Good day for a swell battle! - CUPHEAD rolls the dice!

Mar 8, 2018

This is a late April Fools Joke?
Nope, the title wasn't a joke, i genuinely believe that Cuphead might have a clear shot (hahahaha) of being in the Fighter Pass, and as to why i think this is because of two major reasons.
Those two reasons being that Sakurai has both played and respected the game, and that most of, if not all of the characters will be unexpected surprises, while someone like Banjo or Steve would be would fit the "Surprise" part of this well, they would be pretty expected. But Cuphead would fit the bill for BOTH pretty well. Sure, he's a bit of a pipe dream considering he has ZERO relations with Nintendo, but hey if Miss Splosion Man, A previously Xbox 360 Exclusive game, can appear on The Switch... Then the idea of a Microsoft character in smash doesn't sound far off, and i know that someone like Master Chief or Steve would fit the Microsoft rep bill well. But considering Cuphead's massive popularity in both the east and the west, He's become as popular as them in terms of Microsoft characters.​

Now that i have given you my reasoning, Care to sign the Devil's contract with me, and support Cuphead?

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Aug 24, 2018
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While I'm a Banjo supporter, this game is on my "need to play" list, and Cuphead in Smash would be really cool. I support!

Though his chances are low due to him having Banjo and Steve as competition. Hopefully they can include 2 characters in one pack. Ex: Banjo + Cuphead, Crash + Spyro, etc.

Also love the fan art made for his Smash design.


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Jul 20, 2017
One of the few characters left I can say that I would be super excited for. What would be absolutely amazing is if they could somehow hand draw Cuphead into Smash like they did in his game, but that would probably be a ton of effort, and I’m not even sure that’s possible. Anyway, put me on the support list.
(P.S. I better get that Mugman alt/ echo fighter)
Jan 8, 2019
Heck YES, count me as a supporter!
I love Cuphead, Mugman would definitely need to be a palette swap like Alph is for Olimar


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Aug 13, 2018
Count me in.
I also totally want the Cuphead pre-battle quotes in Xander Mobus's announcer voice. I don't care if they get put in the game or not. I just wanna hear it.
Sep 3, 2017
I'd love this! not my most wanted of all time, but if he was added, I'd be really excited. easily the best choice for an indie rep (through that isn't saying much)


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Nov 18, 2007
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I've never played the game, but I've watched online players. I don't think Cuphead's chances of getting in are good, but I'd be fine with him in so ad me as a supporter.

If Cuphead gets in, I want Mugman as an alt, he would come with a stage. Please let that stage have a unique countown at the beginning of the match to mimic the game, one that ends in WALLOP!
Feb 5, 2019
I 100% Support This, Cuphead Would be a Literal Dream Come True. His Game is a Masterpiece and He Would make a Very Interesting Fighter; With the recent News of Nintendo and Microsoft Working Together, It Gives Me Hope That They'll Either Put Cuphead In Smash Ultimate As DLC or Port Cuphead Over to the Switch (I'd Love Either and Freak Out if it Was Both.) Personally Cuphead is Tied For My Most Wanted Character (Alongside Porky Minch) and Would be my Main Instantly.
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Nov 14, 2007
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So Cuphead is coming to Switch. Didn't see this coming. Since I remember them saying no to the Switch, I was ready to buy the PC version. That said, I'm delighted to hear this news.

As for Cuphead being in Smash, I wouldn't mind seeing that happening--especially since it looks like such an excellent game. Although, I'll have to play the game first to get a clear idea as to how he would play.
Sep 17, 2017
#31 god! I'd LOVE to see Cuphead in Smash Bros! And to show my support, I've made a moveset:

Jab and Side-tilt: Cuphead fires his equipped weapon in the direction he’s facing. Similarly to Mega Man, he can fire while moving. The weapon equipped gives Cuphead different advantages and disadvantages.

U-tilt: Cuphead fires upwards with his weapon. The weapon equipped gives Cuphead different advantages and disadvantages.

D-tilt: Cuphead crouches down and fires his equipped weapon. The weapon equipped gives Cuphead different advantages and disadvantages.

Pummel: Cuphead stuffs the opponent’s head into the straw in his head. He then punches the opponent.

F-throw: Cuphead strains his head for a moment before launching the opponent from his straw in front of him.

D-throw: Cuphead lifts the opponent upwards with his straw then smashes them into the ground.

B-throw: Cuphead whips the straw in his head in such a way that it releases the opponent, launching them.

U-throw: Cuphead dunks the opponent into his head, drowning them for a bit before throwing them out via straw.

N-air: Cuphead performs a rolling attack, a glowing pink hand poking out of his straw. This can parry projectiles, boosting the power of the next weapon he uses by 1.5x.

F-air: Cuphead fires his weapon while in mid-air. The weapon equipped gives Cuphead different advantages and disadvantages.

D-air: Cuphead fires his weapon diagonally downwards. The weapon equipped gives Cuphead different advantages and disadvantages.

B-air: Cuphead takes out his airplane, which drops a bomb downwards. This functions similarly to Mr. Game and Watch’s F-air, except this arcs downwards.

U-air: Cuphead fires his weapon diagonally upwards. The weapon equipped gives Cuphead different advantages and disadvantages.

Side Smash: Cuphead aims his finger gun in front of himself before he releases a large blue fireball that travels for a bit before disappearing. This is similar to Mega Man’s Side Smash.

Up Smash: Cuphead’s body grows big muscles, then after charging a bit, jumps upwards, spinning with his arms outstretched. This deals multiple hits.

Down Smash: Cuphead crosses his arms, both his hands making finger guns, then he uncrosses them, creating four orbiting projectiles that spin for a bit before disappearing.

Neutral B: Charge Shot: Cuphead charges a large projectile before releasing a large fireball from his finger gun. This is way to kill opponents, but Cuphead can be interrupted while charging. The projectile isn’t as strong if it isn’t charged enough, but said level can be spammed.

Side B: Lobber: Cuphead fires a high-damage projectile that bounces twice on the ground before popping the moment it hits the ground a third time. This is great for forcing the opponent to think of what action to make. The Lobber has a low rate of fire, and it can be reflected.

Up B: Aeroplane: Cuphead boards a plane and flies in a route in a similar fashion to PAC-MAN’s Power Pellet. However, this goes a much longer distance and Cuphead can fire a bunch of bullets throughout if the player mashes A.

Down B: Weapon Swap: Cuphead swaps his weapon for a different weapon. The weapon cycles between the following in the following order.
  • Peashooter: A simple weapon similar to Bullet Climax. The attack can be fired at a high rate that can rack up the damage easily.
  • Spreadshot: A shorter-range weapon that shoots in three simultaneous directions like a shotgun. This weapon also has a high fire rate and is used to rack up damage up close.
  • Chaser: A weapon that travels slowly, but tracks the opponents’ positions individually. The attack does less damage than the peashooter, but it tracks the opponent much easier.
  • Roundabout: A weapon that goes outwards, then goes back. The move does more damage when it’s going backwards and is great for covering ground. Think of it as Cuphead’s version of the Cross.
Final Smash: Aeroplane Bomb: Cuphead shoots a beam of milk out of his head that hits any opponent caught in the line of fire once. Anyone caught gets sent to a cutscene: the opponents are soaring over a watery landscape from the attack before Cuphead flies towards the opponents at high speeds before shooting a large barrage of bullets at them before transforming into a bomb that collides with the opponents and explodes with a red ‘BOOM!’ expanding out towards the screen. The blast then launches the opponents as the cutscene ends.
Sep 17, 2017
Anyone imagine Cuphead's Classic Mode being just him fighting only the bosses in this game to reflect how his source game is basically "Boss Battles the Game"? Like so:

The Devil's New Smashing Contracts!
Battle #1: Giga Bowser
Battle #2: Galleom
Battle #3: Dracula
Battle #4: Rathalos
Battle #5: Marx
Battle #6: Ganon, the Demon King
Final Battle: Master Hand and Crazy Hand
Sep 30, 2018
Well... this thread exploded. It's amazing what can happen when a Switch port of a preexisting game gets announced, huh?

Anyway, as someone who has already played the game on Xbox (and still hasn't beaten anyone on Isle 2), I would like to support Cuphead.
Oct 29, 2007
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Jul 16, 2013
The plot thickens, even one of the creators themselves would love to see Cuphead (and Mugman) in Smash.

Although the NL article writer doesn't seem to think a second fighter pass would happen, from the looks of things. Definitely too late to get in the current batch though, that much is almost certain.
So if we get a second wave of fighters cup head might be a lock for ultimate

Be very likely for smash bros 6 I’m pleased they brought cup head to switch purely to be eligible for smash bros series
Sep 17, 2017
So another question:

If the Devil were to be added to Smash as a new Boss, how well would his boss fight translate into Smash? I'm thinking that maybe all his projectiles would have transcendent priority except for the ones that are pink, which you can destroy to boost the power of your next attack.
Oct 29, 2007
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