a solid recovery and gives you the upper hand in the ongoing battle to get into the sky and escape from the Chomps below.

Down Aerial ~ Vibration Matrix!
Tutankoopa extends both arms suddenly and both of his hands flash with a small burst of magical energy, dealing 5% and weak outwards knockback. A quick aerial that is effective shorthopped and even chained at low %s.

Grab ~ Hocus Pocus Hands!
Tutankoopa's grab is magically supplemented for range and can hold not only opponents but also a Chomp. He can only hold a Chomp for half as long as an ordinary opponent and only if they're not in a trampling state.

Forward Throw ~ Fetch!
Tutankoopa slings the foe forward as though they were a shell, dealing 6%. Good horizontal distance. Used on a Chomp, it has reduced distance but commands the Chomp to take three steps forward upon landing before it can go back to roaming.

Back Throw ~ Don't Fetch!
This attack is a mirror of the last, except that any Chomp thrown will remain facing in the same direction as Tutankoopa - this places them right behind you. Run, Tutankoopa, run! Or maybe just jump and land a few chained hits with DAir to send your Chomp into a rampage.

Up Throw ~ Floating Jinx!
The opponent thrown up here will float about a Ganondorf off the ground for about one second; this goes for Chomps, too, allowing you time to get out of the way before it squashes you flat. A dropping Chomp here deals 13% and good knockback. Meanwhile, the levitated foe is in prime position to be footstool jumped and knocked right back into the Chomp's path.

Down Throw ~ Entombment!
Tutankoopa raises both arms to hollow out a spot in the ground, then drops the foe into it and hastily covers it back up, laughing nefariously. The opponent can struggle out without much trouble and anyway can't be hit while they're under there (except by a dropping Chomp, which would be very painful and probably KO them). A buried Chompy will burst out after one second. A buried Stone Chomp, however will remain hidden until somebody walks over it. Don't you forget where you buried that Stone Chomp! When it bursts out, it'll deal 12% and good knockback! It will still chase any shell that passes over the spot it's buried, though, and follow any Chomp Charm commands.

Confident in his abilities, Tutankoopa raises both arms. A series of runes emerge from his sleeves and warp through the air as the outline of a massive Chomp, half as big as Giga Bowser, appears in the middle of the stage. It drops to the ground mightily and proceeds to behave like any other Chomp for the next fifteen seconds. You can't grab it but most everything else, you can do. Any contact with its gnashing teeth deals 16%, so make sure it stands there with its back turned to you; you should have more than enough tactics to force it to do so.


I've been light on the exposition so far; you may even have been left wondering how Tutankoopa works, although I somehow doubt it. Let me connect the dots, so to speak.

Chompy is your main tool, no doubt. Summoning Stone Chomps is something you're likely to do as you become a better player and find it too easy to keep your one creature under control. This you do mostly via your shells, with which you can control both speed and direction; what's more, you can wait to throw them until the last possible second for the surprise effect. If you have a Chomp lingering under your platform, you throw the shell; if you're the target, you throw the shell, which deals the flinch knockback needed for the Chomp to catch up and deal its damage. Bear in mind that you can set up a little piece of stone with DTilt, off of which the shell can rebound, causing a sudden and unexpected change in direction from your Chomp.

Stone Chomps look very much like Chompy when he's encased in stone. Now the opponents may find that trying to attack them just instigates a rampage. But you don't have to wait for your opponents: Tutankoopa has a set of quick aerials that are more than capable of hitting Chompy three times consecutively and turning him into a rage machine.

Much of the rest of your moveset is given to keeping the opponent on the ground, knocking your opponent back toward a Chomp they escaped from, or keeping yourself out of reach. FSmash and BAir, as well as footstool UAir, are excellent tactics to take down an aerially-inclined opponent. In particular, an FSmash launched from a platform should hit on just the right angle to deal downwards knockback; never forget that you can make your platform largely unattainable to the opponent by encasing them in stone.

When you start getting into more advanced tactics, you change your game from merely keeping your Chomps far away from you and your opponent near your Chomps. Your spacing game gets more precise and your Holy Grail becomes pulling off the dual-Chomp FAir headbutt, an easy KO option that can take out many opponents by 50%. Now manuevering your Chomps involves keeping one behind and one ahead, with the opponent sandwiched somewhere in between. Attacks like BThrow and USmash suddenly become crucial and the shell turns out to be ever so slightly less useful than it seemed at first. This is the lesser-walked path, as it involves giving a bit of that camper's spirit and dynamically attempting to bait the opponent and your Chomps.

Tutankoopa is a hapless Brawler. Some matches will result in him effortlessly manipulating his Chomps around the stage, chasing the bedraggled opponent as he sits on his perch and cackles, like some sort of long-ranged powerhouse character. Some matches will involve humiliating defeats at the hands of his own pets; ghost or not, Tutankoopa's still working at getting this whole magic thing down. And as you all know, when you play with fire, even with a solid pair of gloves, you're going to get burned now and then.


Smash Lord
Jun 9, 2009
I know that commenting comments isn't really done much let alone for minis, but there were a couple of things I wanted to address.


Well I already posted Sephiroth's Super Nova attack as the equivalent of Clownbot participating in a MYmini let alone -POSTING- in the thread...

but needless to say I'm happy to see it! So basically what you've got here is a Pokeball Pokemon for Delibird, that happy little Santa bird who nobody uses because he's rare and pretty useless. Yay! So in Smash he uses Blizzard (which makes sense since he's an Ice type) and then chucks out a bunch of those present crates. Yerp, that's pretty much what I'd imagine a Delibird to do. Overall, great Pokeball here Clownbot!
Thanks, MT! :bee:

Clownbot... posting in the thread? Let me just... rub my eyes a little bit...

Delibird is a good mini for sure, considering the more limited potential of a Pokeball. As far as those items go, this is probably one of the more creative ones, compared with what we have in Brawl. Though very non-descript, it's well-organised and fairly well-crafted – now, work on making a moveset!
I can understand how it's slightly nondescript for sure, but I figured I'd leave some details to everyone's imagination. ;) I know I get flak for not contributing to MYM much (or rather at all up until MYminis came around) but in all honesty making sets isn't really my bag. I dunno, maybe I'll get over whatever is keeping me from MYMing sooner or later.

But what if I'm spending time with my family by playing Brawl?

Delibird is a nice Pokemon, and I like what Blizzard does. It's pretty cool (pun totally intended).
Much appreciated!


Delibird, everyone saw this coming at some point.
:rolle- Wait, you mean a Pokeball mini being made for Delibird or me actually posting in MYM for once? (lolwut)

It's a pretty cool idea, although I wish you had expanded more on the presents than just making them a clone of the item already existing in Brawl.
I can understand this complaint and was actually planning on doing something more original before I remembered the present crates existed. I figured it'd be a fun Easter (Christmas?) Egg of sorts.


So... Deliberd is good, if a bit generic.
I'll take it!

Its just nice to see you not trolling for once.
I... am kind of confused by this!

Boy, it feels really weird posting this after what Rool did...


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Jul 5, 2010
Vincennes, Indiana
More Comments from me to you. This is your christmas gift, everyone!

Unlimited Hazama Censor dodging isn't all that cool. That, and the writing, lets just say I don't enjoy being insulted by fictional characters.
OK, criticism out of the way, what we've got here is a set that just comes off to me as ok. Its clear you like this guy, and there is obvious effort put into this set, which is something I can respect. I'm sure other people will like this guy, but I'll say its pretty OK, just not in my taste.

Bad Santa
No way dude, I love this mov...
Oh, wait.
Anyway, bad santa is cool. I'd probably enjoy this set more if I knew the character better, but I really like it. he's like an alternate of a boss, right? Its cool that you made your own extra...but I don't get what a "fiend" is.
Anyway, awesome MYmini...I should actually vote this week :p

Fat Penguine Santa Claus
So, a boss set? Sweet.
All I can really say is that I like it. Its kinda hard to comment it, honestly, because theres not much else to say but "Good Job"

So next we had...KingK.Rool? And I get first dibs on commenting? Nifty!
Firstly, welcome back! I never really got a chance to chat with you, but I certainly know who you are!
Introductions aside...this is a fantastic moveset. The mechanic is beyond cool, something I would absolutely LOVE to see in smash. The playstyle is flowing, and it works well. I can honestly say its one of my favorites so far, and Im excited that your coming back. Also, thanks for the comments!

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnndddddd Im caught up.


Smash Champion
Jun 24, 2006
but a pig in the sun

Ganondorf probably needs no introduction. The very King of Evil himself, Ganondorf wields the Triforce of Power, granting him near unstoppable abilities, endurance, and of course, badassery. Among his many feats is ruling the entire Dark World, taking over the whole freakin' real world, and hijacking entire games at the last minute for no apparent reason. Without a doubt, Ganondorf is a living embodiment of an age old saying: It's good to be king.

Size- 9/10 Exactly the same as in Brawl.
Weight- 10/10 It's Ganon. What do you expect?
Speed- 3/10 Only a bit faster than he was in Brawl. Which is still quite pitifully slow.
Jump- 3/10 His jumping is quite lackluster; not even his recovery can make up for it.
Traction- 9/10 Controls quite well.
Power/Priority- 10/10 GOOORAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!
Range- 7/10 Ganon's got new tricks up his sleeves, gaining some projectiles along the way.

As you can tell, Ganny sure ain't a force to be reckoned with any day of the week. He may feel quite clunky, but in the hands of a true Dark Lord, he'll unleash pure murderous pain by the truckloads.

IDLE- 'Dorf stands tall and erect, smirking and crossing his arms while his cape blows in the wind. Occasionally he'll scratch his neck, putting on a bored expression throughout. If his health is over 100%, Ganon will put on a more serious face and take on a stance more similar to his Melee one.
WALK- Ganondorf stomps forward, his arms swaying broadly. One can sense the aura of power surrounding him. He has a cocky, confident smirk while walking, which changes to a more deranged and insane one once his health goes over 100%.
RUN- Ganon keeps his arms crossed, leans all the way forward, and hovers across the ground. Once he goes over 100%, this hover turns into a demented run; similar to his Melee run, but with a bloodshot face.
CROUCH- Ganondorf mockingly gets on his knee and fist, similar to his kneel while falsely claiming allegiance to the King of Hyrule. Every once in a while he puts on a treacherous smirk. Ganny ain't foolin' no one!
SHIELD- Ganondorf shows off his Triforce of Power, which presumably projects a magic force field that protects him.



Ganondorf brings his hand up to his face while the triforce of power on his hand glows awesomely. A huge surge of cloudy black magic forms around his arm as he makes a mighty fist. He then slowly brings this fist down before thrusting his dark arm directly in front of him. Despite the different animation, this has the exact same startup time as the Brawl attack. This powerful Warlock punch deals a horrifying 666% damage, and is a one hit KO, with priority only outmatched by the Great Chimera. May the 3 goddesses bless whoever is unlucky enough to get in the way of this attack.


One major thing setting this attack apart from the Brawl variation is the fact that this attack can be charged beyond the initial animation. If you ever find the time to charge 1.5 extra seconds on top of the previous animation, Ganon will concentrate all his energy into a spherical object. This sphere glows with dark power, it almost screams how much you don't want to get near it. Ganondorf can fire this sphere of destruction in all 8 directions. It goes about as fast as an Aura Sphere, though pressing B again while the sphere is still on the screen will make Ganon snap his fingers, slowing the sphere down to a crawl; About the same speed as Ganon's run. It'll ultimately disappear after 3.5 seconds though.
The ball deals about 20% damage, and explodes immediately upon contact with anything. It does good, but not great, knockback, and has okay priority. A very versatile move overall; just enjoy the pure chaos this move will inevitably bring.


Ganon just kind of swipes his arm carelessly in front of him. He's not nearly motivated to dash anymore, see. His swiping is quite swift for a man of his stature, only taking about .4 seconds. If he happens to grab an unlucky victim, well, that's where the fun begins. Ganon will hold whoever was foolish enough to oppose him by the face, and then strike their stomachs with the tips of all 5 of his mighty fingers. He'll forcefully claw his hand right into their inner beings, and rip out a fragment of their spirit. This spherical piece of spirit is color coded via the specific character, and Ganondorf proceeds to absorb it into his hand. He'll then throw the opponent on the ground, doing no real knockback. This whole animation takes about 2 seconds, and everyone involved has invincibility frames throughout.
This attack deals about 15% damage, and has higher grab-based priority than most. Murder people's souls well with it.


Ganon keeps his arms crossed as he swifty hops up with one foot. Almost instantly, he's surrounded by dark energy almost as black as his heart, and he spins himself like a drill of death. This spin attack drills him directly upwards and hits the opponent 3 times, each hit doing 6% damage. Each spin lasts for .5 seconds and brings him about as high as a Falcon Dive. It has great priority, and has pretty good knockback.
A pretty interesting recovery, as this attack has 2 differing variations: When performed on the ground, Ganon has the option to do this spin attack 2 more times, in any of 8 directions each time. Think Quick Attack, if you're too stupid to grasp that.
But far more importantly, the ground-based variation will change up the game a bit by making Ganondorf fly in midair after the attack finishes! Yes, he's actually levitating himself, not just floating like those other wussies. He can fly in all directions, any way he wants, and can go about as fast as his Speedwalk. When suspended above ground, he can perform whatever aerial he wants, just in case you want to see those pitiful cretins suffer from a bird's eye view. Well, maybe you won't be seeing from a bird's eye anytime soon, because his levitation powers will only last for 3.5 seconds. Just make as much use of his aerials as you can, and don't focus on getting as high up as possible, as tempting as it sounds. Oh, and obviously, getting hit while flying will bring you plummeting back to the ground. And if you want, you can cancel your moment of flight by pressing Shield. (No, Ganon can't dodge or shield while flying, deal with it.)

The Aerial-based variation isn't nearly as interesting though. He can only do a single Darkness Spiral, albeit in any direction he wants this time.


Ganon will put his left foot behind him, while you can see visible swirls of evil energy surrounding it. This move is actually chargeable; It can be charged for up to 3 seconds. Once you release B, Ganon will almost instantly ram his foot forward as it carries him 1-3 battlefield platforms in front of him. (Or downwards-diagonally, if you preform it in the air.)
This not-falcon-kick-I-swear does a neat 15% damage with okay-ish knockback and great priority.
While the ground variation is mostly the same as before, the aerial one has a few changes to it. This kick now behaves more like a, well, kick would. If the poor sap of a victim gets caught in your flying foot of injustice, they'll get carried along for the ride! Stuck helpless at the end of your foot, once the animation ends (Once agian, depending on how long you charged it), Ganon will finish them off by kicking off the vermin from his shoe, resulting in a mild Meteor Smash/Spike. That is, assuming you're still in the air before the kick ends. If you kick your victim in the air and land on solid ground, Ganon will finish them off by stomping their unworthy heads into the soil, resulting in an extra 6% damage and mild pitfall effect. Delicious.
As for boring specifics, the minimum startup and ending time are the same as Brawl's Wizard foot.



You're using a boring neutral combo? You just might not care anymore at this point....but if you truly feel that much pity for your victims, or just need a simple quick attack, Ganon still delivers as usual.
Pressing that A button all by it's lonesome will make Ganondorf bring out his arm only ever so slightly and flick his index finger, whilst the faintest glow of purple flows throughout it. It deals a lowly 6% damage, minimum knockback, and is slightly slower than the average jab, though it gets the job done.
This time, Ganon's Neutral combo is an actual combo. Pressing the lonely, shriveling A once again will make Ganny bring out his arm a bit further than before and classily snap his fingers, putting on a careless face. While this snapping of the fingers is nothing more than a playful gesture to the great Ganondorf, his snaps happen to be so powerful, they create a small explosion of pure darkness a few inches in front of his hand! This explosion deals yet another mere 6% damage, and has about the same lag time and knockback as the above jab.
Finally finishing this off, the 3rd and final jab has Ganny going all out: The king of evil will put on a psychopathic face and swiftly claw both of his hands in front of him. This mighty claw covers his entire front side and extends about as far as his Brawl jab, leaving streaks of purple darkness in wake of his slashes. This does a quite playful 8% damage, and some average knockback. However, it leaves a pretty painful .4 second ending lag, but you should get over it if you aim this attack correctly.


While floating forwards at whatever patient speed our favorite King of Darkness can muster, pressing A will cause something quite nasty to happen. Ganondorf will briefly turn completely pitch black, leaving only the blood-red outline of his eyes and his malicious smirk visible on his face. An aura of purple death will envelop Ganon as he quickly puts his shoulder out and tackles forward with all his might. This does an okay 8% damage with good knockback and goes about as far 3/4ths a battlefield platform, but the fun doesn't end there! Pressing A again will make him do a second tackle, this time in any direction possible! So yes, you can tackle even in the air! Amazing!
Pressing A one more time will make him do it again too! Yes, you can tackle exactly 3 times, with only .3 seconds of interruption! Meaning thanks to the hitstun this move provides, you can do a 3 tackle combo on a poor foe! However, the 2 subsequent tackles only do a tiny 3% damage, but still retains the good knockback.


Using his dark magic, Ganondorf forms a perfect replica of the execution sword you may remember from Twilight Princess. You also may remember being cruelly taunted with it in Brawl. Well the time has come!
With the sword formed, Ganondorf quickly stabs all the way forward with it, creating a battlefield platform sized hitbox in front of him. The very tip of the sword deals 14% damage, great knockback, and nice priority. The other edges of the sword do a less awesome 8% damage with little knockback. Boo!
This attack has .3 seconds of startup time, and Ganondorf puts the sword away after .5 seconds. It's a pretty awesome move, and is sure to tick off any foolish fool with proper spamming.


With utmost ease, Ganon will take .6 seconds to fill his hand with a dark power, later taking the form of a wisp made of black magic with the faint image of a screaming apparition decorating it. This wisp Ganondorf holds acts like an item, kind of like a turnip or a bomb. That may seem cool and all, but the function in this case is much different than the form. When Ganondorf throws this fairly light item, it actually goes right through other players! Now what was the point of that stupid move, you may ask? See, the magic happens right when the wisp hits the floor.
Once it gets thrown to the ground, the wisp will sink into the floor and create a hue of blackness about the size of Kirby's width. .5 seconds later, a hand pops out of the darkened area! Soon the hand and the rest of the body attached to it will crawl out of the ground, and let out a shrieking cry. By god, it's a damned ReDead!
This horrifying living dead takes only 1.5 seconds to crawl out of the ground, and moves towards the opponent at a crawling pace. It moves about as fast as Ganon's walk, which is pretty sluggish as you can imagine. Hey, it's not like zombies can run! They each have 30% HP, and can use 1 of three attacks-
Bite- Similar to his Melee attack. The ReDead lunges forward and latches onto the opponent while biting their faces off. The opponent can mash on the buttons in a feeble attempt to get out of the ReDead's grasp just like any other grab, but if the ReDead Succeeds, it'll do 4% damage each bite, biting once every 1 second.
Glomp- The ReDead will lunge toward the opponent, trying to grab onto the opponent's shoulders. If the opponent was pathetic enough as to let the Redead succeed, it'll trample the victim to the ground while it pins the opponent, trying to eat their flesh. Once this 4 second animation ends, a 3-button prompt will appear right over the opponent, along with a 1 second counter. If the foe presses all the buttons as shown by the prompt(the buttons are completely random) before the counter runs out, they'll break free. If/when they fail miserably, the ReDead will bite them for 5% damage, and then another chance at a prompt will appear. This attack ends automatically after 10 seconds, or if you decide to be a magnificent bastard and attack the opponent while the ReDead has him down. (The ReDead will also take damage, but it's not like those useless pieces of rotting flesh matter anyway.)
Screech- The ReDead lets out it's signature SCKREEEEEEEE for 1 second, creating an invisible soundwave about 1.5 Ganondorfs high and 2 battlefield platforms wide. It's a pretty uncommon move, but not exactly rare. Any fool caught within the soundwave will be frozen for about 2 seconds, which can be shortened by mashing on the buttons like a coward.

Up to 2 ReDeads can be on-screen at a time, or else the wisp will produce absolutely nothing.
As you can tell, ReDeads aren't very good weapons on their own, but they're not too terrible for things meant to do nothing more than act as a distraction and slow down your opposition. Use them well, for they can potentially be the link between life and (re)death in some scenarios.


With some sluggish startup time, Ganondorf opens his hand and points it in the air, as if aiming something. Shortly then, his pointed hand will shoot out a much larger, thicker hand, resembling a shadowy Wallmaster, about the size of kirby.(This whole animation takes .6 seconds) This hand moves rather quick in a straight line, and goes about 1 ganondorf high before disappearing. Basically, this is a blatant Anti-Air attack at it's blatantest. If the hand makes contact with one of those pesky flying fools, it'll instantly grab their fragile bodies and slam them down to good ol' earth, whilst doing 12% damage and good upwards knockback. And also like some other tilt attacks, you can angle this move in one of 3 upwards directions.



When Ganondorf is powering up one of his much-feared smash attacks, you know you're in trouble now.
While charging, a large portal will open up right besides him, a few feet off the ground. What exactly this giant portal contains is yours to figure out once you release the A button; When you do, then dear god, PHANTOM GANON comes out! But of course, he's not able to do much, since this is just a basic kill move, but he's still one of Ganon's most effective and vital moves.
Phantom Ganon comes out riding on his horse, though only the first half of his horse will peek out of the portal, stomping his front hooves on the ground. This portion of PG's horse, as well as PG riding on it, is about as large as a stage builder block!
As soon as Phantom Ganon and the first half of his wonderful horse stomp out, they'll stay there for about .5 seconds and then EXPLODE in a magnificent display of blue fire! A fitting end for an inferior copy I'd say. The Horses' initial stomp does 10~16% damage, but no knockback; It actually pins the opponent to the ground so that they can get caught in the EXPLOSION! The explosion does an additional 12~18% damage and great knockback, pretty much spelling the end for any opposing player daring to have more than 70% damage.
As amazing as this move sounds, it's also just as laggy as it sounds. A minimally charged version of this move takes about .7 seconds, about as long as a Falcon Punch... But it makes up for that by having absolutely insane range.

DOWN SMASH- Mandrag Quake

Actually really simple; With a smirk on his smug face, Ganondorf lifts his right leg up as it briefly transforms. It becomes thicker, hairier, maybe even word, he actually turned his leg into Pig Ganon's leg!
He then proceeds to stomp his porkified foot down, causing a slight quake about 2 battlefield platforms around him. Anyone who makes contact with the ground while in range of this quake takes 10~15% damage with great knockback, and they take an additonal 5~8% damage if they make contact with his actual foot.
As you can tell, this isn't the fastest move either. It takes about .5 seconds minimum to start up, and has .3 second ending lag. But hey, if you wanted to go fast, you wouldn't have picked Ganon anyway.


Ganon points his open hand in the air in a fashion almost identical to his up tilt. Well that sucks, you must ask. The payoff better be good for such lazy recycling of animations!
Well, maybe you'll still be slightly disappointed if you demand every move to be real fancy.
Basically, Ganondorf's hand turns orange-reddish during charge. Upon release, a giant swarm of Fire Keese launch out from his fingers!
This firey swarm of hellbats do about 1~4% damage each hit, and hitting hit full-on by this attack will make the bats damage you 8 times! The knockback isn't that great though, especially not for a smash attack, and each Keese has pretty poor priority.
The swarm of Keese that come from his fingers is about a kirby wide, and fly directly upwards at about the height of Mario before disintegrating. Like usual, this is still a pretty slow attack, having .4 second minimum startup and .3 second ending lag. Nontheless, this is still an incredibly dangerous damage-racker.



Ganondorf isn't a man quite known for his speed, but he seems to make an exception in this case. Pressing A all by it's lonesome in the air will make him do a static side-kick, which does no more than 6% damage and alright priority. It's a rather quick attack that does pretty much no knockback-but for a good reason.
Thanks to hitstun, mashing A a few more times can make him do a few more attacks, creating a 5 hit combo! That is, assuming the opponent doesn't DI out of it, or you land on the ground (especially if you're not flying), so actually stringing a 5 hit combo is pretty unlikely.
Anyway, he'll follow this up with a swift Dark Punch attack, which does 4% damage, a simple elbow attack that does 4% damage, a nasty Headbutt move that does 6% damage, and finally, a giant wave of Darkness that explodes from the palm of his hand doing 6% damage. The final attack is the only one that has any knockback, of which is rather good.
This is a REALLY nasty move to use while you're flying in the air with Ganon's Up B, since it can potentially do 25% damage whole! Still, it's not that easy to pull thanks to damn dirty DI.


Ganondorf clenches his fist and does an overhead skull crusher with his knuckes. One of his sickest and most overused moves in Melee and Brawl+/-, this attack is relatively unchanged.
This attack does 17% damage if hit accurately, has moderate priority and knockback, and has about .2.6 seconds of startup time, pretty much the same as it's Melee variant. Feel free to spam even more, playa.


Sadly, Ganondorf had to abandon his amazing Thunder Drop from Melee, but he has something just as good in return!....maybe.
In short, Ganon points downwards as an explosion made of pure darkness occurs on the ground. And yes, it's only on the ground. Yeah, some aerial this turned out to be.
This explosion is about the size of Kirby, and deals about 10% damage with okay upwards knockback. Main thing that makes this move great is it's spammability though; It's a surprisingly quick move coming from Ganondorf, only taking about .2 seconds to perform! Okay, maybe it's still no Thunder Drop, but it still works a lot better with his new flying abilities. Basically, you NEVER want to be directly under a flying Ganondorf. Or maybe you do, that way he'll just make your suffering quicker.


Similar to in Melee, Ganon does a backhand punch. Seems boringly unchanged, right? WRONG. Before doing that, he turns his attacking hand into that of Pig Ganon's, making it huge and hairy! Naturally, this larger hand has much better range, being about the size of Mario, if Mario was flipped 90 degrees. However, besides the range buff, it's about the same as it was in melee, doing 16% damage, having high priority and good knockback. However, it's slightly slower than it is in Melee, taking about .2 seconds to start up.


In a matter similar to the above, albeit in the air, Ganondorf carelessly lifts up his hand as HE SAYS KOKO DES KA 298434983459 TIMES a black tornado of darkness briefly rises in the middle of thin air at the same time. This tornado is about 1 Ganondorf and a half tall, and exists on screen for about .2 seconds. It deals 13% damage with good upwards knockback. It's mostly good for juggling purposes, and goes especially well with flying. However, it's a bit more limited than other Uairs, since it only goes on one side of Ganon. Of course, you can handle that crap any day! You're GANON dammit!




For his pummel, the Great King sends a pulse of black magic through his fingers to the miserable opponent's chest. I'd make some witty comment about how this could be potentially dirty, but dear god do I seriously not want this set to become another Cloyster.
Each wave of darkness deals 3% damage per pummel.

Ganondorf gently puts a finger to his victim's stomach. Likewise, a gigantic dark explosion just so happens to occur on the tip of his finger while this is going on, dealing 9% damage with okay knockback. As per usual, it's main function is to set up an edgeguarding situation at high percentages.
Ganondorf carelessly throws the opponent behind them. Just when you thought the foe would get off easy, suddenly a wild Floormaster appears right below them and drags them into their portal! From the portal you can hear some various sounds of bone-crunching violence. Shortly after, the victim is spewed out from the floormaster's portal, taking 14% damage, but no knockback. (As they're left to rot on the ground.)
Ganon throws the opponent up in the air and jumps up shortly, performing an aerial Shin Shoryuken to their stomachs, which deals 10% damage. But just because that's not enough, Ganondorf grabs the foe before they can fly anywhere and tosses them on the ground. Once they're set all nicely on the pavement, the cretin will try and get up again, only to be introduced to Ganon's landing feet first on their backs, giving an extra 4% damage as well. Like before, this has absolutely no knockback, but it sure looks awesome!
Ganondorf, being Ganondorfy as usual, violently slams the opponent on the ground and goes all out; he just proceeds to fill his hands with a dark energy and bashes the opponent with his fists at near mach speed. But just because that isn't enough, he then proceeds to lift them up in the air and send a surge of dark energy coursing through them, dealing 11% damage and good upwards knockback. Hey, something that looks cool and sends the opponent flying! Truly the throw of kings.



When Ganon gets ahold of pure final smash power, he becomes enveloped in a thick layer of darkness. When pressing B, the darkness will completely overtake him, turning him into a gigantic blob of pure blackness, only his blood red eyes visible through it. As the blob swells and contorts, it eventually takes the form of your worst nightmare: GANON, in his more iconic swine-based form. May the 3 gods have mercy on your soul once again.

This isn't really a full transformation like Giga Bowser. Rather, Ganon stays erect in the center of the stage, as he's invincible in this form, and can perform one of 3 stage-destroying moves.
A- Ganon will spin his Trident, making giant bolts of lighting rain at random from the sky. These bolts are quite related to Pikachu's thunder, but they're thicker and do 15% damage, with great knockback
B- Ganon will stomp the ground, causing anyone currently on any part of the ground to get the pitfall effect and take 14% damage.
GRAB- Ganon will summon 5 balls of energy surrounding him. Shortly after, these balls start slowly homing in on his opponents, exploding and doing 20% damage with great knockback upom contact.

He can only stay in this form for 19 seconds, but boy is it worth it.


Ganon, even though he had powerful moves, just couldn't quite keep up with everyone just because of how pathetically slow he is. This set does admittedly little to remedy that, but he has some new tricks up his sleeves to make up for it this time.
First off ReDeads: Learn to love them. They're the closest thing Ganon has to a stage controller. And that's what you're going to want first: control. Ganondorf is pretty slow on his own, and no matter how good your range is, a truly ingenuous player will still dodge all the crap you throw at them if you're still so slow. That's why playing this Ganon requires some creativity of your own. Put your ReDeads in positions that aren't too amazingly predictable, and make sure you're around when they hold your opponent down for you. THEN you'll be able to inflict some serious pain. ReDeads may be easy to avoid, but with clever placement, just a single grab by a ReDead can spell the end of the opponent's stock. (Mostly thanks to that wicked OHKO Warlock Punch.)

Okay, maybe Ganon isn't too reliant on ReDeads, but they're nice to have around, even if as a distraction. But don't think for a second his other moves are useless.
As slow as Ganny is, he still has his Range and power, and that's what he relies on the most. Everyone has to trip up sooner or later, and Ganondorf is sure to punish them with his absurd amount of kill moves. You can probably hear thunder crashing outside every time you land a hit with Ganon's deadly moves if you listen real closely. His new range only adds to that sweetness, meaning he can now murder people from afar. This is accentuated by his newfound ability to fly, which actually gives him some (incredibly artificial, but still there nonetheless) combos, and of course proper safety. Nobody wants to mess with a flying crazy wizard man, especially since he can explode the ground at such a frequent rate.

This Ganondorf is quite a different beast from Melee Ganondorf, as he's nowhere near the speed he is. This time, you're going to be relying on tricks and treachery, just like Ganny would do. I'm not BSing when I say Ganon's range is quite nasty. A truly great player can pretty much be in control of the entire stage- just about everywhere at once, assuming they move around properly and keep the opponent properly pressured. Truly, nobody's going to go cocky on a man who could end their stock in 5 hits. Keep this level of menace up, as well as using range and tricks properly, and you have a true beast on your hands.


Well finally.
This set was kinda made on a whim, and in about 3 days. I wasn't aiming for anything really fancy, and perfection was most certainly not the goal. Just kind of a Warm-up, nowhere near a major entry from me.
With this set, I was aiming for a more traditional fighting game feel, but I'm not quite sure how well I accomplished it. Also, it kinda explains why the Playstyle writeup is so horrible, since I actually find more gimmicky, complex sets easier to write up for. That said, this kinda started out as a vs Capcom-type set, but I ended up changing my mind, though it still definitely has some elements in there. :yeahboi:
Also, I'm posting this at midnight, which also happened with Cloyster, so I'm almost certain I'll end up deeply regretting something.


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Aug 24, 2008
Crocodilopolis/White King’s Paradise

Great Christmas Present to see you truly participate in this MYM, with not only a fantastic moveset but a gigantic wall of comments. While I’m not holding out for you coming back, you know you’re more than welcome here at MYM, if only so I can eat up more of your sets.

Tutankoopa introduces something surprisingly un-explored in summons characters – he’s vulnerable to his own summons, much like how the Kid was different from the league of trap characters in MYM 5 by being vulnerable to his own traps. Unlike the Kid, Tutankoopa actually has ways of playing around this fact, and can even use it to his advantage as he uses the fact that his Chomps chase him to space them around where he wants. While I considered a Tutankoopa set at one time, I never thought to capitalize on his incomptency (Which is quite prevalent in his dialogue) and his chomps being his demise, but it all feels too in-character. This is further amplified when Tutankoopa himself is typically up on a platform above the action while foes deal with the chomps, and when he’s not he’s typically floating.

All of his moves for spacing his chomps about and keeping the foe on the ground while Tutankoopa stays in the air are great, and while they may seem a tad redundant you’re going to need all of those tools if you want to pull off something as spectacular as the two chomps clashing together and actually hitting the foe in his fair. The sheer amount of potential for ways to control where the chomps go is just staggering, such as the shell rebounding off of raised up ground from the dtilt (Though it should’ve been introduced in the move, not the playstyle summary). A particularly nice passive tactic you have here is making the foe go to attack the stone chomps, but having a disguised Chompy thrown into the mix to make this futile. I feel that the stone status of Chompy should’ve eventually expired, as it feels there’s little reason to not do it when he can just permantely blend in with the other chomps. Also, while Tutankoopa has plenty of options to get the foe out of the air, his options for getting foes off his platform are severely limited – I think he needed some form of more basic melee GTFO. While you may claim that the generic nair and dair serve this purpose, they probably could’ve been more specialized for basic GTFO rather than “chaining hits together spectacularly” like the uairs of the Eeveelutions. A pretty minor complaint, sure, but I can’t suck your cock the whole comment, now can I? Great job.


The Winter Warlock is a pretty cool boss, what with the basic, logical interactions with the snowballs, slopes, and the winds. Everything works how you’d react it to, and I like how you actually do something creative with the stage for the fight rather than making it the usual generic walk-off. I definitely feel like it was a great idea too to implement the animated trees, one of the more memorable parts of the Warlock while he was evil and takes all the more advantage of the environment. My only real pet peeve with the attacks themselves is that attack involving his eyes turning white at random during any other attack – it feels a tad gimmicky and I’ve done attacks like those before for some of my worse bosses, and most of the time it was because I needed filler.

Now, the defeat method for the Warlock is definitely cool and unique, but it just feels awkward how you present him as this impossible boss, knowing what the player is trying to do and that they’re trying to give him toys, but specifically going out of his way to destroy them. Yet, when they –do- give them to him, he’s all happy and what-not. It’s awkward for the Warlock’s character – he’s really got some sort of multiple personality disorder in this boss fight. I feel it would’ve been better if the Warlock didn’t so actively go out of his way to destroy his toys in every attack, and that the destruction of the toys would be more passive – when you make him go out of his way to destroy the toys it just feels awkward. This is ignoring the obvious balance problems with the boss, him having a minimum of 1200 HP total, not that you’ll likely hit him with all 3 toys flawlessly. Not much really needs to be changed about this boss, and while I do love him and his unique defeat condition, I just felt somebody needed to actually give this guy some legitimate critique, seeing it’s been nothing but praise.

darth meanie

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Jun 6, 2008
The Prodigal Son Returns...

Speaking of signs of the apocalypse, it appears we just experienced the Second Coming!

And this one I'm sure will be heralded with much more fanfare, seeing as it's accompanied with KingK.Rool not only posting with his own account, but with a comment for every moveset yet posted! That certainly deserves a lot of respect, so well done Rool. I can't imagine how long you must have been sitting on some of those. No prizes to guessing who wins Smady's rankings this week.

I do want to start this off with a discussion on the subject matter of those comments of yours. Specifically on your use of the term, postmodern, to describe some of the new movesets, specifically mine. You've certainly landed on the route I've been pushing with my new movesets, namely, that I'm trying to reduce creativity for creativity's sake, and build playstyles that are robust, give options to the player, without being contrived or overcomplicated.

So some of your criticism feels misplaced, as you criticize Electivire for not introducing anything new. And that is true, because Electivire's goal wasn't to be something new, it was to perfect the whole idea of charge mechanics and combos into a character that was dynamic to play as. If I was trying to create a new idea or genre with a moveset, I certainly wouldn't have chosen Electric-type Pokemon #112 with a built in charge mechanic to boot.

That having been said, there certainly is merit in your point, specifically about creating new ideas and avenues in movesets, something that I think has been a place where I've slightly been in a rut. Originality and creativity are not the same, and the former definitely has more merit for its own sake than the latter.

In retrospect, one moveset I had in mind in particular was in many ways a rehash of ideas that have already been done before; you've reminded me that it's important to do something new too. I've got to remember that the key to a good moveset is a good idea at its core, no matter the implementation. New ideas have been behind some of my most successful sets, and my big three in Make Your Move 7.

Now, that all having been said and done, let's get on too...


Tutankoopa definitely reinforces what you've been trying to tell us what you're all about: creating a new idea. A character that introduces something just as dangerous to him as to the opponent, and manipulates it to be more dangerous to the opponent is definitely a solid concept to go behind.

I do love the concept of the Neutral Special, meshing well with the dog-like behavior of Chain Chomps into a very playful move to control the creature with. Which also makes it a bit more disappointing when a move like the Forward Tilt changes the creatures' behavior without the same 'internal logic', as you call it.

The air game honestly looks like most characters' air games, being built to force the enemy to the ground. Now, this is normally because the writer already came up with the ground game and has no idea what to do for the air, so the air game just becomes more of the ground game. Tutankoopa though certainly has an in-character reason for forcing the opponent into range for his chomps, playing king of the hill with his platform while his opponents are stuck to the ground, and the multi-hit aerials are a nice touch to berserking the chain chomp only to return safely to your platform.

I also see that you've shortened up your move descriptions quite a bit. While this is all well and good, I can honestly say you went too far when the back-aerial has no damage and the FSmash's knockback is so vaguely referred to I can't tell if it's a kill move or not!

That all having been said though, I really do like this moveset. While a few moves feel a little awkward, in general, the entire moveset works together towards the main goal of making the Chain Chomps a bigger threat to the opponent than the players. It's an indirect style, but it still feels very proactive on the part of Tutankoopa to control and manipulate them without becoming their target himself, and that's very impressive, and what brings this moveset into a very good position in my eyes.

Welcome back Rool. It's a pleasure to have you return, and quite reassuring to know that your prolonged hiatus has not made that noggin any rustier for the wear.

I will comment the MYMinis and the Ganondorf remix, by the way, but I wanted to get this out of the way first and foremost.
Mar 14, 2009
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@King K rool
Hey there! So you're the one that started the random flipkick thing? I always thought it was just Nurse Joy. Anyway, I appreciate the comments. I never considered manipulating the AI-controlled allies as Dark Samus, although I wish I had, as it could have really added another dimension to the character. By the way, the gimping game was built in as an alternative for the characters that you couldn't outcamp (like my own Megaman.EXE set, due to his rockcube barrier), and the F-smash also serves to push the opponent away so you can (guess what?) resume camping.

Yeah, I'm actually doing a comment *gasp*. (But only because it's paper mario, and therefore awesome.) Anyway, I really enjoyed this set, as manipulating chompy (as well as the two stone chomps you can have) to attack your opponent and trying to avoid being chomped (yeah, awful pun) by your pet really fit the character. I have only one question, and that is the following:

When are you going to do the rest of the paper mario bosses? :)
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