Make Your Move 11 - It's Over, Duder!


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May 2, 2008
I have a few questions that I think wasn't mentioned in the OP.
Glad to have you interested, Red. :bee:

1. I've read on this page that the deadline to join is the 10th; if I were to join this, would I be able to opt out if anything were to prevent me on doing movesets for the MYM?
The 10th isn't a "deadline to join," it's just the day that the next contest is opening for submissions. You don't really "join" MYM, so to speak. Anyone is welcome to submit a moveset they've made. So no need to formally join, just submit a moveset if you make one!

2. Are these movesets restricted in any way?
Not technically, though it's advisable to follow the input scheme of Brawl. You know, four Specials, three Smashes, and so on. That said, again, nothing's really set in stone. You can do just about anything you darn well please with your moveset.

3. If a character has been previously used for moveset purposes, would it be okay to use said character again?
Generally, people are kind of attached to their work, so it might be considered a bit rude to make a moveset for a character someone else has made, but again, technically there's no rule against it as long as you don't, you know, copy the other person's moveset or something.

4. Are there any monthly deadlines to keep track of?
Each contest has a submission deadline when we stop accepting submissions, but nothing to really keep track of. Sometime during the contest, when a decent amount of sets have been submitted, the leadership will let everyone know when the submission period will end.

5. Probably didn't see this (and if it was on the first page, I sincerely apologize), but I'm rather confused on the voting portion of the MYM. What would the winner receive, exactly?
Winners don't receive anything. We do this for fun. :)

Hope that answers your questions!


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Oct 10, 2008
I have a few questions that I think wasn't mentioned in the OP.

1. I've read on this page that the deadline to join is the 10th; if I were to join this, would I be able to opt out if anything were to prevent me on doing movesets for the MYM?
2. Are these movesets restricted in any way?
3. If a character has been previously used for moveset purposes, would it be okay to use said character again?
4. Are there any monthly deadlines to keep track of?
5. Probably didn't see this (and if it was on the first page, I sincerely apologize), but I'm rather confused on the voting portion of the MYM. What would the winner receive, exactly?
1. You don't need to officially join or commit to anything. The next contest starts on the 10th and should run for about three months. Feel free to pop in with a moveset at any point in the contest!

2. Nope. Generally, we ask for a minimum of eighteen inputs, but you're really free to do whatever you want at all. Don't like something about Brawl's input system? Change it up a bit! Don't worry if what you really want to make isn't even practical.

3. You can make movesets for whatever you wish, regardless of who's made a set for what already. I can think of two Haunters, two Amaterasus, two Dark Samuses, two Samuses, and two Gengars off the top of my head.

4. The contest should run about three months, like I mentioned earlier. You can post however many sets you want during that time, but there aren't any deadlines for you to keep up with.

5. The winner doesn't receive anything outside of congratulations and personal satisfaction.

Good luck, if you decide to take up movesetting! :bee:

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Nov 24, 2008
The Make Your Move Rooligan Society
....I had no idea THIS was what you were going to do; definitely a great idea that gives the community a sense of unity (even if it is kinda biased towards a single character -_-). In the meantime, I'm gonna take a guess of whom all the above characters are:

1. Dark Bowser
2. N.Tropy
3. Gengar
4. Pennywise
5. Black Doom
6. Sayaka Miki
7. Trainer JOE!
8. Urabrask the Hidden
9. Axel
10. Robo Link
11. Ayano Minegishi
12. (POSSIBLY Mello) Claire
13. Miles Edgeworth
14. Dr. Facilier
15. Silver
16. Darth Vader
17. Sho Minamimoto
18. Hazama
19. Darkmega
20. Viola
21. Chaos Zero
22. Octavia
23. ????
24. Hornet Man
25. (A ROCK??) Scarmigloine
26. The Flying Dutchman
27. Rita Morido Jack Spicer
28. The Appetizer
29. Plorf
30. Yoshi

All the currently active MYMing dudes are on there, which is cool stuff....except I couldn't identify any of majora's or Nicky's sets up there, oddly enough.
Apr 25, 2008
MYM, Ohio
that's because Nick and majora aren't on there. . . . and MDA is (TIPSY). The one you can't get is not a moveset: it's Scott Pilgrim representing MDA. Basically whoever happened to be in the chat when JOE was deciding characters were in control of who got in the thing, and suggested the few important people (like Agi) who weren't around. I suppose it could be expanded, but 6 people would have to be added to maintain symmetry.

and it's spelled "Clare" for whatever reason


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Aug 17, 2011
10/10- Another thing I happen to agree with Warlord on is that this tier should be reserved for my favorite moveset ever made. As such, good luck getting me to give it out, though who knows, you could impress me MYM.
9/10- These sets are my favorites in the contest and most complaints I have with them are incredibly minor. 3 Movesets
8/10- Unlike the above sets, there are usually some issues here, or the basis simply isn't strong enough to carry it to the higher tiers regardless of execution, but still a highly recommended read. 4 Movesets
7/10- Sets in this tier are good, but lacking in some aspect or another that brings them down from being great. They still manage to stand out from the crowd, however. 13 Movesets
6/10- The set in question is either somewhat forgettable or suffers from actually very major flaws, but still is still overall on my good side. 14 Movesets
5/10- I no longer like sets in this tier, but it's not as if I have a particular distaste for them either. Their good points are simply not good enough or their bad points drag them down too much to reach a higher tier. 8 Movesets
4/10- These sets are just bad, either failing to do anything remotely interesting or having some absolutely massive problems to counteract what good points they have. 8 Movesets
3/10- There's salvageable stuff in these sets, but they're hardly enjoyable and would take a pretty big overhaul to be even decent. 5 Movesets
2/10- I won't say sets in this tier have no redeeming qualities, as that's not entirely true, but I'd say at this point I really bloody hate the set, or find it too lacking in any substance for me to give it a higher score. 9 Movesets
1/10- Get it away from me. 10 Movesets

Sho Minamimoto






Bubble Witch Marin




Ant Hill Mob




Saber Alter




King Boo






Richter Belmont


N. Oxide








Magic Knight




Bone Golem












The Producer




Sir Daniel




Mace Windu




Jet the Hawk


Little Nemo






Armored Ventus Nightmare






Water Dragon




Dust Man






Strider Hiryu




Bad Girl


Gruesome Twosome




Lord Magnemite










Jigglypuff Remix


Son Pikong




Blizzard Man




Shadow the Hedgehog


Tirk's Husbandos


Omega Ridley


Koopa Troopa




Junahu's Harem


Khold's Harem




Chu Chus








SSB Luigi


Mabel and Dipper


Twilt's Harem

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Nov 21, 2010
New MYM stickied, and sure this one can remain unlocked SD.

Can the spam please stop as well, thank you.


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Aug 2, 2015
Brooklyn, New York City
Agility Spammer

Dragonite is the eventual final form in the Dratini line, and the first "Pseudo-Legendary" Pokemon ever. Her rotund appearance belies the stupendous power and speed that Dragonite harbors. Capable of round-the-world flights in under a day, and living on isolated islands far from civilisation, Dragonite is as benevolent as she is ellusive.
Dragonite is slow to anger, but once tensions rise, it's nearly impossible to stop the ensueing outrage.
A gentle giant, I guess. But this is Brawl, and reason has little in common with winning...

  • Dragonite is one big glass of water. At over 7 feet tall, Dragonite towers above lesser Pokemon, equalling Ganondorf in many ways.
  • Her girth cannot be ignored, it's pretty wide, with her sagging tail offering up an even bigger target for enemy attacks.
  • Weight wise, Dragonite tanks more or less anything you throw her way. This is a Dragon Knight after all...
  • When moving around normally, Dragonite is pretty docile, which is a nice way of saying Ganondorf can outrun the lass.
  • In the air, she fairs much better. If you want to go on the offense, rather than defense, Dragonite wants to be airborne.
  • Dragonite gets five wing jumps in mid-air, all of which are pretty heavy, but decently high. She can outperform a fair few winged characters in this regard.
  • Traction is fine. Don't worry about it. A tub of lard like Dragonite isn't going to slip and slide anywhere, even if Bunny Hooded.
  • Dragonite's attacks pay respect to her infamy as a powerhouse. While occasionally delayed, attacks Dragonite wields are surprisingly safe, and pack the neccessary whollop to KO at 60% or less.
Big Body:
You know how, when you try to stand in the same place as the opponent, both of you are pushed away? Dragonite ignores this law. Only she can occupy a given space, and other foes will be pushed away instead. In fact, she could just walk right into the foe and drag them across the stage.
This is different from just being a solid wall, as opponents can still walk, run or jump past her without trouble. It's only if they idiotically stand still that Dragonite can barge em about.
Actually, speaking of "wall characters", Dragonite's power allows her to push even these braggart foes around pretty well (at about half Dragonite's normal movement speed). But, again, this is only if they remain motionless. Once they get on the move, even Dragonite will need to give way...

Momentum Character:
Dragonite looks like a big lug, but she's actually a lightning bruiser just waiting for a chance to shine. Don't mock her! Dragonite is a sensitive Pokemon! Oh look, now you made her cry!
Dragonite increases her movement stats by, obviously enough, moving a lot. The lardy Pokemon gets incremently faster. Rather than accelerating, Dragonite "switches gears" after moving around enough, suddenly becoming faster, on land, sea and air.
You could level this up from Dragonite's base 80 speed, up to a dizzying 145 speed (almost doubly fast!). And that takes about 13 seconds of constant motion to pull off.
There is a problem with this however; if you let Dragonite stop still, you will rapidly lose the extra speed she had gained, returning to her docile ways in a matter of seconds. If you want to be the fastest Dragon, you gotta keep on truckin'! Don't stop the rock, and plough on through any obstacles in your way!

Dragonite is one tough cookie! Her robust hide deflects 3% off of every strike that hits it. If the attack dealt 3% to begin with, it clanks off of Dragonite's bouncy belly, rendering them vulnerable to attack.
Unfortunately, this astounding power only works when the Pokemon is standing completely motionless. When moving, Dragonite's ability to deflect pain quickly drains to zero, rendering her just as vulnerable as any other tub o lard. Its effectiveness drains at a rate of 1% per half second, so after 1.5 seconds, you'll need to stop still again to get her Multiscales back.
Just like with Dragonite's "Momentum" ability, Multiscales will grow stronger, the longer you spend motionless. 7 seconds is the magic number this time, and it'll bring your ability to deflect attacks up to a super 6%, which is a lot.
Oh, but we can do better still.
Dragonite's multiscales also have an inverse relationship to Dragonite's shield; when her shield is close to breaking, or even already broken, her multiscales add another 3% armor onto her bulk. Naturally, once the shield grows back, her multiscales similarly decrease back to their natural strength.
So, all in all, Dragonite could shave 9% damage off of every attack she recieves, completely nullifying anything that deals less. Grabs are still a pain though, watch out for those.

As a side note, the following things count as 'moving'; walking/dashing, rolling, jumping, fastfalling, climbing up a ladder or ledge, moving left/right in midair.
And the follow do not count as 'moving'; movement via using an Attack/Special/Throw, being knocked away, being grabbed/thrown, being forcefully moved via a trap or mind control, moving while offscreen.

As a secondary note, moving via any of the above does not count as 'standing still', for the purposes of Dragonite's Momentum mechanic. Her momentum won't increase while moving via these means, but it won't decrease either, and that's important.

Idling: Dragonite stands with a somewhat lax posture. Perhaps she'll scratch her belly, or give a majestic yawn. Dragonite might even silently fart... not that you'd ever notice.

Walking: One foot goes up, another comes down. It's a jovial, relaxed sort of stroll. When walking faster, Dragonite's wings begin to shudder. Is this the wind? Is it calling to Dragonite?

Running: Despite the wings, Dragonite still uses her legs to do the leg work, albeit now stomping forth in a less than pleasant manner. Her gaze is fixed in front of her, and Dragonite's shoulders swing side to side as she approaches the intimidated opponent. Her wings are now 'flapping' (falling back due to air resistance, before being recinded into their original position abruptly). All in all, the kid gloves are coming off when Dragonite is running.
Running (Speed >110): Once travelling at a significant belt, Dragonite no longer needs feet to travel, and her wings propel it forth. Just imagine Metaknight 'dashing', except about 4 times as big... and orange too.

Jumping: Hyup! Dragonite squats and then lifts. It's no secret, that's how everyone jumps. Dragonite's is a bit more exaggerated, but no slower. There is actually a frame of quasi super-armor in there, wherin Dragonite still takes the knockback, but jumps into the air too, like she was originally planning to.

Mid Air Jumping: Wings! Wings make jumping better, especially for a tubby like Dragonite. Dragonite also swings her arms through the air as if she were doing the breast-stroke. It seems to be more a force of habit than anything else, given that her home is out in the ocean.

Crouching: Dragonite bends over, but only barely, as if the very act of reducing her height is a burden to her. I'll tell you right now, this animation can make some particularly twitchy foes think she's using her forward tilt. It increases Dragonite's Multiscales ability by 1%, but only when holding crouch for more than 0.3 seconds.

Sleeping: Dragonite curls up on the floor for a snooze, her tail wagging back and forth across her face. Aww, so cute, let's leave Dragonite to rest ok?

Taunt#1: Dragonite gives a little wave to all the folks at home. Hi Dragonite!
Taunt#2: Our Draconic pokemon holds her head up, and gives a beautiful (?) cry. It's almost like a whale's song.
Taunt#1: Dragonite Stands tall and tense, body turned away from her foe and ready to fight. Her excited antennae dance with electricity.

Victory#1: Dragonite
hovers above the ground, playfully jabbing at the camera with her pudgey fists.
Victory#2: Shh, she's curled up and sleeping. Do not disturb.
Taunt#1: Dragonite flies past the screen a few times at super sonic speed, then makes a quick landing from the top of the screen... and then ruins the coolness by waving like a dork.

Loss Pose: She, lost? The poor girl begins walking away into the background, never so much as looking back.


Forward Air: Thunder 'Punch'
Charged with electric claws, Dragonite jabs thrice in front of herself, dealing a total of 14% damage. The final right hook, obviously enough, knocks the foe away. It also stuns the foe slightly, potentially allowing for immediate follow up. Or at least it would, except the knockback knocks the foe too far away for Dragonite to catch up... normally at least. Even without follow up, this attack makes for an okay aerial based wall of pain. The start lag means you need a slightly higher jump to use it, so using it to try pressuring a grounded foe is just asking for trouble.
Incidentally, if you combo this into itself, the foe's staticy state renders them immune to the stun. So no infiniting the foe against the wall, ok?

Downward Air: Dragon Tail

Dragonite flips head over heels in midair, bringing her tail crashing down on the foe's head. This hits both in front of and below Dragonite, deals 17% in damage, and spikes the foe pretty hard. It's not exactly the safest of moves, struggling under some unfortunate eng lag, and a ton of landing lag too.
But if you can catch up the foe after a Foward Air, then you might be able to combo into this, provided the foe doesn't dodge at the last moment. Of course, if the foe is that twitchy, then just delay your use of Down Air a little bit.

Neutral Air: Fly

Jolly old Dragonite performs an aileron roll in mid-air, using her entire form to shunt foes out of her way. Don't forget, she's a pretty big lady.
What makes this a fun attack to use, however, is that during the roll, she continues to move in the direction she was headed before the attack was used, yet moves 1.5x as fast. So if you were falling, you start falling faster, but if you were jumping, Dragonite propels herself skyward.
And this 'momentum' is added to the knockback of the attack too. Since the knockback is usually fairly typical of a Neutral Air, adding some extra bite via momentum can be quite helpful. Damage remains the same though; 7%
It feels like you're launching a Dragonite missile at the foe. What fun!

Backward Air: Seismic Toss

Look out below! Our fatty dragon type twists her body and falls backward onto the foe, snatching them in a headlock and smushing them with her weight. This attack works something like a grab, dragging foes down with her until they break free.
If you press A a second time, Dragonite stops herself midfall, before hurling the foe down into the abyss (or the ground, whatever). It's not great knockback by any means, but it's better than commiting suicide, right?
If you land while still holding the foe, Dragonite crushes the foe, dealing 12% damage and squeezing them out with moderate horizontal knockback

Up Aerial: Roar

Dragonite unleashes a bellowing shout, directly upwards. It manifests itself as a brief, conical, blast of air, which propels foes upward, while also stunning them slightly. It covers a fair range, with part of the windbox even protecting Dragonite's sides. But it's rather short, and rather short-lived too.
You can angle this attack slightly, in order to blast them horizontally as well as vertically, though doing so slightly reduces its effectiveness.
Glide Attack: Wing Attack

Dragonite's wings flap, somehow knocking nearby foes downard. This attack does not take her out of a Glide, but doesn't actually damage the foe either. There is a very slight wind effect as Dragonite flaps, which could be used to help supress the foe's attempts to reach you (or a ledge) in the air. Remember to angle yourself correctly in the air, in order to make best use of the wind's effect.
Other than that... it's a glide attack, nothing more.

Ground Attacks//

Jab Attack: Cut

A basic one-two slash with her claws. Hey, Dragonite, Bowser called... he wants his jab attack back.

Forward Tilt: Dragon Rage

Dragonite lets a little of her inner dragon get the best of her. She bends down, thrusts her neck forwards, then issues a blast of blue dragon breath. This, close/mid-range Dragon breath deals 11% damage and some rather explosive knockback, that KOs from 100%.
The act of thrusting herself out into this pose is an attack itself too, but has notably less damage and knockback. It also deals a comparitively large amount of shield push, taking the foe out of range of Dragonite's breath. Basically, outside of exceptional circumstances or low damage percents, you cannot connect with the breath, if you hit with the initial stage of the attack.

Down Tilt: Thunder Wave

Mimicking a Pikachu for some reason, Dragonite tenses up. Electricity arcs from her antennae, and dances across her body. How shocking.
Every tap of the A button is its own seperate pulse of electric pain, dealing 4% damage and jab like stun/knockback to anyone who touches her.

Up Tilt: Fire Punch
A cheeky, burning, uppercut. It, knocks foes into the air, as you would expect, and deals 8% damage. It also has a lingering hitbox, that flinches the foe, should they attempt to punish you. The lingering embers pull double duty, in that they also chew through shields.

Dash Attack: Aqua Tail

Dragonite brings her meaty tail around, sweeping the area in front of her, in a slow but savagely powerful attack, which can KO naked from 70%.
But that's not all, Dragonite also somehow (magic?) sweeps up a miniature wave of water off the ground, sending it crashing forth. It sweeps foes back 1.4 stagebuilder units, making the whole attack rather hard to punish.

Forward Smash: Dragon Rush

Dragonite builds up a tremendous power within. She then forgets what attack she was supposed to do, and just barges the foe away with her expansive stomach. Boing! It deals between 15% and 34% damage, and can KO from 60% (85% uncharged)
The hitbox pretty much covers Dragonite completely, and even lingers a bit. So, like many of Dragonite's moves, it's relatively safe to use. Dragonite also leaps forward a tiny distance during the move, a distance that increases based on how long the smash was charged for. This, by the way, does not count as 'moving', so it won't mess with Dragonite's Multiscales.

Upward Smash: Thunderbolt

A sudden blast of electricity surges from Dragonite's antennae, hurling foes into the air with 20-30% damage and knockback that could KO from 70%. It's a fairly close ranged attack, and is similar in many respects to Lucas' Up-Smash.
If you charge this attack beyond half-way, the electricity spreads to protect Dragonite's body too.

Downward Smash: Giga Impact

Our leading lardy lady laggily leaps up and hovers above the ground while you charge the attack. Like you'd expect, she comes crashing down with a mighty posterior slam once you release the smash.
Should you come down directly onto a foe, Dragonite's monstrous mass buries them into the floor. If your aim isn't quite spot on, she deals mid-high knockback that clears the area around her (it can KO from 80%). Either way, the damage you deal is between 23% and 28%. At higher levels of charge, the width of the hitbox increases, becoming somewhat safer at full charge.
Dragonite can abuse the fact that she's airborne during the charging period, in order to avoid ground assaults or whatnot.



Dragonite envelops the foe in a great big meaty hug, lifting them off the floor in the process. This is relatively slow as a grab, but don't you forget about Dragonite's Multiscales ability.
As a Pummel, Dragonite grinds her head against the foe she's cuddling, agressively nuzzling them. Each pummel deals 4% damage, which sources tell me is a lot.

Forward Throw: Strength

Dragonite steps forwards twice, then hurls the foe down into the ground, or off-stage, if you were close enough to the edge. If not near an edge, this bounces the foe off the floor relatively high, dealing 9% damage in the process.

Backward Throw: Back to the Ocean

Becoming somewhat defensive all of a sudden, Dragonite begins walking backwards, taking her cuddly foe with her. You can stop and use another throw at any time. But if you input Back Throw a second time, Dragonite pitches the foe forwards 3 stagebuilder units, making them into something of a projectile. If the foe crashes into someone, they both take 13% damage and fly away from one another with moderate knockback.

Up Throw: Twister

With her diminuitive wings, Dragonite raises up off the floor and flies 3 stagebuilder blocks into the air, with the foe in tow. She then slams, head-first, back down to the ground, spinning constantly like a drill all the while. This deals 4 hits of 2% damage, before knocking the foe upwards with another 4% damage.
This throw can be somewhat useful, if used below a platform you want to get onto.

Down Throw: Body Slam

Don't tell anyone, but Dragonite secretly likes Bowser. I guess it's just something about bad boys, am I right girls?


Neutral Special
: Hyper Beam
Use HYPER BEAM Dragonite! Blaaaaaargh!
I'm pretty sure you know what Hyper Beam does, right? It's a beam, it's hyper. It travels the full length of the screen and even shunts Dragonite backwards a little from the sheer force of it. It's your short and cheap KO move that doubles as a way to get the foe to bugger off for a bit. It even ravishes shields, though rarely breaks one. The beam travels relatively slow for a laser, though that really just means it lasts longer.
You can use it in midair if you like, but Dragonite will fall helplessly to the ground afterwards.

It takes 60 seconds to recharge to full strength after use, but just 30 will get you a short range blast with the same properties. The start lag of either version of the attack is slightly above that of ROB using his Neutral B laser.

Up Special
: Hurricane
Let's go straight up! Dragonite propels herself directly upward, like a (fat) speeding bullet. It's almost instantaneous, and travels 2 stagebuilder units vertically, before automatically putting Dragonite into her glide. If Dragonite connects with a foe at the peak of this recovery, they take 14% damage and nasty vertical knockback that could KO from 65%. At any other point though, it's just 5% and a flinch. Lame
But that's just half the attack. As our dragon friend darts upward, a billowing twister of wind forms around where the Pokemon used to be. This funnel of gusts, as tall as Dragonite yet twice as wide, blows foes upward, right into Dragonite's eager clutches. It dissipates in short order,so you need good timing, but it's a fun way to get both you and an eager foe into the air together.

Forward Special
: Outrage
You've really gone and done it this time, you've released the Krakendragon!
Everyone's favourite corpulent pseudo-legendary manages to work herself into an enraged fit, and thrashes about while stomping forth (moving at her normal walking speed). All of Dragonite's considerable bulk is the hitbox here, no part of her is safe to touch, and she deals 6% damage and repellent knockback to those who think otherwise.
If you keep walking forwards, Dragonite will soon begin seething with a crimson aura, increasing the damage dealt up to 12%, and expanding the hitbox out from Dragonite, making it disjointed. And if you continue to hold it out for a whole 5 seconds, Dragonite explodes with rage, sending a shockwave outwards from her, which covers an area the size of a smart bomb blast and knocks foes flying with knockback that KOs from 50%.
The problem with Outrage, as you may have already guessed at, is that afterwards, Dragonite laggily calms herself down. And this takes longer, the longer you held out Outrage (up to 2 seconds of end lag, ouch).

Downward Special
: Dragon Dance
Dragonite performs an absolutely embarrassing dance, on the ground or in the air. She glows with an orange hue during her graceless ballet, and she won't stop until you release B (or until struck/grabbed)
On the ground, this dancing increases Dragonite's Multiscales ability by a whopping 10%, rendering herself all but invulnerable to many many attacks.
In midair, her dancing is one of a more active nature, as the player can still move and jump during it. In fact, the dance increases her movement speed by 1.5x.
Once you end either version of this status buffing move, the buffs Dragonite was enjoying quickly drain away, leaving her at her usual status within 2 seconds. That's still enough time to take advantage of the buff though.

Final Smash//

"I want to be friends"

No, no she doesn't, Bill.
Mist billows into the stage, shrouding everything in a deep fog. Dragonite herself shoots off the top of the screen.
Then, suddenly, a massive 'Dragonite shaped silhouette' comes wandering in from the background. shhuuuuuuuuwaaaaaaaah.
Aww, it wants to be friends, I think. Use the analogue stick to move her head around if you want.

Well tough! This is Brawl, and things fight in Brawl! A rocket comes out of nowhere and strikes the
Silhouette, angering it to such an extent, that it engulfs the stage in one massive Hyper Beam aimed towards the foreground. This gargantuan beam, covers an area the size of the whole of Battlefield, and can indeed be angled to hit other areas instead (i.e. it fires in the direction the Silhouette's head was facing). You can't change your mind once the beam is out, obviously, but so long as you hit the foe at all, the beam will KO from 50%.
After this wrathful display, the Silhouette wanders back into the mists, and Dragonite herself flies back to her original position.

Where WERE you, Dragonite? A massive dragon like thing attacked us while you were gone!



Dragonite is kind of a slowbuilder. I'm assuming you can gather as much. It should also be apparant, that the key to success is to build up a buff. You can be a mighty glacier, taking attacks without a care in the world, or you can be a lighting bruiser, dashing about with speed, bulk and power.

Standing still for your defense boost might sound suicidal in a high paced, kinetic game like Brawl, but Dragonite has a couple of tools to help her get about, without losing her buff in the process. Outrage for horizontal movement, Hurricane for jumping. It's predictable, but functional, especially considering that Dragonite will be ignoring most of the opponent's poking and punishing attacks, even as she moves.
By that same token, most projectiles aren't a problem for Dragonite, and multihit/combo moves are just opportunities for Dragonite to counterattack and KO. If you think you can get away with it, consider deliberately draining your own shield in order to bolster your defense buff even further. Of course, you don't want to be caught with your figurative pants down, as no one likes being shield broken.
With a defensive Dragonite, you're locked into a very restriction-based battle; you can't move much, and half the foe's moveset won't work. The foe will be watching you like a hawk, ducking and weaving around, hoping to bait out an opportunity to get a few big attacks off. If they can, they will STILL use projectiles, not to damage, but to keep you on the defensive. Their goal is to push you offstage, which will force you to abandon your defense buffs in order to recover. And with no investment in agility, Dragonite will find recovering to be a tricky deal.
If you think you've found a perfect opportunity in order to push an offensive, don't just stand there and let it pass. Your buff may drain fast, but it'll still help out as you suddenly bum rush the foe.
Grabs are a problem for Dragonite in general, but they are particularly nasty when clamming up. Thankfully, many attacks Dragonite uses, protect her entire body, most notably Outrage and Thunder Wave

Ok, so that's a slow defensive Dragonite. How about a fast one instead. Constant motion isn't as easy as it sounds. For one, it's just predictable, since you simply aren't going to stop, for fear of losing the speed you've gained. With glides and multiple jumps in the equation, Dragonite can eventually dance circles around the foe, but actually building up that kind of speed takes time. If the foe is particularly good at suppressing your movements, you'll probably want to intermittantly begin using Dragon Dance, or even outright switching to a defensive 'nite'.
Once you've got the speed, Dragonite is all about pressure, repulsion and chasing. With enough speed going, you can catch up the foe after hitting them with Thunder Punch, allowing you to keep up the pressure, and maybe even follow up with a spike (or even a close ranged Hyper Beam). Fly is capable of some sudden, unexpected movements (though you are committed to the attack, and could easily be punished for it), and Roar can force the foe into some very stupid decisions. Dragonite's DACUS isn't too great, unless you Dragon Dance it before hand, in which case it becomes quite savage. And Aqua Tail is useful when switching back to the defensive Dragonite again. You could also build up a speed buff, and then use Outrage, in order to maintain that boost while you build up on defense.

Yes, while individually marvelous, being able to switch from one style to another, or even being able to try a mixture of both at once, is where the real fun can start. It's difficult, as you'll be constantly building up, never quite becoming a juggernaut or a steel fortress. But Dragonite will become all the less predictable for it, capable of dropping one playstyle for another without batting an eyelid.

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