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  • What's everyone's opinion of Sephiroth? I personally think he reminds me of Byleth too much, but what do i know
    the slow frame data and fair and bair are really what i mean when i say byleth

    a few friends are saying high tier, personally i don't see it, then again i'm friends with a few Byleth mains so maybe they see things i don't
    Sephiroth's frame data is even slow then Byleths, plus there's that suddle difference of Bair's sweetspot being in the middle rather then the tip.

    I think Simon/Byleth/Sephiroth have kind of formed their own sub-archetype of characters who outrange your typical swordfighters but have narrow hitboxes and laggier moves. They're similar the same way speedy heavies like Bowser/DK/Zard/Ridley are similar to eachother, in that they'll seem really similar to most players but enthusiast of the archetypes might still see them as pretty different.
    you have a very good point, but what do we call them? Skinny Dippers? Distance Demons? Pokers?
    I don’t like the starters, but now that I’ve been pointed out what their based on (UK sports, Cricket, Soccer/Rugby, and Water Polo) I can see they have potential to be awesome

    But I’m loyal to my grass except for gen 2 so I’m on Grookey for now, but the Evo’s are def gonna influence who I choose this time

    Hell I might abandon my starter if none of them look good to me, just catch a cool thing and base my team around that
    Imo, 3.0.0 is coming out waaaay too early, yeah it’s going to be before the end of April, which is probably going to be about as much time as 1.0.0 and 2.0.0, which also happened too fast to me

    Hopefully it’s a lot like 2.0.0 in terms of balance (and please leave Lucina alone)
    Direct Hopes (assuming its real cause I can’t exactly check)

    Joker Gameplay like literally everyone else, I personally hope he plays somewhat similar to how someone like Yu in Persona 4 Arena or BBtag, I haven’t played Persona 5 so I’m just guessing he has a sword because protagonist
    New Character reveal, again like everyone else (bring Shantae home please) my realistic guess is probably the main character from Dragon Quest
    Metroid Prime 4 news
    DLC boards for Super Mario Party, unlikely but hopeful
    News on the new Animal Crossings
    A new revealed IP or a reboot to something like F Zero
    Some sort of sequel announced
    Deleted member
    Which DQ main character?
    RTC is currently doing direct predictions and hopes. Also nominations are doubled for today and tomorrow.
    Guess great minds think alike eh, Vollrath? However, I don't think we are getting Metroid Prime 4 news since they started over the development for it.
    literally all Bayo needs is a consistent kill option that isn't *insert read* into smash attack or witch time into smash attack and she'd be pretty decent, this isn't just something that's come up with Tamim's run at Glitch 6, ive legit thought this since the Bayos have been doing cool stuff on twitter about a week into the game

    Personally i'd say bair and nair would be good moves to give this to, bair because where else would you put it, basically every bair can kill in the game and nair because it would give the move a purpose, it has basically nothing in the game's current state, it has a ton of end lag, no true follow ups (for a character meant to have follow ups), and doesn't kill, i'd say let it kill

    once they have one of these i can see their metas developing, or hey, it could be like Smash 4 after her nerf when everyone thought she was dead, but the Bayos developed her back into being the best, nobody can truly tell at this point in time, we'll just have to wait and see
    I want a direct as much as anybody, but I don’t see one happening until at least February, there we’ll get when Piranha Plant will get released, a bit of info on Joker (MAYBE), and who ‘Brave’ is. Though I only really see the Piranha Plant and ‘Brave’ things happening
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