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Gex - Enter the Gecko: Support Thread


Smash Rookie
Jul 19, 2020

Gex is a platform video game trilogy, developed by Crystal Dynamics, that details the adventures of an anthropomorphic gecko named Gex. Gex has a passion for television, which makes him a target for the cybernetic being Emperor Rez, who is determined to overthrow The Media Dimension, the "world" of television. He has served as the mascot of Crystal Dynamics, appearing on their company logo for several years until 2000.

The games are largely inspired by American TV culture. Gex contributes to the games with wise-cracking remarks laced with media and references to popular culture.

The Gex series has sold a combined total of over 15 million copies for all platforms

Gex is a smart aleck, wise-cracking gecko. Gex lives with his family in Maui, Hawaii. He spends his days with his friends, surfing, playing the ukulele and throwing poi parties down on the beach with the local lady lizards. After his father's death, he begins watching mass amounts of TV to get over the tragedy. He eventually inherits over twenty billion dollars from his deceased great uncle, and buys the world's largest television. He has his own island hideaway called the GEXCave located in the South Pacific. His catchphrase is "It's tail time!", due to his primary attack being tail whips.

Wario Wario Wario

Smash Legend
Sep 3, 2017
NASB 2 is the worse one
Gex would make an interesting Smash fighter - throwing some western pop culture humour into Smash would be appreciated (by me at least) - and we haven't really got a proper reptile character yet, as in one who isn't a giant monster. I think I'd want Gex to have unique voice clips against every fighter - for example, he fights Mario and shouts "you're not Bob Hoskins!" or something like that.


Smash Legend
Sep 3, 2018
Houston, Texas
I have a very foggy memory of the Gex games since the last time I played them was renting them from Blockbuster in the early 2000s. But I remember Gex being a interesting conspect with him going into different TVs/locations and stuff. I support. Recently got Gex 64: Enter the Gecko not too long ago from one of my local Retro gaming stores. I plan to play it again at some point and finish it.
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