Instant Wall Jump Discovered by SDX


Laith "SDX" Hamdan has released a tutorial video detailing a newly-discovered advanced technique in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: an instant wall jump from ledge. The technique was first discovered while watching match footage of Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios, who performed the technique seemingly by accident. After going over the footage, SDX quickly set to work figuring out how to replicate it, producing a video on his findings.

SDX notes that, while flashy, the technique doesn't seem to have many practical applications. Cloud also seems to be the only character the technique works with, and even then, it doesn't work on Pokemon Stadium, Lylat Cruise or the left side of Town & City.


This looks incredibly situational to me, but I’ve been wrong on stuff like this before.

Prove me wrong Cloud Mains
can anyone think of a single scenario where this tech would have any utility at all
Just one sort of vague one.

It messes up your opponents timing when you're going off stage to edge guard and they react too quickly to your approach only to see that you've stunted your approach speed, and are now coming at them with the same jump trajectory at just a slightly lower angle while they are fresh out of options to defend themselves?
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I mean, it is kinda flashy, and can get people really confused. But other than that, I don't see why you should use your time to learn and perfect this. There are other things you could be practicing lol
Yeah let’s throw away our 1 wall jump and waste a jump to look “flashy?”

This tech just looks like a negative to options. Unless someone tells me that the spacing is significantly different from a jump at ledge... like if it out ranges or spaces even slightly then it can be argued for (micro spacing is our end game) but if not, I’m not worried about it.
This isn't newly discovered. I've actually been doing this for a really long time in Smash 4 with Mario/Doc and there are some tournament sets of me online where I do it in real games.
Lmao the furthest thing from new tech
I found this out by accident yesterday in training on the far left side and freaked out. It looked SO COOL. Even tho it’s useless for the most part.