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Kirby's Dream Buffet Rolls Onto Switch eShop This Summer


Kirby’s lineup of games on Nintendo Switch has been pretty fulfilling so far, with 4 new releases on the platform (including his first-ever 3D adventure!), but as we have just now learned, it won’t end there. Announced via Nintendo’s Twitter, Kirby’s Dream Buffet will bring sweetly satisfying multiplayer madness to the console this summer.

The trailer opens with an adorable cinematic of Kirby shrinking down to the size of a gumdrop, and then proceeding to roll up the side of a tall cake with other Kirbys. We then see our first snippets of gameplay, showing that Kirby’s Dream Buffet is taking plenty of inspiration from the party royale Fall Guys (which is releasing on Switch this August), as well as the Kirby series’ own Gourmet Race minigame. Kirbys and Waddle Dees can be seen rolling around scrumptious-looking delicacy platforms and avoiding soury obstacles, all the while collecting as many sugary strawberries as possible to grow in size which increases their chances of taking a bite at victory. Eagle-eyed fans of the Super Smash Bros series may also notice Master Hand at the beginning of the gameplay footage, signing out ‘3,2,1, GO!’ in reference to Smash 64. There even seems to be some food-related copy abilities on display in Dream Buffet, such as a rolling donut and a swirling cupcake, that players can temporarily utilize.
It seems like Kirby’s Dream Buffet will be an eShop exclusive due to the end of the trailer advertising to download the game on Nintendo’s digital store. This would fall in line with the last two Kirby spinoff games, both of which were digital exclusives for the Switch. Other than the summer of 2022, no definitive release date has been provided by Nintendo thus far.

Author’s Note: Man, this game looks fun! I could never get into Fall Guys with the movement feeling a bit sluggish IMO, but the faster pace of Dream Buffet seems like it’s right up my alley! What are your thoughts on this new installment in the Kirby series? Let us know in the comments below!

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